The Legend of Futian
116 Advice Taken
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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116 Advice Taken

Chapter 116: Advice Taken
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Ye Futian wasn't lying. He truly was anticipating but as to what he was anticipating, only he knew.

"He's still smiling," many people murmured. Seeing his smile, they all thought he was confident.

This time, Hua Jieyu couldn't fight with him. Ye Futian needed to face the opponent alone. As a musical sorcerer facing another musical sorcerer from the Qin Clan, no one knew where Ye Futian's confidence came from.

Earlier, Bai Qiu had thought highly of Ye Futian's talent in the Guqin studies and invited him into the Qin Clan but it was only due to his talent. With the difference in planes, even if one's talent wasn't as high as Ye Futian, one could still defeat him easily. After all, the Qin Clan's musical sorcery was the most orthodox in the Cangye Kingdom.

There were not many people on the Fenghua Platform. The earlier fight between the martial artists and sorcerers had ended, leaving only the ones with exceptional cultivation. There were seven musical sorcerers from the Qin Clan, three members of the Demon Clan, the conjurer Hua Zhixin, and Ye Futian. The last battle had the biggest number of people. After all, sorcerers from the seven elements, as well as the Spirit Elemental, were all there.

The 12 strong figures stood in the four corners of the Fenghua Platform. They were respectively the Qin Clan, the Demon Clan, Hua Zhixin, and Ye Futian. When they stood in their positions, everyone realized that the Qin Clan was not the only ones who felt animosity towards Ye Futian—the Demon Clan also did. Yesterday, Yu Sheng had defeated Yun Di and today, he threw Wu Kuangren off the Fenghua Platform. They would have Ye Futian pay for this because they couldn't fight Yu Sheng.

Hua Zhixin felt this subtle feeling. She slowly walked over to Ye Futian and said softly, "Shall we team up?"

Ye Futian looked at the beautiful girl beside him. They had worked together yesterday but that time, Ye Futian was playing the guqin, Princess Ye Lingxi was dancing, and Hua Zhixin was painting. Today, they would have to fight.

"Sure." Ye Futian smiled and nodded. Seeming to feel something, he looked up at the Black Wing Eagle in the air. As expected, he saw a pair of smiling eyes. He felt wronged. This beauty had come to him. It wasn't his fault.

Thinking of what happened last night, Ye Futian instantly felt unsettled. How could she leave halfway through? Thinking of Fox's sexy moves yesterday, Ye Futian was very depressed. Hua Jieyu was so cruel and he must not fall for that trick again.

"Miss Zhixin, this is not needed. We don't want to fight against you," the Qin Clan youth from before said. His name was Su Mu and was a Nine-star Glory Plane musical sorcerer. He was very talented; other than Bai Qiu, no other Qin Clan youth had a higher talent than him.

"It's alright. We are here to fight so there's no need for politeness." Hua Zhixin's voice was so soft and she felt so weak that no one could bear fighting her.

"If that's the case, then I'm sorry." Su Mu didn't say anything more. Hua Zhixin was in the Eight-star Glory Plane. She looked weak but she was one of the popular contestants of the Fenghua Banquet. How could she be weak? If they fought one-on-one, Su Mu didn't have the confidence to easily win against Hua Zhixin, despite being in a higher plane.

Guqin Spirits appeared with a flash. The various musical sorcerers began playing at the same time. Two types of melodies streamed out instantly—Ye Futian playing one, the Qin Clan playing another song.

Hua Zhixin knelt on the ground and used her hand as a brush. She began drawing on the ground with great focus. There was a unique charm to her when she was focused on it.

At the same time, Yun Di of the Demon Clan took out a leaf and blew with it. Some of the others whistled or played the flute. The sounds were very strange and demons began rustling in the air again.

Hua Zhixin drew very quickly, much faster than Zhou Mu, whom Ye Futian had dealt with before. Her drawings were more realistic too, with heavier Spiritual Qi. Very soon, countless birds flew out of the ground. Some circled around her while others flew to Ye Futian, seeming to protect him.

This made Ye Futian want to laugh and cry. Since when did he need a girl's protection?

"I don't need it." Ye Futian smiled and glanced at Hua Zhixin. The cacophonous sounds came out of his Guqin Spirit. It was like a battlefield.

"Aren't we working together?" Hua Zhixin looked up and smiled too. Then she lowered her head and continued drawing. At the same time, a continuous stream of demons flew to the Fenghua Platform, charging toward Hua Zhixin and Ye Futian.

The birds circling Hua Zhixin went to attack the demons while she continued drawing as if these things had nothing to do with her.

A strange light shone in Ye Futian's eyes. His head was lowered so no one could see the terrifying storm brewing in his eyes. A strange spiritual energy poured into his music. When the wild demons attacked, the strange spiritual mark accompanied the music and rushed into the demons' minds.

Something odd happened. When the demons approached Ye Futian, they just stopped. The violent demons became tame and sprawled on the ground quietly as if listening to his music.

Many people froze. Ye Futian's music was so powerful and aggressive like a battlefield. How could it tame the demons? Of course, they had no way of knowing that Ye Futian had two spiritual elemental life spirits. Other than being a musical sorcerer, he was also a beastmaster, rather than a beast tamer.

Hua Zhixin's gaze went slack too but then she continued drawing. Knowing that Ye Futian was okay, she summoned the birds back to her side and focused on the Demon Clan.

Su Mu and the Qin Clan were playing quietly. What had just happened was a bit odd but this didn't disrupt their playing. Their music gradually intensified. The artistic conception was similar to Ye Futian's and could bring people into a battlefield. Following that, there seemed to be arrows whizzing across the battlefield. They shot toward Ye Futian with amazing power as if it could pierce one's mind.

This time, only Su Mu attacked. Though the others were playing, they didn't seem to want to attack Ye Futian together. Ye Futian played by himself. On the battlefield, soldiers with shields blocked the arrows.

The spectators around the Fenghua Platform listened to the music and had an extraordinary feeling. They seemed to be on a battlefield while two armies faced each other before them.

Ye Futian's melody was the Decree of the General. The melody played by Su Mu's group was Kill the Wolf. This song radiated with the intent to kill.

Su Mu's song was highly aggressive. Thousands of arrows shot out at once to tear through everything. On the other hand, Ye Futian's song was like a general holding his ground. It was stable as a mountain. No matter how the enemy attacked, he would not move.

Su Mu's song intensified. After the thousands of arrows, the soldiers began marching. Their spears pierced everything. Ye Futian's song was still on the defensive. If soldiers came, his would block them; he had a reaction for every action. The general was level-headed and the military was organized. No matter how Su Mu's song attacked, it could not break through Ye Futian's spiritual barrier.

The two were at a stalemate. Su Mu's melody became a bit chaotic. In the artistic conception, the thousands of soldiers fought wildly, attacking without order. Ye Futian was still unmoved.

When Su Mu's song became more and more chaotic, Ye Futian's song finally changed. It went from steady to resounding in an instant. The song of bloodshed shook the earth. Thousands of soldiers and horses charged like a flood. Everyone was immersed in the artistic conception instantly. Su Mu's presence was completely covered and he seemed to be defeated.

On the Fenghua Platform, a terrifying gust of musical storm swept through, pressing toward Su Mu. It was about to sweep his body away. But at that moment, the other Qin Clan disciples acted. Their music seemed to resonate with Su Mu's and erupted instantly. At that moment, the song Kill the Wolf exploded with shocking power. The restrained presence suddenly seemed to turn the tide.

Many people's expressions changed. They could clearly see that Su Mu was not fighting Ye Futian alone anymore. The Qin Clan was now working together.

Su Mu was a musical sorcerer at such a high plane but he was defeated by Ye Futian.

"Is there an advantage in numbers?" Ye Futian smirked slightly and he stood up slowly. The Guqin Spirit followed and floated before him. Ye Futian began walking forward. The music still grew stronger, wildly pressing forward.

Everyone watched in shock as Ye Futian began walking toward the Qin Clan. With each step, his imposing manner strengthened a bit more. The general had given the decree and now he would face the enemy.

The Qin Clan strummed the instrument strings wildly to resist the storm-like strength but Ye Futian had gathered his strength.

The Decree of the General grew more powerful as it progressed. He had gathered his strength for so long, always on the defense. When the general gave the decree, everything was already set and could not be turned back. On the contrary, Su Mu had been attacking for so long to no success and his power weakened. Ye Futian obviously wouldn't give him the chance for a breather.

Everyone watched as Ye Futian walked toward the Qin Clan. He was so wildly arrogant, seeing no one at his level.

One Eight-star Glory Plane disciple of the Qin Clan couldn't stand it anymore. He spat out blood and collapsed. With one down, the music grew more chaotic. After that, a second person, a third… They continued to collapse until only Su Mu was still holding on.

Finally, Ye Futian waved his arm like the general giving the last decree to wrap up the tragedy. A storm swept by, injuring Su Mu's spiritual mind. He spat out mouthfuls of blood and his power instantly weakened.

The music stopped instantly. Ye Futian's Guqin Spirit disappeared. He stood before the Qin Clan disciples with a smile. "The Qin Clan's musical sorcery and disciples are just as the rumors say," he said lightly. "Advice taken."
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    《The Legend of Futian》