The Legend of Futian
121 Something to Remember For the Rest of His Life
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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121 Something to Remember For the Rest of His Life

Chapter 121: Something to Remember For the Rest of His Life
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After Ye Futian had spoken, many people were dumbfounded. Their gazes were frozen on the handsome young man.

He only cultivated musical sorcery to better himself?

In the battle just now, Ye Futian's musical sorcery was able to push the Qin Clan's brightest pupil, Dharma Plane prodigy—Bai Qiu—to such limits. Now, he was telling the emperor that he only cultivated musical sorcery to better himself and that it was not his expertise. This...

Bai Qiu's expression darkened. Up to this point in the battle, there was nothing he could say he was proud of. He wanted to get sweet revenge on Ye Futian for what he had done, but by the looks of it, his efforts were nowhere near good enough. What was the meaning of what Ye Futian had just said?

From far up in the skies, Hua Fengliu dry coughed.

On the Black Wind Eagle, Hua Jieyu sat there just blinking her eyes, while Yu Sheng sat wide-eyed. He looked at Bai Qiu with pity.

But forget about everyone else, even the emperor was not prepared for Ye Futian's utterance. He faltered momentarily and then looked at the handsome young man on the Fenghua Platform. With a smile, he said, "That's fine. Then you may battle with a skill of your expertise."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Ye Futian bowed to the emperor. After that, he turned to look at Bai Qiu with a smile.

"I would also like to see what your expertise is," said Bai Qiu said with a darkened expression. He placed his hands on the guqin and the music started once again. If he couldn't defeat Ye Futian, then all pride would be lost.

The moment Bai Qiu's fingertips met the guqin, thunder and lightning filled the sky. The winds and the clouds shifted. He was playing the same piece as before.

Ye Futian stepped forward, a majestic bright light accompanied the release of his Golden Roc Spirit. In a split second, everyone's eyes were drawn back on to Ye Futian as they watched in shock while the Life Spirit appeared behind him.

Twin spirits. A shiver went down everyone's spine.

Ye Futian previously battled as a Musical Sorcerer and revealed his Guqin Spirit. Now, his Golden Roc Spirit has also been unveiled. Twin spirits.

The audience finally understood, not only had they underestimated Hua Jieyu. They had also underestimated Ye Futian. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Hua Jieyu. The Seven-Starred Glory Plane trio were mysterious newcomers. It seemed like they were destined to stir up trouble at the Fenghua Banquet.

Yu Sheng and Hua Jieyu had already revealed their true talents. Now, it was Ye Futian's turn. His musical sorcery was able to force Bai Qiu to attack at full power but he told the emperor that he only cultivated musical sorcery to better himself. He wasn't solely a Musical Sorcerer.

After that, he released a second Life Spirit.

Bai Qiu, who had already begun to play, was also shocked. His cold eyes swept over to Ye Futian. Bai Qiu was supposed to have the advantage, fighting Ye Futian as a Dharma Plane cultivator, but Ye Futian had stolen his spotlight from the very start.

Thinking about this, Bai Qiu released his realization of Dharma. Guqins appeared in the air and when he played, all the guqins harmonized. A wave of frightening energy washed over the platform. The airflow became wild. The sound of the guqins metamorphosed into sorcery. Lightning struck down on where Ye Futian was but he ducked quickly and it struck on to empty space.

"He's so fast." Everyone looked towards the figure in the sky. Ye Futian's wings fluttered behind him. Wind Sorcery wrapped around his body making he even faster. He reached out his hand and the Metal Spiritual Qi immediately formed into a golden rod which Ye Futian wrapped his hand around.

Ye Futian took one step forward, and a force of invisible energy erupted from him. More flashes of lightning struck at him but this time, Ye Futian did not duck to avoid it. Instead, he waved the rod forward and the bolts of lightning disappeared with a loud bang. Ye Futian stood stable like a mountain, his aura growing stronger by the moment.

The music continued frantically. The storm was taking form. At the same time, the sound of the guqin continuously crept into Ye Futian's ear, wanting to drag him into the mood of the music. The sky was dark but lightning lit it up intermittently. Bai Qiu's music contained the double attack abilities of spirit and sorcery.

With a peculiar look in his eyes, Ye Futian took advantage of the large force of spiritual energy from the Eye of the Storm to reject the influence of the music. In a flash, he turned into a bolt of golden lightning and struck toward his opponent. As a Musical Sorcerer, it was only natural for Ye Futian to understand the weakness of Musical Sorcerers.

Musical Sorcerers were able to completely overpower powerful cultivators who cultivated only martial arts and not the element of spirit. More powerful Musical Sorcerers were also able to utilize their music to release attacks with sorcery. However, their weakness was very obvious: close-range combat. What would happen if someone got too close to a Musical Sorcerer during battle?

But of course, it was not an easy task to get close to a Musical Sorcerer.

Seeing that Ye Futian was closing in, Bai Qiu continued to play. The music formed a storm and headed for Ye Futian, wanting to destroyed everything in its target location. However, Ye Futian moved in a curved line, perfectly dodging the attack. He did not try to meet the storm head on.

Bai Qiu's fingers moved unbelievably fast. They moved across the guqin wildly. The attack of sorcery formed by the music suddenly changed directions. Attacks of the spirit element were able to cover all directions, but those of sorcery were not.

Everyone watched as the attack continuously changed directions. Ye Futian, who was zipping through the air with the help of his large golden roc wings, kept waving the long, golden rod around. There was an odd rhythm to his movements. Around him, a large force of power seemed to be gathering slowly.

"He is collecting power." The spectators watched Ye Futian's every action. While dodging Bai Qiu's attacks, he was simultaneously collecting power. His shining figure in the skies gave off a mystical feel. The force around him was getting stronger by the minute.

Naturally, Bai Qiu had also taken notice. But what of it? Under the continuous spiritual attacks from his music, how much longer was Ye Futian going to last?

Just then, Ye Futian's soaring body halted. The storm charging at him was destroyed stricken by the rod.

Ye Futian floated over Bai Qiu arrogantly. The frightening force of power revolve above Ye Futian, causing him to look majestic and imposing despite his not quite large physique. Clouds filled the skies while thunder and lightning harmonized. Crazy winds turned into sharp blades that cut through the air and flew towards Ye Futian.

The rod in his hand danced. The incredible force of power destroyed the incoming storms without rest. His wings fluttered and with a step forward, the rod swung down hard, splitting the storm in two.

"The power in his attacks…" This scene sent shivers down everyone's back. The storm had been destroyed by single swing of the rod. It was as if all the power in the world belonged to Ye Futian.

His golden body shined bright. Instead of moving forward, Ye Futian traveled downward towards Bai Qiu, following the way created by the rod. This time, there was no more dodging, no more changing directions. Ye Futian was going to face Bai Qiu's attacks head on. He had gathered enough power for Genesis of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. Anyone who got in his way would die.

Wild winds roared in the skies as the Thunder Dragon Spirit growled. Its power was shocking and powerful that it would be enough to collapse the sky.

The long rod danced and the force got stronger. Everything on Earth was at the mercy of Ye Futian. Using the force of power, the second attack of the Nine Heavenly Attacks was administered. The skies were undisturbed as Ye Futian wiped out the storm. Once again, he descended, getting closer to Bai Qiu.

The look in Ye Futian's eyes was extremely odd. The spiritual energy in his mind kept getting disturbed. However, with the help of the strong spiritual energy and will, he was able to control the force. When he attacked with the Nine Heavenly Attacks, there was an explosion of spiritual energy. His spiritual will had also leveled up.

Bai Qiu's expression changed. His music revealed a hint of distress. How was it that such powerful musical sorcery still could not stop Ye Futian's advance? Bai Qiu watched the figure approaching himself slowly. His expression did not look too good.

The force of power gathered around Ye Futian grew stronger. In fact, it was so strong that it could crush everything in its way.

Bai Qiu's fingers danced across the guqin and a wave of Spiritual Qi exploded. But at the same time, Ye Futian moved. With the help of the incredible force, the rod swung down once again, wiping out everything. The air was about to explode. The long rod struck down towards Bai Qiu's attack spell without any obstacles.

Wind sorcery enveloped Bai Qiu and carried him away in retreat. His music lost its flow. As Bai Qiu retreated, the golden rod escaped from Ye Futian's hands and bolted towards him in a flash.

Seeing this, Bai Qiu withdrew his Guqin Spirit immediately and sped up his retreat with wind sorcery. At the same time, he had to create a defense spell. The golden flash zipped through the air, and though its power was slightly diminished by Bai Qiu's defense, the rod still landed an attack on him. With a scream, Bai Qiu spat a mouthful of fresh blood. He lost color in his face in an instant. His body was thrown back and landed at the edge of the Fenghua Platform.

The crazy storms dissipated slowly. On the battle platform, Ye Futian stood arrogantly. His gifts were like no other. Right now, everything was silent but deep down, everyone was shaking in disbelief. Ye Futian, a Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivator, had defeated Dharma Plane prodigy, Bai Qiu. His ferocious silhouette and domineering aura had been imprinted in everyone's mind.

The members of the Qin Clan looked pale. Bai Qiu was the representative of the Qin Clan's young generation, but he was just defeated by Ye Futian who was in a plane three levels lower than himself. Oh, the humiliation.

Prodigy? Number one of the younger generation Qin Clan members? Candidate for the Fenghua Rank?

Cen Xia from Cangye College watched everything unfold from up in the skies. Her heart was anything but at ease. She thought back to when she had guided Ye Futian to the pretest site. At the time, she had pointed to Bai Qiu and told Ye Futian that he was a Dharma Plane prodigy from the Qin Clan and one of the top contenders for the Fenghua Rank. When Bai Qiu had asked for Ye Futian to be his musical attendant, her opinion was that Ye Futian was extremely lucky to be thought of so highly by him. She had even purposely revealed her own level of cultivation with hidden pride. It was hilarious to think back at everything in the past now. Cen Xia had already been eliminated while the three of them shined the brightest.

No one felt at peace.

Just then, everyone saw Ye Futian watch Bai Qiu as he climbed up from the side of the Fenghua Platform. Ye Futian smiled and asked, "Do you still want me to be your musical attendant?"

Hearing his question, many people looked over at Bai Qiu. Had he actually asked for Ye Futian to be his musical attendant? This was just too...

Bai Qiu stared at Ye Futian coldly, only to see Ye Futian's carefree smile. To Bai Qiu, he said, "There's no need to look at me like that. Even if you continue to cultivate in the Qin Clan for another one or two years, you won't be able to surpass me."

Spectators were reminded of what Bai Qiu had said after Ye Futian's battle yesterday and the arrogance in his eyes when he said it. Looking at him now, all they felt for him was pity. The happenings of this year's Fenghua Banquet was probably going to be something Bai Qiu would remember for the rest of his life.
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    《The Legend of Futian》