The Legend of Futian
120 Beg Forgiveness from the Emperor
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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120 Beg Forgiveness from the Emperor

Chapter 120: Beg Forgiveness from the Emperor
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Around the Fenghua Platform, everyone's eyes were on Ye Futian, a bit shocked at his confidence.

Wang Yu, the pride of the kingdom, and in the Dharma Plane.

Bai Qiu, the most talented of the Qin Clan's younger generation and a musical sorcerer in the Dharma Plane.

Ye Futian, a musical sorcerer in the Seven-star Glory Plane.

Compared like this, there was no way for Ye Futian to sway the other two. No matter how talented he was, the difference in plane was too much. He had to cross into the Dharma Plane. Those in the Dharma Plane could realize the dharma, and were frighteningly powerful. Their abilities had a qualitative change from the Glory Plane.

Just then, Bai Qiu descended slowly onto the Fenghua Platform. There was still a cool smile on his handsome face. "Even though it's not impressive for me to defeat you, we have to settle the matter from before," Bai Qiu said to Ye Futian.

"Of course." Ye Futian smiled; he completely agreed.

"Then let us begin." Bai Qiu sat down with crossed legs, extremely charismatic. His Guqin Spirit appeared and hovered before him. It was considerably more realistic than Ye Futian's Guqin Spirit. It was like a real guqin. The life spirit developed as the cultivator grew stronger.

Ye Futian sat across from Bai Qiu and his Guqin Spirit also appeared. His aura had changed from before as well. His handsome face was calm and solemn; it was as if only the guqin was in his eyes at the moment.

Some girls looked at Ye Futian, and they had to admit that Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu matched in terms of looks. Even the handsome and charismatic Bai Qiu wasn't as attractive as him.

A string of notes sounded. Bai Qiu played first. It was just a note but everyone could feel a shocking boom on the Fenghua Platform. They all looked over.

Bai Qiu's movements were graceful. His fingers flitted over the instrument strings gently. As the music entered the audience's ears, they were brought into the artistic conception. It was as if the sky was about to change.

Wind rose on the Fenghua Platform.

Ye Futian was solemn. He also strummed the strings and there was another boom. His music was resonant like thunder. He closed his eyes and his memories went back to the Nandou clan. He was on the crane and his grandmaster played the guqin. The pair of callused hands flew wildly over the strings and the song shook one's heart.

Another musical spell sounded on the Fenghua Platform. It accompanied Bai Qiu's playing like screaming wind and booming thunder. The crowd discovered with a shock that lightning continuously flashed in the sky above the platform. The sunny day had changed under the music, turning into bad weather.

Even the talented ones spectating were dragged into the artistic conception of the storm. There was no more sunlight; dark clouds covered the sky.

"No wonder he is the best of the Qin Clan's younger generation." Everyone gazed at Bai Qiu, playing his guqin on the Fenghua Platform. He hadn't displayed his true ability in the earlier fights. Now, he didn't play casually when faced with Ye Futian, who was in a lower plane. Instead, he used his absolute power to obliterate the opponent, letting everyone see the true musical sorcery of the Qin Clan to redeem his honor.

The Qin Clan members all smirked when they saw this scene. There was no place for Ye Futian if Bai Qiu was there.

Above Ye Futian, dark clouds covered the sky and the wind howled. The lightning was terrifying.

Crack! A dazzling bolt of lightning streaked directly toward Ye Futian. Everyone's hearts trembled. Could Ye Futian, playing his guqin with his eyes closed, withstand this attack?

His fingers quickly strummed the strings. The music intensified continuously like a sharp sword in the thunderstorm, wanting to slice through all restraints.

Then there was a terrifying streak of purple light. The lightning above Ye Futian's head disappeared as if shattered by the invisible power in Ye Futian's melody. Many people now gazed at him, a bit impressed. For Ye Futian, a Seven-star Glory Plane sorcerer, it was good enough to be able to withstand Bai Qiu's violent musical spell like this.

However, this didn't seem enough to change the result.

The air currents went wild above Ye Futian's head. His Spiritual Qi erupted and lightning kept flashing as if a terrible storm was brewing. It felt as if Ye Futian was a small boat in the thunderstorm. He could run into danger at any time and be crushed to bits.

Ye Futian didn't seem to feel this. His eyes were still closed, unaffected by the opponent's music. His melody continued to rise and a storm rose around him, going against the current. When lightning struck, it would be swallowed by this windstorm.

However, Ye Futian knew that there was still a big difference between his Spiritual Energy and Bai Qiu's. In his Life Palace, the life spirit Eye of the Storm released terrifying Spiritual Energy. This power slowly seeped into Ye Futian's mind, transforming into his own Spiritual Energy. This allowed his music to carry a terrifying artistic conception.

The Eye of the Storm was the life spirit given by Emperor Ye Qing. The spiritual storm it contained was very frightening but he couldn't use much of the power.

At this moment, a destructive windstorm erupted from the void to shatter Ye Futian. His hands moved even faster. The Spiritual Energy kept blooming, rising with the intensifying melody. His own Spiritual Energy seemed to want to empty itself into the music.

Thus, a frightening sight appeared above Ye Futian. There was a burst of music that seemed ready to destroy the world but another gust of power swept through. The two powers clashed and the entire Fenghua Platform was enveloped by the destructive windstorm.

Many people shuddered inwardly. They stared at the seated Ye Futian in shock. How could he withstand this strength?

Another burst of resonant music sounded, It wanted to pierce through the storm, not bowing down to fate.

"This music…" Many people trembled when hearing Ye Futian's music. He was far from Bai Qiu's plane and was repressed but the power his music displayed and his past determination gave many an indescribable feeling.

Bai Qiu's brows knitted. He'd wanted to use his absolute advantage to crush Ye Futian but it wasn't working. His fingers flew across the strings and the storm grew even more terrifying. It seemed to want to flatten the world. Attacks swept through continuously, destroying everything and out to kill Ye Futian.

At this moment, Ye Futian was completely immersed in his music. This scene was reminiscent of what happened at the Nandou clan. He thought of his grandmaster's tragic but powerful performance.

In his Life Palace, the Spiritual Energy of the Eye of the Storm continuously transformed into Ye Futian's consciousness. It increased his Spiritual Energy and there seemed to be no limit for his song. It kept rising. The unparalleled power destroyed everything. The crowd realized with a shock that the increasingly wild thunderstorm in the sky wasn't defeating Ye Futian. Instead, it showed signs of breaking down.

Above Ye Futian, a corner of the chaotic music windstorm scattered. As if sunlight shone down, there was light.

"Is this why he was confident?" The spectators were shocked. Earlier, they had thought that there was no way for Ye Futian to be named by the emperor. Now, they weren't so sure. The emperor might take note of him just for this melody and add him to the Fenghua Rank.

However, this was unbearable for Bai Qiu.

Countless guqins hovered around him. They seemed to be playing in unison, and the light of the musical spells endlessly fell upon his Guqin Spirit. In an instant, an even more terrifying musical windstorm pressed toward Ye Futian. At the same time, he rose to the air and floated toward Ye Futian. In a moment, he was above Ye Futian. He sat in the air as if he was high and mighty.

Bai Qiu's hands flew furiously over the strings. The windstorm covered the sun and endless lightning bolted toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian's fingers moved just as fast, almost at his limit. A bright sound pierced through everything and went toward Bai Qiu, hovering above him. The two faced each other directly and clashed violently.

The audience only felt that both of them were swallowed by the windstorm. The unstoppable power swept toward Ye Futian's body. With a boom, Ye Futian's music stopped. His body continued to be forced backward. However, at the same time, another beam of music charged into Bai Qiu's mind. He shook and his music stopped abruptly too.

The windstorm above the Fenghua Platform disappeared. Sunlight shone down and everything went back to normal but the results were clear. Ye Futian had still lost though no one could blame him. This battle was impressive enough.

Many gazes fell upon Ye Futian's handsome face. His eyes opened slowly. The black eyes were clear and bright, not frustrated at all by his defeat. His bright smile was like sunlight, nothing like the repressiveness and chaos from earlier.

This Ye Futian was a completely different person from before.

He had wanted to try with his grandmaster's piece, but the difference in plane was still too much. They were both musical sorcerers and it was difficult to cross such a wide gap. However, he wasn't disappointed. In his last battle with Zhou Mu, his musical spell wasn't enough to defeat him. Now, he could use his music to cross three planes into the Dharma Plane and still force Bai Qiu to this extent. He had improved a lot.

"You should be proud that I treat you so," Bai Qiu said nonchalantly, though his heart was pounding.

Ye Futian smiled subtly at Bai Qiu. Then he stood up and smirked. He turned around and gazed in the emperor's direction. Bowing, he said, "Your Majesty, when I registered at the Cangye College, I wrote that my occupation is a musical sorcerer. In actuality, I only cultivate musical sorcery to better myself. It is not my expertise. Please forgive me."
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    《The Legend of Futian》