The Legend of Futian
134 Can’t Live for Long
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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134 Can’t Live for Long

Chapter 134: Can’t Live for Long
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Yu Sheng walked out from the Cangye Kingdom group. Everyone instantly looked away from Ye Futian. Yan Zhan from the Yan Kingdom was very burly and filled with explosive strength but when Yu Sheng walked out, Yan Zhan seemed to shrink instantly. His presence was overshadowed. Many people were shocked. Were these two blokes going to fight?

"Emperor Ye is a nice person with a nice eye to match," Yu Sheng said, looking at Yan Zhan.

Yan Zhan looked at this guy and smirked. There was a crack. He'd made a sound when clenching his fist so it was obvious how strong he was.

There was a low roar. A terrifying demon ox appeared on Yan Zhan. It was enormous, and his life spirit appeared behind him. It was a huge Black Ox. Yan Zhan was confident but he wouldn't underestimate his opponent.

"Where's your life spirit?" he asked.

"For you?" Yu Sheng scanned Yan Zhan. He hadn't released his life spirit for anyone yet, let alone Yan Zhan who was on the same plane.

Feeling the disdain in the word "you," Yan Zhan stepped forward. The entire eyot seemed to tremble. Everyone felt something like a herd of demon oxen stampeding.

Pound, pound, pound… The earth shook. Everyone's wine glasses trembled violently. The powerful aura shocked everyone. This level of strength made one think that even if there was a mountain before him, he could still smash through it.

Yu Sheng stood there without moving. Then a gust of wild aura erupted from his body. He saw Yan Zhan advance and punch; it felt like a herd of demon oxen crashing into his body.

Yu Sheng stepped forward. There was a loud boom and then he punched forward too. There was nothing frivolous. Their strengths collided directly because they could feel that they were the same type of person.

Boom! With the crash, there was no more suspense. Yu Sheng's fist smashed into Yan Zhan and crushed in his chest. The next instant, everyone saw Yan Zhan's burly body fly back, crashing into the crowd of people from the Yan Kingdom. Yu Sheng took a step. He crossed the space and grabbed Yan Zhan back. Hooking onto his chest, he raised Yan Zhan up with one hand.

"This…" Everyone who saw this was shocked. His power was on another level.

"Don't overestimate yourself. You're all nothing." Yu Sheng scanned the Yan Kingdom's group and then hurled Yan Zhan into them. Yan Zhan flew and crashed into the banquet table. Some powerful cultivators tried to catch him and they all toppled over together. They were a bit dumbfounded. They were familiar with Yan Zhan's power but he'd been defeated so badly now. It was humiliating. They could sense the Seven-star Glory Plane aura from Yu Sheng. This was a battle of the same plane.

"Too weak," Yu Sheng said, a bit disappointed. Then he returned to his spot. The strong cultivators of the Yan Kingdom had dark expressions. It was the first time someone mocked Yan Zhan for being weak but they couldn't say anything back.

The people of the Cangye Kingdom didn't find anything strange. They'd witnessed Yu Sheng's strength at the Fenghua Banquet. Even people of the Dharma rank had to avoid him, let alone someone in the same plane. He could shake the Dharma but couldn't fly, and this was all done without releasing his life spirit. They didn't believe that someone as crazy as Yu Sheng wouldn't have a life spirit. He was just hiding his true abilities.

As for Ye Futian, he didn't look back once he left. No matter if it was the Yan Kingdom or the Yunchu Nation, no one on the same plane could beat Yu Sheng. It was impossible!

On another eyot, Ye Futian walked toward the table in the front. The people there were chatting happily. The atmosphere was much merrier than the strong cultivators of the four nations. After all, this group was different. Everyone was here to appeal to Minister Hua. However, once Ye Futian approached, the atmosphere froze and silence came. Their gazes fell on Ye Futian; they all knew who he was.

They were Minister Hua, some people from Donghai Academy's School of the Emperor Star, and the Nandou clan. Not only did they know Ye Futian, but they were enemies. If possible, they would definitely want to wipe Ye Futian out of existence. However, he'd come with the emperor of the Cangye Kingdom. If he could be killed, Emperor Luo would've done so long ago. It wasn't up to them. Furthermore, the strong cultivators of the Cangye Kingdom were watching them.

"We haven't seen each other in one month. Seniors, you all look great," Ye Futian suddenly said, seeing everyone looking at him. The people all froze. He really had a high tolerance.

"No, because you're not dead," Minister Hua said straightforwardly without holding back. When Ye Futian escaped, he'd been terrified to report to the emperor. He was given a hard time, despite being the minister of the nation.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Ye Futian said, smiling. Then he looked toward the Nandou clan and Yan Shao's group.

"Where is Jieyu?" a Nandou clan member suddenly asked.

"Didn't Minister Hua tell you all?" Ye Futian asked curiously. Other people might not know but Minister Hua should know. He was always by the emperor's side and interacted with the crown prince often. He was an insider.

The Nandou clan looked to Minister Hua, who looked back coldly. "What, you still care about that genius descendant of yours?"

"Minister Hua, of course not. We wish she could be arrested immediately," the Nandou clan member quickly said.

"Arrested? Hua Jieyu is in the Cangye Kingdom's palace now, given the title of princess by Emperor Ye," Minister Hua said. The Nandou clan's expressions changed fascinatingly. Hua Jieyu had become a princess of the Cangye Kingdom?

One month ago, the emperor had sent the decree to the Nandou clan, and they wished Hua Jieyu would enter the palace as the crown princess. However, Hua Jieyu was in love with Ye Futian and escaped with him. To the Nandou clan, Hua Jieyu was obsessed with an immature relationship. But one short month later, Hua Jieyu had become the princess of Cangye instead of the crown princess of Nandou. The Nandou clan's position in the Nandou Nation had become even more awkward. They were still jittery and timid to this day. How they felt went without saying.

"You're not here to chat, right?" Minister Hua asked coldly.

Ye Futian obviously wasn't here to chat. He studied Minister Hua and asked, "Where is my grandmaster buried?"

Minister Hua looked at Ye Futian in shock. He didn't expect Ye Futian to come to ask him about a dead man.

"I guess my senior didn't waste his life in exchange for yours," Minister Hua said indifferently. He glanced at Yan Shao; this task had been given to him.

"There's no need for you to know," Yan Shao answered coldly.

Ye Futian looked at him and then said, "Grandmaster liked the School of the Emperor Star. He said that that's his home even after death. He should be buried there."

"Blasphemy," Yan Shao said coldly. The School of the Emperor Star wasn't a cemetery.

"It's okay even if you didn't do it. I'll settle the score for Grandmaster later and let him return to the School of the Emperor Star. If I can't find him, I'll just have to let the School of the Emperor Star accompany him," Ye Futian said. With that, he turned and left.

Yan Shao stared at his back, extreme murderous intent in his eyes. He just wanted to kill Ye Futian then and there. Ye Futian knew this because the feeling was mutual. However, they couldn't kill each other now.

"Wait," a voice suddenly said. Ye Futian stopped and turned to see someone looking at him. It was Yun Tianhao.

"I want to see your true abilities," Yun Tianhao said coolly. Yan Shao didn't say anything. Ever since Yun Tianhao entered the Donghai Academy, he knew that the youth would become the most talented one of the academy. He was a talent blessed by the gods. He would definitely snatch the spotlight during this Tingfeng Banquet. Ye Futian looked toward Yan Shao and the School of the Emperor Star. They seemed to anticipate their battle.

"Ye Futian, Tianhao's talent is at your level," Yan Shao said, somewhat proudly.

His eyes smiling slightly, Ye Futian looked at Yan Shao and said, "Oh? Ask him how much of my true abilities he saw when he lost to me back then." Back then, he'd only revealed his talent as an Inscriber. He didn't even reveal his Mandate Sorcerer talent.

Yan Shao gazed blankly at Yun Tianhao. He didn't know about this because the youth hadn't told him.

"That was before. The present is different." Yun Tianhao's eyes were cold.

"I don't have time to play. If you want to fight, then are you ready to die?" Ye Futian asked coldly. Yun Tianhao's eyes sharpened. The strong cultivators of the School of the Emperor Star glared at Ye Futian as well. He was way too arrogant.

"Seems like you're not as confident as you thought." Ye Futian smirked and turned to leave.

Countless eyes watched his receding figure, their eyes frigid. Yun Tianhao clenched his fists tightly. He'd lost to Ye Futian once at the Qingzhou Academy. Then, he thought that he could surpass the other. When he came to Donghai City, he realized that Ye Futian's name was known throughout the city. He had twin life spirits and was full-elemental. Though Yun Tianhao was proud, he wasn't completely confident.

"Don't mind him. He won't live for long," Minister Hua said, raising his wine. Yan Shao and the others looked at him and nodded lightly. However, they knew that if an emperor wanted to protect Ye Futian, it would be difficult to kill him. Even if he was outside like today, there were many powerful figures protecting him. A sneak attack was difficult.
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    《The Legend of Futian》