The Legend of Futian
161 Then Die
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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161 Then Die

Chapter 161: Then Die
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Ye Wuchen arched an eyebrow. Determination flashed past his eyes. Ye Xiao was his cousin but they actually rarely interacted. Ye Wuchen focused on cultivation. Power meant nothing to him. Especially after the Ancient Barren World opened, the Hundred Lands would change soon too. If they still held the old views that royal power was above all else, there would be danger.

If the Ancient Barren World was permanently open, it would create more Nobles.

Ye Xiao was heavily influenced by royal power. This was probably related to his status as the most possible heir to the throne.

"Thank you, Your Highness, but I'm used to being alone. I won't travel with you," Ye Wuchen said. Saying that he wanted to be alone was to save Ye Xiao some embarrassment. However, Ye Xiao and the people of the Cangye Kingdom were shocked. They stared at Ye Wuchen. He was obviously with Ye Futian's group. Why did he say he was used to being alone?

Ye Xiao's eyes glinted. Was Ye Wuchen joking with him?

"Alright." Ye Xiao smiled thinly. Since Ye Wuchen had made his choice, he wouldn't say anything else.

"Yueyao, what about you?" Ye Xiao glanced at Lin Yueyao. He'd removed her surname, making them feel closer as if it was some type of hint.

Lin Yueyao's eyes glimmered. She felt a bit awkward but still smiled gently and said, "Your Highness, it's hard for me to say."

With that, Lin Yueyao looked at Ye Futian again. This answer didn't say anything but it was undoubtedly still a rejection. Her eyes made people think of many things too. Hard for her to say?

Ye Xiao's smile disappeared completely. Seeing Ye Futian and Lin Yueyao, the people of the Cangye College sharpened their gazes. Many glared at Ye Futian. Was the top beauty of the Cangye Kingdom…?

Seeing Lin Yueyao look at him, Ye Futian was surprised too. Why did it feel like he was thrown under the bus? Hard to say? What did that mean?

"Good." Ye Xiao's tone was cold. Whether it was an excuse or something else, Ye Wuchen and Lin Yuyao had both undoubtedly rejected him. His confident words from before were even more like a joke.

As the Cangye Kingdom prince, he didn't have more of a right to speak than a 17-year-old genius? No matter how talented Ye Futian was, Ye Xiao was the future owner of the kingdom. He left, walking to the Noble Grotto without looking at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian didn't really mind Ye Xiao's attitude. Emperor Ye had saved him and he would remember that. If Ye Xiao was willing to be friends, he would do so willingly. But Ye Xiao and Ye Danchen were all the same to him. They were both Emperor Ye's children and he didn't want to get into the fight for the throne.

But Ye Xiao had made the boundaries clear since the start, seeing Ye Futian as an enemy and part of Ye Danchen's group. He was too calculative, probably due to being born into royalty. This backfired on him.

"What do you mean?" Ye Futian stared at Lin Yueyao. What does this have to do with me?

Lin Yueyao looked wronged and innocent. She whispered, "Then what do you want me to say?"

Right now, Lin Yueyao's eyes are so powerful, Ye Futian thought as he looked at her. Was she conquered by his charm?

"It's not good to be so talented," Ye Futian sighed as he looked away. Lin Yueyao stared at him unblinkingly. This guy was so conceited.

"What's so special about the Noble Grotto?" Ye Futian asked Yun Xiaomo. He didn't mention Ye Xiao. It was a small thing to him.

"The powerful intent contained in the Noble Grotto will press down on anyone that gets close. It gets stronger and stronger as you go. If you cast some power to resist it, the grotto will retaliate with the same element," Yun Qianmo said, looking at the majestic Noble Grotto. "You can only receive the chance to transform the power attacking you into fate if you can endure the powerful pressure. Then you can walk to the corridor and sense the artistic conception at a close distance."

Hearing that, Ye Futian looked up at the corridor. Two figures sat there cross-legged and cultivated with their eyes closed. Only two people were in the huge grotto. They were extremely brilliant. The two shone brightly and their fate shook violently.

At this moment, Ye Futian saw Ye Xiao walk towards the Noble Grotto. Instantly, the shimmering light of the grotto turned into formless power that rushed towards Ye Xiao. Extremely powerful sword intent burst from Ye Xiao. It wrapped around him and he forced himself forward. At that moment, Ye Futian could clearly feel a mysterious pressure come from the grotto. It was like a god's power. It rushed at Ye Xiao, transforming into sword intent as well.

Ye Futian couldn't help but operate Freedom Meditation. He discovered that the pressure came from several statues in the grotto. The statues contained sword intent—the same elemental intent that Yun Qianmo had said.

As the elder prince of the Cangye Kingdom, he was naturally more talented than others. Not only was he a swordsman in training, he was also a Spiritual Elemental sorcerer. All royalty, even Ye Wuchen, actually focused on the Spiritual Elemental and minored in swordsmanship. They were extremely powerful.

He continued forward, resisting the sword pressure. Ye Xiao continuously approached the grotto, not stopping until he was 13 steps away.

"These are known as the 13 Steps of Death," Yun Qianmo said. "The intent attacks multiply and will even truly injure the person. The geniuses are all stopped within these thirteen steps. In fact, you can gain something from each step."

Ye Futian nodded. The Freedom Meditation was operating at top speed. The grotto's intent slowed down in his eyes as it attacked Ye Xiao.

Boom! Ye Xiao stepped forward forcefully. His sword aura cut through everything. There seemed to be a violent windstorm. Powerful waves swirled like tidal waves. The first waves were forced back. It grew stronger and screamed as it came for Ye Xiao.

It's not enough to only cultivate martial arts and not Spiritual power because pure martial artists can't enter this grotto, Ye Futian thought. As Ye Xiao made his second step, the aura grew stronger.

At the third step, the sword aura filled the sky. Ye Xiao stopped. He brandished his sword again. Sword intent blanketed him, enveloping his body, transforming into an extremely strong shield. He stepped again but similar pressure transformed into a sword, sweeping towards him. It destroyed everything and fell upon Ye Xiao. There were sizzling sounds. Ye Xiao flew out and kept retreating. He looked pathetic and was even bleeding.

"Prince!" The Cangye Kingdom's people walked over but Ye Xiao waved his hand. He looked embarrassed; he only made three steps.

"Every step is like a limit. You have to keep overcoming your limits," Ye Futian muttered.

"Genius, are you going to try?" Someone giggled. Li Lianyi looked at Ye Futian from the near distance.

"The Noble Grotto is different from the Cang Mountain Relic," Liu Yuan said.

Many talents had come to the grotto and tried but only those two could reach the corridor. They'd spent a lot of time trying too.

"The Cang Mountain Relic is enlightenment but the Noble Grotto relies more on your own intent power and strong cultivation talent," Mo Fan, the pride of the Qianmeng area. He also walked over.

The two sitting in the corridor after the 13 Steps of Death were the top talents of the Qianmeng area. At this time, two more figures appeared in the air and descended.

"Yun Qianmo," one called. She looked over and saw Yang Ziqi, the senior brother who'd humiliated her yesterday.

The one beside Yang Ziqi had his hair tied up. He had a sharp aura. Seeing him, Yun Qianmo called, "Senior Brother Zhao."

Zhao Han. Everyone looked up at him. Zhao Han was the top disciple of the Sword Clan. He was extremely talented and had once made ten of the Thirteen Steps of Death. He only had three more steps left so it was obvious how powerful he was.

Zhao Han looked at Yun Qianmo and said, "Junior Sister Yun, I'm very disappointed."

No matter what, Yun Qianmo's actions had disgraced the Sword Clan. After all, she was a top disciple.

"Senior Brother, I…" Yun Qianmo wasn't as cold as she was to Yang Ziqi. Zhao Han was respected and extraordinarily talented. He was the leader of their generation. Everyone respected him.

Zhao Han didn't reply. He looked to Ye Futian.

"You have high comprehension abilities to be able to comprehend all four sides of the Cang Mountain Relic. I heard that the Sword Clan offended you first so you made Yun Qianmo your servant," Zhao Han said.

He continued, "Since she agreed, I'll give you a chance. If you can beat me at the Noble Grotto today, I'll let Yun Qianmo cultivate with you. The Sword Clan won't bother you anymore. If you can't beat me but still dared to take our disciple as a servant," Zhao Han said coldly, "then die."

The cold words revealed an undeniable message. Beside them, Yang Ziqi sneered. Zhao Han was so talented. He'd once made ten of the Thirteen Steps of Death. Barely any of their generation could do that.

Ye Futian would definitely die today.

So domineering. Everyone chuckled after hearing Zhao Han's words. With his abilities, he was qualified to say that. He gave Ye Futian a chance. If Ye Futian won, he would have the right to take the Sword Clan's pride as a servant. If not, he would die.
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    《The Legend of Futian》