The Legend of Futian
110 Fenghua Banque
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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110 Fenghua Banque

Chapter 110: Fenghua Banquet
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Three days later, early morning.

Ye Futian was practicing a fist form in the courtyard of the inn. His moves were slow, each punch seeming to contain an intriguing charm. His blood was bubbling through his body. One could faintly hear the rumbles, and amongst the rumbling blood, strands of the emperor's mark lit up. It transformed into an air current of the emperor, making his every move contain the emperor's intent.

Currently, he was cultivating a set of methods. It was the one given to him by the emperor's will when he was forced into desperation that day. Ye Futian didn't know who created this set of methods or what it was called. Therefore, he named it himself—Imperial Tactics.

It was a cliché name but very suitable. When he used this method, his blood would change and spread to every part of his body. It even affected his aura, making him imperial.

In addition, every time he practiced this set, he would achieve something. Cultivating with Emperor Ye Qing's enhancement method, he could continuously strengthen his body. Even if he didn't use any spells, he would still be an extremely talented warrior.

After training for a bit longer, Ye Futian stopped and looked at the sky.

"When do you plan on setting out?" Tang Lan walked over and asked him.

"I'm going now. Aunt Tang, are you all going?" Ye Futian asked.

"I'm not interested but your master wants to go. If I'm free, I'll go too," Tang Lan said indifferently. Ye Futian smiled without saying anything. This was how Tang Lan was.

"Then I'll call Master and Masteress to get going," Ye Futian said. After a short while, they grouped in the courtyard. Then they got onto the demon, soared into the sky, and left the inn. At the same time of their departure, demons and figures all over Cangye City shot into the sky. They were all going toward the same place—the palace. It seemed that all of the strong ones in the Imperial City were in the sky at once. It was a shocking sight.

As Ye Futian's group continued advancing, they could vaguely see the various glamorous buildings. It was the palace of Cangye Kingdom. They continued, getting closer and closer to the palace. Many others were around them and they all looked excited.

"Is this the Fenghua Banquet? All the young talents of the kingdom are gathered here."

"I will definitely display my skills at the banquet and have the emperor notice me."

"I wonder how powerful the talents of the Imperial City are like. I really anticipate it."

Voices streamed from all directions. Countless people came, some from the Imperial City, others from the various cities of the Cangye Kingdom. They were all the cream of the crop. Otherwise, they wouldn't travel thousands of miles to attend the Fenghua Banquet.

Ye Futian followed the huge crowd forward. The Fenghua Platform outside the palace was already in view. This was where the Fenghua Banquet would be held.

At this time, a line of figures clad in white floated across the air. They were so handsome.

"It's the Qin Clan. Bai Qiu is there." Many looked over at the Qin Clan. They had to see Bai Qiu, who was the most popular contender for the Fenghua Rank in the Imperial City.

"The powerful ones of the Demon Clan are also here." Many others looked to the back. There, they saw countless demons striding forward. In the center of the crowd was a youth. He was not yet seventeen-years-old but his face was filled with arrogance and aggressiveness. This was Yun Di, the most talented of the Demon Clan's younger generation.

"Lin Yueyao." At this time, a Purple Gold Roc flew past with a beautiful figure atop it, attracting many gazes instantly. She was extremely talented and was also known as the number one beauty of the Cangye Kingdom. Probably no one was as attractive as her. Even Bai Qiu of the Qin Clan and many members of the Demon Clan couldn't help but look over at Lin Yueyao.

Hua Fengliu and the others observed quietly. At the moment, Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, and Yu Sheng were not eye-catching. No one noticed them but Hua Fengliu knew that at the end of the banquet, they would shine the brightest. They would overwhelm the pride of the Cangye City.

Finally, they arrived at the Fenghua Platform. Many guards stood around the majestic platform, keeping the order.

This battle platform had a long history. It was where the emperor commanded the generals. It was also where the emperor tested the princes and officials.

The emperor's royal seat was at an extremely high place directly before the Fenghua Platform. It was very majestic. Nobody who came, whether it be those who rode demons or flew on their swords, dared to be higher than that position. It was where the emperor sat. Who dared to be higher than the emperor?

Only the nobles and the most powerful talents of Cangye City were qualified to sit on either side of the royal seat. They had to be personally given the ability by the emperor to observe the Fenghua Banquet with him.

There were many outstanding men close to the royal seat. One of them was a youth. He gazed at the swarming crowd around the Fenghua Platform. His cool gaze had a slight tinge of arrogance. Many attendees saw him too.

"Is that the young lord Ye Wuchen?" many people murmured.

Ye Wuchen was one of the most popular contenders for this year's Fenghua Banquet. He had already entered the second level of the Dharma Plane. It was difficult to find an opponent for him under the age of 20.

"Wuchen, you are a lord but you still must display your strongest abilities today. His Majesty will not help you cheat," His father Lord Ye said beside him.

"I must win," Ye Wuchen said.

"Very resolute." Lord Ye smiled and nodded.

As more and more people arrived, the sky and ground were all filled with people. The Fenghua Banquet was the most important banquet of the Cangye Kingdom. The entire kingdom paid attention to it. The skies outside the palace were not off limits on this day so more people would witness the banquet.

The sun rose and sunlight shone down, falling onto the royal seat. A line of carriages rode out from the palace. The emperor and empress sat in the center. Everyone stared as soon as they appeared.

All the nobles besides the royal seat stood up. The figures sitting on their demons in the sky stood up too. They all looked in the direction of the carriage.

The emperor, empress, princes, and princesses descended from the carriage and walked forward. The emperor sat in the royal seat; the empress, princes, and princesses sat behind him.

"Greetings, Your Majesty and Your Highness," the nobles all rose and greeted with a bow. After that, everyone else bowed down as well. The sound seemed to shake the world and was extremely spectacular.

The emperor of Cangye Kingdom seemed to be around thirty years old. He was not handsome but he had the aura of an emperor. Even when he smiled, he still looked distinguished. The empress was extremely beautiful. She was dressed glamorously but looked composed. She seemed to be around 25-years-old but was much older than that. Her looks were comparable to Nandou Wenyin.

The emperor smiled and waved at everyone. "Today is the Fenghua Banquet. The stars are the young talents of our Cangye Kingdom. There is no need for the formalities. Let us be relaxed."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." The people bowed once more. When the emperor took his seat, the others sat down as well.

"The Fenghua Banquet is where all the pride of the younger generation is gathered. Here, I hope everyone will forget their concerns. No matter who you are, please display your skills to the fullest. I hope to see the most brilliant of the younger generation. If anyone runs into trouble in the Imperial City due to their performance here, I will execute the culprit, even if he is a noble or a clan."

The emperor spoke coolly but his words were powerful. There would definitely be many who would display extraordinary talents at the Fenghua Banquet. There would also definitely be those who earn hatred due to defeating a genius of a clan. Similarly, others would be invited to join a group because of their amazing ability but reject the invitation, resulting in some consequences. The emperor could not tolerate these. This was the banquet he held personally. Anyone who dared to make trouble would be offending the emperor and must be punished accordingly.

All the people from outside the Imperial City were reassured by these words. They could display their talents to their fullest at the Fenghua Banquet without any concern. The emperor was supporting them.

"In addition, I will name ten people for the Fenghua Rank. All will be rewarded. The top three can request something from me. Unless it is too harsh, I will fulfill your wishes," the emperor continued. Then he laughed and said, "If you like any of the princes or princesses and wish to marry them, I might agree."

With that, all the nobles laughed. Many looked to the princes and princesses beside the emperor. They were all extraordinary figures, especially the two beautiful princesses. Many felt ready to try. Maybe they really could become the princess's husband. But remembering that only the top three of the Fenghua Rank were qualified, they could only smile bitterly. Indeed, those who could enter the top three were the best of the best. The emperor would not lose anything if they could marry the princesses.

"Should I try marrying a princess?" Ye Futian looked at a princess. She was so beautiful.

"Even if I don't make top three, I can still marry a prince, right?" Hua Jieyu grinned at Ye Futian.

"I'm joking." Ye Futian surrendered immediately. Even without looking at her talent, Hua Jieyu was more beautiful than the number one beauty of Cangye Kingdom. There was no competition.

"Alright, those attending the Fenghua Banquet, please step forward. Everyone else, please step back. Prepare to start," the emperor said. Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, and Yu Sheng quickly got onto the Black Wind Eagle and went forward. Every other attendee also approached the Fenghua Platform. The others retreated, making a clear division.

The Fenghua Banquet was about to start!
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    《The Legend of Futian》