The Legend of Futian
98 Reappearance of the Emperor
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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98 Reappearance of the Emperor

Chapter 98: Reappearance of the Emperor
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The people at the banquet were all the big figures of Donghai City but they were unsettled by a youth. Countless days ago, they had gone to watch the Assembly of the Seven Schools, attended by the Crown Prince and Minister Hua. Ye Futian, the disciple of the Qin Devil, had cleared the name of his master. He had dedicated the song Hero to his master and used The World to display his emperor's intent. The students from the School of the Emperor Star who stepped onto the battleground all knelt down to him. He was so brilliant that the Crown Prince wanted to make him minister, but Ye Futian refused.

Countless days later, a decree had fallen upon Donghai City, cutting off the youth's future. They all understood the meaning behind this. There seemed to be only one path waiting for the youth who refused to obey. Even if he agreed to go to the Imperial City, the ending would still be the same.

Today, Ye Futian forced his way into the Nandou clan. He shone brightly, brighter than he had in Donghai Academy. Right now, Spiritual Qi of various elements wrapped around him. Spells of different schools exploded, instantly defeating countless younger members of the Nandou clan.

He was also a Musical Sorcerer with the elemental talent he revealed now. He was clearly a one-in-a-century Full Attribute Sorcerer.

Minister Hua narrowed his eyes, his murderous intent intensifying. It seemed that the Crown Prince's guess was logical. Minister Zuo had seen something early on, which meant that he must kill Ye Futian today to remove the threat.

Nandou Tai's shuddered inwardly too. Ye Futian's talent was the same as Hua Jieyu. In fact, Jieyu's talent relied more on Spirit Elemental to guide the other elements but Ye Futian was different. His full attribute nature was balanced and powerful. The various elemental spells he cast were the best evidence. The power of each spell was way above what was typical of his plane. This meant his elemental strength was very strong and this applied to every element.

The strong of Donghai Academy shuddered too. Han Mo and Zhuo Qing all stared at Ye Futian. It seemed that they still didn't witness Ye Futian's full power at the earlier battle. Was this all of his talent now? Even Zhuo Qing was a bit jealous.

Yi Xiang still stood quietly behind Ye Futian. His heart trembled too. Was this really Ye Futian? The shameless and playful guy had hidden such world-shaking talent. He should've risen to the top but now he was stuck in the shallow water, struggling in Donghai City. An order from the king forced him into a state of despair.

Hua Jieyu kept looking at Ye Futian. Her teary eyes were unblinking and her gaze grew more and more resolute. She took a step, wanting to go to Ye Futian, but Nandou Ku stopped her. "Miss," he said, "don't make it hard for me."

Hua Jieyu looked coldly at the figure. She no longer had any feelings for this family the moment the Nandou clan accepted the decree. She looked away from Nandou Ku to Ye Futian. Her eyes were so gentle. If they were not fated to be together in this life, they would go to the afterlife together.

At this moment, Ye Futian was in the eye of the storm. As he cast his spells, those with weak cultivation could not withstand the wildness. Many were hit and it was chaos.

Ye Futian raised the golden staff again. He twirled it in the air and a tremendous power descended, seeming to break apart the sky. When attacks came, afterimages of the staff appeared all around him. It blocked all attacks outside.

Finally, he moved, rushing at a Nine-star Glory Plane sorcerer. He moved and performed the first of the Nine Heavenly Attacks—Genesis. It swept everything down. The spells coming at him were destroyed directly. The sorcerer was shocked and then he was swept by the staff, crashing into the others.

Ye Futian didn't stop at all. His wings flapped and he appeared elsewhere. The Winding of a Thousand Silk Strains and the Lock of a Thousand Vines unfurled. Next was the second of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. It swept everything before him. Countless bodies were sent flying in all directions. The Nandou clan watched all this, their insides clenching. The younger generation of their family was defeated so easily by Ye Futian.

Were they really that weak? Ye Futian had been this wild at the Donghai Academy but at that time, he didn't release the terrifying talent like today. Of course, some powerful Nine-star Glory Plane figures continued to pursue Ye Futian. Many spells broke through the attacks and defenses, falling upon Ye Futian. He shook as well, but it seemed as if he was invincible and kept fighting crazily.

"Zhuo Qing, go," Yan Shao, headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, said. Zhuo Qing's eyes flashed. He nodded and rose, heading toward the battlefield. He'd wanted to teach Ye Futian a lesson and was once confident he could defeat the youth. But now, Ye Futian had become so strong. He wasn't that confident anymore. Now, Ye Futian's abilities were too shocking.

Zhuo Qing stepped toward the battleground. Seeming to notice him, Ye Futian's wildly fighting body suddenly stopped. Defeated figures were scattered on the ground around him. He welcomed Zhuo Qing with a cold gaze. Hoisting his staff, he walked toward the other. At that moment, a shocking aura appeared around Zhuo Qing. His eyes became demonic and a spiritual wave pierced into Ye Futian's eyes. Ye Futian felt like he was taken over by a demon. His steps faltered as if it was hard to continue. His hand even twitched involuntarily. It was like Zhuo Qing was about to control his body. His ability was very strange.

"You guys go," Zhuo Qing said. Countless men at the pinnacle of the Glory Plane acted at once, attacking Ye Futian.

At the same time, Ye Futian radiated with similarly powerful spiritual strength. He stepped forward and his power intensified again. He twirled his golden staff and it flew out, spinning around him. It defeated the spells coming at him and stopped the incoming enemies. However, the golden staff also extinguished.

Zhuo Qing continued forward. His power intensified again, his spiritual power becoming more terrifying.

"Earlier, I performed The World at the School of the Emperor Star. Today, I will perform it again for the Nandou clan," Ye Futian said nonchalantly. As he finished speaking, a dazzling light appeared behind him. Countless music notes danced in the air. The shadow of a guqin appeared behind him.

"His life spirit!" Everyone's heart trembled. They saw how beautiful the Golden Roc was behind Ye Futian. The guqin life spirit hovered above him.

Crack! Nandou Tai's hand clenched and broke the cup in his hand. He was clearly shaken. He had two life spirits! He was a Full Attribute genius with twin spirits.

Luo Junlin, Crown Prince of Nandou Kingdom, was known to be born to become king. His talent was twin spirits but he didn't have the full attribute. Now, Ye Futian showed that he had this talent and no one could beat him in the Nandou Kingdom.

The gazes of the big figures were fixated on him. Their insides twisted and they felt numb. It was shocking that there was someone as accomplished as him in Donghai City.

The people of Donghai Academy were even more shaken. They stared at Ye Futian; this person had once cultivated in the academy but sadly, he chose the School of the Finance Star.

Nandou Wenshan stood with his sister Nandou Wenyin, behind Hua Jieyu. Seeing Ye Futian like this, he suddenly remembered how Ye Futian once said, "She's the empress and I'm the emperor. Will this be true?"

Nandou Wenyin watched the boy's extreme talent with teary eyes. This scene was so similar to Hua Fengliu's struggle years ago. Today, it was the man Jieyu loved and he was so much more impressive than his master. He was fighting against the ruler of the Nandou Kingdom as if fighting against destiny.

Ye Futian ignored the shaken people. He sat down with crossed legs. His guqin life spirit floated before him. It seemed intangible but when he strummed the strings, music was produced. That moment, it felt like he was at the peak of his life. He was alone, above the world like an emperor. The civilians could not meet his eyes; they could only bow down to him.

This time, Ye Futian's performance was even wilder than at Donghai Academy. His shocking spiritual storm enveloped him under the support of his life spirit, shattering Zhuo Qing's attack.

Zhuo Qing was livid. His spiritual strength was unable to pass through the storm. Even more terrifying, Ye Futian's music kept streaming into his ears. The spiritual storm was spreading too. As if the emperor's intent had descended, it wanted to plant the emperor's mark in his mind to make him submit to Ye Futian.

The strong men around Ye Futian all saw many scenes in their minds. When they looked at Ye Futian, they no longer saw an ordinary boy. Instead, he was a young emperor. He sat there, waiting for them to bow down.

"The emperor's intent." Everyone focused on Ye Futian because the emperor's intent had appeared in Ye Futian again. He wanted the whole world under him.

Last time at Donghai Academy, he had played The World for the Crown Prince. Today, he was playing for himself. Who was the emperor? Who ruled the world? The weaker ones of the Nandou clan really prostrated themselves. They were influenced by the music and couldn't fight back. The stronger ones retreated, fleeing the battleground. Zhuo Qing's face darkened and retreated as well. Only the youth remained in the area, unmatched.

Minister Hua set his wine glass down. The will to kill burned in his eyes. This boy must be killed.

The music stopped gradually. Ye Futian raised his head and looked in the direction of Nandou Tai. "You know Hua Jieyu's fate," he said. "Then what is my fate?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》