The Legend of Futian
140 The Decisive Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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140 The Decisive Battle

Chapter 140: The Decisive Battle
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Lingxi, Ye Futian, and Yu Sheng walked out of the courtyard. Ye Danchen was waiting outside for them.

"We also invited Wuchen," Ye Danchen said. "That guy has been cultivating in the palace these days. Give him a second."

"All right." Ye Futian nodded.

At this time, two beautiful figures walked by. They were Lin Yueyao and Hua Zhixin. Seeing them out there, Lin Yueyao smiled and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"We want to have a walk in the imperial palace before leaving," Ye Lingxi replied with a smile. "Would you like to go?"

Lin Yueyao glanced at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. It had been a long time since she last saw them. She nodded and said, "Sure." The two beauties walked to them. Lin Yueyao smiled at Ye Futian, "Finally coming out?"

"Yes." Ye Futian smiled too.

"The Tingfeng Banquet will end tomorrow. The people from Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom have said many ugly things these days. Are you going tomorrow?" Lin Yueyao asked out of curiosity.

"Is that so?" Ye Futian shrugged and smiled. "I didn't expect that I have so many fans. I guess I should go meet them tomorrow."

"Overconfident, aren't you?" Lin Yueyao rolled her eyes. This guy is really shameless.

After a while, Ye Wuchen came and they left the palace. Jing Yu followed behind, protecting them secretly.

As what Ye Futian and Ye Lingxi had thought before, the Imperial City of Nandou Nation was very busy this day. The whole city was brightly lit. People thronged restaurants, inns, and streets, talking about talents at the banquet.

The most beautiful place of the Imperial City was definitely the Qixing Lake. There were many boats nearby. They rented one and floated on the lake. Sitting at the prow, Ye Futian's group felt the breeze blowing their faces comfortably. Ye Futian was reminded of his sweet days with Hua Jieyu. They had held hands at the bank of the Qingzhou River and it still felt sweet when he thought of the moment. What a pity that she didn't come.

"What are you smiling about?" Lin Yueyao looked at Ye Futian and asked.

Ye Futian looked at Lin Yueyao in astonishment and replied, "Why are you so concerned about me? Don't think too much. You don't have a chance."

Ye Danchen choked on his wine when he heard Ye Futian's words. No chance? How can he refuse the first beauty of Cangye Kingdom in such a way?

"Shameless guy." Lin Yueyao glared at Ye Futian with some resentment. She had never been rejected like this. She was so popular in Cangye Kingdom. Only Ye Futian was this indifferent to her.

"Tomorrow comes the final round. Who do you think will eventually dominate the nine platforms?" There was a boat nearby and the people on it were discussing.

"Xi Lou, Second level Dharma Plane; Su Mu, First level Dharma Plane; and Yun Tianhao who had upgraded to the Eight-star Glory Plane in the battle are all extremely strong cultivators while the rest on the platform are also top talents," someone commented.

Ye Futian's group heard the comments too. They had never heard of Xi Lou and Su Mu but it was not surprising to know Yun Tianhao became a shining star. Since his life spirit could summon Spiritual Qi of any attribute to form matrices, Yun Tianhao was undoubtedly very powerful. He had few counterparts in the same plane. It was unexpected but interesting that he leveled up during battle. Yun Tianhao's proceeding in cultivation was no slower than Ye Futian's.

It was rare for Heiyan City to have someone like Yun Tianhao although he still wasn't strong enough to be Ye Futian's match.

"Indeed, the Tingfeng Banquet is held every ten years while there are so many talented people. Even among those who have been eliminated, there are bunches of strong cultivators. Those losers just happened to encounter a stronger one. What a pity!"

"I agree with you. But compared with the crown prince, those strong cultivators were all eclipsed."

The boat moved on and the sound faded. Ye Futian's group were continued enjoying the scenery while drinking.

Ye Wuchen looked up to Ye Futian and said, "If we attend the Tingfeng Banquet tomorrow, there must be many sarcastic comments about us. Moreover, according to Yan Kingdom and Yunchu Nation, they might attend the final too."

"You want to see those talents' strength?" Ye Futian asked Ye Wuchen.

"Some are just too noisy," Ye Wuchen murmured.

"Then make them shut up." Ye Futian smirked. Hearing their conversation, Lin Yueyao and Hua Zhixin just thought that the two were really good at pretending to be cool.

The boat kept moving forward on the Qixing Lake. People in the boats were all talking about the strong cultivators on the banquet with great interest. There were more boats near the eyot. People were all attracted by one of the islands where a banquet was being held.

Ye Futian's group looked up and found that was exactly where the crown prince had treated them. At this time, Luo Junlin was there again to treat the talents of the Tingfeng Banquet.

"Aren't they from the Cangye Kingdom?" Someone noticed Ye Futian's group.

"Indeed. Apparently, that girl is the top beauty of the Cangye Kingdom. She really is charming," someone looked at Lin Yueyao and said. Three beauties were very noticeable, especially beauties like Lin Yueyao, Hua Zhixin, and Ye Linxi.

"That man is called Ye Futian who comes from the Donghai City of Nandou Nation. After violating His Majesty's will, he went to the Cangye Kingdom and is valued by Emperor Ye. He accompanied the emperor to the Tingfeng Banquet. It's said that he has twin spirits with great talent."

"He's Ye Futian? With such a handsome face, he must be popular with the girls," someone said.

"But after the people of the Royal Xuan Temple came and the crown prince shone so radiantly, Ye Futian didn't appear again."

Many people on the lake noticed Ye Futian and his friends. They continuously made comments so that even people at the eyot looked over and saw Ye Futian. People, including Crown Prince Luo Junlin, all looked to Ye Futian's boat in the lake.

"Ye Futian." Among the people on the island, Yun Tianhao stood up and walked to the edge of the island, looking toward the boat on the water. His sharp eyes fell on Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was drinking with head lowered. Seemly not hearing Yun Tianhao, he didn't respond.

"Will you come tomorrow?" Yun Tianhao didn't mind Ye Futian's indifference. Though they had only met a few times, he knew what kind of person Ye Futian was.

Ye Futian still didn't answer his question. Yu Sheng stood up, looked to Yun Tianaho coldly, and then walked closer to Crown Prince Luo Junlin.

At this time, Luo Junlin was drinking too. Beside him sat a sexy beauty. Possibly due to the wine, her face was charming and enchanting. She was the daughter of a rich family in the Imperial City. Both her looks and talent was very outstanding. The reason why she would drink with the crown prince at the expense of losing her dignity was that she wished that Luo Junlin could take her with him to the Royal Xuan Temple.

The sexy woman looked to the boat and saw Yu Sheng. She chuckled and said, "This man is so muscular he's ugly."

Many people laughed with her. Cultivators always had good ears and the woman didn't lower her voice, so people on the boat also heard her words.

Ye Futian looked up to the eyot and saw the crown prince as well as the woman beside him. He smiled and said, "Your Highness must be in a pretty good mood with a prostitute accompanying you."

The seductive woman's expression changed, instantly feeling embarrassed but Crown Prince Luo Junlin looked quite calm. These things didn't disturb him anymore.

Some people landed on the eyot. One looked to the boat and a strong temperament spread toward the boat following his eyes.

"It's Xi Lou," someone exclaimed. Xi Lou's talent had been proved at the Tingfeng Banquet. No one at the Second level Dharma Plane could defeat him.

Ye Wuchen looked up with eyes sharp as swords. He stood up and walked to the bow. His horrible sword intent turned into a storm to confront Xi Lou's aura.

"Is a fight starting?" People around them grew excited. Who was the winner between the genius of the Cangye Kingdom's Fenghua Banquet and the peerless talent of the Tingfeng Banquet?

"Let's go back," Ye Futian said. The boat instantly started going against the current. The two auras were dispersed. Giant waves were lifted between the eyot and the boat projected.

Seeing that the Cangye Kingdom's boat return, the other side thought they were too scared to fight with the Nandou Nation's peerless talent since the crown prince was still on the island.

This night was doomed to be a sleepless night.


It was the day of the decisive battle. Countless people gathered here in the Imperial City for the Tingfeng Banquet. Some people even came at midnight to keep a seat so that they could see the banquet clear in the daytime. Those finalists all came in advance, gathering around the platforms and being admired.

People of Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom arrived too. So far, they had to admit that after rounds and rounds of battles, those left were great talents, many of which weren't any weaker than them.

Emperor Luo arrived as well. Seeing such a grand occasion, he smiled. He was quite satisfied with this year's Tingfeng Banquet. Moreover, his son, Luo Junlin was thought highly by the Royal Xuan Temple. Of course he was in a very delighted mood.

Even on the last day, some came to congratulate him. This was his second time to feel so happy since he became the emperor. Last time, he saw his own bright future when he ascended to the throne. This time, he saw the future of his son, Luo Junlin, as well as the whole Nandou Nation.

Emperor Ye walked out of the crowd with Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen. The Cangye Kingdom's people all appeared today.

Looking at the frenetic people, Ye Futian smiled slightly. The most prominent cultivators would be born today at the decennial Tingfeng Banquet. If Ye Futian and Yu Sheng weren't here, of course!
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    《The Legend of Futian》