The Legend of Futian
166 Someone of the Noble Fate
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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166 Someone of the Noble Fate

Chapter 166: Someone of the Noble Fate
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

This voice naturally came from Ye Futian. Everyone's gazes focused on Ye Futian's direction. Was he crazy? He had defeated Zhao Han and the latter had taken a step back, only telling Yun Qianmo to return to the clan after one month. This was still domineering but even though Ye Futian had shown his extreme talent, he was still lower in plane. Zhao Han not going back on his words was already good enough but now Ye Futian was challenging him again. Wasn't this giving Zhao Han an excuse to mess with him?

"Are you talking to me?" Zhao Han gazed at Ye Futian with some mockery in his eyes.

"Don't take a single step before my mood turns better," Ye Futian said coldly instead of answering the question. "Move then die."

Zhao Han's expression turned odd. Move then die? He looked at Ye Futian and sneered. If the youth wanted to die, then he'd let him.

"How would you like to die?" Zhao Han asked coldly. As soon as he said that, something extremely sharp flashed past Ye Futian's eyes. In a blink, an extremely terrifying intent power shot to Zhao Han. This time, it wasn't gentle like the intent that had entered Yun Qianmo's mind. Instead, it was filled with the thirst for killing.

In a moment, Zhao Han felt that it wasn't Ye Futian before him but the strong intent power in the stone statues that came at him. Accompanied by a sharp sound, shocking sword intent burst from Zhao Han's body. However, the other intent pierced directly through everything, coming from the sword intent of the stone statues.

Sizzle… Everyone heard a pained cry mixed into the piercing sharp sound. Zhao Han trembled as blood flowed out from his body. Even his eyes were bleeding.

At that moment, everyone's eyes were trained there, staring at the two figures.

"The statue lit up." Someone looked to the kendo statues in the grotto. They were glowing.

"Just like in the Cang Mountain Relic." Watching this scene, Liu Yuan's expression was dark. Ye Futian had used his musical sorcery to activate the intent within the stone walls at the Cang Mountain Relic. Now, he didn't even need the musical sorcery to activate the even stronger intent of the grotto. Was he even human?

When the attacking strength disappeared, Zhao Han couldn't help but tremble. At that moment, he had felt death.

"Do you think I'm joking?" Ye Futian smiled at Zhao Han. He was handsome and had a nice smile. He looked harmless but in Zhao Han's eyes right now, he was like a demon. Everyone could feel shudders from the coldness. Earlier, Zhao Han had been extremely domineering. He'd set the rule that if Ye Futian lost, he would die. Without saying anything, Ye Futian had walked quietly towards the grotto. At that time, he couldn't fight against Zhao Han.

Next, he walked towards the grotto and showed his talent.

Now, he could use the intent of the grotto to crush Zhao Han. His entire presence had changed. If Zhao Han moved, he would die.

There was no reason. Now, Ye Futian set the rules.

Zhao Han's features twisted. He was the top disciple of the Sword Clan and an extremely talented cultivator. His arrogant words from before were still fresh but now he was in such a position. It was so embarrassing. If he moved, he would die. So should he stay here for everyone to gawk at? Did he, Zhao Han, still have a place in the Qianmeng area now? He was forced to the point of not even daring to move. It was such a humiliation.

"If you don't believe me, you can try." Ye Futian no longer looked at Zhao Han; his eyes turned to Yun Qianmo.

Right now, Yun Qianmo's expression was a bit uncomfortable. Zhao Han was a top disciple. If Ye Futian treated him so, what would he do after leaving the grotto? And what should she do? She had given up on some things when she agreed to become Ye Futian's servant but it was difficult to betray her clan and become Zhao Han's enemy.

"Yun Qianmo, continue perceiving." Ye Futian guided the intent contained inside the statues into Yun Qianmo's mind so she could perceive and comprehend it. Then he looked to Lin Yueyao and did the same thing.

At this time, everyone saw that the Black Wind Eagle had walked before the stone statues and was making its way to the Thirteen Steps of Death. It had even made four steps. Next, it began perceiving as well under Ye Futian's help.

"I'm going up to cultivate," Yu Sheng said to Ye Futian.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. Yu Sheng walked up to the grotto's corridor, walking under the statues. He felt the mighty intent emanating from them. He found a quiet place to sit and began perceiving quietly.

Ye Wuchen did the same. He had forcefully made the thirteen steps and some changes had occurred to his body. Now, he needed to relax and perceive for a while. The grotto deserved for him to take his time.

Only Ye Futian and Zhao Han remained standing there. Ye Futian looked at all the statues, feeling the powerful intent within them and increasing his fate.

Zhao Han was in a bad position. He was forced to stand there, not allowed to take a step. Now, he looked to Ye Futian with dark eyes but not daring to risk it. Behind him were the prides of the Qianmeng area. Mo Fan, Li Lianyi, and the others were all unsettled. Today's performance of Ye Futian's trio was too overbearing.

Ye Xiao, Chu Kuangren, and the others were even more speechless.

Ye Xiao especially looked at them with a complex expression.

Time passed bit by bit. After a long while, everyone saw Yun Qianmo move. She had started attempting to move forward. Under their shocked gazes, she walked to the tenth step. Then she tried her eleventh and succeeded as well. Many people couldn't help but look to Ye Futian. It seemed that Yun Qianmo could only do this with his help. He had guided the stone statues' intent so Yun Qianmo could sense it.

After a short pause, Yun Qianmo tried the twelfth and then the thirteenth. Succeeding all the steps, she walked into the corridor. This made Zhao Han even more uncomfortable, as well as Yang Ziqi and Liu Yuan.

It was not only Yun Qianmo. Next, Lin Yueyao, her guards, and even the Black Wind Eagle tried to step forward with Ye Futian's help. They approached the corridor and finally walked onto it.

Of course, because they relied on Ye Futian, the intent they had were far from Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen's because they had relied on themselves. Still, they received a lot of fate. Next, they could slowly study it in the corridor. Seeing the many bodies in the corridor, everyone else was speechless. Was this possible?

Ye Xiao looked to Ye Futian with a bit of hesitation. Looking at Lin Yueyao and the others cultivating in the corridor, he seemed to make a decision. Ye Xiao finally called out, "Ye Futian."

Ye Futian looked away from the statues and turned to Ye Xiao. "Yes, Your Highness?"

"Take us to the corridor," he said with a straight face.

He said "us" instead of "me." He'd included the people of the Cangye College. Obviously, just saying himself would be very embarrassing so he added the others as well.

Ye Xiao knew that begging Ye Futian wasn't too glorious but he'd only taken four steps. If he had to use that rate for accumulating fate, it would be hard to receive the noble fate. He needed the noble fate. If he had it, the throne would be his. He may also have a chance similar to Luo Junlin too. Then Cangye Kingdom's throne would just be a backup plan. Thus, he lowered himself like this. Even so, his voice was still cold as if he was ordering Ye Futian instead of begging him.

Hearing Ye Xiao's voice, Ye Futian smiled. "Since the emperor ordered that we shouldn't rely on others, I'm sure you will understand him and rely on yourself." This was what Ye Xiao had said when they entered the Ancient Barren World. Now, Ye Futian returned it to him.

Ye Futian hadn't forgotten Emperor Ye's kindness to him. If Ye Xiao hadn't done those things, they would still be friends and he would help. But since Ye Xiao wanted to keep the boundaries clear, Ye Futian could only go with the flow.

Hearing these words, Ye Xiao's expression grew uglier. He'd already lowered his pride but he was still rejected. Ye Futian had humiliated him completely. He stared coldly at Ye Futian and didn't say anything else. Ye Futian continued to cultivate. He prepared to study the statues and agglomerate his dharma.

At that time, of those in the corridor, one of the two who had been cultivating first had started moving. In a second, multiple gazes moved onto him. They all knew him.

The figure walked down from the corridor and towards where Zhao Han was. His features were as defined as if they were carved by a knife and he was abnormally handsome. His entire body radiated a mighty presence as if he was extraordinary from birth. His sharp gaze was deep and his face was emotionless though he gave off an invisible pressure.

When Zhao Han saw him, he couldn't help but call out, "Young Master Qian."

"There are mountains past the mountains and skies past the skies. Do you understand the phrase now?" the young man said calmly. Zhao Han nodded. He could admit that his talent was far from Ye Futian's but he still couldn't accept it.

"Go," the young man said. Zhao Han glanced at Ye Futian but still nodded and retreated. It was as if the young man's words were like an order, even more powerful than Ye Futian's threat.

Ye Futian, who was cultivating, frowned. He looked over and an invisible intent power surged towards Zhao Han.

At the same time, a terrifying gust of power came out of the young man. It transformed into a dragon that wrapped around Zhao Han, protecting him. He hurried backward and retreated from the grotto.

The dragon returned to the young man. At that moment, he was dazzling as if he was a dragon among the people.

Noble fate. Everyone's hearts trembled. He was a legendary figure, a monstrously talented figure of the Qianmeng area, and had absolute authority.

"It's just a small matter. End it now," the young man said to Ye Futian. There seemed too absolute authority hidden inside the monotonous voice.

Amongst the younger generation of the Qianmeng area, his words were the command!
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    《The Legend of Futian》