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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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97 Shock

Chapter 97: Shock
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Ye Futian floated arrogantly in the air. His body was illuminated by both a golden light and the light given off by the flames. Ye Futian shined bright like the sun.

The attack spells continued to charge at Ye Futian, but every time they got close, they were destroyed by the flames. His body acted as a giant furnace. This was the frightening point of the Palm of Melting Sadness.

In order to cultivate the Palm of Melting Sadness, one needed to cultivate both martial arts and sorcery. They must gather endless amounts of Fire Spiritual Qi to join with the Fire Spiritual Qi within themselves. This would cultivate the body in a fearsome burning furnace, ready to incinerate all in its way. And when the powers erupted, the flames would gather in the palm. If others were struck by the palm, they would be directly cremated into ashes. If Ye Futian hadn't gone easy on Nandou Mu, he would have been dead, ceasing to exist.

When the members of the Nandou clan saw the attacks thrown at Ye Futian being destroyed, the expressions on their faces darkened. What type of battle technique was this? It was just too powerful. They knew ordinary spells were no use on Ye Futian. Whether it be martial arts cultivators or sorcerers, anyone within the eight-starred Glory Plane was a piece of cake to Ye Futian.

More clan members gathered. They all knew of the insulting words Ye Futian said but all they could do was watch as other members fell victim to his wrath.

Just then, a golden rod, formed by Spiritual Qi, appeared in Ye Futian's hand. The wings on his back fluttered and carried him off like a giant roc at an incredible speed.

A sorcerer was casting a spell in the direction Ye Futian was headed in. Upon seeing Ye Futian, who was charging straight for him, the sorcerer turned away hurriedly. However, with the help of Wind Sorcery, the Roc Spirit, and his roc form, Ye Futian was unbelievably fast. His rod smashed down on the sorcerer's shoulder. A loud, crisp sound was heard. It sounded like the crushing of bones. Following that, the sorcerer's body began to fall from the skies, smashing harshly onto the ground.

A giant thunder bird flew towards Ye Futian. The giant bird enveloped by the lightning was ready to attack Ye Futian. Ye Futian's golden rod danced in the air around him, nothing could get through to him. The rod then slipped past the curtain of lightning surrounding the giant thunder bird then destroyed it. In the next moment, Ye Futian descended on the sorcerer who had cast the spell and with one smash, this sorcerer ended like the last. He let out a loud scream and his body was thrown off to the side.

Another three figures charged at Ye Futian simultaneously. Their bodies were surrounded by Wind Sorcery. They used the power of the wind to get close to Ye Futian and barricade him between the three of them. Then, the three cultivators all released their powers to attack Ye Futian at the same time. There was a sharp halberd aimed for his heart. There was a storm of punches of beast-like strength. Every punch thrown was accompanied by a beastly growl, like that of a lion or tiger. There was also an attack of frost, ready to encapsulate everything in a thick layer of ice. The frightening ice storm moved towards Ye Futian as if it was prepared to bury him in ice.

All three of these men were either just martial arts cultivators or cultivators of both martial arts and sorcery. Two of them were in the eight-starred Glory Plane and one in the seven-starred Glory Plane. This group of power cultivators ganged up against Ye Futian.

The golden rod danced in the air while the aura around Ye Futian became stronger. The wings on his back carried him around. In the blink of an eye and without any hesitation, Ye Futian attacked with the rod quickly. BANG! BANG! BANG! Three bodies were struck by the rod and thrown back. The three cultivators spat up blood in mid-air. Ye Futian did not stop moving. The Golden Roc moved quickly and landed on the floor. Two more people screamed out in pain as the golden rod landed on their bodies.

In a flash, Ye Futian charged at another person. Before Ye Futian could even get close, the person attempted to make a run for it but with a single swipe of the rod, his body was thrown into the air. Following this, the body surrounded by golden light continued to attack. Inside the Nandou Palace, people were being thrown left and right or were smashed into the ground. The whole palace was filled with blood-curdling screams. Countless members of the clan had fallen. It was complete chaos.

A strange sight was happening at the Nandou Palace. A six-starred Glory Plane cultivator was walking through the palace and following on both sides of this young man were powerful cultivators in higher planes. However, they could only follow. No one dared to fight him. Even sorcerers were reluctant to cast attack spells on him from afar because people had tried to do so earlier and were all defeated by the golden rod.

Ye Futian continued to advance as members of the Nandou clan followed beside him. The looks on their faces were serious but also filled with embarrassment. They finally knew just how scary Ye Futian was.

The elders of the clan had darkened expressions. They couldn't believe that they were going to allow Ye Futian to continue into the palace. No one was able to stop him.

One of the elders tried to make a move for Ye Futian but stopped when Yi Xiang spoke up from behind Ye Futian. He said, "The Nandou clan used to be royalty, you guys should stop now and save your pride." It would be truly humiliating if an elder made a move in this situation. Ye Futian had only challenged members of the clan within the Dharma Plane.

More of the younger clan members had gathered after hearing about the news. Many of them were outstanding cultivators but they were all shocked by the scene in front of them. Ye Futian had challenged everyone within the Dharma Plane but defeated everyone with such ease. This was too humiliating. Furthermore, if they did not stop him now, Ye Futian would soon make his way to the party venue.

Just then, a figure blocked Ye Futian's path. He was strong and powerful, a nine-starred Glory Plane cultivator. "Stop right there," he said. Immediately after he had spoken, Ye Futian charged forward. He did not want to waste his breath on this guy.

Unfaltering, the cultivator let out a scream. Spiritual Qi collected for a spell. A golden rounded gear spun quickly, cutting into the air, headed towards Ye Futian. The sharp gear was able to attack from all directions. It was able to block the light of the sun with its large size. If struck with the gear, the body would definitely be cut up into pieces.

BOOM! Ye Futian put one foot forward, his power building up from within. He swung the golden rod down once, and the large gear in his way was destroyed. Ye Futian charged toward his opponent at the speed of light only to see that he had formed an even bigger gear with Spiritual Qi. An ear-splitting sound rang out as the gear spun. It was as if the gear could cut through thin air.

Seeing that Ye Futian was racing toward himself at full speed, the cultivator sent the giant gear spinning towards Ye Futian with a wave of his hand.

BOOM! Another swing. The golden rod struck down on the gear, splitting it apart just as it had to the last. Ye Futian continued to advance. The nine-starred Glory Plane had a completely different expression on his face now. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something as he looked at Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian had no time to waste on him. He swung the rod and threw the cultivator to the side. It was as easy as stepping on an ant. A nine-starred Glory Plane cultivator was no different from the rest. One swing from the golden rod and they were all defeated.

Many members of the Nandou clan were shaking in their shoes. The nine-starred Glory Plane cultivator who was just defeated was a rather well-known member of the Nandou clan but even he was unable to stop Ye Futian.

Ye Futian sped up, his golden wings spread out to carry him away.

"Stop him!" someone screamed in rage. However, Ye Futian was no longer going to stay and fight. As he advanced, the golden rod never stopped moving. People were sent flying all along the way.

Finally, the party venue could be seen just up ahead. Many partygoers shifted their attention to Ye Futian. Nandou Tai and a group of the most powerful cultivators of the Nandou clan did not know what to do. However, the guests seemed excited to see Ye Futian. He truly was powerful. During Donghai Academy's Assembly of the Seven Schools, everyone was left with a deep impression of Ye Futian. They were so taken with that one piece he played, The World. Now, he has broken into the Nandou Palace, destroying all that got in his way, just like a young war god.

Such a pity, many of the guests thought to themselves. This brilliant young man was going to end up dead because he chose to break into the Nandou Palace and defy the imperial order.

Minister Hua held his wine glass and murderous look filled his eyes. It seemed like someone was seeking death but this was all within his expectations.

At this time, two people appeared amongst the group of Nandou clan members. It was Hua Jieyu and Nandou Wenyin. Hua Jieyu's eyes were trained on the young man headed her way. Tears rolled down her face, her heart in pain.

Ye Futian floated in the air in front of the main stage of the venue. He looked towards the person seated up in the main seat and then turned to look at Hua Jieyu. The iciness in his eyes melted again and he smiled. "Fox, I'm here."

"Dummy," said Hua Jieyu as she cried. Minister Hua had come all this way with the imperial order from the emperor. It was obviously ill-intended. If they tried to defy the order, Minister Hua would definitely not hesitate to kill the both of them.

"Restrain him," ordered Nandou Tai. Many of the most capable younger clan members rushed out and headed for Ye Futian. Then, the regular young clan members also followed suit. They did not look impressed. How could the others allow Ye Futian to make his way all the way here to the venue?

BOOM! There was an explosion of Spiritual Qi in the vicinity. The humiliated members of the Nandou clan all released their powers, flooding the venue with an overwhelming storm of Spiritual Qi. Right now, all cultivators in the Dharma Plane and below were prepared to gang up on Ye Futian. They were fully enraged now.

Noises sounded as a Wood Elemental spell was cast on Ye Futian, the Lock of a Thousand Vines. Vines came from all directions while other attacks from different elemental sorcery rushed toward Ye Futian as well.

BOOM! A flash of lightning hit Ye Futian. In an instant, his body was bathed in the bright light. Meanwhile, his surrounding turned dark and stormy.

"Thunder Raid," said Ye Futian. The world around him was full of lightning and thunder. Then, Thunder Sorcery descended from the sky, striking the crowd down below.

"The element of Thunder." Everyone was shocked as they watched Ye Futian intently.

WHOOSH! Ye Futian was now covered in flames. Fire dragons appeared and revolved around Ye Futian. Next, they all roared loudly and came rushing down.

"The elemental of Fire." This was another surprise for onlookers.

"Winding of a Thousand Silk Strains." Metal Sorcery was released formed into unless strains of golden silk strains, cutting through the air.

"Weight of Earth," Ye Futian spoke once again. The area began to fill with Earth Spiritual Qi. A heavy force pushed down on everyone. This type of gravity spell was too scary. It restrained everyone's movements.

Those high-level officials were frozen with the wine glasses still in their hands as they stared at Ye Futian.

He was a Full Attribute Sorcerer!
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    《The Legend of Futian》