The Legend of Futian
154 Stone Wall Sword Techniques
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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154 Stone Wall Sword Techniques

Chapter 154: Stone Wall Sword Techniques
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Lin Yueyao looked at Ye Futian's backside. From Ye Wuchen's words, she guessed that he was only enlightened with Ye Futian's help. This guy was only in the Glory Plane. Why was he so scary? But from his performance at the Fenghua Banquet and Tingfeng Banquet, he truly couldn't be treated like a regular person.

"What's he doing?" Lin Yueyao asked quietly.

"He's probably getting inspired. This is the last stone wall," Ye Wuchen said calmly. Lin Yueyao's gaze moved to the other walls. She saw Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Eagle.

Was the Black Wind Eagle cultivating too? Being enlightened and inspired by the Cang Mountain Relic? It was one thing for the ones beside Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Hua Jieyu, to be so scarily talented but now was his ordinary demon beast cultivating too? Ye Futian didn't know what Lin Yueyao was thinking. He didn't even know she was there.

He was still quietly sensing the stone wall. Closing his eyes, he emptied everything. The mountains on all sides of him were imprinted in his mind. Waves crashed, one tide higher than the last. Gradually, a picture appeared in his mind. It was of a white-robed figure playing guqin on the Cang Mountain. Someone was practicing the sword on the beach. The sword technique seemed desolate. The waves came and fell into the sword intent, transforming into a thousand threads of rain. On the mountain, hundreds of meters tall, the blade flashed coldly and cut the pain of separation. He realized that the poem truly did have an artistic conception.

A Golden Roc soared into the sky, wanting to bid farewell to the man. It cried beside the sea and transformed into countless afterimages, sweeping up the tides. All of this seemed to become a painting. The walls on all sides were not separate entities; their artistic conceptions were one.

There was a flash and Ye Futian's Guqin Spirit appeared. He sat, crossing his legs, and began playing his guqin alone. The graceful melody streamed out, attracting much attention. Many people gazed at him with an odd expression.

A Nine-star Glory Plane musical sorcerer was playing his instrument before the stone wall that no one could decipher. Had he really sensed the artistic conception?

Lin Yueyao's eyes sparkled. This guy…really acted as if the others didn't exist.

"Interesting." Liu Yuan glanced at Ye Futian and smiled lightly. Shock also flashed past Yun Qianmo's pretty eyes.

There was some otherworldliness in the melody as if it was being played from space. In the melody's artistic conception, waves crashed onto the empty mountain, rocs soared in the air, and people cut the pain of separation with their swords. The emotion and scene went with the music perfectly.

As Ye Futian played, the will inside the stone wall went together with his music, resonating. Shortly after, a burst of music intent landed inside Ye Futian's mind, strengthening the artistic conception. It was as if Ye Futian was playing the artistic conception directly.

That was not all. In that moment, he seemed to be resonating with the other three walls as well. The sword intent, Golden Roc intent, and sea wave intent all rushed into his mind, coming back out as music. An image appeared with the music. It snuck into Yu Sheng's mind and he shook violently. He instantly felt the artistic conceptions of the sea wave wall and Golden Roc wall appear clearly in his mind, allowing him to directly sense them. The same artistic conception entered the Black Wind Eagle's mind. It flapped its wings, appearing to be excited.

After that, Ye Wuchen, standing to the side, suddenly felt sword intent enter his ear with the music. His eyes flashed and he turned to look at the sword wall. It was as if he could feel an extremely clear picture. An illusory figure was practicing a set of sword techniques.

Ruo Yu had the same treatment as Ye Wuchen but she didn't understand it at first. When the artistic conception in the music became stronger and stronger, she looked at Ye Futian in shock and finally understood. Then she looked to the sword wall and started sensing.

However, the others didn't know about the changes in their bodies. They continued to sense quietly but their savviness seemed to improve under the music. They could sense deeper things and they rejoiced inwardly, continuing to cultivate quietly. A strange sight appeared. There was no other sound in this area except for the soothing guqin.

Seemingly after a long time, the music finally stopped. Ye Futian felt the changes in his body and smiled faintly. It appeared that he didn't have to worry about not receiving a fate in the Ancient Barren World.

Luo Junlin received the noble fate in the Ancient Barren World and caught the attention of the Royal Xuan Temple. Which force would notice Ye Futian?

As the music stopped, people smiled one after another. They had all improved but they didn't know it was the effect brought upon by the music's artistic conception. They thought they were enlightened by themselves. Only a small minority felt that the music had done something and that the music's artistic conception matched the scene.

A string of sword intent flowed up and down Ye Wuchen's body and then disappeared. He opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt that Ye Futian wasn't normal. This wasn't something a normal person could do.

Ye Wuchen understood that Ye Futian had most likely understood the entire Cang Mountain Relic. No one had ever done this before but he did it.

"What happened?" Lin Yueyao asked.

"That guy taught me how to cultivate swordsmanship," Ye Wuchen said softly.

"He taught you?" Lin Yueyao was surprised. When Ye Wuchen nodded seriously, she understood immediately and shot a resentful gaze at Ye Futian. She was part of the Fenghua Rank too. Why couldn't he help her too?

Sword intent flowed across Yan Lu's body. Eyes sharp, he looked at his group. "How do you feel?"

"Senior brother, I have some enlightenment," Gu Jiang said.

"Me too." Ruo Qiu was a bit excited.

"Not bad. Ruo Yu, what about you?" Yan Lu nodded and turned to Ruo Yu to see her eyes wide open, still in shock.

Had she really cultivated the sword technique from the wall? She felt crazy. How did she receive enlightenment just like that? The music had brought the artistic conception right into her mind and then she looked at the wall and saw the sword technique.

"Okay." Ruo Yu was still out of it.

"What do you even think about all day?" Ruo Qiu couldn't help but say, seeing her sister so dazed.

"Yun Qianmo," Liu Yuan said, looking at her again. "Want to fight and see how enlightened you are?"

"Don't have time," Yun Qianmo replied coolly.

Liu Yuan smiled. Wind whistled around him and everyone looked over. A strong wind intent appeared on him, causing a violent wind to scream around him. The fate bloomed and actually fused into the wind intent. A shocking black wind storm swept toward Yun Qianmo. Every strand of wind in the terrifying tornado transformed into sharp blades. They were extremely sharp and converged into a storm that could rip apart everything. It was frightening. Melding fate into the wind intent and casting a spell, he attacked without caring if Yun Qianmo agreed or not.

Such strong intent. As expected of the Liu family of the Qianmeng area. Everyone looked at Liu Yuan. It was obvious that he had comprehended quite a bit.

Yun Qianmo turned around. Her robes fluttered in the wild wind and a sword appeared in her hand. Her fate also bloomed and fused into the sword intent. Then it whistled as she waved her sword and a curtain of swords appeared around her.

The tornado ripped towards her and collided with the sword intent. The world changed and the boulders were pulverized. Yun Qianmo soared into the air, her long hair flying. The sword intent strengthened and cut the tornado up bit by bit.

When the storm disappeared, Yun Qianmo hovered in the air alone.

"As expected of Senior Sister Yun," Ruo Qiu gasped. "I seemed to feel the artistic conception of the wall in those sword techniques."

Ruo Yu's eyes flashed and she mumbled, "Her techniques were wrong."

"What nonsense." Ruo Qiu glared at her.

"Let's only test the strength that we comprehended here," Liu Yuan said. As soon as he spoke, he rushed into the air, charging at Yun Qianmo like a roc. For a moment, he seemed to have transformed into a roc.

Wielding her sword, it seemed that the sword's artistic conception descended around Yun Qianmo. Seeing the roc cut through the air, she swung her sword and the blade transformed into a light that sliced the sky. Various afterimages came out of the roc. The two moved instantaneously and were too fast for the naked eye to keep up.

Boom! Liu Yuan's body had already left but Yun Qianmo's beautiful body continued to descend.

On the other hand, Liu Yuan was hovering arrogantly in the air. He smiled thinly. "Yun Qianmo, it appears that you didn't comprehend enough. The senior disciple of your clan is just so-so."

Everyone looked at them. Even though Liu Yuan had the upper hand, it didn't mean that Yun Qianmo's enlightenment wasn't as good as his. Other than the tablet that no one could understand, the sword stone was the most difficult one. Its artistic conception was hidden inside the poem and thus it was unfair. Liu Yuan had taken advantage of this. It was as if he did that before Yun Qianmo on purpose.

The disciples of the Qianmeng area's Sword Clan were all enraged. Ruo Yu was upset as well and she said, "Senior Sister Yun, your sword technique can be improved."

Yun Qianmo gazed at her. Yan Lu and the others did so as well, wondering what nonsense this girl was saying.

Ignoring all their looks, Ruo Yu produced a sword filled with the sword intent. She swung the blade, and at that moment, countless shadows appeared. The sword transformed into threads of rain and each drop was filled with the power to cut through the air. Paired with the sword intent in her body, it was clearly more advanced than Yun Qianmo's artistic conception. Many people were surprised at this. Ruo Qiu also looked at her sister in shock.

Ruo Yu's talent couldn't be compared to Yun Qianmo's but her technique was clearly more powerful. If Yun Qianmo had used this, Liu Yuan would have been completely obliterated.

"Junior Sister, how did you comprehend this?" Yan Lu and the others all came over to scrutinize Ruo Yu.

Yun Qianmo looked at her too and asked, "How did you do it?"

Everyone's gazes fell upon her. How could a young disciple of the Sword Clan in the First level Dharma Plane decipher the swordsmanship technique of the sword wall?
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    《The Legend of Futian》