The Legend of Futian
104 Execution
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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104 Execution

Chapter 104: Execution
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Standing there in the glory, Ye Futian had no idea what happened. Inside his body, the rumbling blood turned into gold. There seemed to be the golden figure of an emperor. This figure was very vague. He was unable to see his face clearly and only sensed his unique temperament, noble and mighty. The endless light of the emperor broke out from here to envelop his body. That figure seemed to be moving in his body, coming closer and closer to his mind. The temperament grew stronger and stronger. Ye Futian wanted to see his face clearly but still couldn't. He wondered who had left the emperor's intent in his body.

Did this have anything to do with his birth?

But he had no time to think as the king-like figure was moving. Every punch, strike, and movement the figure made revealed an emperor's imposing manner. Accompanied by the movement of the figure, Ye Futian felt the blood in his body roaring as well as the soul. His whole momentum was in a steep rise. It did not seem like his own power.

His spirit devoured the Spiritual Qi of the world like a sacred tree. With his aura changing, he felt full of endless power. Every action that the figure made in his body seemed to be engraved in his mind.

Being held in Ye Futian's arms, Hua Jieyu could naturally sense his transformations. She had been prepared to die but was stunned by the gorgeous light projected from Ye Futian's body. She had never seen Emperor Luo but she felt that the emperor would never have such temperament. It was as if Ye Futian was an emperor by nature.

She suddenly thought of her fate predicted by Minister Zuo and Ye Futian's query to Nandou Tai. At this moment, she finally understood what the empress's fate meant and why Minister Zuo had laughed when she asked whether Ye Futian would come back from the city of Qingzhou.

This was her destiny. They were meant to be together.

Thinking of this, Hua Jieyu's eyes grew red. A translucent teardrop slipped down her face. The fate did not cheat her. Her beautiful eyes became more resolved. Since fate was so, what else in the world could prevent them from being together?

Her beloved was fated to be a true emperor.

Xia Fan was shocked at the sight of all. His hideous smile was frozen. The strange situation completely overturned his thinking.

What was this? Why didn't the spear that pierced Ye Futian's body kill him but instead turn him into an emperor bathed in dazzling emperor's brilliance? Who could tell him what was going on?

He had never seen or even heard of such a scene before. This did not make any sense. Cultivations should be done step by step and a sudden rise in cultivation was impossible. If someone had left something in Ye Futian's body, how strong must that person be?

Xia Fan didn't know. With a menacing face, Xia Fan roared at two in the Dharma Plane near Ye Futian. "Kill him!"

The two in the Dharma Plane were also dazed by the shock at the sight of Ye Futian's changes. Xia Fan's roar triggered their murderous intent. Spears made from Spiritual Qi and horrible handprints of flames were thrown toward Ye Futian viciously.

This time, however, they were not able to hit Ye Futian. The emperor's halo surrounding Ye Futian seemed to be transformed into a blurry figure. The emperor's glory around him blocked the spears and handprints, making them unable to get close to Ye Futian's body.

Seeing this, the two fighters, Xia Fan, and the surrounding people all grew pale. They had a bad feeling.

Many life spirits disappeared, leaving only the Ancient World Tree life spirit swaying in the wind like something sacred. Leaves rustling, new vines lashed out from the sacred tree toward the two strong figures behind Ye Futian.

The two were shocked. They used spears and flames at the same time, wanting to destroy the vines, but the vines snaking towards their bodies seemed indestructible. They were lifted up in the air in few seconds. Some subtle sounds were heard and the small leaves pierced through their body. Blood rain poured down.

Ye Futian slowly turned around. He looked up to Xia Fan with the emperor's gold eyes.

"You are not Ye Futian. Who are you?" Xia Fan felt great panic. It was too strange that every part of Ye Futian's body had the emperor's intent. This did not belong to him at all.

"What do you think?" Ye Futian asked coldly. Gorgeous wings appeared behind him. As the wings flapped, he rose into the air with Hua Jieyu in his arms and flew toward Xia Fan. In his body, the emperor-like figure was still dancing. Every action kept being branded in the mind while urging the power around him, making him more powerful. Ye Futian also understood that this force was not his but at least at the moment, it belonged to him.

"Kill—kill him." Xia Fan stepped backward but ordered the people next to him. Those people trembled unceasingly, not daring to move forward.

"Go!" Xia Fan thundered while he retreated. He turned and fled toward the battlefield at the back where there were the strong fighters of the Arcana Plane.

The wings behind Ye Futian unfolded. The terrifying wings seemed to be cutting through the air with shrill sounds. Ye Futian was near the strong figures in an instant. Without stopping, he crossed them like a flash of lightning. Continuous whooshes were heard. Blood kept blooming in the air along constant screams.

"Uncle!" Xia Fan seemed to figure out what had happened behind him. Howling, he ran forward. "Help me!"

A powerful person of the Arcana Plane noticed the situation here. He left the battlefield, coming toward Xia Fan. He passed over Xia Fan and pounced toward Ye Futian. This was Xia Feng's junior, a swordsman in training. His sharp sword, with dazzling brilliance, pierced toward Ye Futian. He had no idea why Ye Futian had such a transformation but there was no time for him to figure out the reason. What he needed to do was to kill Ye Futian.

"Rest for a bit," Ye Futian said softly to Hua Jieyu. The vines rolled over to carry Hua Jieyu. Endless vines made a wooden bed as comfortable as possible for her.

Then Ye Futian raised his fist and punched the sword coming toward him. This punch was not the battle skill he had practiced but with the movement in his mind in sync. He just punched naturally and the momentum of the emperor surrounding him was thrown forward too. A terrible storm formed immediately, wiping out the sword's viciousness.

The swordsman in training paled. Ye Futian moved in the air and the second blow was thrown out. The punch seemed simple but contained the momentum of the universe and the emperor. An illusory figure of emperor attached to him. They hurled their fists together.

Facing the Emperor's power, everyone shall surrender. No one could fight back.

That swordsman was frightened. The great momentum contained in the emperor's fist rolled over his body, and then there seemed to be a thunderous exploding. This swordsman in training of the Arcana Plane was shattered and nothing was left.

"No..." Xia Fan was terrified and full of despair that his uncle, a swordsman of the Arcana Plane, was killed by just one of Ye Futian's punches. The man's body had collapsed into nothingness. Xia Fan trembled. The viciousness in his eyes from before was replaced by deep fear.

However, Ye Futian felt the emperor's intent reached its pinnacle. The moving figure gradually slowed down as if it was about to end. Ye Futian had a feeling that the emperor's intent was temporary. There was not much time left for him. Moreover, the intent might have appeared to teach him a set of battle methods.

Thinking of this, the wings flashed again. With incredible speed, he joined Nandou Wenyin and Tang Lan in the battlefield. With wings cutting through the air, continuous pops were heard. The strong men of the Arcana plane became powerless, slaughtered by Ye Futian.

Nandou Wenyin and Tang Lan were also shocked by the changes in Ye Futian, but knew what to do at the moment. They cooperated with Ye Futian to fight.

Ye Futian punched continuously. Each fist and handprint contained the powerful momentum of the emperor. The strong were constantly killed and defeated. More and more corpses were piled on the ground.

In few minutes, only two strong figures of the Arcana Plane were left and they turned to escape. Ye Futian was too strong that they simply couldn't overcome him.

Ye Futian flashed, dodged, and punched like lightning. His fist tore through the air and smashed someone. The emperor's intent grew stronger. Looking at the last escaping man, Ye Futian threw out a palm. A handprint of the emperor destroyed everything. It pursued the escaping man and shattered his body.

Other than Xia Fan, all were killed.

Nandou Wenyin and Tang Lan looked at Ye Futian with great shock. The emperor's intent soared to the extreme at this moment. Hundreds of meters of the emperor's bright light shone.

Ye Futian didn't notice their eyes and walked toward Xia Fan. Xia Fan retreated step by step with great fear in his eyes.

"Let me go. I can promise you whatever you want," Xia Fan begged, staring imploringly at Ye Futian. The subtle sounds came again. The vines rolled over Xia Fan's body; his limbs and neck were tied and he was suspended in the air.

"No..." Xia Fan seemed to figure out what was about to happen. He roared in horror and struggled in vain. The vines curled around his body pulled in different directions. It was like an execution!
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    《The Legend of Futian》