The Legend of Futian
99 Nandou Tai’s Decision
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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99 Nandou Tai’s Decision

Chapter 99: Nandou Tai’s Decision
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Nandou Tai's heart pounded loudly at Ye Futian's question. If Hua Jieyu was fated to be empress, then what was Ye Futian fated to be? He had twin spirits and was a Full Attribute Sorcerer. His power in both martial arts and sorcery were also invincible. Don't even mention same plane cultivators. As a six-starred Glory Plane cultivator, Ye Futian was even able to defeat those in the Dharma Plane. There was probably no one else in all of Nandou Nation that would be able to do what Ye Futian could.

Minister Zuo had looked into Ye Futian's fortune, so what was his fate?

Nandou Tai had previously questioned why Minister Zuo would give Ye Futian the Decree of the Minister but after the shocking scene he witnessed today, Nandou Tai knew there was a meaningful story behind this.

"If you're willing to believe me, I am willing to let go of the past. When the day comes that I take over the throne, the Nandou clan will regain its glory and be granted royal authority once again," said Ye Futian. After hearing his speech, Minister Zuo jumped up from his seat. His murderous intent stronger than ever before.

Ye Futian talked about the day he would take over the throne. His words were arrogant and an act of treason. Not only did he want to defy the imperial order, Ye Futian also planned on overthrowing the royal family.

The citizens of the City of Donghai were dumbfounded. The 17-year-old young man had said such a preposterous thing. However, with the gifts he demonstrated, what he said was definitely possible. That is if he wasn't killed before that day came.

Ye Futian revealed his gifts, his identity as a Full Attribute Sorcerer, his twin spirits, and his determination to be emperor through his piece, The World, all to prove a point to Nandou Tai.

Ye Futian knew that as he was now, he had no power to go against the will of the emperor. He could only accept what fate had in store for him. He also knew that once he arrived at the Imperial City, only death awaited him. He could not accept this and decided to fight against it to the best of his abilities. The result of that was everything that had happened today. All he wanted was for Nandou Tai to see him, for the clan to see him.

When Ye Futian had spoken, Yi Xiang was standing next to him. He knew that what Ye Futian said was no longer a simple defiance of the will of the emperor. There was no way that Minister Hua would let him go. Ye Futian's words caused Nandou Tai to waver. It was hard to imagine that the man who controlled the whole Nandou clan would be rendered speechless twice by a single young man.

"The Nandou family has already fallen, and the younger generation is only mediocre. The clan gets by solely on the title of 'used-to-be royals' and are overjoyed because of a marriage ordered by the emperor. If people didn't know, they would have thought that you guys were so happy because you regained royal authority. In reality, the clan is weak like ants. How do you plan on regaining your glory? By relying on Jieyu? Even if she did as you said, don't you think she'll hate the clan for it?" asked Ye Futian when he saw Nandou Tai wavering. Nandou Tai couldn't help but turn his attention to Hua Jieyu. Hua Jieyu looked cold and aloof. Naturally, Nandou Tai knew that everything Ye Futian had said was true. But he also knew that if he acknowledged Ye Futian's words, it would only mean one thing: treason.

Ever since the Nandou family clan stepped down from the throne, they had always acted with caution. They were afraid to do anything that may cause suspicion from the new royal family. They did not want to be wiped from history by the Luo family. When they received the news that Hua Jieyu was bestowed the title of Crown Princess, the clan saw a glimmer of hope. The clan would no longer need to live walking on eggshells. If they were to commit treason for Ye Futian, they would need to be one hundred percent sure of their decision. Even though it was possible for them to regain royal power through Ye Futian, if anything were to go wrong along the way, their entire clan would be doomed.

"I don't know about your fate, neither do I want to know. Minister Zuo bestowed you with the Decree of the Minister and so the emperor put trust in you and gave you the honor of becoming the Crown Prince's subordinate but you are being ungrateful. You are publicly defying the imperial order and even have these treacherous thoughts. If so, then your life should come to an end today," said Minister Hua. He was ready to rid the world of Ye Futian. This was Ye Futian's death sentence.

Minister Hua turned his attention to Nandou Tai and said, "Brother Nandou, don't waste any more time on him. Since this is your palace, your jurisdiction, you should be in charge of ending his life. His Majesty will be able to see your resolution from your actions."

It was obvious that Minister Hua also had no idea of Ye Futian's gifts. His purpose of telling Nandou Tai to let Ye Futian in was to see him defy the imperial order. This way, there was no need to bring him back to the Imperial City, they could kill him on the spot. Even though his fate would be the same even in the Imperial City, Minister Zuo was there. So, it was because to get things taken care of here to prevent any change in plans.

But today, Ye Futian has actually swayed Nandou Tai. From this point, it was easy to tell just how gifted Ye Futian was. Nandou Tai had probably already guessed the fortune that Minister told for Ye Futian. He was fated to do extraordinary things.

Nandou Tai saw Minister Hua staring and knew that he was forcing him to make a decision. The Nandou clan was rooted in the City of Donghai and was deeply-rooted in society, but this time, Minister Hua had brought his people with him. The Emperor Star school officials who now controlled all of Donghai Academy were also here. Plus, Xia Feng and his people were waiting outside the palace as well. Even if they really wanted to revolt, their chances at victory weren't big. Many people of the Nandou clan would have to die for the cause and they might have to be on the run from the royal family in the future. Was all of this worth it for the words of one teenager? Even if Nandou Tai agreed to revolt with Ye Futian, what would happen if Ye Futian got killed in the end anyway?"

"Uncle, with Futian and Jieyu's gifts, we definitely have a lot to look forward to in the future. All we have to do is ensure their safe escape from the Nandou Nation today. Or else, even if we send Jieyu into the Imperial Palace, she'll continue to hate the clan and we will never regain our glory," said a voice in Nandou Tai's head. It was Nandou Wenshan using Spiritual Energy to communicate with him. This way, no one could listen in on their conversation.

The people of Emperor Star school put down their wine glasses, seemingly preparing for battle. If Nandou Tai really decided to revolt, then they would kill Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu first. Getting rid of these two would spare future troubles. If Nandou decided not to revolt, then things would be much easier. They wouldn't even have to make a move.

"Brother Nandou, are you wavering?" asked Minister Hua in a cold demeanor. He was putting pressure on Nandou Tai. Nandou Tai observed Minister Hua and his people. He knew that if he had any strange actions, those people who attack immediately.

"Ye Futian has gone against the will of the emperor and deserves to die," Nandou Tai said, looking resolute. "Kill him."

Finally, Nandou Tai has made his decision. He could not afford to place the entire Nandou clan on the line for Ye Futian.

Nandou Tai knew that after he gave this order, he was going to lose a lot, but he has already run out of choices. Minister Hua was pressuring him. The only other option was to revolt. Ye Futian has demonstrated just how powerful he was today, so killing him would be sparing future troubles. Nandou Tai had to make this choice even if Hua Jieyu was going to hate him for it.

All of this was Ye Futian's fault. If he knew what was good for him, then he shouldn't have come today. Then, Nandou Tai wouldn't have to be the one to order his death. That responsibility would have fallen on Minister Hua.

Everyone present let out a sigh for Ye Futian. In the end, he had lost. Nandou Tai had decided to kill Ye Futian and not bet the future of the Nandou clan on him.

Hua Jieyu, Nandou Wenyin, and Nandou Wenshan gave a look of disappointment. They were very disappointed. Hatred filled Hua Jieyu's beautiful eyes.

However, Ye Futian let out a sudden laugh while looking at Nandou Tai. He had really failed in the end. He couldn't get Nandou Tai on his side.

"You idiot. Are you happy now that you've lost?" Yi Xiang reprimanded Ye Futian in a lower voice.

"The planning lies with the man and the outcome with the Heavens. How would I know if I don't try," said Ye Futian. He was very calm. To Yi Xiang he said, "If you already know that I'm an idiot, why aren't you leaving?"

"Maybe I'm also an idiot," answered Yi Xiang. He stepped up to stand in front of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at Yi Xiang's back and felt a warm feeling in his heart.

Just then, a group of powerful cultivators from the Nandou clan stepped up, all giving off a murderous aura. This time around, it wasn't only younger members of the Dharma Plane.

"Do you want to revolt as well?" Minister Hua eyed Yi Xiang with a murderous look.

Just as Yi Xiang was about to speak, Ye Futian stepped out in front of him. Ye Futian pulled on his arm and said, "It's enough that you stayed with me until now. I will take care of my own business. I don't need you butting in. I want you to leave."

"Since you guys are already here, then you should all stay," said Minister Hua. "Brother Nandou, I'll leave them both to you."

Nandou Tai nodded and stepped up personally. A forceful aura was released as he charged toward Yi Xiang and Ye Futian.

BOOM! Every step Nandou Tai took shook the ground beneath. To be able to control the entire Nandou clan, one could only imagine just how powerful he was. A single step was sufficient to scare people away.

"Looks like you'll have to wish yourself the best of luck," said Yi Xiang. Then, he raced forward. His entire body exuded a wild force of power.

Nandou Tai came at Yi Xiang with his palm. From his palm, radiated a large golden handprint, prepared to crush everything.

Yi Xiang sped up and held out his fist. His fist landed on the large golden handprint and a large gust of wind washed over the entire venue. All the tables were flipped while the plates and cups crashed onto the ground. A storm started in between the two.

"Headmaster Yi Xiang of the School of the Finance Star is actually able to go against Nandou Tai?" Many people were surprised. However, the ending was probably going to be just as they expected.

In front of Ye Futian, the group of cultivators came closer. He glanced over at Yi Xiang. He knew that even though Yi Xiang could manage to battle with Nandou Tai, Yi Xiang was probably going to lose in the end.

Ye Futian lifted his head to look at the sky. Still looking up, he said, "I know you hoped that I could take care of everything by myself. I've tried my best, but I'm afraid I've let you down."

Ye Futian knew that his godfather was watching over him. The conversation from last night, 'So what if he's the emperor, of course, you have to take her back', as well as the elder's tone. It brought him back to the Ye family house back in the City of Qingzhou. His godfather had spoken to him just like that before. Ye Futian's senses were very sensitive. There was no mistake, Grandpa Yu was his godfather. Since his godfather told him to come, then he was definitely watching from somewhere.

But Ye Futian understood that his godfather could not reveal himself just yet. Senior Snow Ape was a great example. Since Ye Futian was related to Emperor Ye Qing somehow, then his godfather must be linked to him as well. He could not casually expose himself. Therefore, Ye Futian had revealed all his powers in hopes of getting the Nandou clan on his side, so he would have someone to help him, but it was no use. They had chosen to kill him. But now, he didn't know what to do anymore. If his godfather did not appear now, then both Ye Futian and Yi Xiang would be in great danger!
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    《The Legend of Futian》