The Legend of Futian
122 One at a Time
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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122 One at a Time

Chapter 122: One at a Time
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It was indeed unforgettable. Bai Qiu was the most popular contender for the Fenghua Rank. He was proud and confident. Seeing that Ye Futian was talented, he wanted the youth to become his musical attendant. In his opinion, Ye Futian should have taken this chance. Later, they continuously clashed and he wanted to solve it all at the Fenghua Platform. He stopped Wang Yu from going against Ye Futian because he wanted to personally humiliate him. In the end, Bai Qiu was defeated.

The Dharma Plane genius of the Qin Clan, the most popular contender for the Fenghua Rank, had lost to someone in the Seven-star Glory Plane. "Tragic" wasn't even enough to describe it.

Can Bai Qiu still enter the Fenghua Rank? many of the spectators thought. Then they looked towards Ye Futian. They'd all underestimated him but he had his eyes on the Fenghua Rank. They even felt that it was very possible for Ye Futian to ender the top three of the Fenghua Rank. This battle had been too shocking.

"This guy is crazy," Princess Ye Lingxi said beside the throne. She smiled at Ye Futian. She couldn't believe that the youth who had played the guqin with her that night was actually so powerful.

"This is confidence." Emperor Ye chuckled, a pleased look flashing past his eyes. Everyone knew that Ye Futian had been right. If nothing extraordinary happened, Bai Qiu would never be able to surpass Ye Futian, let alone in one or two years. He'd never be able to erase this humiliation.

Dragging his injured body, Bai Qiu took a step toward the sky. His entire presence felt decadent. The pride of the kingdom, so arrogant and confident before, had lost all spirit after this fight.

Ye Futian looked up at the sky to Wang Yu. His eyes glinted and he said coldly, "Get down here."

Wang Yu from the Dharma Plane dared to take revenge on Hua Jieyu because she defeated Lin Yueyao? He was flirting with death!

"He wants to challenge Wang Yu after defeating Bai Qiu?" The spectators shuddered. He really was taking them on one by one. He was at the Seven-star Glory Plane but he looked down on all these geniuses from the Dharma Plane.

Wang Yu's brows furrowed. He had seen Ye Futian and Bai Qiu's fight and he was surprised by how strong Ye Futian was. If Bai Qiu hadn't stopped him, he would have been the one down there. He would have underestimated Ye Futian. Now, he had witnessed Ye Futian's aggression and he became more serious.

Blazing wings spread open, filled with the wild aura of fire. Wang Yu sped down and hovered in the air before Ye Futian.

Ye Futian opened his arms. The metal elemental Spiritual Qi gathered once again, transforming into a golden staff. He stepped forward, instantly creating an explosive burst of power.

Boom! Fire ignited in Wang Yu's body. He was bathed in the firelight and the Dharma wings flapped. Wild wind blew as he pounced at Ye Futian, not giving him time to gather his power. He'd witnessed the earlier fight so he knew that Ye Futian's battle technique grew stronger as time went on. He must defeat Ye Futian before he gathered his power.

The golden wings of the Roc glowed behind Ye Futian. With the help of the wind spell, he rose up and spun in the air. Wind kept beating down as invisible power gathered and strengthened around him.

Below him, countless Flame Dragons snapped at Ye Futian, wanting to seal off the air. They curled toward Ye Futian's flying body, the blazing heat burning him. Ye Futian's spinning body sped up. His power was shocking and everyone watched as the two kept rising upward.

Just as the Flame Dragons were about to catch up to Ye Futian, a beautiful arc streaked past. Rather than rising, he smashed downward with his staff—Genesis. With one hit, the Flame Dragons were all destroyed. The staff also continued rumbling toward Wang Yu.

The man didn't dodge. He released his life spirit—a terrifying Flamebird. His body seemed to burn. Countless Flamebird apparitions charged at Ye Futian with horribly hot flames.

The golden staff swept through everything and crashed into Wang Yu's body. Wang Yu transformed into a frightening Flamebird. His hands were like sharp claws, breaking the staff directly. There was a burst of horrifying power. The fire swept up and burned towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian used the powerful reverberations to bounce back and soar in the air. Everyone watched as a shocking strength coursed through him and he dove down again. However, Wang Yu was the pride of the Dharma Plane, and he was skilled in close-contact fighting. He didn't fear this at all. His giant wings flashed and countless Flamebird circled around him. The rich flames swept through the air. His wings flapped and all the Flamebird seemed to charge at Ye Futian.

They collided again. Everyone watched the two figures in the air with terror. Flames filled the void and Ye Futian's body seemed to burn. Wang Yu was skilled at close-contact combat and didn't fear Ye Futian's power. The spectators shuddered. Ye Futian might not win this fight.

At this moment, Ye Futian grew stronger. He cast down the third strike of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. The moment the two collided, a terrifying gust of air currents spread in all directions. The two came to a deadlock and then separated.

Ye Futian was still higher up. He stabilized himself and the strong power around him was still terrifying.

This power is too much, the spectators thought. They stared at the two figures in the air, their hearts trembling. Ye Futian was too powerful to be able to fight in close contact with a Dharma Plane Mandate Sorcerer skilled in combat.

Wang Yu stared at Ye Futian. "What other tricks do you have?" he asked coldly.

Ye Futian looked down on him. Inside, his blood began rumbling as the Imperial Tactics was activated. Rays of dazzling light streamed out of every part of his body. Then the majestic power grew stronger. It even showed signs of an emperor's power.

The frightening intent burst out. Then his staff began spinning again. He went through each of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. Each one required extreme cooperation of his spiritual intent to display the true power of Nine Heavenly Attacks. Ye Futian used to only be able to perform the first three. But after the fight in Donghai City, the mysterious emperor's intent passed a special technique to him, changing his body. With the cooperation of the Imperial Tactics, the Nine Heavenly Attacks could shine even brighter.

Everyone witnessed as his grandeur intensified. The power of the three earlier hits was amplified on his body. A gust of animosity burst forth and Wang Yu's expression changed.

Boom! Brilliant fiery wings flapped. Wang Yu moved up, charging at Ye Futian. He had felt danger. However, the moment he charged, Ye Futian looked over. His wings flapped and there was a burst of sound. Ye Futian rushed toward Wang Yu in a shockingly imposing manner. The fourth strike of Nine Heavenly Attacks swept through, creating a flurry of afterimages in the air and flattening everything.

The Flamebird charging at Ye Futian was all shattered. Wang Yu's expression turned more uncomfortable but his eyes shone with terrifying sharpness. He continued charging at Ye Futian. The various afterimages of the staff transformed into one. It became a staff that struck down.

Wang Yu felt the unstoppable strength come down on him and his face paled. Then the spectators heard a pained cry. The golden staff had broken through everything and crashed against Wang Yu, smashing him to the ground.

However, it was not over. Ye Futian's wings flapped and he followed. The golden staff continued striking, each one beating Wang Yu's body. He cried out continuously as he was forced down from the sky.

After suffering countless hits, Wang Yu crashed onto the Fenghua Platform with a loud boom. Blood spurted from his mouth and his face had lost all color. There wasn't an ounce of strength in his body.

Everyone was dazed. They looked from Wang Yu's fallen body to Ye Futian, still standing in the air above him.

This… They could sense that Wang Yu would be unable to participate in the later fights. Ye Futian couldn't truly disable him but, at the very least, he was unqualified for the Fenghua Rank now.

"Does it feel good to take revenge for others?" Ye Futian asked coldly. Wang Yu had bullied Fox because of Lin Yueyao. Since this was the case, Ye Futian would follow his lead.

Everyone was speechless. Wang Yu had used his Dharma Plane to bully Hua Jieyu for Lin Yueyao. They couldn't say anything against Ye Futian, who challenged him for his girlfriend Hua Jieyu. Plus, Ye Futian had used his Seven-star Glory Plane abilities to challenge a Dharma Plane and make him lose completely.

In the air, Lin Yueyao looked down at Ye Futian, feeling unsettled. Ye Futian had already defeated the two strong cultivators of the Dharma Plane. He was practically unmatched and unbeatable, even overshadowing Yu Sheng's earlier performance.

Everyone could practically see his name in the top three of the Fenghua Rank. They looked toward the emperor and saw that he was smiling. The emperor's eyes were calm and no one knew what he was thinking, but he must appreciate this kind of talent.

"Take him away." The strong cultivators of the Wang family looked uncomfortable. One waved his hand and people walked onto the Fenghua Platform to help Wang Yu down. They'd thought that he would shine brightly today but unexpectedly, he'd disgraced them. There was nothing wrong with pursuing girls or being furious about love. However, it was embarrassing to lose to the boyfriend of the one he bullied.

Many looked to Ye Futian. He didn't seem ready to back down. At this time, he raised his head slowly and looked toward the Cangye College students. His gaze fell upon Yu Jiang.

Smiling brightly, Ye Futian said, "Your turn."

As soon as he spoke, Yu Jiang's gaze hardened but it was not only him. All the strong cultivators in the air focused their gazes there. Was he going to challenge all the strong ones in the Dharma Plane?
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    《The Legend of Futian》