The Legend of Futian
168 You Can’t Take I
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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168 You Can’t Take I

Chapter 168: You Can’t Take It
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the grotto's cave, Ye Futian was still cultivating quietly. After countless days, Yun Qianmo sat outside the cave. She felt a shocking fire elemental Spiritual Qi charge towards the cave. She could feel the heat even sitting outside the cave.

"He's doing it again." Yun Qianmo's eyes flashed. What exactly was that guy cultivating? The commotion a few days ago was huge. Was he going to do it again now? If he was agglomerating dharma, he'd already succeeded days ago. Was he agglomerating double dharma?

After a while, Yun Qianmo felt the terrifying wood elemental Spiritual Qi go wild again. She quivered inside. From what she knew, Ye Futian had already released six of the seven elements. Add that to the fact that he was a musical sorcerer, this meant that he was probably a Full Attribute Sorcerer including spiritual sorcery.

Ye Futian had only performed twice in the Qianmeng City—once at the Cang Mountain Relic and once at the Noble Grotto. Both times, he was groundbreaking and earth-shattering. No one could match him. However, Yun Qianmo vaguely felt that Ye Futian hadn't truly fought yet. His plane was too low. Earlier he was in the Glory Plane and had only just entered the Dharma Plane now. No one paid attention to his true skills or his elemental talent. But Yun Qianmo could feel that Ye Futian's cultivation talent was terrifyingly high. His combat abilities would be shocking as well.

Terrifying Spiritual Qi around her surged into the cave and a gust of heat came out. She could feel the currents of the heat waves. This persisted for a long time. The cave brightened and people in the distance could vaguely see firelight appear in the cave.

Deep inside the cave, Ye Futian sat with crossed legs. Behind him, another frightening dharma appeared. It was a gigantic tree of flames, a sun hanging above it. Below the sun, it was like a furnace. Flames tossed and turned and roared. After that, the tree slowly melted into the sun, seeping in bit by bit. Finally, the sun hung there with the shadow of a tree within. Below it was a sea of fire like a furnace, rumbling and roaring.

This persisted for a long time. The dharma disappeared but Ye Futian still didn't go out. He continued to cultivate in the cave. This lasted for a long while. Now, he'd entered the Dharma Plane and created his dharma. Next, he had to stabilize this state and feel the intent that he'd received.

Time passed quickly. People continued to come to the Noble Grotto and step forward. When they saw the many figures and demon in the corridor, many felt helpless.

Three months finally ended. This day, a group of strong cultivators arrived before the Noble Grotto. The young man at the head was respectfully called "Young Master Qian" by many. This was the young man who had made the promise with Ye Futian earlier. When he arrived, he saw Ye Futian and Yu Sheng talking about something in the corridor.

As if seeing him, Ye Futian's group walked down. There was a qualitative change to their auras. Ye Wuchen had broken into the Fourth level Dharma Plane while cultivating in the grotto. His understanding of the sword intent had increased as well. Forcefully walking the 13 Steps of Death was a transformation for him.

There were three people behind Young Master Qian. Ye Futian saw Zhao Han and a strong man with a huge ax standing quietly behind.

The people from the Qianmeng area looked at him with some shock. Shi Tong, the monstrous talent of the True Martial Clan was now following Young Master Qian. According to rumors, it had already been decided that he would become the head of the True Martial Clan and protect Young Master Qian's Qianmeng area.

Other than Shi Tong and Zhao Han, there was also a girl. She wore a thin long dress and had beautiful figures. Her body was thin and soft as if she had no bones. A certain part was extremely full and her skin was almost translucent. Her mesmerizing eyes had some sort of invisible attractive power. She was definitely a rarity. Her looks were comparable to Yun Qianmo but under Lin Yueyao. However, she was fatally attractive to men. Was she with Young Master Qian now?

At this time, the other youth who had been cultivating on the corridor walked down too. This was Du Guleng, the pride of the Qianmeng area. Apparently, he was an orphan and used his extraordinary intent to make a name for himself in Qianmeng. Now, he cultivated with the chief and was accepted as a disciple. His talent was frightening.

With Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen, everyone else shuddered inwardly.

Young Master Qian had four people with him—Du Guleng, Shi Tong, Zhao Han, and Yue Linglong. Zhao Han, the top disciple of the Sword Clan, was probably the least talented. The others had all surpassed him in the Noble Grotto.

Ye Futian's group was much lower in plane but their talent was undeniable. Maybe the two girls, Lin Yueyao and Yun Qianmo, were weaker but Young Master Qian mainly invited Ye Futian's trio. Those three were who he valued.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Qian Yang. This is Dugu Leng, Shi Tong, and Yue Linglong. You already know Zhao Han. Let's put past feelings to the side. Everyone here is a top cultivator of the Dharma Plane in the Qianmeng area," Qian Yang said with a smile.

"Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Lin Yueyao, Yun Qianmo," Ye Futian said, introducing them all.

"Since you're ready, let's go," Qian Yang said, smiling, and walked out.

The Black Wind Eagle unfurled its wings. Ye Futian's group all climbed up and got ready to soar.

"Ye Futian," a voice suddenly called. Ye Futian turned and saw Chu Kuangren looking over. His eyes were trained on the group on the Black Wind Eagle. He had been extremely arrogant at the Nandou Nation's Tingfeng Banquet, looking down at everything. He provoked Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen many times but they'd never fought before. After everything else happened, both Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen had left him in the dust. This made him unhappy. Was he, the pride of the Yunchu Nation, that bad?

"You've entered the Dharma Plane and have agglomerated your dharma these months, right?" Chu Kuangren asked. "Let me see your dharma." He asked to see it but really, it was an invitation to fight. He wanted to see if he was truly surpassed by the one who used to be in the Glory Plane.

Ye Futian's eyes flashed and he said, "You can't take it."

Boom. A gust of strong power bloomed from Chu Kuangren, sweeping to Ye Futian.

Yu Sheng walked forward. He was about to fight but Ye Futian stopped him and said, "In that case, lose all hope." As soon as he spoke, a sun appeared behind him. His body seemed to be bathed in endless fire. The terrifying sun shone down directly, appearing to contain the endless strength of fire. When Chu Kuangren looked at Ye Futian's dharma, beams of sunlight pierced downward. His eyes started burning instantly. The sun's mark appeared in his eyes.

"Ah!" With a cry, Chu Kuangren shut his eyes painfully.

Figures from the Yunchu Nation rushed up but the Black Wing Eagle flapped its wings and flew. Ye Futian's dharma disappeared.

Chu Kuangren didn't open his eyes until they soared into the air. Blood flowed from his eyes and the sight was disturbing. Chu Kuangren looked at the disappearing figure. Just as Ye Futian had said, his red eyes were filled with despair.

He was once the man who said he'd teach Ye Futian a lesson.

His nickname was Kuangren, meaning "wild man" so his personality was obvious. But now, he realized that some people weren't that eye-catching in a lower plane but one day would suddenly become someone who couldn't be surpassed. He was definitely a bit hopeless. The talent he'd been proud of for so long was now like nothing. He wanted to see Ye Futian's dharma and Ye Futian said he wouldn't be able to take it. He really couldn't—he couldn't even glance at it.

Qian Yang's group of five sat on another demon in the air. It was a wind roc. When the Black Wind Eagle caught up, Qian Yang chuckled and said, "Your dharma is pretty good. Was it created with a spell and Spiritual Qi?"

"It's alright," Ye Futian said casually. He obviously wouldn't tell Qian Yang that he'd included his life spirit in his dharma, as well as spiritual intent. Otherwise, why would Chu Kuangren get hurt just from a glance?

"You're being modest. We're headed towards Loulan City now though. Perhaps you'll see even more talented people," Qian Yang said with a smile. Ye Futian nodded and didn't speak further.

"Yun Qianmo," Qian Yang called the girl behind Ye Futian. Yun Qianmo looked over. "It was very difficult for you to make the decision. You have guts. On the other hand, Zhao Han is a bit too arrogant and I told him to move on from it. Don't worry about it," Qian Yang said.

"Thank you, Young Master Qian." Yun Qianmo was a bit reassured.

The group continued forward. The wind roc sparkled and was extremely fast. The Black Wind Eagle didn't want to appear weak. It rode with the wind as if trying to compete with the wind roc. Its eyes were more arrogant now and occasionally glanced at the wind roc with pride. It had eaten wind roc meat before, after all, and it was tasty. It wondered when this wind roc could be cook too.

After countless days, a city even grander and more ancient than Qianmeng City appeared in Ye Futian's sight.

They'd arrived at the Loulan City.

"The Ancient Loulan has an extremely long city. This city was built inside the Ancient Barren World by the Ancient Loulan countless years ago. Inside this ancient city, the Ancient Loulan has absolute power," Yun Qianmo said behind Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded. The Black Wind Eagle sped up and caught up with the wind roc. Ye Futian asked, "Where are we going now?"

Qian Yang turned to look at Ye Futian and answered with a smile, "We're going to visit the Loulan Palace inside the Ancient Barren World!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》