The Legend of Futian
103 The Light of an Emperor
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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103 The Light of an Emperor

Chapter 103: The Light of an Emperor
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Minister Hua was sent by Emperor Luo to keep watch at the Nandou Palace and Chief Xia Feng of the East Prefecture and his army at the Guqin Gardens. They were prepared for Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian's defiance. When it did happen, they were going to kill them on the spot.

Then, Minister Hua waited for Ye Futian at the Nandou Palace. He ordered Nandou Tai to let Ye Futian enter the palace because he was waiting for Ye Futian fall into his trap.

The imperial order was a death sentence for Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian. Minister Hua was confident that he had everything under his control and he did. Even if Elder Qin sacrificed himself while playing 'A Chaotic Nation', the result would be the same. The only thing Minister Hua never expected was Ye Futian trying to talk Nandou Tai into revolting after demonstrating his extraordinary gifts, and that Nandou Tai would actually be wavered by Ye Futian's words.

At this time, the East Sea Prefecture's army arrived. They were all staring at the three figures in front of them. Obviously, Xia Fan was amongst the group. He wanted to watch Ye Futian die.

"Kill them but leave the girl for now," ordered Xia Fan with a wicked smile. The army acted immediately, heading for the three of them. Nandou Wenyin stood in front of the two youths. A strong force of Spiritual Energy was released. Her long hair danced wildly. The spears in the hands of the army began to shake as if trying to break free of their grasp. Some of the weaker cultivators were unable to control the spears and let go of their weapons. The spears then stabbed themselves.

"Fight it!" yelled a cultivator in the Arcana Plane. He cast a spell, aimed at the three.

In the air, not far behind the three, came a figure. She witnessed the scene in front of her and rushed forward like a flash of lightning. The spell had reached Nandou Wenyin and the others but was destroyed when the figure came crashing down from the skies with a loud bang. A beautiful silhouette appeared next to Nandou Wenyin. The strong figure was actually a woman.

"Thank you," said Nandou Wenyin.

"I didn't do it to save you," said Tang Wan. "Let's fight."

Nandou Wenyin nodded. Even though the two women used to be love rivals, they were going to fight side by side right now. Both of their Life Spirits were released. Nandou Wenyin's Life Spirit was glamorous but peculiar. It was a crown. When the crown was on her head, she looked majestic, like a queen. A powerful of Spiritual Energy was released, and everyone below the Arcana Plane felt their weapons begin to vibrate in their hands.

Tang Wan took one look at Nandou Wenyin. In her eyes, there was jealousy and melancholy. Nandou Wenyin was the descendant of royalty and was definitely more elegant than herself. Tang Wan's Life Spirit was much more violent. It was a white Demon Tiger. What was special about her Life Spirit was that the Demon Tiger had wings. It was the king of all tigers.

"Tang Wan, do you know why Hua Fengliu picked her and not you? Just take a look at your Life Spirits," mocked an Arcana Plane cultivator.

"Do you have a death wish?" asked Tang Wan. The one thing she hated most was when people insulted her Life Spirit.

"Is the tigress mad?" laughed the same person. He was provoking Tang Wan on purpose.

ROAR! The tiger called out loudly. Following that, illusory images of tigers pounced at the Arcana Plane cultivator. Tang Wan took one step forward, and her body was taken over by the image of a tiger. Her wings glistened in the light, and in a flash, she joined the other images of the tigers into the crowd. In a split second, blood was spilled and many of the people in the prefecture army were sent flying.

At the same time, Nandou Wenyin controlled from behind. She was a powerful Spirit Sorcerer and had the gift of telekinesis. She could even control the body of others.

Hua Jieyu inherited both her and Hua Fengliu's gifts, and thus had powers that were slightly different.

"Surround them," ordered Xia Fan as he hid at the back of the group. The army moved forward. Spells were cast left and right but kept getting destroyed. They were unable to control both of the women at once so they chose to surround the group instead.

Ye Futian watched the scene unfold, and the wings of his back appeared. Turning around, his wings carried him and Hua Jieyu away. He knew that if they stayed, they would only become a burden to the two women. They wouldn't be able to help at all.

Xia Fan led a group around those who were surrounding Tang Wan and Nandou Wenyin to follow after Ye Futian. Nandou Wenyin and Tang Wan were trapped in the middle of the crowd. They wanted to clear an escape route by killing the soldiers surrounding them, but their opponents saw through their plan and attacked my vigorously, restraining the women.

Xia Fan watched Ye Futian's fleeting back as he chased after the couple. The wicked smile on his face grew wider. Who would have thought, after so many big shots tried to kill Ye Futian, he had been able to escape until now, just to die in Xia Fan's hands.

"Still trying to escape?" Xia Fan was toying with Ye Futian. The Dharma Plane cultivators beside Xia Fan sped up and blocked Ye Futian off.

As of now, whether it be Elder Qin or the people from the Guqin Gardens, most of them had been pulled into the battle. Only some of the younger members had yet to participate. Who was going to save Ye Futian now?

Ye Futian turned around to look at Xia Fan coldly. Back in Qingzhou City, Ye Futian almost died because of Xia Fan. Now, even in the City of Donghai, they had fallen into a similar situation.

"So beautiful," said Xia Fan as he stared at the beautiful girl in Ye Futian's arms. Hua Jieyu looked at him coldly then quickly turned her attention away.

"Kill Ye Futian," ordered Xia Fan. Many Arcana Plane cultivators charged forwards Ye Futian.

A rustling sound emerged. The World Tree Spirit appeared, shining brightly in the sky. Immediately after, the Life Spirit began to absorb Spiritual Qi greedily. Back at the Nandou Palace, he did not release this Life Spirit because he did not want to expose too much. Also, he believed that his godfather would come out to save him but he was wrong. His godfather did not show up and Ye Futian did not understand why. Now, he was really at a dead-end. There was no use in hiding anymore. He wished for a chance to live.

Xia Fan was shocked at the appearance of the World Tree Spirit. He had yet another Life Spirit?

"No wonder Minister Zuo bestowed you with the Decree of the Minister. You really are a genius cultivator. Pity that you won't be able to fulfill your destiny," said Xia Fan. From Ye Futian's body, Wood Spiritual Qi flowed crazily, and the Lock of a Thousand Vines shot towards the Dharma Plane cultivators.

One of the cultivator's realizations of Dharma was a sea of fire, burning everything. The vines released by the Lock of a Thousand Vines was burnt to a crisp by the high temperatures. The opponent's palm came towards Ye Futian. Not only was this person a Dharma Plane cultivator, but he was one of the strongest in the Dharma Plane. He and Ye Futian were too many levels apart. They was no way for Ye Futian to defend himself.

The burning palm closed in on Ye Futian, but he used a Wind spell to retreat quickly. However, he was not quick enough because he was struck on the shoulder. The clothes covering his shoulder turned to ash, revealing bloody flesh. At the same time, Ye Futian was also thrown back. He managed to stabilize himself, not falling to the ground. He endured the pain as he kept holding Hua Jieyu.

"I'm sorry, Fox. I wasn't able to marry you." Ye Futian lowered his head to look at Hua Jieyu.

"I'm happy just being here with you." Hua Jieyu smiled brightly. From the day the imperial order arrived at the Nandou Palace, Hua Jieyu had been prepared. And because of this, even though her fears had come true, she felt calm. Besides, she had Ye Futian by her side.

"Okay," nodded Ye Futian.

He looked up at the Dharma Plane cultivators and released all of his Life Spirits with a smile. The world around them became so magnificent all of a sudden.

Upon witnessing this, the Dharma Plane cultivators couldn't help but stop in their tracks. They felt shivers run down their back as the stared at Ye Futian.

Was…was he really human? What kind of freak was this person they were sent to kill today?

"Let's make a deal. You guys let me off the hook and leave with me. I bet it would be better than staying with Xia Fan," said Ye Futian. He looked at the stunned cultivators and chuckled. There was no way back; he had to try everything he could think of. Even though the chances were slim, he still had to give it a shot.

In the back, Xia Fan was also frozen in shock. His heart pounded. How could someone like Ye Futian exist?

Suddenly, he thought of something. Back then, on Mount Tianyao, Ye Futain fell into the Canyon of Ten Thousand Beasts and was still able to make it out alive. Now that he had seen all of Ye Futian's Life Spirits, Xia Fan had a wild thought.

"Did you survive the fall on Mount Tianyao because you received Emperor Ye Qing's inheritance?" asked Xia Fan. The cultivators who were listening were shocked. The inheritance of Emperor Ye Qing?

"Yeah," said Ye Futian matter-of-factly. He smiled and looked at the others. "Do you guys think you'll be better off with the successor of Emperor Ye Qing or with Xia Fan?"

"Don't listen to him. Do you guys really think that he would kill you guys for revenge if you leave with him today?" asked Xia Fan. "Kill him immediately, and you guys will be rewarded when we return."

The Dharma Plane cultivators' eyes lit up in realization. They thought of the rest of the army and the Arcana Plane cultivators coming behind them and knew that leaving with Ye Futian was unrealistic. They would never get away.

Two figures charged at Ye Futian simultaneously. Even though they were not completely willing now, they knew that they had to kill him if they wanted to live. To have the blood of such an important person on their hands was also something to be proud of.

Feeling the two figures getting closer, Ye Futian tried to release his sorcery, but it was no use. His attacks were ignored by his opponents and they continued to come towards him. A spear was headed his way, and Ye Futian spun around abruptly, putting his back to the spear. He looked down and smiled at Hua Jieyu in his arms.

He tried, he tried really hard, but he couldn't defy the imperial order. Emperor Luo wanted him dead so that was the only thing he could do in the Nandou Nation. He had never even met Emperor Luo. If he had the chance, Ye Futian really wanted to meet him.

"Dummy." Hua Jieyu reached out her slender fingers and caressed Ye Futian's handsome face. She returned his smile. She knew that even at the last moment, Ye Futian wanted to protect her, taking the blow for her. He really was a dummy.

A stabbing sound was heard, and the long spear pierced Ye Futian's body. At this moment, evilness spread across Xia Fan's face.

Was he finally dead? What was the use of being so gifted?

The cultivator who had stabbed Ye Futian let out a sigh. This unbelievably talented young man had died in his hands. He used force to try to pull the spear out of Ye Futian but the weapon would not budge.

A noise sounded. It sounded like blood pumping. At that moment, the cultivator was astonished to find out that the spear he had stabbed Ye Futian had been reduced to nothing.

"What's going on?" asked the cultivator. He lifted his head to look at Ye Futian's back. It was as if something had been broken in Ye Futian's body.

A blinding light erupted from his body. Then, there were two rays of light. Two became three and three became four. Countless rays of light were emitted from Ye Futian's body. It was like the light of an emperor.

Ten feet, 20 feet, a hundred feet. The rays of light shone into the sky like a fairytale.

Another look at Ye Futian's World Tree Spirit revealed that it was giving off a golden sheen and had become a mystical tree. Spiritual Qi gathered crazily around the tree.

The silhouette was no longer that of a teenager, but that of a majestic emperor.
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    《The Legend of Futian》