The Legend of Futian
130 Take Ye Futian Down
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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130 Take Ye Futian Down

Chapter 130: Take Ye Futian Down
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As the dragon came closer to the palace of the Nandou Nation, a line of figures flew over. The dragon roared ferociously.

"Stop!" Emperor Ye said. Then the dragon halted.

Those comers bowed and said, "Your Majesty!"

"What's the matter?" the emperor asked.

"We were ordered by our emperor to welcome you. The accommodation has been arranged for you," the man said.

"Lead the way," Emperor Ye said lightly. The other nodded and walked in front, leading the way. Soon, they arrived at a giant palace near the imperial palace. Though the two nations were rivals, courtesy was necessary since the emperor was invited here. Everything in the palace for the stay had been arranged well for them. Since Emperor Ye was the emperor of the Cangye Kingdom, only people from the Cangye Kingdom could share the palace with him.

"Ye Futian, come with me. Emperor Luo won't hurt you but don't leave the palace for safety reasons. If you really have to go out for some reason, let Jing Yu go with you," Emperor Ye warned Ye Futian. Jing Yu was the emperor's bodyguard. The emperor had assigned Jing Yu many things in his daily life.

"I'll be careful." Ye Futian nodded. Although Emperor Luo wouldn't hurt him in public, there was still the possibility for him to arrange an assassination or kill him by another's hand without any evidence left. Emperor Ye couldn't blame it on him then.

The group settled down in the palace while the outside world was stirred up. The Tingfeng Banquet was to be held the next day. The decennial banquet was more magnificent than the Fenghua Banquet of the Cangye Kingdom. The whole nation paid great attention to it and all the heroes would attend. A sensation was inevitable. Everyone was looking forward to the opening of the Tingfeng Banquet the next day.

One hour later outside the palace, a row of figures strode over and went directly into the palace. The leader was a beautiful woman. She seemed like an unordinary person. Following behind her were her strong bodyguards.

Jing Yu stood before her and said, "This is the Emperor Ye's palace. Any intruders will be killed without pardon."

"I'm looking for Ye Futian." The woman looked up to Jing Yu and Jing Yu suddenly grew hesitant. "Since this is Emperor Ye's palace, what do you think we can do?" the woman continued.

Jing Yu thought for a while then said, "Follow me." He led the way and the woman's people followed behind. They came to a place in the palace where Ye Futian's group lived.

Seeing many people coming over, Lin Yueyao and the others went to Ye Futian's room out of curiosity. Ye Futian sat in the courtyard. When he saw the newcomer, he was stunned.

"Ye Futian, why did you join the Cangye Kingdom?" the woman asked angrily. She seemed to come here for an explanation.

Ye Futian looked up to this beautiful but capricious woman and said indifferently, "Are you talking to me?"

This woman turned out to be the princess of the Nandou Nation, the daughter of Emperor Luo and the sister of the crown prince.

"My teacher gave you the minister's decree and my brother let you be minister but you rejected him," Luo Mengyan said. "My father even conferred you with the study attendant of the crown prince. What did we do to you? Is it just because of Hua Jieyu? Is Hua Jieyu the reason why you joined the Cangye Kingdom?"

"Get out." Ye Futian looked at her coldly. Was this girl stupid? What did they do to him?

You…" Luo Menyan pointed at Ye Futian and shouted, "You are a jerk. I'll kill you!" She pounced forward. Ye Futian stood up and stepped forward too. As if remembering something bad, Luo Mengyan froze in place.

"I'm here to accompany His Majesty, not for recalling past days. Princess, please leave," Ye Futian responded nonchalantly. Only then did people know that this woman was the princess of the Nandou Nation.

Many people looked at Ye Futian curiously. What did this guy do to the princess?

"It's your own choice to betray Nandou Nation, but you shouldn't trouble my teacher. Because of you, my teacher doesn't pay attention to the outside world anymore and even neglects me. It's all because of you!" Luo Mengyan's eyes grew red. Ye Futian was surprised. He didn't mean to trouble Minister Zuo. It could be said that this whole thing was triggered by Minister Zuo but he knew that Minister Zuo was thinking for his good. The emperor's decree should have nothing to do with Minister Zuo. Did the astrologist minister not care about anything anymore?

Ye Futian took out the Decree of the Minister and threw it to Luo Mengyan. "Return it to Minister Zuo and tell him that I won't blame him."

"You won't blame him?" Luo Mengyan took the token and asked indignantly in return.

"You can leave now." Ye Futian was kicking them out.

Luo Mengyan looked at Ye Futian coldly and turned away.

People around the court moved aside but Luo Mengyan stopped and turned around. She asked, "You said that your girlfriend is more beautiful than me? How beautiful is she that you could betray the Nandou Nation for her?"

"You don't deserve to be compared with her," Ye Futian answered indifferently. Luo Mengyan is so naïve. Does she really think that Emperor Luo and the crown prince were thinking for his good? Or maybe it's just hard for her to think of her father and brother as bad people.

Luo Mengyan looked coldly at Ye Futian and left.

After she left, Lin Yueyao asked Ye Futian in confusion, "What have you done to the princess of the Nandou Nation?"

Ye Futian looked at Lin Yueyao and smiled slightly. "Do you want to try?"

Seeing Ye Futian's mean smirk, Lin Yueyao said, "No, thank you."

With that, she left. Bai Qiu and Yu Jiang watched the whole thing silently. As the top beauty of the Cangye Kingdom, Lin Yueyao was always very aloof but she had struck up a conversation with Ye Futian several times. However, Ye Futian just directly ignored this beauty, which annoyed the onlookers very much. The difference between them… But Ye Futian's girlfriend was indeed more beautiful than Lin Yueyao.

"Let's go out for a walk," Zuo Qianfan suggested. All the strong cultivators gathered here in the Nandou Nation. They could go take a look. Since the emperor of the Nandou Nation invited them, he wouldn't stoop so low as to play tricks on them.

"Good idea." Yu Jiang nodded and went out.

Ye Futian didn't go with them but continued his cultivation.

The next morning, people from the Nandou Nation came to the palace and visited Emperor Ye. He went to greet them and Ye Futian's group also showed up. The people from Nandou Nation bowed and said, "My majesty ordered me to invite Your Highness to the imperial palace so that all their majesties can attend the Tingfeng Banquet together."

"What about them?" Emperor Ye asked, looking to Ye Futian's and others.

"Only the emperors have been invited. The rest shall go separately. They can meet Your Majesty in the imperial palace," the man answered and smiled.

Emperor Ye didn't respond but turned to Jing Yu. "You take them there."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Jing Yu nodded. Emperor Ye followed the people and left.

"Let's go," Jing Yu said. Other than him, there were many other strong cultivators of the Cangye Kingdom. The group of people went out and walked directly toward the imperial palace.

Outside the palace, there were people from other kingdoms also moving toward the imperial palace. The Tingfeng Banquet was held outside the north gate of the imperial palace where there was already a sea of people. The number of the attendees of the Tingfeng Banquet was bigger than that of the Fenghua Banquet.

When Ye Futian's people arrived, they were almost submerged by the sea of people. Outside the north gate, there were nine tall platforms erected in a row which was surrounded by a vast open space. The throne and the stands were set opposite the platforms. Ordinary people would not be allowed to enter that area. People from all over the Nandou Nation were gathered here, naturally including the people from the East Sea Prefecture.

The Nandou clan stood in the crowd and watched the throne and the stands in front of platforms where the royal families sat. The Nandou clan could sit there before but at this time, they could only stand in the crowd.

"One month ago, if that thing did not happen, Jieyu would be the crown princess now," a Nandou youth said. "Then we could also sit over there." All of this was destroyed by Ye Futian.

"Don't think about it anymore and don't mention Hua Jieyu again," an elder reprimanded. Hua Jieyu was a sinner of the Nandou Nation. They had to cut all ties with Her.

"Okay." That youth nodded and looked at the crowd. The youth would participate in this banquet so every strong cultivator here might be his opponent. He continued to observe and stopped when somewhere. He frowned, looked backward, and found a line of figures.

"Ye Futian?" the youth called. People from the Nandou clan all turned to him.

An elder said, "Nonsense!" How could Ye Futian appear at the Tingfeng Banquet?

"He is there." The youth pointed somewhere with great shock in his eyes. He didn't believe it either but he definitely had seen Ye Futian.

The Nandou clan all looked toward the direction he pointed in and their eyes fell on a handsome figure. Every cultivator of the Nandou clan was stunned and their eyes flashed. Ye Futian dared to attend the Tingfeng Banquet? Did he want to die?

"Go take him down." The strong cultivators from the Nandou clan immediately bolted in that direction. They had never forgotten what had taken place in Donghai City a while ago. Hua Jieyu was taken away and a group of strong cultivators of Nandou clan also disappeared. And Ye Futian was the reason.

"Don't let him go!" a youth shouted, worrying that Ye Futian would mingle within the crowd. This guy is really bold. How dare he come back to where the Tingfeng Banquet is held?

"Take him and give him to the emperor," someone said. He'd even planned how to execute Ye Futian. Ye Futian went against Emperor's order. He was a criminal and must be handed over to Emperor Luo!
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    《The Legend of Futian》