The Legend of Futian
142 My Name Is Yu Sheng
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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142 My Name Is Yu Sheng

Chapter 142: My Name Is Yu Sheng
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Okay." Ye Futian smiled after hearing Emperor Ye's words.

He stood up and looked towards the battle platform. Countless gazes fell upon him. Was the battle between the prides of the four kingdoms starting?

Yun Tianhao stared at Ye Futian. His battle intent was rumbling and the people of Nandou became even more enthusiastic after feeling it around him.

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian called softly just then. Yu Sheng looked over to see Ye Futian scanning the mass of people from the Nandou Nation. Ye Futian smiled and said, "Everyone's eyes are on this battle. News of the Tingfeng Banquet will be spread throughout the Nandou Nation."

Yu Sheng understood what Ye Futian was implying. If his master was still in the country, he would know about today's battle.

"Yu Sheng, this is your battle," Ye Futian continued. "Let them know who you are."

"Okay." Yu Sheng nodded and stepped onto the platform. The surrounding people all looked at them with shock. Their conversation seemed to have some deep meaning.

Would Yu Sheng fight in this battle?

He walked down the platform and stared in the direction of Yun Tianhao. "Yu Sheng, Eight-star Glory Plane."

"Yun Tianhao, Eight-star Glory Plane," Yun Tianhao said coldly, seeing that Ye Futian still wasn't fighting. "Since you want to battle, I'll defeat you first." As soon as he finished, his life spirit appeared. The formation flashed and he walked forward. There was a matrix with each step. The Spiritual Qi gathered around him furiously.

Yun Tianhao had witnessed Yu Sheng's fighting before. He was extremely confident in himself but he would never go easy on his opponent. As if sensing the powerful battle intent and strength from Yun Tianhao, there were the screams of a storm from the heavens.

Yun Tianhao had taken the first place of the battle platform with an excellent performance. He was also peerless amongst those who passed this round. Today, he would defeat the prides of the other three nations to prove himself.

The pride of the Nandou Nation, Yun Tianhao, would declare his name to the world with this battle.

Countless people from the Donghai Academy and Heiyan Academy all looked at Yun Tianhao. They knew how powerful Yu Sheng was while this battle would be Yun Tianhao's.

Thud! At that moment, there was a heavy thud on the ground. Everyone saw Yu Sheng take a heavy step. His body transformed into a bow and began sprinting toward the battle platform.

Thud, thud, thud… The ground shook with Yu Sheng's every step. There seemed to be a strange melody. The shaking earth sounded heavier than usual compared to the sound waves of the storm.

Yun Tianhao watched Yu Sheng racing to the platform. A matrix formed with each of Yun Tianhao's steps. Various altars appeared around him. Mysterious light rushed out from the four directions. Countless fire dragons spiraled up, the flames about to swallow everything. More terrifyingly, there seemed to be frost filling the air above the scalding space. Ice and fire shouldn't mix but now, they appeared at the same time. The destructive power was horrible.

Seeing the shocking matrix, the Nandou crowd came to life, extremely roused up. Was this the ability of Yun Tianhao, the pride of the Tingfeng Banquet? Many girls were attracted. He was a true genius.

Boom. With a loud sound, Yu Sheng came below the battle platform. With a step, he shot up and appeared in the sky above the platform. Then he descended towards where Yun Tianhao was.

Countless eyes looked up at Yu Sheng's descending body. For a moment, he looked like a god coming to the mortal world. His muscular body was covered in a dazzling dark gold armor. There was a faint yet terrifying shadow on him, like a demon.

The descending body had unstoppable power. Yun Tianhao roared and the world was covered by ice. Yu Sheng seemed to be sealed with ice as well. The fire dragons spiraled up, melting into Yu Sheng's frozen body. The combined power of fire and ice was painful enough to make one wish to die. But everyone realized that the godlike figure didn't stop. The ice seal shattered. Bathing in the power of the ice and fire, Yu Sheng allowed the fire dragons to roar and bite without being affected. At that moment, he really looked like a god.

"How is this possible?" Yun Tianhao stared at the descending godlike figure in shock. Without any time to react, Yu Sheng had arrived.

Crack… There was a crisp sound. The Spiritual Qi within the formation danced wildly. Everyone watched with shock as the godlike figure stepped onto Yun Tianhao's shoulder. The bone cracked and Yun Tianhao fell to his knees with a pained cry. The horrible power forced him down.

The matrix formation extinguished. Everyone in the endless Nandou crowd had their eyes focused. The storm instantly stopped.

The skies and earth fell silent.

Time seemed to stop flowing.

The entire world seemed to quiet down.

Yun Tianhao; the one who had shone so brightly at the Tingfeng Banquet, catching everyone's eyes; the genius worshipped by countless; had been squashed under the foot of the descending figure. Without any extra movements, without any pauses, Yun Tianhao had knelt directly.

Genius? Peerless? Unmatchable in the Nandou Nation?

At this moment, Yu Sheng faced the endless crowd from the Nandou Nation. Looking at that cold and hard face, the Nandou citizens felt that they would never forget that merciless step. Not only had he stepped on Yun Tianhao, he'd also stepped on the faces of all Nandou citizens. Yun Tianhao was the most dazzling genius they'd chosen within the decade.

Yu Sheng took a step forward and knelt down. Grabbing Yun Tianhao's neck, he tossed the other into the Nandou crowd. He didn't look at the other again as if Yun Tianhao, a talented figure, didn't deserve another glance.

Turning around, Yu Sheng gazed at the people from the Yunchu Nation and Yan Kingdom. He asked indifferently, "Next?"

Neither the prides of Yunchu nor Yan came out. They all trained their eyes on the figure. Was Yun Tianhao really weak? They'd witnessed his entire path and his talent was indisputable. However, Yu Sheng had descended like a god and Yun Tianhao couldn't even fight back. How could anyone battle with someone like that?

All was silent. Yu Wuchen gazed at Chu Kuangren and said coldly, "Are you mute now?"

The prides of the two kingdoms looked uncomfortable but Yu Sheng didn't bother with them anymore. He didn't even show any expression. Instead, he started towards the Nine-star Glory Plane battle platform nearby.

Then he started running again. When he reached the side, he jumped again. With a boom, he soared like a god and appeared in the air above the battle platform.

Jing Xuan was the strongest of the Nine-star Glory Plane. When he looked up at Yu Sheng, his eyes showed fear. The godlike figure was unstoppable.

He gathered all his strength. The surrounding Spiritual Qi went wild. Then he attacked first, the wild power booming into the sky.

With a huge thud, Yu Sheng landed before Jing Xuan. The battle platform shook and the aggressive power just roared past without even touching him.

As one of the best of the Tingfeng Banquet, this shouldn't have happened. However, Jing Xuan's fear turned this into an embarrassment.

Yu Sheng punched. Jing Xuan flew off the platform towards the crowd. This battle couldn't even be described as a battle.

Yu Sheng continued walking toward the battle platform of the Dharma Plane.

"Will he challenge Su Mu?" some muttered.

Was he crazy? Su Mu was at the first level Dharma Plane. He was one of the most talented of this year's Tingfeng Banquet. Other than Xi Lou and Yun Tianhao, he was the most popular. Was Yu Sheng going to challenge Su Mu?

There was another thud. Yu Sheng flew up again, shooting toward the platform for the first level Dharma Plane.

Su Mu raised his head. Seeing the figure in the air, he sneered. Flashing, he shot into the sky too. He was Su Mu—not Yun Tianhao and definitely not Jing Xuan.

Countless heads were raised to look at Yu Sheng. How would he attack this time?

The wind roared. A pair of giant wings appeared behind Yu Sheng with a flash. Dark gold light flowed through them. Every feather had a menacing point as if they were the wings of a demon.

This moment, Yu Sheng seemed to have turned into a demon.

The wings flapped and Yu Sheng moved towards Su Mu. Rather than dodging, a terrifying dragon appeared behind Su Mu. When Yu Sheng charged over, there was an earth-shaking roar. Countless dragons dove at Yu Sheng.

The feathers on Yu Sheng's wings continuously overlapped, transforming into an extremely sharp dark gold vortex. It opened and closed, slicing up the incoming dragons.

The dragon above Su Mu was as enormous as a true dragon. It moved to swallow Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng's wings opened and he looked forward. He streaked toward the dragon like a bolt of lightning. Under everyone's shocked eyes, he rushed into the dragon's mouth.

With a boom, the dragon exploded and Yu Sheng rushed out. Su Mu's expression was uncomfortable. An extremely aggressive aura erupted. He transformed into a dragon and charged at Yu Sheng.

His Dharma and body had become one.

The dragon came, engulfing Yu Sheng. He reached out and grabbed the dragon's mouth. With a loud roar, he put endless strength into his arms and ripped the dragon apart with his bare hands. Su Mu screamed in pain and the realization of Dharma shattered.

Yu Sheng's wings changed. The feathers dislocated and unbelievably turned into tentacles that grabbed Su Mu's body, hoisting it into the air.

Seeing this scene, the endless crowd focused on the demonic figure, their hearts trembling.

Hovering in the air, Yu Sheng gazed at the mass of people with wild eyes. He roared, "My name is Yu Sheng. I am Yu Sheng, the disciple of Yi Xiang, headmaster of Donghai Academy's School of the Finance Star of Donghai City, Nandou Nation!"

The violent sound waves swept through the sky and earth, resounding in the ears of everyone in the Nandou Nation.

He was Yu Sheng, the disciple of Yi Xiang, headmaster of Donghai Academy's School of the Finance Star of Donghai City, Nandou Nation!
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    《The Legend of Futian》