The Legend of Futian
108 Bai Qiu of the Qin Clan
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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108 Bai Qiu of the Qin Clan

Chapter 108: Bai Qiu of the Qin Clan
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In Cangye Kingdom, other than Cangye College, there were also a few powerful clans who trained accomplished disciples as well. They definitely would not miss out on the Fenghua Banquet.

The Qin Clan was a force of Cangye Kingdom known for their studies of the guqin. There were not many disciples because only musical sorcerers could be accepted. This was also why the strongest musical sorcerers of the kingdom were grouped in the Qin Clan.

Bai Qiu was the most talented of the Qin Clan's younger generation. Apparently, he had already entered the Dharma Plane and had an unbeatable talent. Not long ago, Bai Qiu had led the disciples of the Qin Clan to the Cangye College. Cen Xia had seen Bai Qiu with her own eyes and saw the youth was extremely handsome.

Therefore, someone who was only a Seven-star Glory Plane musical sorcerer and not from the Qin Clan would only be there to enhance the others at the Fenghua Banquet by contrast—even if he could pass the pretest. Even the other disciples of the Qin Clan seemed better than this youth beside him, let alone Bai Qiu.

Of course, Cen Xia wouldn't say all this. She just smiled and led the way, saying, "The pretest of the Fenghua Banquet will be administrated by the Cangye College. I am taking you all to the exam site now."

Ye Futian nodded. Since they knew about the Fenghua Banquet, they had naturally done some research. The Fenghua Banquet was the Imperial Examination and it was not open to everyone. After applying, they had to pass the pretest held by the Cangye College to truly be qualified to attend the Fenghua Banquet.

The Cangye College checked the credentials for the emperor.

The Leaf Court of the Cangye College was now filled with all sorts of talent. They had all applied for the Fenghua Banquet. Many were gathered here for the pretest as it was one of the exam sites. In the center, there was a podium. There were two figures fighting on it now, both applicants of the banquet. Three elders of the Cangye College sat before the podium.

"I'll help you hand the bookmark in," Cen Xia said to Ye Futian with a smile. Ye Futian nodded and gave the bookmark to him. Then, Ye Futian saw Cen Xia take one out too and put them together.

"Cen Xia, Nine-star Glory Plane, sorcerer. I will attend the Fenghua Banquet too," Cen Xia said. She introduced herself again while eyeing Hua Jieyu, and then walked towards the elders.

Hua Jieyu's gaze was calm. She knew Cen Xia told her for a reason but she didn't care. She had held Ye Futian's hand earlier not because she wasn't confident in herself but because she knew how attractive Ye Futian was to girls.

The two fighting on the podium were both of the Eight-star Glory Plane. One was a sorcerer while the other was a martial artist.

However, Ye Futian discovered something strange. Right now, most of the audience's attention was not on the fighters. Instead, they focused on the other side. There was a group of people dressed in white. They seemed untainted by the world.

"That's the Qin Clan. The strongest musical sorcerers of Cangye Kingdom are from that clan."

"Is the middle one Bai Qiu? He truly is handsome."

The people around them all discussed the clan. Ye Futian was intrigued that the Cangye Kingdom had a Qin Clan and apparently produced the best musical sorcerers. He looked over at the handsome and slender young man in the center of the group. He looked around 18 or 19. His aura was extraordinary and he stood out like a stork amongst chickens.

At this time, someone walked to Bai Qiu. He wore the uniform of the college. The two smiled and chatted, seemingly ignoring the fight on the podium.

After handing in the bookmark, Cen Xia returned to Ye Futian's group. She saw Ye Futian looking in Bai Qiu's direction and smiled. "That's the Qin Clan. Bai Qiu is the most accomplished of their younger generation. He's apparently in the Dharma Plane now. He's a musical sorcerer like you and the one beside him is my senior from the college, Yu Jiang. He's also in the Dharma Plane. The two of them are the most popular candidates for the Fenghua Rank."

"Who else is included?" Ye Futian asked.

Cen Xia glanced at Ye Futian. She thought that he was probably not from the Imperial City. Otherwise, he would definitely know about these things.

"There are some others. If you can pass the pretest and attend the Fenghua Banquet, you'll meet them," Cen Xia smiled and said without going into detail.

Ye Futian was only at the Seven-star Glory Plane. Knowing all that was meaningless because he was nowhere near their level.

"Oh." Ye Futian knew that Cen Xia wasn't willing to say more. He nodded and stopped talking, watching the fight quietly.

People went up continuously. After a long while, Yu Sheng was finally called up.

Yu Sheng walked to the podium. Another figure stood before him. He was also a Seven-star Glory Plane but he was a sorcerer. The fight would display their true abilities clearly.

"Attack me with your best efforts first," Yu Sheng said. He knew the other was a Seven-star Glory Plane sorcerer. If the opponent was defeated before performing, he would be disqualified no matter how great his talent was.

"You can go first." The opponent smiled confidently.

Hearing this, Yu Sheng didn't hold back. He took a step and the podium shook. His composure changed in an instant, stunning the sorcerer. The sorcerer's Spiritual Qi began to gather crazily and the apparition of a golden tiger appeared behind him. Then it roared and ripped toward Yu Sheng with shocking power.

Yu Sheng punched forward. There were countless shadows that tore apart the golden tiger's image. The powerful force ripped through everything and landed on the opponent, sending him flying.

Seeing this, the Cangye College elders made a checkmark on Yu Sheng's bookmark and put it to the side. At the same time, one said, "Yu Sheng, passed."

Yu Sheng stepped down.

The one who had been forced off the podium climbed up and glared at Yu Sheng. He left with resentment. Clearly, he had lost the ability to attend the Fenghua Banquet.

"Your friend is quite strong," Cen Xiao said to Ye Futian with a smile.

Ye Futian didn't reply. Yu Sheng was way beyond quite strong. This was just the pretest so there was no need to show off everything.

After that, Hua Jieyu was called up. Her opponent was a warrior of the same plane. Though her face was veiled, her eyes were beautiful, and she had a perfect figure and presence. Many people were attracted immediately, thinking that she was definitely a beauty.

"After you," Hua Jieyu said to the youth.

She didn't say much but a burst of powerful spiritual energy bloomed. The opponent felt something and moved toward Hua Jieyu quickly. However, at the same time, an invisible power was blocking him. Then, wood element Spiritual Qi gathered into a spell and wrapped around him.

Boom. Powerful strength burst forth. The opponent burst free from the entanglement like a wild demon.

At this time, spears appeared before Hua Jieyu. They kept stabbing toward the opponent, who roared and stopped. His battle intent burst and attacked the spears coming at him. Simultaneously, he stepped forward and flew into the sky. He soared at Hua Jieyu like an eagle.

Seriousness flashed past Hua Jieyu's eyes. She stepped forward. It was only one step but the opponent seemed to stop in mid-air. Vines curled up toward him and slammed him to the ground.

"Okay, both pass." The Cangye College elder nodded and put away their bookmarks, meaning both had passed the pretest. The defeated one was upset because he had been confident he could win in the pretest. He hadn't expected to meet someone so extraordinary.

"May I see your true appearance?" he stood up and asked politely.

Hua Jieyu glanced at him and turned to leave the podium. She returned to Ye Futian's side. Many looked at Hua Jieyu in shock. She was so arrogant.

"Ye Futian, Mo Gu." It was Ye Futian's turn now. He walked up to the podium. The one opposite him was clad in white. He was from the Qin Clan. Clearly, the Cangye College elder thought that if Ye Futian couldn't even beat a random Qin Clan disciple, he had no need to attend the Fenghua Banquet.

The two sat down with crossed legs and released their Guqin Spirits. This attracted many gazes. In the near distance, the Qin Clan members looked over with interest.

Music sounded at the same time. Gu Mo's music was wild like a tide of ten thousand beasts. The sound of galloping in the air was terrifying. It was like a wave of demons was charging at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's music was calm, graceful, and lovely. It seemed to be reminiscing someone from the past. As his music flowed out, the formless demons charging at him were gradually tamed. Then Ye Futian's music changed abruptly. It turned sharp like an unsheathed sword. It cut everything and the beasts wailed. Gu Mo's music was in disarray, no longer strong and wild. His spiritual energy was in a mess and his music was disordered too. With a huff, the Qin Spirit disappeared.

"Ye Futian, pass," the elder announced.

"Gu Mo was defeated just like that." The Qin Clan members were surprised. Their fellow disciple was disqualified from the banquet.

"Such pure music and extraordinary mindset. This boy is talented," Bai Qiu praised. Then he asked from across the arena, "Where do you cultivate? Do you have a clan?"

Ye Futian looked up at Bai Qiu. He smiled and said, "I cultivate with my master and have not entered a clan."

"The Qin Clan is the most prestigious for musical sorcery in Cangye Kingdom. Are you willing to join us?" Bai Qiu smiled at Ye Futian. "If you are willing, I can recommend you. I am lacking a guqin student."

Everyone present was shocked. It seemed that Bai Qiu thought highly of this musical sorcerer and had invited him directly into the Qin Clan. He was even willing to let the youth study with him.

A guqin student was someone who would follow him and could learn from him at any time. If Ye Futian could follow Bai Qiu, this would be a great advantage for him as a musical sorcerer!
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    《The Legend of Futian》