The Legend of Futian
123 Cultivating During Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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123 Cultivating During Battle

Chapter 123: Cultivating During Battle
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Of course, Ye Futian had no intentions of fighting every single Dharma Plane participant but if he wanted to get into the top three, he had to demonstrate the best of his talents for the emperor. In all honesty, revealing his twin spirits and defeating two Dharma Plane cultivators was already enough but Ye Futian did not want to risk anything. Because of this, it was better to defeat one more person in the Dharma Plane as a safety measure. If he must defeat one more person, then Yu Jiang was naturally the best target. Yu Jiang did not look too good. He watched as Ye Futian stood in the air, looking at him with a smile.

At last night's dinner, Yu Jiang had stepped in with a couple words of his own when Ye Futian ignored Bai Qiu's suggestion of a collaborative performance from Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. This must have been Ye Futian's revenge. At the time, Yu Jiang thought that a mere Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivator had no right to be pretentious and arrogant in front of Bai Qiu. But after the two battles just now, Ye Futian's power and strength made Yu Jiang realize how right it was for him to be arrogant. If Bai Qiu did not want to perform, what gave him the right to request that Ye Futian played and for Hua Jieyu to dance along?

Stepping forward, Yu Jiang's eyes did not display much confidence. Neither Bai Qiu nor Wang Yu was any weaker than Yu Jiang but they had both been defeated. The difference between the three was that Bai Qiu majored in musical sorcery, Wang Yu in martial arts, and Yu Jiang in sorcery.

Walking up to Ye Futian, Yu Jiang did not say anything. His Life Spirit released the realization of Dharma. Both of them were released at the same time, forming a tree. The tree grew taller and taller, seeming to have been formed by Spiritual Qi. The branches and leaves extended outward nonstop and Yu Jiang stood at the center of the tree.

Yu Jiang was a Wood Elemental Sorcerer. He only cultivated in one element but because he was a Mandate Sorcerer, he was able to cultivate this one element to its greatest potential. His powers were just as frightening as the rest. The giant tree's branches rustled toward Ye Futian. Gathering the Spiritual Qi around him, he was able to release the Lock of a Thousand Vines. In a split second, the vines blocked the sky and tried to encapsulate Ye Futian.

Because of his Life Spirit and the realization of Dharma, the wood elemental sorcery that Yu Jiang used was much more powerful than that of other Wood Sorcerers. In a flash, Ye Futian moved backwards. At the same time, a fire dragon appeared. Growling, it raced towards the vines ahead. Fire Sorcery was able to affect Wood Sorcery to a certain extent. But this was also true vice versa. Yu Jiang's sorcery was far more powerful than Ye Futian's. The vines brushed over the fire dragon and continued to travel towards Ye Futian.

"He can also use Fire Sorcery. He cultivates in sorcery." Everyone watching Ye Futian was speechless. Once again, they thought back to what he said, 'I only cultivated musical sorcery to better myself.'

BOOM! A wild flame erupted from Ye Futian. Unless amounts of Fire Spiritual Qi rushed into his body. Very quickly, Ye Futian was bathing in the burning flames. His body was like an incinerator, ready to turn everything into ash. Even the long golden rod in his hand was enveloped in flames. The colors of the gold and the flames together were captivating.

Of course, Ye Futian knew that he couldn't go up against a powerful cultivator in the Dharma Plane with just sorcery. Although his sorcery was pretty powerful, it was visibly much weaker than his abilities in martial arts. He cultivated the enhancement methods passed down from Emperor Ye Qing, and then later acquired the Imperial Tactics. Every fiber of his body incredibly powerful. With just pure strength, he would have been able to defeat everyone below the Dharma Plane. However, those in the Dharma Plane were able to release the realization of Dharma. It was necessary to use tactics never seen before, like the Nine Heavenly Attacks, to bridge the gap in planes. It was the only way to defeat an opponent in a much higher plane. Even though it was true that Ye Futian was a Full Attribute Mandate Sorcerer and was highly gifted, because he cultivated in battle tactics, he was still stronger in martial arts under comparison with sorcery.

When the vines came closer, his body soared through the air. His rod danced and a great force of power collected. The vines kept chasing after Ye Futian like there was no limit to where they could go.

Ye Futian ignored the vines and continued to fly in the sky. He then swung his rod downward and a fearsome burst of flames rushed to engulf the vines. An apparition of the rod appeared and attacked Yu Jiang.

Yu Jiang face was emotionless. Countless vines appeared in front of him and blocked off the attack. However, that could not be considered a real attack. Ye Futian's rod swung down once again. His movements in the sky were not those of a battle. It looked more like he was practicing using the rod.

This guy... Many people watched Ye Futian as he waved the golden rod enveloped in flames around in the sky. They began to realize that he was indeed practicing. To practice while in combat with Yu Jiang. What did Ye Futian take him for?

Yu Jiang had realized as well. His expression was not too good. He moved up along the tree and straight for Ye Futian. The tree rustled loudly as Wood Spiritual Qi exploded in the air.

Behind Yu Jiang, the giant tree shined brightly and began to grow outward continuously. It blocked the sky like a mystical tree. The giant tree vine curling toward Ye Futian looked like a coiling black dragon. The Binding of the Black Dragon was a wood elemental spell and needed to be initiated with a strong force of Wood Spiritual Qi.

Ye Futian continued to mess with the rod. It was as if he could not see what was going on. When the vine got closer, he struck down for the third time and the wood elemental black dragon was destroyed. Yu Jiang's expression fell. Watching Ye Futian wave the rod around, collecting more power, he knew that things were taking a turn for the worst. Ye Futian destroyed Wang Yu with four strikes during the previous battle. Now, he was collecting power in preparation for his fourth strike at Yu Jiang.

Just as everyone thought, Ye Futian was indeed cultivating. Previously, he made it to the fourth attack of the Nine Heavenly Attacks because of the Imperial Tactics. Now, he wanted to accomplish the same thing with his own powers. His will was strong. Right now, Ye Futian had no other thoughts. Everything around him had nothing to do with him. A large force of power gathered around him. It felt heavy. The Nine Heavenly Attacks were aggressive but hard to control. Strong willpower was needed to initiate it. Ye Futian's movements seemed to have slowed.

Just then, the Binding of the Black Dragon descended upon him once again. The vines came with frighteningly sharp thorns. They moved toward Ye Futain.

BOOM! Ye Futian emitted a shocking force of power. Next, the rod swung down and the black dragon exploded into pieces. Flames lit up the sky. Ye Futian followed the motion of the rod and descended like a Burning Man. Everything he passed turned into ash. This continued until the rod finally met with Yu Jiang's body. The hit smashed Yu Jiang down on to the Fenghua Platform.

Everywhere around the platform was extremely quiet. Their eyes went to the handsome figure in the sky. Ye Futian had defeated three Dharma Plane cultivators in a row. He was good at musical sorcery, martial arts, sorcery, and was gifted in multiple elements, such as the element of spirit, metal, wind, and fire. Just as Ye Futian had predicted, with his gifts, he was most definitely going to be in the top three on the Fenghua Rank. He was only in the Seven-Starred Glory Plane but was already one of the best among the group of fifteen just in terms of combat skills. Besides the couple people in the second level Dharma Plane, who would be able to touch him?

Ye Futian did not spare a second glance at Yu Jiang who had fallen to the ground. His wild aura disappeared and, in a flash, he was back on the Black Wind Eagle.

Many people continued to stare at Ye Futian. He was handsome and had a bright personality. He always had a light smile on his face, giving others a very comfortable feeling. But this handsome young man who didn't look like could hurt a fly, had just brutally defeated three extremely talented Dharma Plane cultivators.

Then, their attention shifted to Hua Jieyu, who was beside him. Presently, there was no one else who thought it was unfitting for the two to be together. They were the perfect couple, a match made in heaven. They were both unbelievably gifted and incredibly good looking. When they stood together, Cangye Kingdom's number one beauty, Lin Yueyao, as well as the pride of all clans could not hold a candle to them. Furthermore, there was still Yu Sheng, standing behind the couple. He was also so talented, it was unnatural. People thought, what kind of group is this?

After the shock had passed, the battles continued. Participants in the Dharma Plane made exchanges on the platform. Young Lord Ye Wuchen and Cangye College's Zuo Qianfan could be described as invincible. There was no one who could lay a hand on them. Without incident, these two would be the two most powerful people at the Fenghua Banquet. Besides them, there was a prodigy-level person who was not from the Cangye Kingdom. He was also very powerful.

After they were defeated by Ye Futian, Bai Qiu and Yu Jiang continued to battle. However, they had lost their air of arrogance. They had been taught a lesson by a Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivator and no longer had the right to be arrogant. But to be honest, they were not weak at all. They were victorious battle after battle against those in the same plane. This helped everyone understand. The two of them weren't weak. Ye Futian was simply way too powerful. Even if it had been someone else in the first level Dharma Plane who fought against Ye Futian, the results would be the same.

If that's how it was, Bai Qiu and Yu Jiang still had a chance to enter the Fenghua Rank. Wang Yu was the most pitiful. He was beat until he lost his power to battle. He didn't even get a chance to demonstrate his talents. There was no reason for the emperor to pick him.

In the Glory Plane, Lin Yueyao and Hua Zhixin battled. Both beauties were talented but with the advantage of being in a higher plane, Lin Yueyao won. Despite that, Hua Zhixin perfectly displayed her combat skills in this battle. In terms of gifts and talents, Hua Zhixin wouldn't have lost to Lin Yueyao. After the two of them fought, there was no one else to compete. In the Glory Plane, there was also Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Hua Jieyu but who would they fight? They might as well challenge those in the Dharma Plane.

This saddened the two young women. Today on the Fenghua Platform, the one who shined the brightest would have, without a doubt, been Hua Jieyu. She stole Lin Yueyao's spotlight.

Yu Sheng fought another battle with someone in the Dharma Plane. However, he did not win. The reason for that was simple. The opponent could fly and Yu Sheng couldn't, so he could endure take the attacks. This pissed off Yu Sheng big time. In the end, even though Yu Sheng hadn't been beat into the ground, he still stepped off the Fenghua Platform feeling very melancholic.

Although he did not win, no one dared to underestimate Yu Sheng's gifts. This guy was also able to fight Dharma Plane cultivators. If only he could fly, then he would have had a chance of defeating those in the Dharma Plane.

As the battles came and went, the Fenghua Banquet was getting closer to the end. No one would have ever expected for three Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivators to come out of nowhere and display such talents at the Fenghua Banquet!
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    《The Legend of Futian》