The Legend of Futian
125 A Pretty Nice Guy
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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125 A Pretty Nice Guy

Chapter 125: A Pretty Nice Guy
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although Yu Sheng had a bad temper, he was definitely not dumb. On the contrary, he was very smart in certain aspects. Zuo Qianfan's words made him some generous but in reality, they carried a hidden meaning. He said it on purpose. Any place in the top three was honorable and could make a request to the emperor but first place and the two places afterward were still different. Many times, people only ever remembered those in first place. Plus, if Ye Wuchen was first, that meant the determining factor was ability, then it would be only fair to give Zuo Qianfan second place.

"I only had one battle and was defeated, I should be in fifth place," said Yu Sheng. He suddenly looked in the emperor's direction and said, "Zuo Qianfan and Ye Wuchen are both second level Dharma Plane cultivators. Ye Wuchen being the stronger of the two. Although Zuo Qianfan was not actually defeated in battle, he did not battle with Ye Wuchen and has admitted that he is lacking in comparison. Zuo Qianfan did not fully prove his worth. He should be fourth place."

Zuo Qianfan and Yu Jiang were dumbfounded by Yu Sheng's words. Especially Zuo Qianfan. His gaze turned sharp as a knife. Yu Sheng had pointed out in front of everyone that Zuo Qianfan had not proved his worth.

"That makes sense," the Emperor smiled and nodded. "Even though you only fought one battle, it was with a Dharma Plane cultivator. Had it been anyone in planes lower than the Dharma Plane, you would have easily won," he said to Yu Sheng.

"As for Zuo Qianfan, you have incredible abilities and is obviously very generous. You are indeed a student of Cangye College." Emperor Ye announced with a smile on his face, "Fifth place on Fenghua Rank goes to Zuo Qianfan."

Hearing Emperor Ye's compliment, Zuo Qianfan let out a small smile but that smile froze on his face when he heard the second half of the sentence. However, he recovered quickly.

In the air above the Fenghua Platform, many people had their attention trained in their direction. The conversation between Yu Sheng, Zuo Qianfan, and the emperor was full of hidden meanings.

In the end, Emperor Ye had placed Zuo Qianfan in fifth. Cangye College was the most well-known place of cultivation in the imperial city but although they had two students on the Fenghua Rank, none of them made it to top three.

"Hua Jieyu, fourth." The audience did not think much of it. Emperor Ye continued to announce the results and in fourth place, was Hua Jieyu, not Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng had asked to be placed fifth but now, the emperor had left him for the top three. Yu Sheng actually made it into the top three despite his loss in the only battle he fought. This seemed senseless but right at the same time.

The Fenghua Rank did not only look at wins or losses, but combat power and abilities as well. When making a decision, it was only natural that the emperor also took gifts, talents, and potential into consideration. For example, even though it was Hua Jieyu who defeated Lin Yueyao, Yu Sheng would have been able to as well.

Hua Jieyu also battled with Wang Yu but was unable to contend against him. Yu Sheng, on the other hand, was able to face his opponent's realization of Dharma. The ranking between the two was clear. And that was why Yu Sheng placed before Hua Jieyu.

Yu Sheng felt surprised himself and looked strangely at the emperor. It seemed Emperor Ye felt his gaze because he chuckled before saying, "Yu Sheng, third."

Hearing that Yu Sheng was placed third in the end, many people looked at the emperor in admiration. The rankings from third to tenth place looked simple but was actually very complicated.

Ye Wuchen was the most powerful cultivator at the Fenghua Banquet and Ye Futian was the most fearsome. He was able to defeat people in planes much higher. The two of them were rightfully in the top two. Next, it was time to see who got first place.

At this moment, everyone stared closely at Emperor Ye, awaiting his answer. However, what he did was turn his gaze over to the last two participants. He smiled and asked them, "What do you guys think about this?

Ye Wuchen's gaze fell on Ye Futian. He said, "I am a second level Dharma Plane cultivator and you, a Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivator. In the battles before, I didn't challenge you to a battle because it would put you at too much of a disadvantage. But since His Majesty has asked, I really want to experience the tactics you used with the rod. I'll only defend, no attacks. How does that sound?" The Nine Heavenly Attacks was truly a majestic sight, but at Ye Wuchen's level of cultivation, it would be too much for him to initiate a challenge with Ye Futian.

Ye Futian gave him an odd look but nodded anyway. "Alright." Having arrived at an agreement, the two stepped on to the center of the Fenghua Platform. They stood opposite of each other.

Ye Wuchen stood there exuding the intention of sword. He seemed sharp as a sword.

In Ye Futian's hand, the long rod appeared.

BOOM! Ye Futian took a step forward. An invisible force suddenly exploded.

BOOM! He took another step, this time stronger than the last.

Step by step, Ye Futian walked closer to Ye Wuchen. With every step the force of power escalated until a powerful storm began to revolve around Ye Futian's body.

Ye Wuchen remained standing quietly. No matter what Ye Futian did, he remained stationary.

When the force escalated all the way to the top, Ye Futian's wings appeared and took him up in the air. Like a bolt of lightning, the long golden rod struck down and, in the air, a bright light flashed by.

Just then, Ye Wuchen took a small step forward. Only one step. A wave of sword intent charged towards the rod striking down at him. A loud crash. He was not able to destroyed the golden rod. Instead, the intent of sword was repelled back at Ye Wuchen. Ye Futian used the force of repulsion to his advantage. He soared through the sky, his force even stronger now. The rod struck down a second time, stronger than the first.

Ye Wuchen reached out his hand to point into the air. The intent of sword filled the air and raced into the sky. Ye Futian could feel an invisible storm of swords hitting the long rod. Even though Ye Futian had a great force behind him, he was still unable to advance forward. He soared through the air once again and administered the third attack of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. Ye Wuchen lifted his head to look up at the sky and the intent of a thousand swords gathered by him. All of them rushed towards the rod coming down at him. The third attack had also been blocked.

Having been fended off once again, Ye Futian stood arrogantly in the air. The force of power flowed around his body. His gaze sharpened and fell on Ye Wuchen below. Unknowingly, an intent to battle brewed in Ye Futian. Compared to Wang Yu, Bai Qiu, and the rest, Ye Wuchen's abilities were much, much stronger. He was on a different level from everyone else.

The long rod danced in the air and its apparitions appeared. A large wave of intent of battle washed downward and an explosion sounded. With the great force of power pushing forward, the rod struck for the fourth time. The tens of thousands of apparitions combined into one. The intent of sword rushed towards the rod once again but this time, it was destroyed. At this sight, Ye Wuchen moved quickly. With a step, he lifted into the air. His body morphed into a sword, the intent of sword joined his body and charged at the long rod.

Finally, when the rod struck again, the endless amount of sword intent filled the finger that Ye Wuchen pointed out with and a large sword appeared. When the two weapons meet, they were both destroyed, dissipating into nothing.

Ye Futian stood in the air and looked at Ye Wuchen. With a smile, he complimented, "Incredible." Ye Futian did not care too much about wins and losses. Although Ye Wuchen was in the second level Dharma Plane, he was incredibly gifted to begin with. So, even though he was in the same plane as Bai Qiu and others, they could not be compared. This gap between Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen was too large for Ye Futian to overcome.

Ye Wuchen nodded and returned to his original position. Ye Futian also returned to stand beside Yu Sheng and Hua Jieyu.

The results of this round were not as surprising to everyone. The gap was too great.

Emperor Ye looked at the two of them and then his gaze settled on Ye Wuchen. "Wuchen, how would you feel if I placed you first?

Everyone's heart began to race. Had the emperor already decided who was going to be first place on the Fenghua Rank?

Ye Wuchen was invincible during this year's Fenghua Banquet and was definitely qualified to be first.

Ye Wuchen lifted his head to look at Emperor Ye. Under the gaze of all spectators, he opened his mouth slowly and said, "Ye Futian is more qualified than I am."

His words dumbfounded everyone. They all looked at him in shock. But Emperor Ye only smiled, seemingly very satisfied at Ye Wuchen's reply.

He looked at Ye Wuchen and smiled, "Then as you wish. Second on the Fenghua Rank, Ye Wuchen."

At this announcement, everyone was shaken. They were surprised by the Emperor's decision. The Emperor had asked Ye Wuchen what he thought of being first. This made everyone think that he was going to be in first place. But now, countless pairs of eyes landed on the Fenghua Platform, right at the handsome figure standing between Hua Jieyu and Yu Sheng. They all knew that after today, Ye Futian would be famous throughout the entire Cangye Kingdom.

Beside Emperor Ye, Ye Lingxi smiled at Ye Futian. He was finally receiving the honor he deserved for his gifts. He defeated three Dharma Plane cultivators in a row and was destined to shine brighter than others.

"First place on the Fenghua Rank, Ye Futian!" said Emperor Ye with a smile. Everyone was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. All eyes were focused on a single person, truly the center of attention.

Zuo Qianfan and Yu Jiang of the Cangye College stood frozen. Ye Futian? First place? While Zuo Qianfan was placed fifth?

Bai Qiu and Wang Yu looked coldly at Ye Futian.

Hua Zhixin hid a smile. She was happy for him.

Lin Yueyao looked conflicted.

Hua Jieyu smiled at Ye Futian. He had been chased from the Nandou Nation. Carrying rage and hate, he had come a long way to arrive at the Cangye Kingdom. He never expected to stand out so much in this country. This was the kind of person Ye Futian was. No matter where he went, he would always be the most outstanding, the brightest existence. No one could go above him.

Yu Sheng burst into laughter. His smile was silly, making him look like a completely different person than the wild fighter from before. He was so happy, it was like he had gotten first place. It was possible that Yu Sheng wouldn't even be this happy had he actually gotten first place himself.

Far away, Hua Fengliu, Nandou Wenyin, Tang Wan, Tang Lan, and Yi Qingxuan were all looking at Ye Futian. A great big smile met all of their eyes. The young man already stood out from the rest in the City of Donghai. It was Emperor Luo's imperial order that ended his journey in the Nandou Nation abruptly. It was fortunate that the emperor of the Cangye Kingdom appreciated Ye Futian's gifts and gave him the honor he deserved. Out of all the gifted and talented young cultivators in the Cangye Kingdom who had gathered for the Fenghua Banquet, Ye Futian was first.

Emperor Ye smiled at Yu Sheng and asked, "Yu Sheng, have you thought about what request you would like to make?"

Yu Sheng lifted his head, and his eyes met with Emperor Ye. He scratched his head. He actually hadn't thought of any request he would like to make because he never thought he would make it into the top three.

"Your Majesty, you seem like a pretty nice guy, so I won't ask you for anything," Yu Sheng said with an honest smile. To him, Ye Futian's honor was more important than everything else. The sight of Emperor Ye was a lot more pleasing to Yu Sheng now.

Everyone was shocked by Yu Sheng's utterance?

"A pretty nice guy?" Even Emperor Ye was dumbfounded. He then let out a light-hearted laugh. To Yu Sheng, he said, "No one has ever said that to me before. I'll remember what you said."
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    《The Legend of Futian》