The Legend of Futian
143 Top Pride of the Cangye Kingdom
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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143 Top Pride of the Cangye Kingdom

Chapter 143: Top Pride of the Cangye Kingdom
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Yu Sheng!

From this moment on, it was the name no one in the Nandou Nation would ever forget.

His name was Yu Sheng. He was from the Nandou Nation's Donghai City, disciple of Yi Xiang.

The people had many questions. Who is Yi Xiang? Why is such an outstanding student from Donghai Academy fighting for the Cangye Kingdom?

As for, Yun Tianhao, he seemed to be Donghai's Academy best student. Then what about Yu Sheng? Presently, the people from Donghai Academy were shocked into silence. There was a bitter taste in their mouths. Yun Tianhao, who the Heiyan Academy had high hopes in, had captured the attention of everyone. But what of it now? The three hotshots had all faded into the background while Yu Sheng stood out among them.

Ye Futian smiled at that figure. Of course, he knew the reason behind Yu Sheng's outburst. After this battle, Yu Sheng's name was going to circulate all over the Nandou Nation. He was going to become a legend. And because he came from Donghai City, from Donghai Academy, it was only natural that the news would reach the city. As long as Yi Xiang was still there, he was definitely going to hear his disciple's call from the Tingfeng Banquet.

Senior Yi, you really hit the jackpot with this disciple/son-in-law, thought Ye Futian. He smiled brightly as he wondered what kind of expression that sly old fox would have when he heard the news. He would definitely be very proud.

Beside Ye Futian, the people of the Cangye Kingdom were also in shock at the sight of the wings on Yu Sheng's back. Did Yu Sheng hide his true abilities during the Fenghua Banquet? Or are these devil-like wings the result of his cultivation in the Nandou Nation? Back when Yu Sheng was in the Seven-Starred Glory Plane, his inability to fly was the reason why he could not win against his opponent's realization of Dharma. Now, he was in the Eight-Starred Glory Plane and with these wings, he had brutally defeated Su Mu who was in the Dharma Plane.

Not only them, but even the eight emperors present were in shock. Yu Sheng's combat skills were too violent. He was able to destroy his opponents with pure and absolute strength. His powers disregarded all else. Who cared if you had shocking sorcery skills or if you had a million tricks up your sleeves? His strength was able to destroy it all.

The intent to kill in Emperor Luo's eyes grew stronger. He had only focused on killing Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu but now he realized, he missed one person.

'The disciple of the Finance Star school's Headmaster Yi Xiang', was this meant for Yi Xiang? How preposterous! He used this battle platform and stepped all over the pride of the Tingfeng Banquet just to tell his master, Yi Xiang, that he was here.

Beside Emperor Luo, Luo Junlin and Minister Hua had similar looks in their eyes. Shen Ruoshuang sat next to Luo Junlin and stared at Yu Sheng, stupefied. She had mocked Yu Sheng last night, calling him ugly, but after tonight, who would dare to use the word 'ugly' to describe this devil-like being.

Even Minister Zuo, who sat without a single word, lifted his head to look at Yu Sheng. He took a good look at his devil-like silhouette and then turned to look at Ye Futian among the Cangye group.

Minister Zuo had only told the fortunes of Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu, but he had just now realized this terrifying existence by Ye Futian's side. How could a person with such a special fate as Ye Futian not have a protector? It seemed like everything had already been arranged by fate. His empress was here, as was his protector.

The Royal Xuan Temple set their sights on Crown Prince Luo Junlin and the eight emperors of different nations had gathered in own place in celebration. Everyone had thought that the Nandou Nation was going to grow stronger in the Hundred Lands, but no one thought that this was just the beginning of the end.

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad!

Standing on the battle platform, Yu Sheng's eyes swept over the wave of people. His outburst from before seemed to have relieved him of the stress built up over the past days. Afterward, he flapped his wings, and they carried him towards the observation deck. Yu Sheng did not continue to battle. What he had done was enough to carry his message to his master. All Yi Xiang had to do was ask around a bit and he would know that that Yu Sheng fought for Emperor Ye of the Cangye Kingdom. After that, it was only a matter of time until he would join them in the Cangye Kingdom.

Upon returning to the observation deck, Yu Sheng retracted his wings. His fellow Fenghua Rank cultivators saw him in a different light. Some looked at him in admiration, some in jealousy. Yu Sheng's scream from before had them all shaken up. They thought of Yu Sheng's previous exchange with Zuo Qianfan. 'Isn't the Noble Plane just another plane in cultivation? Is it very powerful?' Perhaps it was very powerful to Yu Sheng now but what about in ten years? 20 years? One day, when he acquired the noble fate, he would definitely be one of the most domineering Noble Plane cultivators.

Emperor Ye looked at Yu Sheng with even more admiration. Not only because of his gifts, but also because of the meaning behind his outburst. After ranking in the top three on the Fenghua Rank, his request was to find his master. Now, at the Tingfeng Banquet, his reason behind this shocking battle was still the same. Even though he was an emperor, the one above all, he was envious of Yi Xiang. Emperor Ye was very curious what kind of person Yu Sheng's master was.

Although Yu Sheng had already stepped off the battle platform, the venue was still filled with silence. The rowdy and loud atmosphere was no more. In the past, the Tingfeng Banquet was something that excited the people of the Nandou Nation. It was an event that pushed everyone's emotion to its limit. It was a time for them to witness their nation reach new heights. But that energy was broken upon Yu Sheng's appearance. Looking back now, the Tingfeng Banquet seemed like such a joke.

Once every ten years? Just one battle was able to wipe away everything in the past. This was the true definition of "peerless". A single person who was able to outshine all others, defeating every one of the so-called "prides" of the Tingfeng Banquet.

"Do you still want to fight?" Emperor Ye broke the silence with his question. With a smile on his face, his every word conveyed his confidence. Yu Sheng's battle had lifted his mood. He felt so refreshed.

"This was just one battle in the battle of the four nations. Of course, we have to continue," said Chu Kuangren. When Yu Sheng had asked for new opponents earlier, no one from the Yunchu Nation or the Yan Kingdom answered. It was truly embarrassing, but Yu Sheng's performance was just too violent. He was so much stronger than the reports they received about the third place of the Fenghua Rank had stated. He had surprised them. However, they were the prides of their nations. They could not be weak.

"No need for the trouble," someone said coldly. Ye Wuchen stood and continued, "After so many days of blabbering, you guys don't even have the guts to step up for a challenge. I would have shut my mouth early on if I were you."

Chu Kuangren looked at Ye Wuchen with a darkened expression. No one had any retorts for not answering to Yu Sheng's challenge.

"You guys can step up as you please," said Ye Wuchen. His sword intent released and his body shot forward like a blade. In the blink of an eye, he had already arrived on the platform where Yun Tianhao stood.

Everyone's eyes fell on Ye Wuchen. He stood there casually with his hands behind his back. He gave off a carefree feeling, very unlike a person who was about to be confronted in an intense battle.

"Brother Yan, are you going, or shall I?" Chu Kuangren asked Yan Qi. They were both in the second level Dharma Plane, just like Ye Wuchen.

"You guys can come together," Ye Wuchen said nonchalantly.

"Preposterous!" said Yan Qi. "He specializes in swords and I specialize in knives. Let me go," Yan Qi said to Chu Kuangren.

"Alright," replied Chu Kuangren as he continued his icy stare at Ye Wuchen.

Yan Qi stood and in a single step, he lifted into the air. From his being, a force of knife intent was released, wanting to cut through everything in its way. Yan Qi was peerless in the Yan Kingdom and was bestowed the title of a prince. His knife once cut through a cultivator in the fourth level Dharma Plane.

One step at a time, Yan Qi made his way into the skies above the battle platform. His knife intent permeated through the skies and like an invisible knife, it aimed to cut through Ye Wuchen's body.

Ye Wuchen lifted his head. Looking ahead, his sword intent released destroying the knife intent. The two powerful forces crashed into each other in mid-air.

A large knife appeared in Yan Qi's hand. He suddenly sped up, and like a flash of lightning, his knife was thrown forward. The wind enveloped the knife and the images of thousands of knives cut down at the same time.

Ye Wuchen lifted a finger and from it, came a seemingly endless force of sword intent. It was under the sword intent that the thousands of knives were destroyed one after another. Yan Qi circled the skies above and released an even stronger force of knife intent. This second knife swung downward more powerful than the first. Ye Wuchen still looked incredibly calm. He lifted slowly into the air and the sword intent traveled with him. Countless swords appeared around him, real swords.

"Go." Ye Wuchen pointed his finger and the swords shot forward with a whistle, all charging crazily at Yan Qi.

Yan Qi saw this and changed his tactic immediately. In front of him, the swords separated and got into a circle formation, surrounding him and raced toward him in all directions. Behind him appeared a black knife. A terrifying force of knife intent came from the weapon and endless images of the knife revolved around him so quickly, no wind or rain could make its way through this makeshift force field. There was still a change in Ye Wuchen's expression. Around him, sword intent was release yet again and more swords attacked Yan Qi at the point of Ye Wuchen's finger.

The swords came endlessly. The people watched as Yan Qi continued to wave his knife around. His knife skills were very strong. Both his attacks and defenses were fearsome. However, there seemed to be no end to Ye Wuchen's swords. Just when Yan Qi thought he could let down his defense to attack, his swords charged at Yan Qi's weak point as if they had eyes of their own.

At this, Yan Qi realized that it was hopeless. There was nothing he could do besides defend himself.

"Forfeit or death?" Ye Wuchen spoke unfeelingly. He reached out both hands and the sword intent circling Yan Qi turned into a storm, completely burying his body in a storm of swords. In the air, there were only swords. There was no Yan Qi.

"I forfeit!" Yan Qi's voice rang in the midst of the storm. In the next moment, the storm of swords disappeared, and Yan Qi was seen once again.

The scene just now kept replaying in everyone's minds. After witnessing this battle, the Cangye group realized that Ye Wuchen did not reveal his true abilities during the Fenghua Banquet. There was no need for him to give it his all because even without doing so, he was already invincible. Emperor Ye should be the one who knew best about Ye Wuchen's abilities. He was his nephew after all. Had it not been for Ye Futian and Yu Sheng's appearance, first place on the Fenghua Rank would have been Ye Wuchen, no questions asked.

It was all because Ye Futian was able to defeat a Dharma Plane cultivator. During the Fenghua Banquet, there was actually no one fit to be Ye Wuchen's opponent. Not counting Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen was truly the top pride of the younger generation in the Cangye Kingdom!
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    《The Legend of Futian》