The Legend of Futian
119 Anger
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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119 Anger

Chapter 119: Anger
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It was yet another battle full of surprises. Number one beauty of the Cangye Kingdom, Lin Yueyao, was thought to be a shoo-in for the Fenghua Rank. When she entered battle with Hua Jieyu who was at a lower level, everyone thought it was going to be a no-brainer.

But things never turn out as expected. Hua Jieyu revealed her outstanding gift. As a Spiritual Sorcerer, she incorporated the use of sorcery of various elements and defeated Lin Yueyao, blow by blow. She was so quick, Lin Yueyao did not even have time to demonstrate her powers.

Just like that, the person who was a shoo-in for the Fenghua Rank was now Hua Jieyu, not Lin Yueyao.

Ye Futian watched the beautiful figure on the Fenghua Platform. A smile reached his eyes. At age 12, the young girl entered Qingzhou Academy and revealed her shocking talents. Three years later, she became a female legend at the academy. After arriving in the City of Donghai, she entered Donghai Academy and became a legend there as well. Today, she was finally able to shine at her brightest. Although, it was not in the Nandou Nation but at the Cangye Kingdom's Fenghua Banquet.

Many important figures gave Hua Jieyu a look of admiration. Under the calm and collected use of sorcery, Hua Jieyu was able to defeat Lin Yueyao without giving her a chance to prove her worth. Appearance aside, this girl was way more cultivated in terms of combat than Lin Yueyao.

The sharp golden swords turned into Spiritual Qi and dissipated. Lin Yueyao blinked a couple of times. It seemed that she had only just broken out of her daze. She actually lost to Hua Jieyu, a lower-level cultivator.

"I have been defeated," Lin Yueyao smiled bitterly and flew away from the battle platform. Taking a deep breath, Lin Yueyao calmed herself. This defeat made her more clear-headed. She had always been the center of attention with countless people praising her into the skies. She had finally been defeated. However, the Fenghua Banquet had not yet ended. She still had a chance to redeem herself.

This round was a free for all. No rules. Even if you lost a battle, you still had a chance to prove yourself.

"Yueyao, you were just a little careless. Don't take this defeat to heart," Wang Yu yelled from the skies above. His voice was anything but quiet, everyone heard him. Many of thought that Wang Yu was only saying that because he was chasing Lin Yueyao. Although it was true that Lin Yueyao had underestimated her opponent but the reason for her defeat was far more complicated than simple underestimation.

Lin Yueyao did not reply. Wang Yu saw that he had been ignored and turned his attention below to Hua Jieyu who was getting ready to depart.

"Wait," a voice said coldly. Wang Yu began to descend on to the Fenghua Platform.

Hua Jieyu lifted her head to look at Wang Yu with her beautiful eyes.

Still in the air, Wang Yu's body became enveloped in flames. He looked extremely domineering. The high temperatures radiating off of him seemed to be able to turn his surroundings into ash. Step by step, he made his way down from the skies.

Everyone looked at Wang Yu strangely. At his level of cultivation as a first level Dharma Plane cultivator, he was not supposed to make a move on a mere Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivator like Hua Jieyu. However, it was obvious that he was not doing so to prove his worth. He was doing so purely because he wanted to get even for what happened to Lin Yueyao.

First level Dharma Plane cultivator, Wang Yu. Even if he was victorious in his battle with Hua Jieyu, it would not be representative of his talents.

He was fighting for the damsel.

Lin Yueyao's was dumbfounded. She took a glance at Wang Yu. She did not have any special relationship with him. Neither had she accepted his feelings. However, she also did not do anything to stop Wang Yu.

On the other side, Ye Futian was frowning. A cold expression washed over his face. His attention turned toward Hua Jieyu once again. Although there were no rules in this round, it was still possible to forfeit. At Hua Jieyu's level of cultivation, no one would think any less of her if she rejected this battle. But Hua Jieyu did not want to admit defeat before trying. She looked at the approaching figure. He was like a god of fire.

Wang Yu was still slowly making his way down. Before he even landed, Hua Jieyu already felt the burning heat on her body. Her Life Spirit appeared once again. A wave of Spiritual Qi erupted around Hua Jieyu. Even though he was in the Dharma Plane, she wanted to give it a try.

The Lock of a Thousand Vines shot towards Wang Yu. With one step forward, the flames spread through the air and turned all the attacking vines into ash.

WHOOSH! A majestic image appeared in the skies. A pair of Flame Wings appeared on Wang Yu's back. Every flap was accompanied by a gust of hot air. The temperature was extremely high. Hua Jieyu was located right under the flames and felt like she was about to be set ablaze.

"Realization of Dharma." Everyone was entranced by the large pair of Flame Wings. It was Wang Yu's realization of Dharma.

He continued to descended, getting closer and closer to Hua Jieyu. It was was as if he were doing this on purpose. In order to get even for Lin Yueyao, he was going to make things difficult from Hua Jieyu.

"Fox, forfeit!" Ye Futian took a step forward and screamed to Hua Jieyu standing in the Fenghua Platform below.

Hua Jieyu looked at Ye Futian. She knew that there was no way she could win this battle. It was pointless to continue.

Just as Hua Jieyu was about to open her mouth, Wang Yu flapped his enormous wings and he was carried straight towards Hua Jieyu, getting extremely close to her body.

"I admit defeat," Hua Jieyu said calmly.

WHOOSH! The frightening Flame Wings brushed right above her head. The hot air rushed across her face, burning the chiffon veil, dissipating into nothing.

Right away, her beautiful face filled everyone's vision.

Everyone focused in on her face. Seeing her beauty, their eyes were frozen on Hua Jieyu. No one knew how to describe this face. Her face that was once veiled was perfect, flawless.

Even Wang Yu was dumbfounded. This was obviously not what he had expected. Even though everyone already knew that Hua Jieyu was a beauty, no one expected it to be of this caliber. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

Many people turned to look at Lin Yueyao and they realized that even the Cangye Kingdom's number one beauty was lacking in comparison to Hua Jieyu. This meant that Hua Jieyu had defeated Lin Yueyao in terms of talents and looks.

Then, could Lin Yueyao still be considered the number one beauty?

Lin Yueyao was also looking at Hua Jieyu. For the first time, she realized that even she could be inferior to another female. Even she had to admit that there was nothing to be said about Hua Jieyu's beauty.

Lin Yueyao suddenly remembered what she overheard Ye Futian say to Hua Jieyu as they brushed shoulders outside Cangye College. At the time, she thought it was simply something Ye Futian said to make his girlfriend happy. It was not until now that she realized that he was serious about what he had said.

Princess Ye Lingxi and Hua Zhixin were feeling troubled. They could not believe that another girl more beautiful than themselves had appeared. On top of that, her talents were outstanding.

"Sorry about that," Wang Yu said. Withdrawing his proud attitude, he gave Hua Jieyu a quick nod.

Hua Jieyu stared at him with a cold demeanor. Her gaze was cold and icy.

"Fox, come back." A voice called out to her. Hua Jieyu turned to looked at Ye Futian.

Nodding her head lightly, her body lifted into the skies in a flash.

Back on the Black Wind Eagle's back, Hua Jieyu walked up to Ye Futian. Disappointment filled her beautiful eyes. Her head hung low as if she had done something wrong.

"It's fine." Ye Futian petted her head lightly. Hua Jieyu looked up at Ye Futian with puppy dog eyes.

Seeing how close the two were, dozens of jealous gazes were immediately directed at Ye Futian. Even Bai Qiu's cold eyes carried a bit of jealousy. Who was Ye Futian to deserve this?

Such a brilliant young woman listened to every word he said and acted like a little girl in front of him. That look that she gave Ye Futian could melt the hearts of everyone present.

In the Cangye Kingdom, many talented young men had pursued the number one beauty, Lin Yueyao, but none of them were successful. Now, someone who outshined Lin Yueyao had appeared, but she was already Ye Futian's girlfriend. On top of that, they were being all lovey-dovey in front of everyone. It was clear how everyone felt about this.

Naturally, Ye Futian did not care about how the others were feeling. All he knew was that he wasn't feeling to swell. He was in an extremely bad mood.

Hua Jieyu defeated Lin Yueyao and someone actually tried to make a move on Hua Jieyu to get even for Lin Yueyao. Even her veil was burned. Obviously, Ye Futian was in a horrible mood.

After consoling Hua Jieyu, Ye Futian stepped forward with his fists clenched. A loud sound was emitted. His attention turned to Wang Yu who had returned into the skies. Ye Futian's gaze was cold.

"You have a death wish," said Ye Futian. Without using wind sorcery, Ye Futian descended straight down from the sky on to the Fenghua Platform in a flash. The platform shook as he landed.

"Another one in anger for a damsel?" Everyone looked at Ye Futian. Trying to mimic Wang Yu? Did Ye Futian had the abilities to do so?

They watched as Ye Futian's gaze focused on someone in the sky. His eyes shot daggers at Wang Yu. With a cold demeanor, he ordered, "Get your ass down here. Now."

Everyone was shocked. This guy really was crazy. Ye Futian was only in the Seven-Starred Glory Plane. Wang Yu was a cultivator in the Dharma Plane. No matter how you looked at it, they were people of different levels.

Wang Yu frowned, his eyes cold as well. Then, he let out a smirk. Trying to mimic him? Was Ye Futian even worthy of doing so?

Wang Yu walked forward, ready to head down when a figure stepped out in front of him. It was the Musical Sorcerer prodigy of the Qin Clan, Bai Qiu.

"Our problems have yet to be settled," said Bai Qiu. He was afraid that once Ye Futian and Wang Yu battled, Ye Futian wouldn't have the guts to step on to the Fenghua Platform again. If so, how was he supposed to get revenge for what Ye Futian did to the members of the clan yesterday?

Ye Futian looked at Wang Yu, then at Bai Qiu. "Then, let's go. One at a time."
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    《The Legend of Futian》