The Legend of Futian
133 Do What You See Fi
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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133 Do What You See Fi

Chapter 133: Do What You See Fit
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Many students from Donghai Academy were participating in the Tingfeng Banquet. After seeing Yun Tianhao, Ye Futian also saw Zhuo Qing and Zhou Mu arrive at the platform to defeat their opponents. Zhuo Qing and Zhou Mu were in the same plane and can both be considered geniuses. Zhou Mu was the disciple of the Art Saint and Zhuo Qing was known as best of everyone below the Dharma Plane. However, during the battle at the School of the Emperor Star, while Ye Futian and Yu Sheng shined above the rest, many of the school's "best" lost their confidence. There was even less to be said after the battle at the Nandou Clan palace on the last day of Divine Calendar Year 10000. After that day, no one in Donghai City dared to claim to have unparalleled gifts.

Time passed little by little. The Tingfeng Banquet continued battle after battle. So many things happened at once, it was impossible for the audience to take in everything. The four emperors chatted about nothing in particular, but each word from their mouths carried hidden meanings. It was their own secret battle. Ye Futian was looking at the battle platforms, but he was not watching. His heart was elsewhere.

Emperor Ye had already sent people to look from Yi Xiang but since he had defied the emperor's order for Ye Futian, it was not safe for him to easily reveal himself. How was Ye Futian going to let Yi Xiang know that he was now following under the emperor of the Cangye Kingdom?

A burst of cheers would come from the audience every once in a while. As the Tingfeng Banquet proceeded, many cultivators began to stand out from the rest. But Ye Futian did not seem to be interested.

Slowly, the first day was coming to an end, but the audience did not seem to have gotten enough. They were still just as enthusiastic as before. At dawn, the sky was turning red. The emcees of the banquet exchanged a look, nodded, and waited for the current round of battles to end before announcing that the first day of the Tingfeng Banquet was officially over and battles would continue the following day.

Many audience members had not gotten enough, but they knew that this was only the beginning to the multi-day event only held once every ten years. It was only going to get more interesting. The thought of this had them anticipating the events to come.

Many people looked towards where the emperors were seated. Four emperors had gathered here today. To everyone, it was hard enough to catch a glimpse of one emperor on a normal day. It was only possible during special events, like the Tingfeng Banquet. Now that they were able to see four emperors at once, many people were going to be bragging about it for a long time.

Where the emperors sat, Emperor Yan spoke up, "Is the Tingfeng Banquet the only reason you have invited us to the Nandou Nation, Emperor Luo?"

Emperor Chu and Emperor Ye's eyes fell on Emperor Luo. They saw him smile before saying, "Brother Yan, are you getting impatient already? What's so bad about watching the battles between younger generation cultivators in our free time? Besides, it's rare for all of us to be gathered like this. Later, we can talk about cultivation and check up on each other to see what we can improve on. It'll be better than cultivating on our own, right?"

"Well, he isn't wrong," chuckled Emperor Chu.

"Then let's go," said Emperor Luo.

"What about them?" Emperor Ye asked, looking at the people behind him.

"Crown Prince Luo Junlin will show them around. Just let the youngsters wander freely. They won't be comfortable with us around," Emperor Luo said. Emperor Ye did not say anything else. The four of them walked away alone, not bringing anyone with them. After all, they were the strongest, most powerful cultivators across four countries. There was no need for them to bring bodyguards.

After the four emperors left, Crown Prince Luo Junlin smiled at the others. He said, "Everyone has come a long way. I have set up a dinner at the Qixing Lake to welcome you all. We'll be able to walk around the city and I can show you the beautiful sites of the Nandou Nation's imperial city. This way please." He led the young people from the three countries forward. Ye Futian followed along as well. Yu Sheng stared coldly at Luo Junlin's back. It was after his visit to Donghai Academy that the imperial order was given. On the other hand, nothing seemed to have affected Ye Futian. It was almost as if he didn't know Luo Junlin. Ye Futian walked quietly.

Behind the two, many powerful cultivators followed. There were some from each country. Among the people walking up in the front, were not only the top talents of the different countries but princes and princesses as well. More powerful cultivators, such as Jing Yu from the Cangye Kingdom, followed behind the group. They stayed far away as to not disturb the group.

The Qixing Lake was not far from the imperial palace. It was located at the center of the imperial city. Night had come, and the waters of the lake looked extra beautiful in the moonlight. The moonlight reflecting off the surface of the lake made it look like there were many lights floating on the water, providing an indescribable mood.

Presently, there were quite a few people visiting the lake. In the Qixing Lake, were seven eyots. These islands weren't big and there wasn't much to see. The seven eyots lined up like the Big Dipper. And it was on this strip of small islands that the famous Qixing Restaurant was located.

On the island at the very center, a feast had already been set up. Many beautiful servants were waiting there. This dinner was obviously prepared far in advance. The venue was set up along four sides. The people of the four countries sat in their own sections. The Nandou Nation's crown prince, Luo Junlin walked over to the main section and said, "Please sit everyone."

Ye Futian's group walked over to one of the sides and took their seats. Everyone else in the venue did the same. In the center of the room was an empty space. It seemed to be a stage. A young woman with a veiled face played the guqin. The beautiful, moving sound of the music started and provided an incredible atmosphere under the moonlight. Then, a line of dancers entered, dancing around the young lady playing her instrument.

In Qixing Lake, people traveling past the restaurant by boat looked in on this scene. Knowing who these people were, many boats came this way, but no one dared to get too close. They all just watched from afar. It was the first night of the Tingfeng Banquet. Crown Prince Luo Junlin had set up a feast to welcome the cultivators of the three neighboring countries. The onlookers were secretly anticipating for something to happen.

"Everyone has traveled from far away. Please forgive me if something is not to your liking. I do apologize for not being a good host," said Luo Junlin.

"Beautiful people, beautiful view, and this moving music. There is nothing not to our liking," said the extravagantly dressed young man from the Yunchu Nation. And he wasn't saying so brown nose the Crown Prince. This setting was truly perfect.

"Whether it be music or beauties, there are better among our guests from the Cangye Kingdom," chuckled Luo Junlin. Many people turned their attention over to look at the three beauties from the Cangye Kingdom: Lin Yueyao, Hua Zhixin, and Ye Lingxi. There were all beautiful, especially Lin Yueyao. Her looks were too outstanding. Many people had taken notice of her very early on. There were also females amongst the cultivators from the Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom, but their appearance could not hold a candle to the three Cangye beauties.

"In the past, the one piece you played for me at Donghai Academy is still fresh in my mind. 'The World'," Luo Junlin smiled and then turned to look in Ye Futian's direction.

Ye Futian put down the wine glass in his hand and lifted his head to look at the crown prince. Luo Junlin was still as he used to be. A face of arrogance. Even today, he still gave Ye Futian looks of superiority. He still thought Ye Futian was inferior and a joke.

"I take back what I said in the past. The piece is not suitable for you." Ye Futian smiled.

"It doesn't matter to me. The world known as the Nandou Nation is too small for me," said Luo Junlin. It seemed that this was not where his heart was. His target was a world larger than just the Nandou Nation. "But let's talk about you. I offered you a great opportunity. If you had taken it and aided me, the things that followed would have never happened."

"Perhaps that's just your fate," Ye Futian replied calmly. They both spoke sharp words. Luo Junlin thought that Ye Futian should regret the things that happened but Ye Futian said perhaps that was Luo Junlin's fate, insinuating he should be the one who regrets what happened.

The people from the Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom all looked extremely interested in the exchange between the two young men. Who would have thought things would get so interesting right from the beginning?

Luo Junlin stared at Ye Futian. He then smiled and asked, "How about you play another piece today?"

Ye Futian glanced at him once and picked up his wine glass for a drink. Ignored.

Just then, several figures approached. Luo Junlin looked over and saw Minister Hua, who greeted, "Your Highness."

"Minister Hua, is something wrong?" asked Luo Junlin.

"No. We saw Your Highness here so I came to greet you on their behalf," said Minister Hua as he pointed in the direction of the neighboring eyot. Luo Junlin looked over to see Yan Shao leading a group from Donghai Academy, as well as members of the Nandou Clan. They all stood there and bowed to him.

Yan Shao and Minister Hua were senior and junior brothers, so there was nothing to say about that. But the Nandou Clan was just trying to get on Minister Hua's good side.

"Alright, I understand. Minister Hua should go attend to your own business. No need to worry about what happens here," said Luo Junlin. Minister Hua excused himself and took a look at Ye Futian before leaving.

Ye Futian returned the gesture and his eyes followed Minister Hua all the way to the next eyot. There was something Ye Futian wanted to ask those people.

"So, you're the one Emperor Ye picked for first place at the Fenghua Banquet?" asked a young man from the Yan Kingdom.

Ye Futian looked at him and smiled casually.

"I'm very curious as to how a Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivator got first place at the Fenghua Banquet," said a powerful cultivator from the Yan Kingdom.

"Guess I was lucky and looked pleasing to the emperor's eyes," said Ye Futian.

"Do you guys believe him?" the young man from the Yan Kingdom asked the Yunchu group.

The extravagantly dressed young man from the Yunchu Nation smiled. "Can't we just battle him to find out?"

"Yan Zhan, didn't you want to test out the abilities of first place on the Fenghua Rank?' asked the Yan cultivator.

Yan Zhan stood up. Luo Junlin waved his hands and the dancers stepped down.

"I am also a Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivator," said Yan Zhan. He stood there, his large body exuding an invisible force, staring at Ye Futian.

"I have stuff to do, so count me out," Ye Futian said. He put down his wine glass and stood up. He stepped out, away from his table, but he did not walk towards Yan Zhan. Instead, he headed out of the dinner venue.

"What do you mean by this?" a person from the Yan Kingdom asked.

"Not interested." Ye Futian did not turn back to answer.

"Is this how bad Emperor Ye's judgment is?" Yan Zhan asked.

Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi were enraged. How dare he question their father's judgment?

Ye Futian did not stop, he continued on his way out. It was as if nothing here, had anything to do with him.

Many people narrowed their eyes at his silhouette. Was he hiding from battle or did he feel he was too good to battle? He was first place on the Fenghua Ranks, so there should be no need for him to hide from battle. But to say he felt that he was too good to battle…wouldn't that make him really conceited?

"Yu Sheng!" from far away, Ye Futian called out. "Do what you see fit!"

"Okay!" Yu Sheng replied.
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    《The Legend of Futian》