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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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162 Trio

Chapter 162: Trio
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian looked at Zhao Han. He had handsome and clear features. Just standing there gave him an extraordinary aura. Ye Futian had naturally noticed that Yun Qianmo's attitude towards Zhao Han was different from hers to Yang Ziqi. It was obvious that Zhao Han had a higher status in the Sword Clan. That was why he had a cold expression and arrogant words. He said that if Ye Futian could defeat him, he wouldn't care about Yun Qianmo again. If Ye Futian lost, he would die. However, what did Yun Qianmo being a servant have anything to do with him? This meant that if Ye Futian won, he would win. If he lost, he would die. How tyrannical.

"Would you like to consider taking your words back?" Ye Futian asked Zhao Han.

Zhao Han gazed at Ye Futian. His eyes were sharp as if sword intent was flowing from them. He said coldly, "I never take back my words. If you don't accept it, you'll also die." No one in the Glory Plane was qualified to negotiate with him, especially not one from the Hundred Lands.

Ye Futian smiled. Instead of arguing, he walked towards the Noble Grotto. Yu Sheng glared coldly at Zhao Han and followed Ye Futian. The group walked towards the grotto.

Zhao Han's eyes were indifferent. He moved towards the grotto with Yang Ziqi. Everyone around them started walking towards the grotto as well. Zhao Han had once walked ten steps into the grotto. Could he break the record this time? Of the 13 Steps of Death, apparently, the last three were the most terrifying and could really kill someone.

They were all a bit sympathetic of Ye Futian. This genius from the Hundred Lands had extraordinary comprehension but would most likely die here.

The Noble Grotto was vast and wide. The people scattered in all directions, ready to try with Zhao Han and Ye Futian. They were secretly competitive. Motivation came with competition and made them want to go forward even more strongly.

Many extraordinary figures stood before the grotto. An invisible burst of majesty traveled over. The people in the back looked forward with an odd brightness in their eyes. These geniuses were going forward together. It was rare and interesting.

Zhao Han was the best of the Sword Clan this generation. He was extremely talented and had already taken ten steps. No one else could top him. All the talents of the Qianmeng area were eclipsed by him.

Li Lianyi was a girl but she was extremely talented as well and would probably have a great performance.

Yun Qianmo had agreed to be Ye Futian's servant but she wasn't weak either. According to rumors, she had defeated Liu Yuan at the Cang Mountain Relic. However, she'd relied on the stone wall's sword intent at the time. The people wondered who would be stronger now. And how would Yang Ziqi and the prides of the Hundred Lands perform?

Of course, they were excited to see how Ye Futian would fare as well. He was a genius who had once comprehended all four walls of the Cang Mountain Relic. The end was already determined but they still wanted to see how many steps he could take. Seven steps? If he could take seven out of the 13, it would be more than half and he would be astonishingly talented. Those of the Qianmeng area who could take seven steps were all renowned figures.

Ye Xiao studied Ye Futian's group and stepped forward. He prepared to continue trying. Last time, he'd only taken three steps which wasn't a good result.

Chu Kuangren and the people of the Yunchu Nation all walked to the grotto. At the Nandou Nation's Tingfeng Banquet, he didn't even have a chance to fight. At that time, Ye Wuchen's power had made him want to avoid him. Now, he had the chance to quietly compete with Ye Wuchen.

Ye Futian didn't know what everyone else was thinking. At this moment, he stood before the grotto, feeling the mysterious majesty. He silently praised the Noble Grotto's miraculous feeling. This pressure was like heavenly might. It made one revere it. But at this moment, he was going to challenge this reverent strength.

Picking up his feet, Ye Futian walked forward. He didn't use any elemental power and merely walked forward with his body. The statues carved into the grotto glowed faintly. A mysterious pressure surged from them, transforming into tangible power pushing down on him. However, it wasn't strong enough and couldn't stop him. He continued forward as if strolling in the garden. He quickly came to the 13 Steps of Death. The next 13 steps were the true trial.

The formless pressure continued pouring out, transforming into intent that rushed into his mind.

Zhao Han from the Sword Clan was left of Ye Futian. To his right was Yu Sheng and Yun Qianmo's group. Everyone had come to this point.

Thud. Beside him, Zhao Han stepped forward. He made three continuous steps and was extremely powerful. After the third step, he paused and glanced at Ye Futian. Then he said to Yun Qianmo, "I hope he won't be too disappointing. Otherwise, you'd seem too cheap." With that, he took another step. Wild sword intent swept into a storm around him. Taking four continuous steps, he was extremely powerful and threw everyone far behind him.

Ye Futian didn't mind. He calmly made his first step. An invisible aura radiated from him. This step was extremely stable. His body didn't even shake at all. Countless statues lit up and countless waves of pressure came down on him. They transformed into powerful intent, attacking his tenacity wildly. The strong cultivators around him all stepped forward. The first step was nothing for the geniuses present.

Ye Futian quietly felt the power. Instead of looking at the others, he focused on the grotto up ahead and walked forward. As he continued, he still didn't release any elemental power.

The mighty grotto had a mysterious power. It came again like a tide and was even stronger, crashing heavily against his body. Strong intent rushed into his mind. It was terrifyingly powerful, almost enough to break down his will.

The strong power transformed into a windstorm but Ye Futian was still unmoved. He was extremely stable and soon took his third step. An even stronger power and intent came, even causing his body to whistle. That was how powerful it was.

Yu Sheng was beside him. He took the same steps and also didn't release any elemental power. He used his pure strength. He naturally had god-like strength and was the best at this. Therefore, the grotto responded with similarly strong power.

"It's the third step." The people before the grotto watched the group. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Yun Qianmo, and the others had all taken their third step. From the looks of things, many could continue. At least, the fourth step would be no problem.

Ye Xiao was at the third step as well. Earlier, he had stopped here. This time, he must break through. Closing his eyes, the sword intent wrapping around him was shocking. The spiritual intent had transformed into a sharp sword going forward. He stepped and the terrifying sword intent came rushing into his mind. He didn't move, allowing the two forces to clash. Finally, he succeeded. In this moment, Ye Xiao felt his intent strengthening.

He opened his eyes. The light of a sword flashed past. He smiled and successfully made his fourth step.

Before the grotto, some figures had stopped. The power of the mighty grotto was too much and they couldn't overcome it. Right now, the strongest was still Zhao Han. He had taken his seventh step and stopped again to look back at Ye Futian and the others.

Is Zhao Han waiting for Ye Futian? many people thought. He didn't even struggle with the seventh step. No wonder he was number one of the Sword Clan.

"You're too slow," he called to Ye Futian. "Where's the talent you showed at the Cang Mountain Relic?"

Ye Futian glanced at Zhao Han in the near distance and looked away. He continued looking forward and raised his foot. He made his fourth step. Everyone's eyes flashed. Before they could react, Ye Futian raised his foot again and took his fifth step. Many people trained their eyes on him. Soon after, they saw him take his sixth step. When he stopped, everyone felt an unbelievable power. It swept past everything. Even when the crushing weight came, it was still unmoved.

This… Everyone was shocked—not due to Ye Futian taking six steps but because of how stable he was despite making three continuous steps. This meant that he could continue. His aura was getting stronger as he walked as if it could compete with the grotto's power.

Boom. There was a loud sound. Everyone looked over and saw that beside Ye Futian, Yu Sheng had made continuous steps like a wild demon. He also made his sixth step and his body was filled to the brim with wild power.

Ye Wuchen's sword intent was like a storm, wrapping around him. He pointed forward fearlessly, facing the mighty pressure directly as if he wanted to cut a path with his sword. As he pointed, he also took three steps in a row and came to the sixth step.

The three had all taken six steps. Many people looked at them, hearts shuddering slightly.

Ye Xiao took this in with some humiliation. They had taken six steps—such powerful six steps—while he'd only taken four. He was so far behind Ye Wuchen and the others. There was no comparison usually, but now, it was obvious. Even Lin Yueyao had taken her fourth step and was on her fifth.

Chu Kuangren wasn't willing to admit defeat either. He took his sixth step but was struggling. He felt like he'd used up all his strength and energy, and was extremely tense.

At this time, Ye Futian moved again at the front of the grotto. He took his seventh step, allowing the extreme power to attack him without showing any sign of struggle.

Thud. The loud noise was Yu Sheng's footstep. He'd taken his seventh step as well and looked coldly at Zhao Han, stopped at the seventh step.

Ye Wuchen pushed his hands forward and it was as if endless sharp swords poured out of him. His body moved with the swords. There seemed to be a sword spirit storm around him, destroying everything, but he made his seventh step steadily.

Boom. With the loud boom, Chu Kuangren was thrown into the air when he tried for the seventh step and crashed onto the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood, his face pale.

Ye Xiao looked at the trio who had taken their seventh step and didn't have the courage to make his fifth. Even if he did, so what?
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    《The Legend of Futian》