The Legend of Futian
157 To Take Your Life
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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157 To Take Your Life

Chapter 157: To Take Your Life
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This guy… Everyone froze as they stared at Ye Futian. A Nine-star Glory Plane wanted Yun Qianmo to be his maid. This was too crazy. Even though Ye Futian had outstanding gifts, his level of cultivation was still too low. Plus, he was younger. It was too much for him to say such a thing. Despite what Yun Qianmo had previously said, she had merely offered the thought that he would be a friend of the Sword Clan and receive their protection if he was willing to teach a member of the call the sword technique from the stonewall. But Ye Futian? He jumped about a million steps ahead and asked their top disciple to be his maid.

Ruo Qiu, Wang Jue, and others of the Sword Clan looked at Ye Futian. Was this the same person who had traveled alongside them?

Yun Qianmo stared at Ye Futian. She was the female prodigy of the Sword Clan, no one had ever dared to disrespect her in such a way. He wanted her to be a maid! However, the handsome figure at the guqin acted as if it was a given. His innocent eyes smiled at her. Of course, Yun Qianmo could feel the arrogance in his eyes. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to make such a disrespectful, preposterous request. In his eyes, her identity as a female prodigy made her no different from a regular person. Was this the confidence he had in his own gifts?

Although the Cang Mountain Relic was only one of the relics in the Ancient Barren World, there was no one else in history who had been able to understand the artistic conception of all four walls in one day. He was even able to harmonize every image. From this, he definitely had the right to be arrogant.

Over the years, many prodigies from the Qianmeng area had stepped into Qianmeng City. They had all come to the Cang Mountain Relic in hopes of understanding the artistic conception of the stonewalls, but none of them had been able to do what Ye Futian had done today. Not only so, but he was able to use the sound of his guqin to teach the will of the walls to others. Even a nobody from the Sword Clan like Ruo Yu was able to cultivate the sword technique of the wall because of him. It was far better than Yun Qianmo, who tried so hard to comprehend. This meant that if Ye Futian was willing to help her, Yun Qianmo would be able to achieve so much more. She would reach a level incomparable by Ruo Yu. However, it was also impossible for her to sacrifice herself to become a maid just to learn the sword technique. But what if he would also teach her to understand the will of the other three walls as well? If that wasn't enough, then what about all the other things the other relics of the Ancient Barren World could bring her in the future?

Thinking of these things was the only way Yun Qianmo managed to keep calm in a situation where she should be angry. Her gaze shifted to the people behind Ye Futian. Their gifts may not compare to hers, they may also not be as capable, but with Ye Futian, she would be able to achieve everything they would. She may even acquire noble fate in the end.

"You really are out of line here," Liu Yuan said to Ye Futian. Ye Futian didn't think too much of it. After all, the person he made a request to was Yun Qianmo and not Liu Yuan.

In Liu Yuan's opinion, Yun Qianmo was a prodigy. She was beautiful and talented. So, Ye Futian's words were a joke.

"Don't worry, you won't get the chance to be my maid even if you wanted to. I won't be able to get used to it," Ye Futian replied to Liu Yuan with a smile. Females could be maids. What could males do?

Liu Yuan was dumbfounded by what he said. He snorted and looked to Yun Qianmo, "We should just team up and break the flow of his music then take him down. Isn't that much easier?"

"I will take your offer." Yun Qianmo had spoken. Immediately, everyone's attention shifted to her.

She actually said yes?

Has she gone mad? Female prodigy of the Qianmeng area's Sword Clan actually agreed to be someone else's maid? Moreover, this person was at a cultivation level too much lower than herself. A mere Glory Plane cultivator. This was definitely not something to be proud of. Especially for someone of Yun Qianmo's status.

Senior Sister Yun. Ruo Qiu, Yan Lu, and the others stared at her in shock. They were dazed by everything that just happened. In their hearts, Yun Qianmo was an existence they could not reach out to touch. Was she actually going to be a maid? And for someone they had previously not wanted to associate with—Ye Futian. This was truly a 180-degree change. They could not wrap their heads around this immediately. They could not understand.

Even Ye Futian was shocked. He was unfamiliar with the Ancient Barren World and indeed wanted a person to help guide him through, but he was just joking when he said what he did. He did not think that Yun Qianmo would actually agree to do it. He was completely taken by surprise. But to have a female prodigy as a maid should save him a lot of trouble. At the very least, he wouldn't have to have people roll their eyes at him in contempt when he tried to get information. The past experience with Ruo Qiu's group was not a happy one.

Ruo Yu was very kind, but she was also too weak. Plus, there were many things she could not decide for herself. To have Yun Qianmo serve as their guide would actually be quite fitting.

Ye Futian smiled and began to play his instrument. A wave of artistic conception accompanied the music as it crept into Yun Qianmo's mind. She could feel the force. She looked over at the sword wall immediately and in that split second, the words on the wall seemed to have transformed into words. They continuously flowed into her mind. In Yun Qianmo's mind, the sword technique had appeared.

"Such a strong artistic conception." Swords could be seen in her beautiful eyes. She was shocked. No wonder Ruo Yu was able to succeed in cultivation of this sword technique.

Liu Yuan's expression darkened. He had just offered to join hands with Yun Qianmo, but she turned around and agreed to Ye Futian's request. What's more, she was immediately able to be enlightened. What did that make him?

In mere moments, Yun Qianmo was taken over by fate. Sword will circled her petite body. She had a better understanding of the way of the sword to begin with, and was also of a higher cultivation level than Ruo Yu. With the help of Ye Futian's guqin, her road to enlightenment was naturally smooth.

"Try out your new skills on him," said Ye Futian. Yun Qianmo knew what he meant. She turned to Liu Yuan. The sword will was still flowing into her ears along with the music. A sword appeared in her hand and in the blink of an eye, sword will swept over the entire area around them.

At the sight of this, Liu Yuan turned green. The wind will he acquired through enlightenment released and a storm brewed around him. It formed into a destructive force of hurricane sorcery and rolled towards Yun Qianmo. She advanced toward him as endless amounts of sword intent collected around her. The sword flew out of her hand and the qi from it turned into a light rain, falling to the ground from the skies above. The hurricane storm was actually torn to pieces.

Liu Yuan seemed to have transformed into a roc, appearing in front of Yun Qianmo abruptly. He threw out a terrifying attack but it was stopped by an impenetrable force field created by the rain.

Liu Yuan replicated himself and the different images surrounded Yun Qianmo. He released a teleportation spell using the wind will, making the different versions of himself move around her even faster. This did not seem to have any effect on Yun Qianmo. She did not attack him. Instead, she waved her sword around and in combination with the incredible force of sword will, every drop of rain came down sharp, like a sword. Each drop contained the power of sword will.

The replicated images of Li Yuan danced around Yun Qianmo's body but could never find the right time to attack. Meanwhile, her sword will was getting stronger as the sword-like rain storm grew.

"Yun Qianmo, you're degrading yourself! Goodbye." Liu Yuan took the shape of a roc and turned to leave. The sword in Yun Qianmo's hand flew out after him. In an instant, the rain formed into a line. The gleam of a sword's blade shot towards Liu Yuan at a speed greater than his own.

WHOOSH! A low sound was heard. Liu Yuan's body was still advancing forward at an unbelievable speed. After he had gotten a decent distance away, he stopped in mid-air. He turned around with cold eyes and looked down on to a spot on his chest. There, he was pierced by the sword will. The blood gushed from his wound continuously. This was actually the result on a Yun Qianmo who was holding back. If she had attacked at full force, he would have been done with.

In a flash, Liu Yuan scurried away. His voice resonated through the air as he disappeared. "Until next time."

Seeing that her opponent had disappeared, she felt chills. Under the influence of the guqin, she had tested her newly acquired sword techniques perfectly. She had perfected the sword technique of the stonewall.

"Continue with the other two walls," said Ye Futian. Once again, he used the sound of his guqin to transmit the artistic conceptions of the stone walls into her mind. Yun Qianmo immediately looked over at another wall.

Everyone around had their eyes fixated on her. When she had made her decision earlier, everyone was confused by her choice. But by the looks of the battle just now, they slowly began to understand why she agreed to Ye Futian's request.

Ye Futian could make her stronger.

In the pursuit of power, she decided to give up certain things. Things such as her pride as a prodigy. Although it was difficult, this was the choice she made. Also, Ye Futian did not let her down. That battle proved his worth.

Watching Yun Qianmo continue to her path to enlightenment with the two other walls, many people shared the same though. Is this really worth it?

Only time would tell.

Noticing that everyone around Ye Futian was working hard to comprehend the hidden messages the stonewalls through meditation, everyone else began to so as well. At this moment, they could faintly feel that the sound of the guqin was helpful to their comprehension of the walls. The music was gentle. As more people arrived at the Cang Mountain Relic, they were met with this strange scene. The atmosphere at this location was strange as well.

Just then, a group of people arrived loudly. The formation consisted of tens of people, all of high cultivation. These people had also come to see the Cang Mountain Relic. Immediately, they saw the figure seated on top of the tallest wall, playing on his guqin.

"Ye Futian?" A smile escaped on the face of the group leader. Their efforts had not been in vain. Let's see how he'll try to escape this time.

"Several other people from the Cangye Kingdom are here as well," chuckled another person. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen were the ones who ruined the Tingfeng Banquet's reputation. Now, they were all here. The Cangye Kingdom's number one beauty was here as well.

These newcomers were powerful cultivators of the Nandou Nation. They were also the Dharma Plan prodigies chosen from the second event held by Emperor Luo after the Tingfeng Banquet. Emperor Luo had spoken, whoever killed Ye Futian would receive a heavy reward upon their return to the Nandou Nation. This was an opportunity they could not miss out on.

The group headed upward. Ye Futian looked toward them and recognized some faces. Among the group was Xi Lou from the Nandou Nation's Tingfeng Banquet.

"What do you guys want?" chuckled Ye Futian.

"To take your life," someone said coldly. They charged forward suddenly, not wanting to give Ye Futian any opportunity to escape.

Around the stonewalls, everyone's attention was drawn to the Nandou group. They looked at the group with questioning eyes. It wasn't going to be easy to take Ye Futian's life at the Cang Mountain Relics!
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    《The Legend of Futian》