The Legend of Futian
159 I Hope You Can Take I
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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159 I Hope You Can Take I

Chapter 159: I Hope You Can Take It
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian listened quietly. He only spoke when he was sure that Yun Qianmo was finished with what she had to say. "Is there anything higher than the upper-level noble fate?"

Yun Qianmo froze. Looking at Ye Futian, she said in what was almost a whisper, "Higher?"

"Yeah," nodded Ye Futian. He looked right at her as he said, "How am I supposed to differentiate myself from the others otherwise? Only upper-level noble fate can help me do that."

"..." Yun Qianmo blinked at the young man in front of her. Seeing the look in his eye, she really wanted to ask him if he was serious. Although Ye Futian's gifts were extraordinary and he did what no one else had been able to do ever before at the Cang Mountain Relic, the location was merely a historical site outside of Qianmeng City. The people in this city were all from the Qianmeng area. The most powerful cultivators here were still obviously weaker than those groomed in the Eastern Barren Territory. On the other hand, Yu Sheng was undisturbed by what Ye Futian had said. He was used to it.

"I've never heard of it," said Yun Qianmo.

"Oh." Ye Futian nodded and continued, "After we get back to Qianmeng City can you get your hands on a map of the Ancient Barren World?"

"I can, but it won't be absolutely accurate," nodded Yun Qianmo.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded as well and turned his attention away. He was looking into the distance as if he were in deep thought. The battle between the Nandou Nation and the Cangye Kingdom should have begun by now. Luo Junlin should also already be cultivating at the Royal Xuan Temple. Once Luo Junlin made a name for himself there and acquainted himself with people with any power at the Royal Xuan Temple, it would be disastrous for the Cangye Kingdom.

These powerful groups had many Noble Plane cultivators. If Luo Junlin's talents were outstanding enough, it was possible that these powerful cultivators would step up to help him. Although this was the worst-case scenario, it was not something to be ignored. In the Ancient Barren World, Ye Futian must stand out against the others. At the very least, he had to exceed Luo Junlin. This was the only way he could take control of the narrative. Ye Futian would not be the passive party again. The events of that day in Donghai City were not going to happen again.

In the past, Emperor Luo's imperial order was a force of power he could not go against. If the Royal Xuan Temple was anything like Emperor Luo, then the results would be the same. Ye Futian refused to let such things happen to himself once again. However, all these pessimistic thoughts were only hypothetical at this point. Normally, the higher-ups of a great powerful force like the Royal Xuan Temple would not meddle with wars between countries in the Hundred Lands.

After arriving back in Qianmeng City, Ye Futian did not return to the inn from before. Yun Qianmo found a private residence for him. It was very grand. Ye Futian secretly praised his maid for a job well-done. It was indeed very convenient to have the top disciple of a powerful clan of the Qianmeng area as a maid.

Ye Futian cultivated by himself in the court of the residence. He was practicing his sparring skills. There was an explosion of fate, climbing to new levels. His body was enveloped in a strong force of will which carried into every punch he threw forward. However, the power of the will was very mixed because they had different origins. There was the guqin will, the sword will, wind will, and will from different demon beasts. The power of these wills joined to form fate. With the fate, Ye Futian was much more powerful than before. Will was a true form of ability. It could be used in combat. If he was able to acquire enough fate to form noble fate and noble level willpower, it would increase his powers to a terrifying new level.

The Ancient Barren World was indeed a mystical world.

After cultivation martial arts for a while, Ye Futian began to practice on the guqin. The melodious sound carried guqin will, strengthening the artistic conception created by the song. Just then, a beautiful figure was headed towards Ye Futian. It was Yun Qianmo who had just returned. She stopped in front of Ye Futian and quietly watched him play. When he played the guqin, he was a completely different person.

The music slowed until it came to stop. Ye Futian lifted his head to see Yun Qianmo.

"This is a map of the Ancient Barren World," said Yun Qianmo as she handed the object over to Ye Futian. His Guqin Spirit disappeared. Ye Futian laid out the map on the table in front of him.

"This is where we are now, Qianmeng City." Yun Qianmo pointed to a spot on the map. Ye Futian's eyes followed her finger. It was already labeled on the map, the words "Qianmeng City" were marked down.

Ye Futian continued looking downward from their location on the map and saw a large piece of barren land. The end of the barren land was the border of the Ancient Barren World. That should be where he entered. The entrance to the Hundred Lands. The entrance to the Hundred Lands had just opened, so it was not yet marked on the map. There were also no other cities. Just a piece of barren land. Qianmeng City was the closest city to the Hundred Lands.

Looking north on the map, there were a couple of cities near Qianmeng City. Ye Futian asked, "Do these cities also correspond to the outside world?"

"Yes." Yun Qianmo nodded and began to explain, "The places which these cities correspond to are similar to the Qianmeng area. Among these cities, this city here, Loulan City, is central. It was built by the Ancient Loulan in the outside world. Ancient Loulan governs many countries. In the outside world, it is a territory of extreme power and is also located at the center of those countries."

Ye Futian nodded at her explanation. His eyes continued north on the map and he pointed at a spot at the center of the map. "To Qianmeng City, Loulan City is the center, but to this city here, Loulan City is merely an outlying city." The city Ye Futian pointed at was surrounded by cities, all at close proximity. If the cities around Loulan City formed a district, then there were many districts around this city.

Yun Qianmo's finger circled around that city as she said, "Look here. These cities are all entrances for powerful groups of the Eastern Barren Territory. They have dominated a majority of the land and exist independently from each other. These cities form the central district of the Ancient Barren World and correspond to the center of the Eastern Barren Territory in the outside world. That city you were pointing at is the absolute center of the Ancient Barren World, the Barren City. Not a lot of people from the Qianmeng area have been there."

Yun Qianmo was the disciple of a powerful clan in the Qianmeng area. Someone like her was safer in Qianmeng City. Even someone in a lower level of cultivation like Ruo Yu would be able to get by because no one dared to mess with a disciple of these powerful clans, but things would be completely different once they stepped out of Qianmeng City. No one could predict what would happen. Therefore, only those who were confident enough in their own abilities would travel to other cities in the Ancient Barren World. Powerful cultivators from the Qianmeng area would travel to the district center, Loulan City. However, no one dared to step into a place like Barren City carelessly. Even the best of the best from the Qianmeng area could only keep a low-profile once they stepped into Barren City.

Ye Futian nodded his head lightly. No wonder people said the Ancient Barren World was not only the road to the Noble Plane but also an access way. In theory, you have access to anywhere in the Eastern Barren Territory from the Ancient Barren World. It was a huge shortcut. It was almost impossible for Dharma Plane cultivators to reach the Eastern Barren Territory in the outside world.

"If we get the chance, I'll bring you to Barren City," said Ye Futian. He lifted his head to smile at Yun Qianmo.

She took one look at him. He wants to go to Barren City in the Glory Plane? They had not known each other for long but she felt that this guy in front of her had a train of thought that ran on a different track than the mass majority.

"What historical site around Qianmeng City has the strongest fate?" asked Ye Futian.

"Just let me know when you want to go," Yun Qianmo said instead of answering his question. Ye Futian gave her a curious look. It seemed like she had everything planned out already. Perhaps, she was looking forward to this location as well.

"Alright. I have to cultivate for a while. I'll call for you when I need you," nodded Ye Futian. The fate in his body took over once again. He wanted to familiarize himself with its power. He also wanted to stabilize his level of cultivation. After all, he had finally stepped into the peak of the Glory Plane. He could break into the Dharma Plane at any time.


The happenings of Qianmeng City's Cang Mountain Relic spread to many. It was said that a mere Glory Plane cultivator was able to comprehend the true meanings of all four stone walls and was even able to us the will of the stone walls to fight after his enlightenment. He also took down multiple upper-level Dharma Plane cultivators in battle. Furthermore, female prodigy Yun Qianmo of Qianmeng City's Sword Clan had agreed to be his maid. When the news got out, other prodigies gained interest on the topic. The Yun Qianmo had actually become the maid of another person. And a Glory Plane cultivator at that. Countless people used this opportunity to mock the members of the Sword Clan. The Sword Clan members in Qianmeng City were embarrassed and helpless. Many of them tried to find out where Yun Qianmo had gone.

On this day, many people arrived outside the residence where Ye Futian and his friends were staying. A group of them were having an exchange with Yun Qianmo.

"Can I help you, Senior Brother Yang?" Yun Qianmo asked coldly. It seemed that she was speaking to a senior brother from the Sword Clan. He was another top disciple, prodigy Yang Ziqi.

"Didn't you know that your decision would affect the clan's reputation?" Yang Ziqi asked her.

"This is personal and has nothing to do with the clan," said Yun Qianmo.

"You're a member of the clan, of course it has to do with the clan! Gossip is a fearful thing. Don't you understand that?" Yang Ziqi was becoming angry.

"I don't care," she answered calmly.

"I care," he said.

"So what?" Yun Qianmo replied.

Just then, Ye Futian and others walked out from the residence.

"What's going on?" asked Ye Futian.

"It's nothing," Yun Qianmo answered. Yang Ziqi looked over at Ye Futian. His gaze was sharp and hints of sword intent flew towards Ye Futian.

"Is this him?" asked Yang Ziqi.

"It has nothing to do with you," Yun Qianmo's frown grew.

"His looks are not too shabby," Yang Ziqi sneered. Ye Futian's expression turned into a strange one. He knew that he was handsome, but to hear something of the sorts come from the lips of a man was just plain weird.

"So, that's why you're willing to be a maid, to be at his every beck and call?" Yang Ziqi asked with a look of disgust.

Naturally, Yun Qianmo understood what he was hinting at. Her expression turned ice cold and sword intent threatened to explode as it radiated from her.

Yang Ziqi's gave her a stern look before giving Ye Futian a once over. With a cold demeanor, he asked, "How does it feel having the female prodigy of the Sword Clan serving at your feet?"

"Leave," said Yun Qianmo.

"Are you protecting him already?" Yang Ziqi asked with a fierce look in his eyes. He glared at Ye Futian before saying, "I hope you can take it."

After these words, he turned to leave with a murderous look in his eyes.

He had pursued Yun Qianmo but was rejected. Now, she had become the maid of another man. It was not hard to take a guess as to how Yang Ziqi felt.

The people around watched with interest. They were all thinking, had Yun Qianmo "served" Ye Futian?
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    《The Legend of Futian》