The Legend of Futian
167 Realization of Dharma
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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167 Realization of Dharma

Chapter 167: Realization of Dharma
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian studied the youth before him. He already knew Zhao Han's identity as the son of the Sword Clan's clan master. But he became respectful the moment the youth appeared. Zhao Han retreated as soon as he was told so who must this be? Of course, Ye Futian was only curious.

"He wants my life and you think it's a small matter?" Ye Futian said, smiling. "You better convince me."

The people of the Qianmeng area all stared at Ye Futian. This guy probably dared to speak like this because he didn't know who this person was. What would he do if the man couldn't convince him? Fight? Even if he won, if he fought this young man, Ye Futian would definitely be dead. He wouldn't be able to leave this city alive unless he hid in the grotto forever.

"Compared to why you entered the Ancient Barren World, of course it is a small matter." The youth smiled nonchalantly and said, "It's only a grudge. Even if you kill him, no one can touch you if you use the grotto's power. But are you never going to leave? Why do that just for a grudge? In the Ancient Barren World, compared to getting the noble fate and strengthening, nothing else is important."

Ye Futian didn't speak. He continued gazing at the youth quietly, waiting for the other to keep talking.

"With your talent, it shouldn't be hard to receive the noble fate. It's only a matter of time. But in the Ancient Barren World, there are things beneficial to cultivation other than noble fate. For example, there is the Loulan Relic in Loulan City. There are relics that have disappeared in the outside world. For countless years, many talents go to the Loulan City to see the relic but few can go in. Even if they go in, it's hard to receive anything. I believe you'll be interested." The youth smiled as if confident in his judgment.

Indeed, Ye Futian was interested. Qianmeng City was the city closest to the entrance to the Hundred Lands. They'd come directly after entering the Ancient Barren World. After learning about the map, Ye Futian had wanted to go out. He couldn't stay in Qianmeng forever. That was why he didn't fear becoming enemies with Zhao Han. Loulan City was the heart of this region. It meant there must be stronger fate there.

"What's in the relic?" Ye Futian asked.

"Many things. For example, ritual implements that contain noble intent. These items can't be brought in from the outer world. Therefore, you can't find ritual implements in the outer world. That's not all. The relic won't disappoint you," the young man said.

"Why are you telling me?" Ye Futian studied the other. The youth had come for a reason, seemingly not only to resolve tensions between him and Zhao Han but to say these things. But if that was the case, why didn't he just come and directly tell Ye Futian?

"Of course it's because of your talent," the youth said, smiling. "If you wish to go, we can go together. He will also go." With that, he pointed at the other one cultivating in the corridor. Before Ye Futian's group, only they were in the corridor.

"I might cultivate here for a while," Ye Futian said.

"No problem. How about I come to find you in three months?" the youth asked.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded and didn't say anything else.

"Goodbye." The youth smiled and left. Walking past Zhao Han, he said, "This is over."

"Yes, Young Master Qian." Zhao Han nodded, not daring to make any objections. Then the youth walked away. The people involuntarily made way for him. He was obviously highly respected. When he left, Zhao Han glared at Ye Futian. He'd completely embarrassed himself today but he couldn't even take revenge. "Let's go," he uttered and left with Yang Ziqi.

Yang Ziqi looked unwilling. He still couldn't help but look at the beautiful figure in the corridor. He couldn't accept that the girl he liked would become someone else's servant. Thinking that she would serve a man, he felt furious. But he couldn't do anything. Even Zhao Han was powerless now; he could only leave as well.

The spectators whispered amongst themselves. Ye Futian was valued highly by Young Master Qian and was invited to Loulan City. With Ye Futian's talent, he would be terrifying in the future. Perhaps Young Master Qian wanted to pull Ye Futian under him. If he agreed, he might become a top figure of the Qianmeng area.

Young Master Qian was the young leader of the Qianmeng area.

Ye Futian didn't think about Zhao Han. Just as the young man had said, this truly was a small matter. He anticipated more interesting things from the Ancient Barren World.

Of course, he knew why the man had invited him. There was definitely a use for him. Maybe the man wanted to use him but he didn't mind. This was mutual and he'd see after arriving at Loulan City.

He stepped out and onto the corridor. Faint intent weighed down on him. He walked down the corridor. Whenever he walked past a statue, he could feel the intent coming from it. It was very clear and it was easy to sense under the statue.

There were also many caves in the grotto that seemed natural. Ye Futian walked into one. The outside pressure was gone. If he didn't want to endure the pressure, he could go into a cave.

After familiarizing himself, Ye Futian walked down the corridor. He returned to outside the Thirteen Steps of Death. He walked through it again without using the emperor's intent. Instead, he used pure elemental power, such as fire, water… He continued using the Noble Grotto to test himself. This made many speechless. The Noble Grotto, the place with the strongest fate in Qianmeng City, had become Ye Futian's toy. He could cultivate however he wanted.

In the following days, the people who remained saw Ye Futian cultivate in various ways. Sometimes, he used comprehension; sometimes, he communicated with the statues' intent. Sometimes he walked before the grotto as if relaxing. The poor "geniuses" couldn't even take seven steps. Seeing Ye Futian's active figure, they really wanted to beat him up. Even worse, the Black Wind Eagle would sometimes get up and caw. Every time it flapped its wings excitedly, the others wanted to roast it… This beast was too much of a bully.

After a few days, Ye Futian finally quieted down. He walked into a cave inside the grotto. The grotto was deep and dark; they couldn't see him. What made them speechless was that he made Yun Qianmo guard the cave so the others couldn't peek at him. He was really ordering the beauty around like a servant!

Time flew by. Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and the others were also cultivating quietly. One day, a terrifying aura filled the air outside Ye Futian's cave. His body produced a huge rumbling sound. His blood bubbled and roared.

Three life spirits appeared behind Ye Futian—the majestic Thunder Dragon, the dazzling Golden Roc, and the aggressively powerful Ape. The three released four elements—thunder, wind, metal, and earth.

Outside the cave, horrible Spiritual Qi flowed wildly into the cave. The Spiritual Qi in the grotto seemed to be sucked dry as it grouped towards Ye Futian. It used the life spirits as the original shape and covered them to create dharmas.

Cultivators in the Dharma Plane could create dharmas. Martial artists could create dharma with the martial arts intent and sorcerers used Spiritual Qi and spells. The dharma could greatly increase combat power and endlessly cast spell attacks. Mandate Sorcerers usually used life spirits to solidify dharma and fuse the life spirit into the dharma.

Ye Futian had more than one life spirit. Theoretically, he could create many dharmas. Now, the three life spirits behind him were going to create three different dharma. However, Ye Futian didn't do that. His emperor's intent came to life and enveloped the life spirits and dharma. At the same time, he released noble intent and fused it in.

There was a whoosh and the World Tree was released. The three dharmas were swept into the tree, turning into a terrifying vortex. The various elements intertwined and screamed. The cave seemed to turn into a black hole, crazily swallowing the Spiritual Qi from the outside. Rumbling continued, reverberating in Yun Qianmo's ears outside the cave. She really wanted to go see what was happening that could make such a commotion but she didn't. Ye Futian had ordered her seriously. She didn't know what Ye Futian would do if she intruded. The guy looked harmless but was nothing nice.

The commotion lasted for a long time. Inside the cave, only one dharma was behind Ye Futian. It looked quite strange. It had the terrifying body of the Ape and flashed with gold and dirt-yellow glow. Thunder and lightning flowed past it. Every part of this ape was like a dragon. Its hands were filled with power but were sharp as if it could transform into the Golden Roc's claws at any moment. Behind the ape, there was also a pair of domineering wings.

At a glance, the ape seemed to push up against the heavens. Like the Snow Ape at the Mount Tianyao, it could stir the world.

Ye Futian cultivated the practice techniques Emperor Ye Qing gave him. The dharma he created today was dedicated to Emperor Ye Qing and the Snow Ape. Ye Futian's three main life spirits were included in this dharma. Covered by the dharma, no one could be able to tell what it was. However, Ye Futian didn't stop. The dharma disappeared and he closed his eyes to continue. He had many life spirits. Since he combined his three main life spirits into one dharma, he could continue making other dharmas!
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    《The Legend of Futian》