The Legend of Futian
115 I Look Forward to I
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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115 I Look Forward to I

Chapter 115: I Look Forward to It
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An elder from Cangye College organized the bookmarks and pushed a line of them forward. Then, he looked up at the participants waiting in the skies above. "Today's portion of the Fenghua Banquet will be slightly different from yesterday's. The names I call now will be all those majoring in martial arts cultivation within the Glory Plane. When you step on to the Fenghua Platform, you will do your best to demonstrate your true abilities. Even if you lose, there is still a chance that you might make it into the next round."

Naturally, everyone understood what he meant. They were trying to filter out the best martial arts cultivator using gifts and true abilities as determining factors.

After that, the elder because to read names off of the bookmarks. One by one, participants headed for the platform. Of course, Yu Sheng's name was also within the ones called. Ye Futian used wind sorcery to send Yu Sheng on to the platform.

In the group of over 200 people, there were 40 who were Glory Plane martial arts cultivators and amongst them, a majority of them were either Eight-Starred or Nine-Starred Glory Plane cultivators. This was a large disadvantage for those in the Six-Starred and Seven-Starred Glory Plane.

After Yu Sheng stepped on to the battle platform, many participants turned to look at him. It was obvious that they saw Yu Sheng as a dangerous character.

"You guys fight first," said Yu Sheng. He then turned and walked to stand quietly at a side of the platform. The air of superiority he gave off rendered everyone speechless. He was too arrogant.

To make it to the second day, everyone must possess extraordinary talents. Even though Yu Sheng had an explosive amount of strength, there were still some powerful Nine-Starred Glory Plane cultivators present. How dare he be so conceited?

Ye Futian blinked and smacked himself in the head. "It's my fault," he grumbled.

In the air surrounding the Fenghua Platform, everyone watched Yu Sheng speechlessly. On the throne, even Emperor Ye could not help but chuckle as he looked at Yu Sheng. This young man was indeed a little reckless, but then again, with abilities like Yu Sheng's, what he did should not be considered reckless. The emperor looked forward to his performance.

Yun Zuo was a student of Cangye College. He was actually a Mandate Sorcerer but instead, he chose to major in martial arts cultivation. It was because his Life Spirit was a bit peculiar. It was a pair of golden wings. His Life Spirit gave him powers in two elements: metal and wind. He was prepared to gather Dharma realization of the wings because he couldn't take the sorcerer route. He was going to focus on martial arts and use sorcery as a supplement.

Yun Zuo of Cangye College was also a strong contender for the Fenghua Rank. However, there were still two of his senior brothers from Cangye College present. They were both in the Dharma Plane which caused the spotlight on Yun Zuo to dim considerably.

Besides Yun Zuo, Wu Kuangren of the Demon Clan was also present. He was also a Mandate Sorcerer but because his Life Spirit was a demon ape, it had immense strength. So, he chose to major in martial arts cultivation.

Both Yun Zuo and Wu Kuangren were in the Nine-Starred Glory Plane. With them present, no matter how explosive Yu Sheng's performance was yesterday, as a mere Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivator, it seemed that he had no right to be so arrogant. After all, the opponents he faced the previous day were all in the Seven-Starred Glory Plane.

BOOM! Wu Kuangren took a step forward, headed straight for Yu Sheng. Everyone concentrated on this scene.

In yesterday's battle Yu Sheng beat up the Demon Clan's young prodigy, Yun Di. Was Wu Kuangren going to get revenge on Yu Sheng today?

Wu Kuangren released his Life Spirit and a fearsome silhouette of a demon ape appeared behind him. He clenched his fists and his body was immediately encapsulated by stone. With every step he took, it gave off a feeling of great pressure.

Is Wu Kuangren going to directly challenge Yu Sheng? Everyone thought and stared at the large figure headed toward Yu Sheng. Some of them shifted their attention to Yu Sheng. What was his Life Spirit? With such explosive strength, it was only natural that people did not suspect that Yu Sheng had no Life Spirit.

To their disappointment, Yu Sheng did not release a Life Spirit. He watched as Wu Kuangren approached and a golden light surrounded his body like a deity. A roar came from the platform. Wu Kuangren acted as if he were possessed by the Demon Ape. He lifted his large hand to slap down at Yu Sheng. Wu Kuangren wanted to see for himself just how strong Yu Sheng was.

Yu Sheng's hand formed into a golden fist which seemed to have grown sharp thorns. The platform shook as he took a step and threw a punch at Wu Kuangren. There was nothing flashy about their movements as they attacked. Everything was simple, direct, and violent.

With a loud bang, the two crashed into each other. In that moment, a frightening flow of air appeared around them accompanied by the sound of whistling.

The two young men stopped moving momentarily while the Demon Ape roared. Suddenly, Yu Sheng threw is fists forward and broke past his opponent's palm, landing a punch on Wu Kuangren's chest. With a crackle, Wu Kuangren's defense was destroyed. He groaned in pain, backing up slightly but not letting himself fall.

BOOM! Yu Sheng's foot stomped down on the ground. Both of his hands reached out to grab his opponent. At the same time, Wu Kuangren also threw both fists at Yu Sheng. However, everyone witnessed Yu Sheng stop his advance by grabbing his arm with one hand while the other hand pushed down on Wu Kuangren's shoulder. Yu Sheng had perfectly blocked his attack.

In the next moment, spectators watched as Yu Sheng lifted Wu Kuangren into mid-air. He was swung around then flung off the Fenghua Platform.

"This!" Everyone was dumbfounded. It's true that Yu Sheng was arrogant because he was impossibly strong, but what of it?

The battles that ensued after that were strange in comparison. Yu Sheng stood to one side, resting his eyes. The other participants fought their individual battles, not disturbing Yu Sheng. That was until only Yun Zuo of Cangye College was left standing on the Fenghua Platform.

Behind Yun Zuo, his golden wings appeared. The majestic wings carried him off the ground, into the air overlooking Yu Sheng.

Yun Zuo had noticed that every time Yu Sheng stepped on to the platform, he was sent down with the aid of Ye Futian's wind sorcery. This meant that Yu Sheng did have a weakness. His strength could overpower everything. Even Wu Kuangren, a Nine-Starred Glory Plane cultivator, was brutally defeated by Yu Sheng in a battle of strength.

This guy was born with superhuman strength.

A row of golden spears formed in the air and charged toward Yu Sheng on the platform. With one swipe of his arm, a flash of golden light appeared and blocked off the spears. Yun Zuo raced toward Yu Sheng like a flash of lightning. Yu Sheng had hunched down and charged forward at an incredible speed. Everyone was frozen. Has he gone mad? Why was he running across the Fenghua Platform so crazily?

Just then, they saw Yu Sheng's right foot stomp down on the platform and at the speed of light, he was propelled upward at Yun Zuo, who was headed for him.

Yun Zuo is done for, was the only thing that crossed everyone's minds. Everything happened too quickly. A second later, the sound of an explosion erupted in mid-air. Even though Yun Zuo's wings were good for speed, there was no way he could avoid Yu Sheng's attack. The audience watched as Yun Zuo was thrown backwards by a single punch from Yu Sheng. He was thrown so high into the air, his body was at a height greater than the emperor's throne.

BOOM! Yu Sheng landed heavily on the platform. Countless pairs of eyes fell on him. Speechless. This freak!

Cen Xia witnessed the brutal defeat of Yun Zuo, a talented senior brother from Cangye College and stared at Yu Sheng in utter confusion. How can a human body be capable of exerting such strength?

The elder from Cangye College were also speechless. After a slight delay, he said, "Yu Sheng. Pass." Only Yu Sheng. There were no other names announced. Not even Yun Zuo of Cangye College.

With an outstanding martial arts cultivator like Yu Sheng, the emperor would not need to consider any other martial arts cultivators in the Glory Plane. No one could compete with him. Everyone already had a feeling that Yu Sheng had a very high chance of being picked by the emperor to enter the Fenghua Rank.

Yu Sheng stepped off the platform. Next, was the competition between Glory Plane sorcerers. Sorcerers of the seven elements, as well as some Spiritual Sorcerers were called to the platform. Hua Jieyu was one of them. However, Ye Futian was not called. Even though Musical Sorcerers were a type of Spiritual Sorcerer, they were still different. Ye Futian noticed that several Musical Sorcerers from the Qin Clan as well as beast tamer Yun Di, were not called either. There must a third category of cultivators for the next round.

Similar to the first, this second round consisted of some extremely talented people. Among them, two young women stole the spotlight—Lin Yueyao and Hua Jieyu.

On the Fenghua Platform, the two beauties stood opposite of each other. Although Hua Jieyu's full appearance had not yet been revealed, her aura and her eyes could not hide her beauty.

"Hua Jieyu and Hua Zhixin are probably the only two who can compare to Lin Yueyao," said someone in the crowd of onlookers.

"Yes, Hua Jieyu's talents are truly impressive. It must be a reflection of her looks. She must be a beauty," another person agreed with him. "It's a shame that we already have Lin Yueyao in the Cangye Kingdom. No one can steal her spotlight."

"You are very gifted," Lin Yueyao said to Hua Jieyu with a smile. "It would be better if your level of cultivation was a little higher."

Hua Jieyu looked at her calmly, Spiritual Qi whistling in the wind around her.

"Lin Yueyao. Hua Jieyu. Pass," shouted the Cangye College elder. Everyone was shocked. They had both passed. It was as if the elders wanted to prevent the two ladies from a duel.

Hua Jieyu was gifted but had a disadvantage in terms of cultivation level. Perhaps the elders wanted to give her a chance to prove herself, so they kept her from battling Lin Yueyao for now.

Lin Yueyao smiled and said, "I'm really curious what you look like." As soon as she was done speaking, she lifted into the air and departed. Hua Jieyu did the same.

Now, it was time for the final battle of Glory Plane cultivators. The Cangye College elder called out the names one by one. Musical sorcerers of the Qin Clan, beast tamer Yun Di of the Demon Clan, Ye Futian, and conjurer Hua Zhixin stepped on to the Fenghua Platform. They were all cultivators with specialties. Thus, they were placed in battle with each other.

As Ye Futian stepped onto the platform, he immediately noticed the looks of malice he received from the Musical Sorcerers of the Qin Clan. After his little clash with Bai Qiu at last night's dinner, it was only natural that the clan members would not take it easy on Ye Futian on the Fenghua Platform.

"Musical Sorcerer in the Seven-Starred Glory Plane?" snickered a Qin Clan member. He looked at Ye Futian and continued, "Musical Sorcerers are very knowledgeable, especially those of the Qin Clan. Even though we already know how this battle will end, as a Musical Sorcerer yourself, it would be an honor for you to get a taste of the Qin Clan's musical sorcery. You won't have wasted the trip here."

Ye Futian dumbfounded. He looked up at the clan member and smiled. "I look forward to getting a taste of the Qin Clan's musical sorcery and to make an exchange with prodigy Musical Sorcerers as well!"
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