The Legend of Futian
96 Tragic Melting Palm
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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96 Tragic Melting Palm

Chapter 96: Tragic Melting Palm
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian's words were like a bolt of lightning. It transformed into a terrifying sound wave that swept through the Nandou clan. Various seniors stepped out, glaring furiously at Ye Futian as if they had been utterly humiliated.


"You don't know your place. You're looking for death."

The voices kept coming. Ye Futian, Six-star Glory Plane, dared to challenge everyone in the Nandou clan under the Dharma Plane? What did he take the Nandou clan for? They had once been the royal clan. Though they had fallen now, they still had a strong base and were at least the tip of the pyramid in Donghai City. But Ye Futian had spoken as if they were nothing. This was unacceptable.

The older generation all stared daggers at him. This kid was too wild. Did he think that no one dared to touch him because he had the minister's decree? If Ye Futian dared to do anything today, he could be counted as dead already. If not for some concerns, some wanted to wipe him out of existence but they would leave that to Minister Hua. Jieyu already hated the Nandou clan. If they killed Ye Futian too, there would be no reconciliation between them.

Though they couldn't kill him, they would still make life difficult for him since he said something so blasphemous.

"I am a Seven-star Glory Plane. I'm enough to exterminate you." A younger member of the Nandou clan jumped out. A wind element robe was wrapped around his body and he flashed with golden light. He held a golden spear in his hands. As soon as he spoke, he sprang towards Ye Futian like lightning. The golden spear spun, releasing a golden glow. Unstoppable power brewed in it and it was about to reach Ye Futian.

Green Spiritual Qi glowed around Ye Futian. The wood element Lock of a Thousand Vines was released with rustles. They covered the sky and went to enclose the opponent.

The Nandou clan member roared but he didn't dodge it. He had a higher cultivation than Ye Futian and also had the extremely powerful metal element battle techniques. He would not fear Ye Futian.

The spinning golden spear cut through everything. Many vines were destroyed but Ye Futian's Lock of a Thousand Vines was too sturdy. The man quickly realized that his spear couldn't keep up with the speed of the vines coming. The vines quickly wrapped around him. Then, the thick vines tied him down. His legs, arms, and neck were all tied tightly. The vines cut into his wrist and his spear fell from his hands. His neck was strangled, turning his face beet red. He couldn't move at all, immobilized in midair.

Ye Futian stood before him. His wings flapped with a gold halo around him. His eyes were so sharp. "I don't want to fight any more failures like this." Ye Futian flashed and his wings swept over, slapping the man to the ground. Then Ye Futian continued forward arrogantly.

A Seven-star Glory Plane man had been defeated by one blow. He couldn't even break through Ye Futian's one spell.

Ye Futian continued forward, reducing the Nandou clan to nothing in his eyes.

In the near distance, Yi Xiang strolled behind him. Of course, he understood that Ye Futian barely had any chances of surviving here today but the youth didn't want to give up. What would he do to win a shred of hope for himself?

More and more powerful members of the Nandou clan gathered around him. Another figure sprang into the air. It was Nandou Mu, another genius of the clan. He was at the Eighth-star Glory Plane and was extremely strong.

Nandou Mu had heard of Ye Futian's records in Donghai Academy. He knew that the youth had defeated those over the Eighth-star Glory Plane. Therefore, he didn't underestimate Ye Futian. He released his life spirit—a dazzling sword. With a sword as his life spirit, he was covered in horribly strong intent of the sword. He could slice through anything before him and nothing could stop him.

Nandou Mu was a powerful swordsman in training. Sorcery was his supplement. When he grasped the sword, it seemed that he was the only one left in the world.

He flashed, and countless afterimages appeared in the sky. It was as if he was everywhere. Ye Futian couldn't distinguish between them at all. The Lock of a Thousand Vines swept toward one direction.

Nandou Mu's pupils constricted. The afterimages disappeared and his true body appeared. Was his enhanced agility ineffective before Ye Futian? He had been seen through so easily.

Seeing the vines come at him, he pulled his sword out. There was only one sword, but there seemed to be countless ones in the air. There were various snicks and snaps; the vines were cut apart crazily.

Nandou Mu's attacks and speed were both much faster than the first opponent. When the endless vines swept toward him, the sword life spirit seemed to hum. As if he was surrounded by a ring of sharp swords, the intent of the sword flew out and cut the vines.

After that, the thousands of swords became one and seemed to become a truly sharp blade behind Nandou Mu. It shot out directly towards Ye Futian. In that instant, everything else melted away. The sword's radiance was enough to destroy everything.

"As expected of Nandou Mu." All members of the Nandou clan stared sharply at the battleground in the sky. Nandou Mu was one of the top younger members of the clan and he lived up to expectations. This sword would definitely defeat Ye Futian.

Countless gazes fell on Ye Futian. He stood there without moving, watching the dazzling sword come at him.


Everyone saw a blinding fireball explode around Ye Futian. For that moment, his already-brilliant golden body was covered by flames. They burned his body, releasing a scalding fiery red glow like the sun.

"The fire element!" When the crowd saw this, their pupils constricted. Then they saw Ye Futian reach out. There seemed to be a furnace in his hands that could melt everything in the world.

"It's the Tragic Melting Palm." Behind Ye Futian, something flashed through Yi Xiang's eyes. This was a battle technique from his practice room. It was a fire-element technique with extreme explosive force. The cultivation requirements were very strict. The basic requirement was cultivation of both martial arts and sorcery. One also needed enough fire element power. If only semi-cultivated, it was very weak but once one fully cultivated this technique, it was terrifying. It was also developmental and wasn't restricted to a certain plane.

Yi Xiang didn't know Ye Futian had learned this technique. It was his first time seeing Ye Futian use it. Now, he was thinking how many secrets this guy really had. Perhaps he could see a glimpse today. He'd already guessed what Ye Futian wanted to do.

Now, Ye Futian shone like the sun. His body had turned into a furnace too. When Nandou Mu approached him, he could feel the destructive force that wanted to burn his body to ashes.

His sword life spirit screamed. The intent of the sword was shocking. With one strike, he could defeat thousands of spells. Now, it stabbed towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian reached out his hands. It was like a scary furnace had appeared. He grasped the sword directly. Under Nandou Mu's shocked stare, his sword melted bit by bit until it disappeared. A gust of shocking heat appeared. If Nandou Mu continued forward, his body would end up like his sword. How could flesh be compared to a sharp blade?

As a skilled man, he was able to stop his charging body. He abandoned his sword and retreated but it was too late. Ye Futian's wings flashed and his body turned into lightning. Reaching out, he clasped his palms of fire on Nandou Mu's neck. Then his wings flapped and Ye Futian descended quickly. He raised his hand and slammed Nandou Mu to the ground while he shot into the sky again like a golden streak of lightning.

The powerful figures of Nandou clan watched as Nandou Mu writhed on the ground. He was covered in burns and had been injured gravely. Someone covered with light took him away. More people stared up at Ye Futian with uncomfortable expressions.

Ye Futian was so powerful that even someone like Nandou Mu was crushed, completely not at his level. If this was the case, the Nandou clan would have a hard time finding someone in the Eighth-star Glory Plane to fight with him one-on-one. It may work with a Nine-star Glory Plane genius.

"Where do you get your arrogance from as a fallen clan?" Ye Futian said coldly as he advanced. The Nandou clan was so humiliated but they couldn't refute him.

Seeing Ye Futian advance step by step toward the location of their banquet, a senior said, "Take him down. I don't want to see him take another step."

They hadn't expected Ye Futian would be so powerful. If he was allowed to reach the banquet, it would be a disgrace to the clan. Today, there were many big figures of Donghai City at the banquet, including Minister Hua. Hua Jieyu, a member of the clan, was now the Crown Princess. It was a moment of glory with no time for disturbances.

Countless figures came out. Some shot to the sky. Others gathered their spells on the ground. The Spiritual Qi went crazy in the air. Since Ye Futian wanted to fight everyone under the Dharma Plane of the Nandou clan, they would satisfy him. After they take Ye Futian down, it would still be embarrassing but it was better than being defeated by him one by one.

Ye Futian was now surrounded by powerful figures. However, he continued forward as if he didn't see anything. Countless spells were released at once, exploding with shocking might. Spells of various schools swept towards Ye Futian as one. In an instant, the youth was attacked by all these spells but he continued strolling in the air, seeming even more elegant.
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    《The Legend of Futian》