The Legend of Futian
139 The Birth of Wings
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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139 The Birth of Wings

Chapter 139: The Birth of Wings
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At the end of the Tingfeng Banquet's second day, Emperor Luo did not extend an invitation to Emperor Ye as he did the day before. Right now, whether it was Emperor Luo or Luo Junlin, they were immersed in this triumphant moment.

Immediately after the banquet ended for the day, Minister Hua and others rushed over to congratulate the Crown Prince. The nobles of the Nandou Nation chimed in agreement with the flattering remarks thrown at Luo Junlin. They all understood, after Crown Prince Luo Junlin entered the Royal Xuan Temple, there was a chance that he would not inherit the throne to the Nandou Nation. He was going to be in an even more fearsome position. If Luo Junlin managed to become a big shot in the Royal Xuan Temple, then forget about the Nandou Nation, he would be able to do whatever he pleased in the Hundred Lands. He could even build a stronger country of his own.

In the Hundred Lands, some of the most powerful nations were started in this way, all because of the appearances of more than one Noble Plane cultivator. Naturally, the people of the Cangye Kingdom did not join the crowd. They had already figured out that this was the true reason behind Emperor Luo's invitation. This was the moment he had been waiting for. This put Ye Danchen in such a bad mood that he wanted to return to the Cangye Kingdom. However, Emperor Ye was against it. Since they were already here, they must wait until the Tingfeng Banquet ended, or else people might think that he—an emperor—was jealous of Luo Junlin.

After returning to the palace, Ye Futian noticed that Yu Sheng kept his head lowered. He could not help but ask, "What's wrong?"

"I'm in a bad mood," Yu Sheng lifted his head to reply.

"Because Luo Junlin entered the Royal Xuan Palace?" chuckled Ye Futian.

"It's not just that. That father and son duo purposely invited the people of three neighboring nations to this event, but it was all so they could gloat. Do they really think that Luo Junlin is all that?" Yu Sheng seemed really pissed off.

"He's able to enter the Royal Xuan Temple, so he must be gifted." Ye Futian smiled.

"Who cares about the Royal Xuan Temple? They better not interfere when we kill Luo Junlin in the future. If they do, then we'll just have to get rid of them too," Yu Sheng said in a fit of rage. Sweat dripped down Ye Futian's face.

This rascal is only in the Glory Plane and he's talking about annihilating the top power of the Eastern Barren Territory? Ye Futian thought. When Yu Sheng was angry, he was indeed illogical…

"Stop thinking about it. Do you want to go cultivate? Let's not attend tomorrow's Tingfeng Banquet," Ye Futian said to Yu Sheng.

"Not go?" asked Yu Sheng.

"Yeah. Don't you think it's really boring?" Ye Futian smiled at Yu Sheng. "We can just go on the last day," he continued.

Yu Sheng's eyes brightened at Ye Futian's words. He seemed to have understood something. He smiled. His mood had been greatly improved. Ye Futian stared at him for a while and then turned to go cultivate.

The night passed and the next morning, Ye Lingxi came to get them. Ye Futian told her they did not plan to attend today's event. When word got back to Emperor Ye, he ordered some people to stay at the palace to protect Ye Futian and then led the others to the banquet.

News that the Nandou Nation's Crown Prince was admitted into the Royal Xuan Temple as a disciple and was going to become the Nandou Nation's second Noble Plane cultivator spread during the night. Thus, there was an obvious increase in the amount of people at today's banquet. There was such an impressive crowd of people. Obviously, Emperor Luo was in a merry mood. The Tingfeng Banquet continued and he noticed that Ye Futian was not present. The people of the Yunchu Nation and the Yan Kingdom had also taken notice.

"Not only did the first-place winner of the Fenghua Rank avoid battle before, he's even going into hiding now?" Chu Kuangren let out a mocking statement when he noticed Ye Futian was absent.

"You're wrong." Out of nowhere, Ye Wuchen said, "He probably just thought it was boring. The banquet is boring and so are the people. If I had known, I wouldn't have come today either."

"Definitely a good reason. You and Ye Futian are very alike," said Chu Kuangren.

"Perhaps he was deeply affected by what happened yesterday," laughed someone from the Yan Kingdom. Although this was the Tingfeng Banquet but the one who stole the show yesterday was definitely Luo Junlin. Many people were stirred and when they returned home, many of them went to seek information on the Eastern Barren Territory and the Ancient Barren World.

"Your Majesty, I'm not coming tomorrow either," Ye Wuchen said to Emperor Ye.

"Alright," nodded Emperor Ye.

"What are you trying to run away from?" Chu Kuangren smiled at Ye Wuchen.

"Don't worry. I'll be present on the last day of the Tingfeng Banquet," replied Ye Wuchen. Chu Kuangren looked at him, still smiling, and said, "Good. I'm looking forward to it."


Just as Ye Wuchen said, he did not show up for the fourth day of the Tingfeng Banquet.

Neither did Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Not just on the fourth day, but as the Tingfeng Banquet continued, geniuses kept appearing. The atmosphere was lifted to another level. However, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were still nowhere to be seen among the group seated by Emperor Ye. Even the people from Donghai Academy and the Nandou Clan noticed. They thought that Ye Futian was probably triggered by the fact that the Crown Prince attracted the attention of such a powerful group. Although Ye Futian possessed terrifying gifts that did not lose to that of Luo Junlin's, cultivation was not only based on gifts. It was also about fate. It seemed that Ye Futian simply was not destined to be compared with the Crown Prince. After Luo Junlin entered the Royal Xuan Temple, he was most definitely not going to allow Ye Futian a chance to mature.

These past days, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng stayed in the palace and cultivated. Yu Sheng, who was still in a sour mood, was especially focused. Every time Ye Futian went looking for him, he was focused on cultivating, and so, Ye Futian decided not to disturb him.

Within the palace, Ye Futian practiced his punches in the courtyard where he stayed. The will of the emperor flowed within him, causing his every punch to contain a mysterious aura. As he cultivated, this feeling became more and more obvious. He was able to control it more fluently in his attacks.

"AHH!" A deep roar broke Ye Futian's concentration. It was Yu Sheng's voice. Ye Futian felt his heart tense, and he ran towards the noise. Very quickly, he arrived at the location where Yu Sheng was cultivating. Seeing Yu Sheng's current state, Ye Futian's heart clenched tightly. Every time he saw Yu Sheng cultivating in this way, his heart hurt with a needle-stabbing pain.

Presently, Yu Sheng was surrounded by a frightening force. A fearsome dim golden light enveloped his being. It was like a giant explosion, burying his whole body in the light. The image of what seemed like a devil overlapped on Yu Sheng's body. The golden apparition morphed into a terrifying vortex and began to absorb all the Spiritual Qi in the surrounding area causing aggressive barbs appeared all over Yu Sheng. After that, Ye Futian witnessed as something began to raise from Yu Sheng's back. The bump continued growing outward.

It was because of this that Yu Sheng could not contain his screams of pain. He had his eyes shut tight and was also biting down hard on his lip to try to keep in his screams. Yu Sheng bit down so hard, his lips were now bleeding. It was truly a shocking sight

Ye Futian had his fists clenched tightly, so tightly his knuckles cracked in the process. Why did Godfather make Yu Sheng cultivate in this cruel method? The apparition of the devil kept fading in and out, the bump on his back was also still growing.

"AHH!" There was another pitiful scream. He seemed to be in the most extreme pain.

BOOM! A loud noise and a large gust of wind. Something seemed to have been broken. The protrusion on Yu Sheng's back finally broke, and out came a pair of fearsome wings. The light golden wings glistened. Every feather seemed to have contained inverted thorns. The wings were very large, matching well with Yu Sheng's large body.

If Ye Futian's Golden Roc wings were said to be the wings of God, then Yu Sheng's wings should be the wings of the Devil. They were a terrifying sight.

"Did the realization of Dharma grow from the method you were cultivating?" Ye Futian was shocked. With the birth of these wings, flying would no longer be Yu Sheng's weakness. Spiritual Qi from all around surged into Yu Sheng's body. In this moment, Ye Futian noticed that it was not only Metal Spiritual Qi, but Wind Spiritual Qi as well. With the birth of the wings, Yu Sheng had also acquired wind elemental gifts.

Just then, Yu Sheng opened his eyes. A ray of golden light shot out from his pupils, giving off a violent aura. However, it immediately disappeared when he saw Ye Futian. The wild force that coursed through his body also started to calm down.

Yu Sheng smiled brightly, like a child, at Ye Futian. There was not a single hint of the violent aura from before.

"Does it hurt?" Ye Futian asked softly.

"It's no big deal. I can still handle it. I'm also in the Eight-Starred Glory Plane now," Yu Sheng said, scratching his head.

"You idiot. No more cultivating for you today. Get some rest." Ye Futian stared at Yu Sheng, not allowing him to reject his words.

"Alright," nodded Yu Sheng. He had leveled up and was in a better mood now.

Ye Futian did not say much more and turned to leave. Yu Sheng said it didn't hurt but Ye Futian's heart still hurt. He knew as long as Yu Sheng continued to cultivate, he was going to have to keep enduring this pain. Behind extreme power, was not just extraordinary gifts. There was also pain intolerable to ordinary people.


The days passed one by one, and soon, it was close to the end of the Tingfeng Banquet. The final competition between the strongest contenders began. The imperial city of the Nandou Nation was boiling with excitement. The best of the best had finally appeared on the platform in front of the audience. They were ready to show their talents and fight to the end.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng still had no clue about what was happening at the banquet.

Some time in the evening, Emperor Luo led the group from the Cangye Kingdom back to the palace. Ye Lingxi arrived at the courtyard where Ye Futian stayed.

"Ye Futian!" shouted a smiling Ye Lingxi.

"Princess." Ye Futian looked in her direction.

"Don't call me princess; Lingxi is fine," she chuckled. "I came to let you know that tomorrow is the last day of the Tingfeng Banquet."

"It's finally ending?" laughed Ye Futian. It had been a while since the Tingfeng Banquet began.

"Father said we might head straight back to the Cangye Kingdom tomorrow. Since there's nothing to do tonight, do you want to go for a stroll? The night view of the Nandou Nation's imperial city is quite nice. We won't get a chance to enjoy it after tonight," said Ye Lingxi.

"Okay," nodded Ye Futian. He had been cultivating in the palace for the past few days. He was bored to death. It would be perfect to take a stroll in the imperial city. The same went for Yu Sheng. Tomorrow was going to be the final battle of the Tingfeng Banquet. The Nandou Nation's imperial city must be very lively right now!
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    《The Legend of Futian》