The Legend of Futian
155 Do You Have a Death Wish?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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155 Do You Have a Death Wish?

Chapter 155: Do You Have a Death Wish?
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing that almost everyone was looking at herself, Ruo Yu immediately felt a great wave of pressure. Her eyes drifted over to Ye Futian but she instantly withdrew her gaze. If she told the truth, it was bound to bring him trouble. She was in her own clan. The Sword Clan of the Qianmeng area was a great power and not many people dared to start trouble with them.

"I don't know either. I was just suddenly enlightened," said Ruo Yu in a low voice.

Ruo Qiu looked at Ruo Yu strangely. Enlightened? As twins, Ruo Qiu was very clear about Ruo Yu's abilities. How would she be suddenly enlightened? However, Ruo Yu was by her side the whole time and did not come into contact with anyone else. Other than enlightenment, there was no other explanation.

Lin Yueyao looked over at Ruo Yu and then back at Ye Futian. Could it be that she was able taught by the sound of Ye Futian's guqin?

"It is a good thing to get such a rare opportunity," said Yun Qianmo. She did not question Ruo Yu any further. If Ruo Yu did, in fact, know the secret to deciphering the meaning behind the stone walls, this was not the place to question her.

Yun Qianmo glanced at Liu Yuan, having no intentions to continue their fight. Her attention shifted back to the sword wall. Even Ruo Yu had been enlightened. Yet she had achieved nothing.

Yan Lu and the others all had strange looks on their faces as they continued their cultivation.

"You know, you guys should actually reconsider what Ye Futian said earlier," Ruo Yu mumbled lowly. Ruo Qiu and the rest of their group furrowed their brows and all turned their attention to Ye Futian.

At that same moment, Ye Futian had descended from the large boulder in front of the stone wall and was headed their way. Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Eagle were also by his side. They had both already been enlightened on the true meanings behind the images on the walls with the help of Ye Futian.

"Hello, my little friend." Gu Jiang smiled at Ye Futian. "Done with all four walls?"

"Yeah," Ye Futian nodded with a smile on his face.

Seeing that Ye Futian had actually nodded, Gu Jiang could not help but let out a look of interest. This guy is really thick-skinned!

"How much information did you get?" Gu Jiang continued to ask.

"A little bit from each of the walls, I guess," Ye Futian answered nonchalantly. He looked at Ruo Yu and said, "Ruo Yu, I'm heading back first. Good luck with your cultivation."

"I'm done as well. I'll head back with you," she said as she stepped up closer to him. Ye Futian transferred the knowledge of the sword techniques to her today. It was definitely a great favor.

This guy. Not far away, Lin Yueyao watched this scene and everything was now crystal clear. Ruo Yu was indeed taught by Ye Futian.

Ruo Qiu frowned at her sister's words. Had her younger sister gone crazy?

"Have you had enough?" Ruo Qiu asked Ye Futian coldly. He looked at her with no words to say. How did I piss her off now?

"Sis, what are you doing?" Ruo Yu was angry with the way her older sister acted.

Ruo Qiu looked at Ruo Yu and said, "Did he really put some spell over you? I just want you to see how fake he really is."

"Ye Futian, since you said that you were enlightened by the stone walls, all we have to do in order to know if you're telling the truth is to fight. Gu Jiang, give it a go," said Ruo Qiu.

Gu Jiang chuckled with his reply, "Alright."

"I also want to know what type of enlightenment you had, my little friend," Gu Jiang smiled at Ye Futian.

"What's going on?" Lin Yueyao saw what was going on and asked Ye Wuchen who was standing beside her.

Ye Wuchen could not hold in his smile. He said some things to Lin Yueyao and after she heard what he had to say, a strange expression crossed her face. She looked at Ruo Qiu and busted out in laughter.

Lin Yueyao looked at Ye Futian. Who would've thought this day would come for that rascal?

Ye Futian glanced at Gu Jiang and then at Ruo Qiu. A smile spread across his face before that word slipped out of his mouth, "Idiots." He turned around and walked towards Ye Wuchen.

Gu Jiang frowned. Ruo Qiu had an icy look in her eyes. Did Ye Futian just call them idiots? A sharp ray of sword intent released from Gu Jiang as he took one step in Ye Futian's direction. With the sword intent revolving his body, he warned Ye Futian, "Watch out, my little friend." He finished what he had to say, and released his sword techniques. At the same time, a black shadow whisked by at an unbelievable speed. It was a demon beast. Maybe a roc?

"Huh?" Ruo Qiu and her friends furrowed their brows in confusion. A storm seemed to have started in the area around them. Gu Jiang hadn't even released his sword when the shadow descended from the sky with its claws charging straight down. It struck Gu Jiang in the chest, propelling him backward. He now had blood streaming down the front of his chest.

WHOOSH! A strong wind blew past and the shadow of the roc had returned. It floated in the air behind Ye Futian. It was a demon beast alright, but it was not a roc. It was a Black Wind Eagle.

"The artistic conception of the stone wall." The members of the Sword Clan lifted their heads to look at the wall where Liu Yuan was. The image of a large Golden Roc. The beast behind Ye Futian had released that artistic conception! How could an ordinary Black Wind Eagle have such an understanding?

"Gu Jiang." Gu Cheng and the others walked over next to Gu Jiang. He climbed up from the ground and looked at Ye Futian's silhouette with cold eyes.

"This Black Wind Eagle is strange. It has such strong comprehension skills to understand the artistic conception," said Gu Jiang. Yan Lu nodded in agreement. He had also noticed this fact.

The group headed towards Ye Futian.

Ruo Yu did not look too good in this current situation. Are the members of the Sword Clan going to start a conflict with Ye Futian?

They watched as Ye Futian stopped in place. He did not spare them a glance, but instead, looked at Ye Wuchen and asked, "Together?"

"Sure," Ye Wuchen nodded. He was obviously not going to turn down Ye Futian's invitation. He was also thinking the same thing.

"Hey, I heard someone have you the cold shoulder." Lin Yueyao chuckled at Ye Futian.

"Taking pleasure in my misfortune?" Ye Futian smiled at her.

"Is it her?" Lin Yueyao looked at Ruo Qiu.

Ruo Qiu saw Lin Yueyao looking over and frowned. What does she mean?

"Since when has your taste gotten so bad?" Lin Yueyao teased. She had finally gotten her revenge. This rascal is always ignoring me. Now he'll know what it's like to get the cold shoulder.

The group of Sword Clan members witnessed everything. Was she insulting Ruo Qiu? However, in comparison to this girl in front of them, Ruo Qiu's looks were a far cry from her beauty.

"Is it funny?" Ye Futian never thought Lin Yueyao had this side to her. It seemed like this girl had held quite a grudge.

"It's pretty funny." She nodded seriously. She then asked, "Can you bring me along too?"

Ye Futian looked at her with a strange look in his eyes. What goes on in this girl's brain?

To be honest, the Lin Yueyao before would have never made such a request, but seeing Ye Futian help Ye Wuchen become enlightened with his guqin, and even a girl he met in the Ancient Barren World, it did not make her feel great. Did she really lack the appeal? She was always getting ignored by this jerk.

Seeing the look in Ye Futian's eyes, Lin Yueyao gave him a glare. "Don't worry. I know I'm not as pretty as your girlfriend. I won't have any crazy thoughts about you. I just want to train with you in the Ancient Barren World."

Ye Futian glanced at Ye Wuchen. Ye Wuchen said nothing and stared at him, almost as if he were saying, "Do what you want." Only then, did Ye Futian nod his head. "Fine."

"Can you not say it so reluctantly?" Lin Yueyao said as she bites her lip, upset.

Ye Futian shrugged, "Whatever."

"You..." Lin Yueyao did not know what to say to him. The anger on her face gave her a unique look. The Sword Clan members standing on the side were stupefied just looking at her. Ruo Qiu was also frozen. A strange expression fell on the faces of Yan Lu and his group.

Ye Futian did not seem to give a crap about Lin Yueyao's looks. It also seemed like this beautiful girl had been previously rejected by Ye Futian. She even said that Ye Futian's girlfriend was more beautiful than she was, and that she wouldn't have any crazy thoughts about him.

Would Ye Futian really try something with Ruo Qiu and her sister?

It was obvious now. Ruo Qiu was thinking too much. Especially when Lin Yueyao had looked at her with the smile that wasn't really a smile. Ruo Qiu felt insulted.

"Are you happy now?" Ruo Yu asked her sister. It was obvious that Ye Futian had no ulterior motives being with them. All he wanted were travel companions. He even taught her the sword technique from the stone wall.

"Ye Futian." Just then, Gu Cheng walked up and spoke to him with a cold demeanor. "How could you allow that demon beast to attack Gu Jiang?"

"Scram." Ye Futian gave him a quick, emotionless glance. He did not want to waste his breath on these people. If it weren't for Ruo Yu, he wouldn't have bothered to say a single word to these people after the inn incident.

At the sight of how arrogant Ye Futian was acting, the Sword Clan members were enraged. Where did this Nine-star Glory Plane get such courage?

"That demon beast, leave it with us," said Wang Jue. He didn't want to discuss any further either. Stepping up, sword intent was released from his body. Feeling the power of the fourth level Dharma Plane, Ye Wuchen frowned. With one step forward, a strong force of sword will erupted from his body. In an instant, the whole area was enveloped by the powerful force. This force of will was like that of the sword wall.

"Do you have a death wish?" asked Ye Wuchen. His tone was sharp like the blade of a sword. The will dominated Wang Jue. He was using the will of sword to repress Wang Jue'd sword intent.

Yan Lu and the others looked at Ye Wuchen in great shock. How was he also enlightened by the stonewall's sword will?

This attracted many people to look over. Yun Qianmo also made her way over.

Seeing that the conflict was growing, Ruo Yu grew worried.

"You have also been enlightened by the stonewall's sword will?" asked Yan Lu. In just one day, two people have been enlightened.

There was also the Black Wind Eagle. It was enlightened by the artistic conception hidden in the Golden Roc wall.

Yan Lu stepped forward and a stronger force of sword intent was release. The destructive power of the sixth level Dharma Plane rolled towards Ye Futian's group.

Everything that happened today could only be described as strange. Since things had already come to this, they could not let Ye Futian get away so easily. Yan Lu needed answers now.

Ye Futian felt Yan Lu's sword intent coming in their direction, as if he wanted to encapsulate them, forcing them to stay. Seems like I was being too nice.

Ye Futian's gaze sharpened and he looked over at Yan Lu to say, "Do you have a death wish?"
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    《The Legend of Futian》