The Legend of Futian
88 The World
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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88 The World

Chapter 88: The World
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Ye Futian slowly walked out to the center of the square. Countless gazes fell upon him. The younger generation went without saying. Ye Futian had already proved how powerful he was. The older generation was also paying attention. The Qin Devil had returned to Donghai City as a disabled man. How talented could his disciple be?

Ye Futian put the guqin before him and sat down slowly. Clad in a white robe, he looked extremely handsome and regal.

Seeing him, Lin Xiyue gasped and was shocked. She had once thought that he was just an average musician who went to the Luo Palace to learn more about the world. Then, Ye Futian displayed his talent during the battle. Today, she heard that he had defeated Zhou Mu at Donghai Academy. Just how outstanding was this handsome boy?

Her father glanced at her. To be honest, he knew about Ye Futian defeating Zhou Mu but he didn't tell Lin Xiyue. This girl was interested in the boy but Ye Futian was the Qin Devil's disciple. He had conflicts with the Art Saint and the School of the Emperor Star. His future would have many obstacles. Plus, he already had a girlfriend—that one from the Nandou clan. He didn't want his daughter to get involved and have her heart broken.

Mu Hong studied Ye Futian but his eyes darkened.

Ye Futian looked up at the setting sun. There was a smile in his clear eyes. She said slowly, "This song was composed by myself. It is called 'Hero'." With that, he began playing. His fingers slid over the strings and a graceful melody came out.

"He did not challenge anyone. He's just playing music," someone said. The spectators were impressed. Today's motive was to see the accomplished students display their talents. They did not necessarily have to challenge others. For the Qin Devil's disciple, music playing was naturally a way to do that.

People quickly stopped mulling. The moment the music sounded, they fell into a pleasantly strange artistic conception.

At first, the melody was cheerful and fresh. As the music entered their ears, a picture appeared in the audiences' minds. They seemed to see a handsome youth earnestly bow to his teacher for the first time. The youth had extraordinary talent. He was well-liked by his teacher and was taught true skills, growing even more powerful.

The melody gradually became graceful and moving. It made one feel as if they were falling in love. They involuntarily entered this mindset. The student grew up, met a girl, and fell in love. His heartbeat seemed to be audible in the music.

The moving melody changed again. It became heavy and dark. The relationship was judged and opposed. A few big figures furrowed their brows. Was the meaning behind this song his own story or Hua Fengliu's?

The music changed again. The youth had matured and become successful but he still wanted to be with his loved one—even if everyone opposed it, even if it was beyond redemption.

The music intensified. The main character of the melody seemed to be fighting against fate. He faced everything alone but in the end, he failed. The music grew dreary like a hero past his prime.

Just as everyone thought the song was over, the dreary melody suddenly recovered its vitality. Rather than being spirited again, it was as calm as water like a change in mindset. Everyone could see that the main character had gone through many hardships and cultivated. But he still could not forget his home and lover. He decided to return and face the changes in the world. Even if he was defeated, he was still a hero.

The melody stopped. The music faded slowly. Everyone seemed to be unwilling to return to reality. The young people were especially affected by the attractive force of the music.

In the School of the Finance Star crowd, Tang Lan's eyes welled with tears. She gazed at Hua Fengliu, who was now disabled. There was a faint smile on his handsome face. His disciple was able to compose now and had performed his entire life.

Many big figures glanced at Ye Futian. They naturally understood the meaning behind the song. This was a composition for the Qin Devil. Ye Futian used his music to express his teacher's life. Though he didn't fight anyone, this melody was better than the Qin Devil in the past. No one dared to look down on him.

Mu Hong narrowed his eyes at Ye Futian. No wonder Hua Fengliu had begged him for this student. He was a second Hua Fengliu.

"Who did you play this for?" Luo Junlin, the crown prince, asked from the direction of the School of the Emperor Star.

"Your Highness, I played for my master." Ye Futian set his hands down and looked up at Luo Junlin.

"You have enough artistic conception but not enough élan. You did not reveal a true musical spell. Since you are such a good musician, why don't you perform something for me today as well?" Luo Junlin said.

Ye Futian gazed at the crown prince. Since he requested it, Ye Futian could not deny him. He nodded and said, "Okay. I am still unable to compose my own musical spell so I can only perform someone else's."

"Sure." Luo Junlin nodded.

Ye Futian lowered his head and began playing again. His fingers strummed and the instrument strings vibrated. A note broke through the air like powerful running thunder. "This piece is 'The World'."

As he spoke, the music notes danced. The audience instantly felt an extreme power. Many people's eyes flashed. Ye Futian truly was a prodigy. They instantly understood that this melody was created for the crown prince.

A terrifying music storm gathered around Ye Futian. It was as powerful as crashing tidal waves. Now, different images flashed past the audience's mind as the music played. Signal smoke rose and the emperor rode onto the battlefield to conquer the lands. Some also saw the king ride a dragon and survey the world. Everyone he passed bowed down.

In this melody, the world was like a painting.

"Send some men up," Luo Junlin said indifferently.

Minister Hua glanced at the School of the Emperor Star headmaster and uttered a command. Several disciples then walked toward Ye Futian. However, their steps were very difficult. The music constantly entered their ears, making them scared to fight back.

Spiritual Qi gathered around them and they stepped forward. However, the music was still rising. It seemed to want to break through the clouds.

Now, Ye Futian was shrouded in a halo of light. He was like a young king. He represented the world.

Everyone saw a shocking image. There was a blurry figure up above. He had an emperor's long robe and a crown. He walked toward them, commanding the world, making them voluntarily want to bow down to him.

The weaker Emperor Star students going toward Ye Futian had prostrated themselves to the ground, not daring to raise their heads. They seemed to be revering Ye Futian. More and more people knelt down under the music's influence. As if controlled by the musical spell, they worshipped the emperor.

BOOM! A terrible sharpness flashed past the eyes of the big figures. They felt the youth's talent and shuddered. Something felt wrong.

This song was called 'The World'. It was performed for the crown prince but Ye Futian was the performer. At this moment, he had become the high and mighty emperor and Luo Junlin was before him, face to face. The elegance and grace of the white-clothed youth truly was like an emperor now. Did the musical spell give it to him or was he born with it?

Lin Xiyue gaped. The present Ye Futian was even more brilliant than that day at the Luo Palace. He was unmatchable. He could even be compared to someone like the crown prince, let alone Zhou Mu.

Mu Hong shuddered as well. Hua Fengliu had such a student and had once come to him but he rejected the man.

"Can't this guy keep a low profile?" Yi Xiang cursed. He didn't want Ye Futian to attend this event. Being too bright was not a good thing. Nowadays, Minister Hua and the crown prince were very close. He hoped Ye Futian would stay low and attend the Tingfeng Banquet with Minister Zuo.

"Some people are born like this," Hua Fengliu said calmly. Not many knew about Ye Futian's secret but he and Yu Sheng knew. The inheritor of Emperor Ye Qing was definitely not an average man. His aura would appear when playing music, which he probably didn't even know himself.

When Luo Junlin told Ye Futian to perform something, The World should be the most suitable piece. However, this piece caused Ye Futian to reveal his emperor-like aura. This was neither on purpose nor brought about by the musical spell. It was something he was born with.

Hua Fengliu could guess that Ye Futian had a shocking background.

At this moment, at the highest seat in the School of the Emperor Star, Luo Junlin slowly stood up. Then, to the surprise of all, he walked down toward the center of the square, toward Ye Futian.

People could feel those who were the same. Luo Junlin was destined to be king. Everyone in Nandou knew that he ruled over the world. He could feel something similar coming from Ye Futian. It was the aura of an emperor.

The music reached the climax. Then it descended and stopped. Luo Junlin also stopped before Ye Futian. Countless eyes were on them. Yi Xiang and Hua Fengliu were even a bit nervous as they watched. As the crown prince, Luo Junlin shouldn't kill Ye Futian just for a song. He had told the youth to play it, after all.

"Follow me. When I become king, you will be minister," Luo Junlin said, staring at Ye Futian.

With that, the world fell into silence.

When I become king, you will be minister!
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    《The Legend of Futian》