The Legend of Futian
137 The Royal Xuan Temple
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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137 The Royal Xuan Temple

Chapter 137: The Royal Xuan Temple
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After Ye Futian had spoken, everyone around could only stare at him wide-eyed and dumbfounded.

"This…" Even his fellow cultivators on the Fenghua Rank were speechless. Ye Futian was just too arrogant. But at the same time, hearing him insult others was a great feeling.

Even Bai Qiu was feeling better about Ye Futian. Good thing Ye Futian didn't use my defeat as an example. Would Zhou Mu spit blood in anger if he heard what Ye Futian said?

Emperor Ye blinked a couple of times. The young man he picked for first place on the Fenghua Rank was one with personality.

Everyone from the Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom were frozen in shock. They watched as Ye Futian continued to focus on the battle platform. Although it was not specified that Ye Futian was speaking to Chu Kuangren, the latter could not stand what Ye Futian was saying.

The emperors could not help but turn their attention to Ye Futian, especially the emperor of the Yunchu Nation. Chu Kuangren was his son, so he knew well of his abilities. Where did this Glory Plane nobody get the courage to speak in such a manner? However, he was an emperor. So naturally, he was not going to involve himself in a conflict between those of the younger generation. But still, listening to what Ye Futian was saying, he was asking for a beating.

Chu Kuangren was dazed for a moment. Then, he sneered and said, "All geniuses are arrogant. There is no need for surprise. But to hear a mere Glory Plane cultivator like yourself speaking out so wildly is a first. It's a bit absurd. If you were in the Dharma Plane, I wouldn't have minded personally teaching you how to conduct yourself properly."

Ye Futian turned to Chu Kuangren with a slight smile on his face. "Alright, if I get the chance, I'll definitely ask for your advice."

"Let's wait until you enter the Dharma Plane." Chu Kuangren turned his head away from Ye Futian, no longer looking at him. Chu Kuangren was not his real name, but this name was much more well-known than his original name. After a while, people had forgotten his real name. This went to show just how wild Chu Kuangren was. But now, Chu Kuangren had met his match.

"We'll just wait to test him out after the results of the Tingfeng Banquet are announced," said Yan Qi. After listening to Ye Futian's words, even he wanted to beat him up. How could Ye Futian compare Chu Kuangren to an opponent he once defeated, and go as far as to say he'd be much better-behaved later? The young man on the battle platform, Zhou Mu, was indeed talented, but how could he be compared to Chu Kuangren? Chu Kuangren was the most powerful cultivator of the younger generation in all of Yunchu Nation!

Ye Futian shook his head lightly. He was not very interested in what they were talking about. The only thing he would gain from defeating the prodigies of the Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom was praise. It would also make him more enemies. There was no need for Ye Futian to prove himself to the others. Even last night, when Chu Kuangren tried to provoke him, Ye Futian just left, not wanting to deal with him.

How fitting of a person who once defied my order, thought Emperor Luo. He then called out, "Ye Futian!"

Ye Futian's eyes brightened and he turned his body around, his eyes falling on Emperor Luo. Emperor Luo had eyes filled with arrogance and pressing air of royalty surrounding him. One would not have been able to guess that he had usurped the throne to become emperor. In these 300 plus years, he had already gotten used to this identity. He was the emperor of the Nandou Nation, the one and only. It was because of this that he was so domineering and had no respect for others. This was also why he was able to make those two unreasonable orders.

"Had you followed my order and come to the imperial city, perhaps I would have given you another chance. Why did you have to try so hard to escape? Now, your ending will remain the same. Do you ever regret your decision?" Emperor Luo suddenly asked bluntly. There was no beating around the bush.

Ye Futian looked at Emperor Luo. Just as Emperor Ye had said, he was very confident that he would get Ye Futian. Where did Emperor Luo get this confidence from?

"What's done is done. Why would I regret it?" Ye Futian said nonchalantly.

"You're right," chuckled Emperor Luo. "People usually don't have regrets until they reach a dead end. Nandou Nation is my world. My order is the order of the heavens. If you defy my order, then you are going against the mandate of heaven. Even if what Minister Zuo foretold is true, that you really are fated to become emperor, it wouldn't change a thing."

The other emperors looked strangely at Emperor Luo, then at Ye Futian. This young man who was first place on the Fenghua Rank had the fate of an emperor?

Hearing these words, Ye Futian remained calm. He was simply curious as to why Emperor Luo would say these things here and now. His every word dripped with arrogance. Only Ye Futian knew, if Minister Zuo truly had told his fortune, he was not just fated to become emperor.

Ye Futian looked to Minister Zuo who was seated right below Emperor Luo. He sat there quietly, as if he truly no longer cared for such things.

"If it makes Your Majesty happy, you are welcome to say anything you want," smiled Ye Futian. He did not try to go against Emperor Luo. Right now, Ye Futian still lacked the ability to challenge him.

"Even if you possess the fate of an emperor, you should consider yourself lucky to be able to become my son's study attendant," said Emperor Luo. "Unfortunately, you did not know to cherish such an opportunity."

Ye Futian did not reply. Everyone in the Nandou Nation knew that out of all of Emperor Luo's children, he doted on Crown Prince Luo Junlin the most. He was made Crown Prince from a very young age, and was going to inherit the throne in the future. His gifts were like no other, and he was thought of as peerless throughout the whole Nandou Nation. He was truly extraordinary. Since he possessed such spectacular gifts, as his father, Emperor Luo had the utmost confidence in Luo Junlin.

"Crown Prince Luo Junlin was born a couple of years too early. Otherwise, this rascal would have been able to exchange a few moves and learn a thing or two from him," the emperor of the Yunchu Nation said while looking ahead at Chu Kuangren. He also had the same confidence in his own son.

"Is that so?" laughed Emperor Luo. His words carried a hint of disdain. Emperor Chu did not argue further.

The Tingfeng Banquet continued. Young cultivators continued to emerge to the audience. Among them were those with extraordinary talents. At noon, it seemed as if no one had left. The atmosphere in the Tingfeng Banquet was still roaring despite the hot, beaming sun.

Just then, the emperors turned in the direction of the Nandou Nation's imperial palace, their expressions strange. There was actually someone who dared to fly in the air above the imperial palace? Especially during the Tingfeng Banquet? They truly had no respect for the emperor of the Nandou Nation.

Emperor Ye and the two other emperors looked toward Emperor Luo. They saw a glimmer in his eyes as he stared toward the imperial palace. It was as if he were anticipating something. Rays of light, strong like the sun's rays, shined in their direction. The light moved closer until it was directly above them. A roar erupted through the air and the audience of the Tingfeng Banquet looked up to the sky in shock. Who dares to be so disrespectful in the audience of the four emperors?

"The Tingfeng Banquet will stop for the time being. Everyone, step down from the battle platform," Emperor Luo stood and announced. His voice reached the nine platforms, sending chills down the backs of all participants. Even those in the midst of a heated duel did not dare to go against the emperor's order and halted immediately. Everyone scampered off the platforms.

In mid-air, three figures stood loftily. They were basked in the sun's rays and reflected an even brighter light. The three of them floated above the four emperors as if that was how it was meant to be. The haughty expressions on their faces said that they thought nothing of the emperors or the Tingfeng Banquet.

Noble Plane. Emperor Luo, Emperor Chu, and Emperor Yan's eyes sparkled. Three Noble Plane cultivators had arrived in the Nandou Nation. No wonder they had no regard for anything and even flew over the imperial palace. This was a truly frightening situation. The aura of the three guests combined was stronger than that of the three emperors. While they were shocked, they were also confused. In the Hundred Lands of the Eastern Barren Territory, which country could have sent out this terrifying line-up.

The large crowd present at the banquet were even more curious. To them, the Noble Plane meant the emperors. A once in a lifetime occurrence, these three people seemed to have powers above the emperors. Who were these people who dared to disregard the emperors?

"Where is Luo Junlin?" the leader of the group asked. Emperor Luo's eyes widened. Has the time finally come? It was quicker than he anticipated.

Luo Junlin stood, fists clenched. There was a hint of excitement in his eyes. With steady steps, he headed toward the trio. Looking up at them, he said, "My most humble greetings, seniors."

"Let us take a look," said the leader. Luo Junlin nodded and released a frightening force of energy in front of everyone's eyes. A golden light washed over the skies. Luo Junlin was enveloped in an air of royalty, projecting the aura of a young noble. He was insufferably arrogant.

Noble will. Emperor Ye and the two other visiting emperors were shocked. The stood from their seats, looking up at the sky, they seemed to have a few things figured out.

In this moment, Emperor Ye finally understood why Emperor Luo was so confident—he actually sent Luo Junlin into that place. And Luo Junlin succeeded. This meant that he possessed a scary gift.

"During your trial in the Ancient Barren World, you acquired the noble fate. We come from the Eastern Barren Territory's Royal Xuan Temple. Are you willing to join us?" asked the leader.

Luo Junlin bowed in respected and replied, "I am!"

"Alright. Are you going to leave with us now or will you come alone a little later?" the leader asked.

"I still have some business to take care of and will head over at a later time," answered Luo Junlin.

"Very good then," nodded the leader. He handed a badge to Luo Junlin and said, "This is the Royal Xuan Emblem. Infuse your spiritual energy into the emblem and we will know whether you are alive or dead. From now on, you are a student of the Royal Xuan Temple. Come within three months."

"Yes, Senior," bowed Luo Junlin.

"Goodbye," nodded the leader. Then, the three of them flew away, turning in rays of light. From beginning to end, they did not look at the four emperors even once.

It was as if in their eyes, the emperors, who were above all, were not worthy of even a single glance.

"Take care, Senior," said Luo Junlin, still bowing.

Emperor Ye and the other two emperors stared at Luo Junlin. Their inner thoughts were all stirred up. The Royal Xuan Temple was an extremely powerful force from faraway in the center of the Eastern Barren Territory!
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    《The Legend of Futian》