The Legend of Futian
165 Did I Allow You to Leave?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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165 Did I Allow You to Leave?

Chapter 165: Did I Allow You to Leave?
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

He'd actually advanced to the next level! Countless eyes studied Ye Futian. Everyone knew that the Noble Grotto could test cultivators. Many were able to break through their limits after enduring the grotto's intent. But no one had ever been like Ye Futian and choose not to enter the corridor after completing the thirteen steps, choosing instead to do it again without hesitation. He released the elemental power within him and used the grotto's intent power's attack to test his body, thus having a breakthrough into the Dharma Plane. After his martial arts broke into the Dharma Plane, the martial intent grew stronger and formed a dharma.

Ye Xiao and the people of the Cangye College stared at Ye Futian's backside. They looked embarrassed. Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen made the Cangye College students seem unaccomplished. The strongest had only taken five steps.

Five steps actually wasn't weak but with Ye Futian's trio present, they looked horrible. Even worse, Ye Futian didn't show any signs of stopping yet. Right now, he was under extreme pressure but could also feel his power changing. In his mind, an even stronger intent attacked. Intent of different elements swept up a chaotic storm. It destroyed everything and more statues imprinted in his mind. Ye Futian fought against this power; he didn't fear the noble intent.

Was a noble intent enough to destroy him?

Arrogance emanated from him. His blood bubbled as the Imperial Tactics operated subconsciously. A strand of emperor's intent appeared in his mind. That moment, the noble intent from the statue seemed to be shocked. It tried to fight back but Ye Futian destroyed it with the emperor's intent. If he was stopped by the grotto today, he wouldn't be able to kill a true Noble in the future.

Without hesitation, Ye Futian took the twelfth step for the second time. His arrogance didn't reduce; he was still like an emperor.

Even stronger intent from the statue rushed into his mind. This time, Ye Futian didn't destroy it. He allowed it to attack his spiritual intent. He was like an emperor; no matter what came, it would all submit to him in the end. As soon as he made his twelfth step, Ye Futian made his thirteenth without any fear. This time, his steps were steadier than before. There wasn't any faltering. Instead of going through the trial, it was as if he was going to conquer.

After the thirteenth step, the entire grotto imprinted in his mind. It seemed to feel his arrogance. The various statues all appeared in his mind to eliminate this brash man.

Ye Futian didn't fear anything. The emperor's intent was extremely powerful. It didn't move no matter what the noble intent tried. He enveloped the noble intent with the emperor's intent. The powerful noble intent seemed to meld into his intent, submitting to the emperor. At this moment, something seemed to break open. His spiritual power was evolving. A powerful spiritual windstorm carried the surrounding power and swallowed it. All types of Spiritual Qi and the strong intent all turned into food for Ye Futian.

Breakthrough in Spiritual power. Everyone's hearts trembled again. Ye Futian cultivated both martial arts and sorcery. After a breakthrough in martial arts, he still wasn't satisfied and continued using the grotto's power to have a breakthrough in spiritual sorcery. Now, he had advanced in both spiritual and martial arts power. He entered the Dharma Plane completely.

Many people felt numb. All the prides of the Qianmeng area had been subdued at the Noble Grotto by someone in the Glory Plane from the Hundred Lands. They were forced to surrender. Compared to him, Zhao Han of the Sword Clan was so unimpressive. If he was a pride, then what was Ye Futian?

At this time, fate bloomed from Ye Futian. It rose up several meters and was still strengthening. The intent of the stone statues flowed in endlessly, transforming into fate and making it stronger. It soon became dozens of meters tall and was terrifying. They'd never seen someone create such powerful fate just from the Noble Grotto.

There were many types of fate. To the people of the Ancient Barren World, it took a long time to comprehend the relics. The easiest way was to steal. However, Ye Futian had reversed that thought. He approached the Noble fate with just comprehension. This was frightening. If the others of the Qianmeng area could be like him, it would be so easy to become a Noble.

"Great!" Yu Sheng was so excited seeing this as if he'd also had a breakthrough. Then he lifted his foot and went for the last step. That moment, his entire body tensed. The fabric on his arms tore apart. His veins bulged and the frightening muscles made one feel immense strength. His physical body was strong to the extreme. There was a shocking roar. Yu Sheng bellowed at the stone statues. His body seemed to glow like a demon; he was unstoppable.

Boom… His foot fell like a demon shattering the sky. His body made a huge sound and each body part seemed to be evolving. A gust of martial intent burst forth, making him even stronger. With another roar, he shattered the noble intent. Yu Sheng's eyes burned with golden flames like a demon.

Another one with a breakthrough. Everyone stared at the demonic backside, shuddering inwardly. This was too crazy. Others had had breakthroughs before the Noble Grotto before but it was never as impressive as Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. They were two beasts!

Ye Wuchen looked at the two before him. Right now, he was extremely calm. He'd never been so determined before. His heart was a sword; his intent and body transformed into a sword. His entirely had become a sword—an indestructible sword. He moved towards the last step.

That moment, endless sword intent came ripping past. The horrible windstorm tore past his body, opening up countless wounds. His sword intent was about to extinguish any time. The small silver sword that shot out whistled. It could collapse with any mistake. No matter what collapsed, he would be destroyed. But he didn't fear anything.

When Ye Futian and Yu Sheng stepped forward, he could sense that his talent wasn't as good as either. He had to be extremely determined to do the same as them. He must be fearless as well.

A swordsman must go forward without looking back. If he completed that step, the skies would clear. If he retreated, his sword heart should shatter. He'd never be able to surpass his limits. A swordsman must have the courage and determination to face death. He couldn't be defeated like this.

Many people stared at Ye Wuchen in shock. He'd taken the last step with an entirely tensed body. Many were nervous. Lin Yuyao stared. She knew that if anything happened, Ye Wuchen might die here.

This guy was too crazy. He'd already made 12 steps. Why must he keep going? Was it worth it to risk his life for?

Whish, whish… Sharp sounds appeared. Ye Wuchen's foot stepped down entirely. That moment, endless sword intent flowed on his body. It shot towards the statues. The sword intent flowed through him as if he was the body of the sword. He'd obviously succeeded; Ye Wuchen had taken the thirteenth step.

Of those who came from the Qianmeng area, only two were cultivating in the corridor. But today, Ye Futian's trio arrived and all successfully made thirteen steps. This was so shocking. Throughout the history of the Qianmeng area, there'd never been a force that created three figures like them at the same time. Now, they all stopped at the last step.

Ye Futian's gaze fell calmly on the statues. He continuously sensed the intent contained in the statues carved in the grotto. His Freedom Meditation operated and he could feel each intent power clearly. The more he felt it, the more he experienced the strength. He attempted to release the emperor's intent. It surged into a statue and slowly, he realized that it resonated with the noble intent as if trying to make it surrender.

Just as he'd guessed, the emperor's intent born at Donghai City that day was even more advanced than noble intent. He just didn't know how to use it yet. His abilities under the emperor's intent had once shocked everyone, killing someone in the Arcana Plane.

Seems like I can cultivate here for a long while, Ye Futian thought. The Noble Grotto was an optimal place for cultivation.

He looked left and right. Seeing Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen there, he smiled. Then he looked at Yun Qianmo and Lin Yueyao. The Freedom Meditation showed him the statues releasing pressure on them.

His emperor's intent communicated with the power within those statues. Then he called, "Yun Qianmo."

"Yes?" Yun Qianmo looked over at him.

"Comprehend well and try advancing again," Ye Futian said.

Beside Yun Qianmo, Lin Yueyao saw this and couldn't help but call, "Hey!"

Ye Futian looked at Lin Yueyao in confusion. He saw her resentful gaze and angry eyes as if she felt he was biased. Ye Futian was speechless. Was this girl jealous?

Stupid. Overlooking her, Ye Futian said, "One by one." With that, he guided power into Yun Qianmo's mind. This wasn't an attack though. It was for Yun Qianmo to feel.

Beside Ye Futian, Zhao Han looked at this coolly. Ye Futian had clearly overlooked his existence.

"Yun Qianmo," Zhao Han called. The girl looked over and he said, "Come back within a month."

He'd said that if Ye Futian could beat him, he wouldn't care anymore. He couldn't go back on his words. He still wasn't willing though so he only gave Yun Qianmo one month's time.

Yun Qianmo's eyes hardened. Then Zhao Han stepped back, getting ready to leave.

"Did I allow you to leave?" a cold and arrogant voice said. Zhao Han's steps froze!
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    《The Legend of Futian》