The Legend of Futian
150 Living a Good Life
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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150 Living a Good Life

Chapter 150: Living a Good Life
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"Emperor Ye," an emperor in the Noble Plane called from the near distance. They clearly knew each other.

Emperor Ye smiled at the other. "Emperor Han, you came so quickly."

"I'm actually quite late. When I arrived, the palaces were already built," Emperor Han said, smiling.

"It's a waste of time," another emperor said from the side. He stood on a mountain peak, his hands behind his back with an arrogant aura.

"Indeed. There is no use in snatching territories when the Barren Ancient World opens. The most important thing is to take the noble fate and create Noble figures. Of course, if a young talent becomes noticed by a strong force while doing so, it's the same."

"The noble fate is not so easy to receive. This time, the line-up is very big and powerful but how many can actually become Nobles?" One emperor was not optimistic.

"With so many prides here, there must be some monstrously talented ones," Emperor Han said. "As long as they can create the noble fate, they'll catch the attention of the Eastern Barren Territority's forces. I heard that this was so for the Nandou Nation's crown prince, resulting in the Royal Xuan Temple accepting him as a disciple. I heard that Emperor Ye had caused a commotion in the Nandou Nation earlier too."

"I was only invited to attend by Emperor Luo," Emperor Ye replied with a light chuckle.

"Emperor Ye, no need to be modest. I heard that the Cangye Kingdom has three new monstrous figures and displayed amazing talent at the Tingfeng Banquet. Unfortunately, their planes are quite low. Otherwise, they would definitely steal the show in the Barren Ancient World." Emperor Han laughed.

"Judging from your good mood, you must be very confident in the prides of your kingdom," Emperor Ye replied.

The emperors conversed mindlessly while the youths behind them all looked at each other with sharp eyes. Coming to the Barren Ancient World this time, they must get the noble fate. If they could catch the attention of the strong forces, they could rise to the top like Luo Junlin and be congratulated by all the emperors. And that was only due to becoming a disciple of the Royal Xuan Temple. If they could really become a Noble, it would be even better.

"Emperor Ye, you haven't changed." A group of figures strode over from the side. Emperor Ye looked and saw Emperor Chu with the people of the Yunchu Nation. Chu Kuangren was amongst that crowd. His sharp eyes scanned the group behind Emperor Ye and fell upon Ye Futian, Ye Wuchen, and the others. His eyes turned cold.

Ye Futian seemed to sense it. Seeing Chu Kuangren looking at him, he smiled. To Chu Kuangren, the smile was mocking and his eyes turned frigid.

The people of the Yan Kingdom and Nandou Nation had arrived too. Seeing the Cangye citizens, their eyes all shot over to Ye Futian. Emperor Luo even uttered some orders to the people beside him. He couldn't believe Ye Futian really had the guts to come.

As time passed, more and more strong cultivators arrived. Around the matrix, the Spiritual Qi went wild. They gathered within the matrix and shot above the Barren Ancient World's floating door, distorting it. Countless eyes looked at the door in the air, full of anticipation.

A terrifying sound rang out from the air. The distorted gate opened and transformed into two halves. Black vortexes appeared, spinning in turn. Like black holes trying to swallow everything, a powerful force tried to close again but was blocked by the power shooting from the matrix.

What a strong matrix. No wonder the Barren Ancient World is separated from the Hundred Lands, everyone thought. With the abilities of the people of the Hundred Lands, they couldn't create this matrix at all.

All the powerful cultivators gathered. Looking up to the air, it was like a terrifying army going out to war.

"Remember," an emperor reminded his people, "those under the Arcana Plane can't take weapons of the Arcana Plane. The doors to the upper and lower Ancient Barren Worlds are one entity and the lower world can't take the Arcana aura. It will take you to the upper world." He was worried someone would secretly take a valuable item of the Arcana Plane.

"Go now."

"I must return with the noble fate during this expedition into the Barren Ancient World."

Countless voices rang out. The army surged into the vortex in the air and disappeared.

"Go," Emperor Ye said as well. Ye Xiao instantly led the strong cultivators of the Cangye Kingdom. Ye Futian followed the group into the vortex. A terrifying engulfing power descended. He felt the air distort and he was swallowed into the unknown space.

Boom! Landing, Ye Futian stabilized himself and looked up at the world. The blue sky, white clouds, and vast land stretched as far as he could see. This legendary world looked just like the outside world.

The people of the Cangye Kingdom gradually descended around them. They'd gone through the vortex and landed together. The people of other countries were in the distance. Looking back, the black hole was still in the sky. Ye Futian's eyes fell on Ye Xiao in the near distance.

"Your Highness, let's go."

The Nandou people had been staring at Ye Futian, probably wanting to cause trouble. He didn't want that.

"We're here to challenge ourselves. My father said to not rely on others. Ye Futian, we won't travel together," Ye Xiao said.

Ye Futian was taken aback. Many people moved towards Ye Xiao. They were from the Cangye College, which caused him to make a face. Chuckling indifferently, Ye Futian said, "Goodbye." Then he called, "Yu Sheng." He climbed onto the Black Wind Eagle. Yu Sheng followed and glared at Ye Xiao.

Ye Futian pulled out a spell scroll. Instantly, a strong wind spell fell upon the Black Wind Eagle. They transformed into a gust of wind and left.

A moment later, the strong cultivators of the Nandou Nation landed in another part of the Barren Ancient World. They all scanned the Cangye group but were taken aback when they couldn't find Ye Futian. Where did he go?

They walked toward the Cangye group and asked coolly, "Where's Ye Futian?"

Ye Xiao gazed coldly and ignored him.

"Go catch him yourself," Zuo Qianfan said from the Cangye College group.

The man from the Nandou Nation's eyes flashed and he waved. "Go."

Ye Futian would sometimes go to the side while advancing, avoiding a straight line. He also continuously used the spell scroll to travel at top speed. Wind beat down on them from atop the Black Wind Eagle.

"Why did Ye Xiao do that?" Yu Sheng asked. Everyone knew that Emperor Ye thought highly of them and their brilliant talent.

"I heard that the Cangye College is backed by the royalty. Some princes cultivate there." Ye Futian chuckled nonchalantly. He'd offended the Cangye College at the Fenghua Banquet.

"Of course, that's not the main reason." Ye Futian glanced at Yu Sheng. "The emperor treats us well, and we have a good relationship with Ye Danchen."

Yu Sheng's eyes were cold. "We don't want to be involved in their family matters."

"That's not what others think," Ye Futian said, chuckling. "Don't overthink the small things. Isn't it great like this?" Ye Futian looked at the vast land up ahead and felt his entire heart opening up. He'd been restricted ever since he started cultivating and felt quite repressed. The Ancient Barren World was like a free land and he was like a bird that could fly as he high as he wanted.

Yu Sheng looked forward, feeling the same kind of freedom. "The lower Ancient Barren World can only contain those in the Dharma Plane. We'll take over it within five years."

"Can you be a bit more subtle?" Ye Futian gave him a look. He was only in the Glory Plane but he already wanted to control the lower Ancient Barren World. The strongest cultivators of the entire Eastern Barren Territory were gathered here.

Yu Sheng looked at him. Does this guy know what "subtle" means?

Ye Futian looked forward and smiled. "Isn't five years too long?"

Yu Sheng blinked.

The two continued forward without seeing anyone. The Barren Ancient World was a microcosm of the Eastern Barren Territory but for people under the Arcana Plane, it was still extremely vast. After countless days, Ye Futian could only see the occasional demon flying in the sky or beasts on the ground. Sometimes, they were even in the Dharma Plane. When the demons watched them, Ye Futian ignored them and forged on. However, there was a demon hovering above and following them now. It was a wind roc at the Dharma Plane and it was extremely fast.

Ye Futian stared at the roc. He could feel a strange melody coming from it as it flew. He observed it with the Freedom Meditation and realized that it would sometimes become one with the wind and ride the wind.

"Yu Sheng," he called. Yu Sheng took a step back on the Black Wind Eagle. He carried a huge hammer and the Nine-star Glory Plane aura was released. As if sensing his weak aura, menace flashed past the wind roc's eyes. It transformed into wind and caught up with the Black Wind Eagle, clawing at Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng flashed and jumped down. Wings sprouted and his hammer radiated with a frightening aura. It flashed with dazzling gold light and he brought it down on the wind roc.

Sensing danger, the wind roc actually sped up when Yu Sheng's hammer came down. It transformed into an afterimage that moved with the wind and charged out of Yu Sheng's range, coming directly for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had been watching the wind roc's moves. He grasped a wand that glowed with green light. The wood elemental Spiritual Qi surged and the Lock of a Thousand Vines was released. It loomed towards the wind roc.

The strange rhythmic strength appeared on the wind roc again. However, the Lock of a Thousand Vines spell seemed to predict its path. It locked onto the wind roc and wrapped around it.

Yu Sheng landed and swung his hammer. The wind roc cried and dropped to the ground.

"We can eat roc for dinner," Ye Futian said. The Black Wind Eagle landed. After a while, there was a delicious smell. The two humans and one demon enjoyed the delicious roasted wind roc.

"Oh?" Ye Futian arched his eyebrow. His body released an ephemeral aura. "Is this fate?"

Ye Futian had an odd expression. The same kind of aura came from Yu Sheng as well.

Ye Futian glanced at the Black Wind Eagle, and then the bird shot into the sky. It flew with a pleasantly strange rhythm. Seeming to understand something instantly, a smile appeared in Ye Futian's eyes.

"So that's what fate is," he murmured. The Black Wind Eagle landed before him with a pitiful look.

"Want more?" Seeing the Black Wind Eagle's gaze, Ye Futian petted its head and chuckled. "Don't worry. I'll let you live a good life from now on."
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    《The Legend of Futian》