The Legend of Futian
169 Loulan Relic
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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169 Loulan Relic

Chapter 169: Loulan Relic
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Ancient Loulan was inside the Loulan City of the Ancient Barren World. For countless years, Ancient Loulan controlled this old city. They even built a palace inside. Apparently, it connected the outer world to the true Loulan palace. Even the top forces from the Barren City couldn't shake Ancient Loulan's status in this city. According to rumors, Ancient Loulan only had one reason for controlling the Loulan palace, forbidding anyone from looking into it—the Loulan Relic.

The Loulan Relic was the most well-known relic of Loulan City. Apparently, even Ancient Loulan didn't have some of the items inside. Thus, for many years, Ancient Loulan had been sending strong cultivators into the relic to dig everything out. To enter the relic, one must receive permission from the Loulan royalty. Therefore, Qian Yang went straight to the Loulan palace after arriving at the city. Clearly, he was prepared and had planned this early on.

The palace was the most majestic building in the Loulan City. It had an ancient aura about it. When Ye Futian's group arrived, the Black Wind Eagle and Wind Roc descended. Many people were outside the palace, gazing at the steps before the palace and the majestic arched gate. There were also many guards.

"Qian Yang, the young master of the Qianmeng area is here to visit," Shi Tong called in the palace's direction as he stepped forward.

"Welcome," a guard declared, raising his spear. He seemed to know about their group's visit and let them through.

Qian Yang walked forward. The others followed and entered the Loulan palace. Many people in the palace looked at them with a strange expression. They seemed to come from Qianmeng City. The junior leader had come personally with his group. It was obvious they were here for the Loulan Relic but many top figures from all over the Ancient Barren World had come. Things were going to get interesting.

The group was brought to a peaceful place. There were various independent pavilions and they chose one each.

"Ye Futian, go rest in your pavilions first. I'll find you if anything happens," Qian Yang said.

Ye Futian's eyes flashed. Along the way, he'd asked Yun Qianmo some questions but she didn't know much. She only knew that this trip was for the Loulan Relic and didn't know anything else.

"Young master, can you explain this trip to us?" Ye Futian asked.

"What are you in a hurry for?" Beside Qian Yang, Yue Linglong smiled at Ye Futian. Her sexy body was alluring and so were her eyes. "Since Young Master Qian brought you to the palace, he'll naturally take you into the relic. Just wait for news."

"But I'm still unsure about some things," Ye Futian replied. He didn't believe that Qian Yang had brought him out of the good of his heart. There must be another reason.

"You don't need to know," Shi Tong said indifferently.

"Ye Futian." Qian Yang reached out to stop Shi Tong and said, "I know your suspicions. The relic is a magical place. You won't receive anything just because you're in a high plane. I need your talent so I teamed up with you. If we receive anything in the relic, we can discuss how to split it. You don't need to worry over anything else."

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. He walked away towards the pavilion he would reside in.

After entering the pavilion, Lin Yueyao's pretty eyes flashed. "I don't know how genuine he is," she said. "There shouldn't be a problem in trying to ally with you. It must be because of the talent you displayed in the grotto. But if we really receive anything, how do we split it?"

Qian Yang only had five people but they were all at the pinnacle of the Dharma Plane. Qian Yang, especially, had the noble fate which could greatly increase combat ability. The abilities of the two sides were totally unequal. At that time, it wouldn't be up to Ye Futian to decide.

"I feel like he's just tricking us step by step," Yu Sheng said, furrowing his brows.

"But we still came, despite knowing there may be problems," Ye Futian said, chuckling. "Since we came, we'll do it. Even without Qian Yang, we'll still be up against others if we charge into the relic. From the looks of things, we aren't the only group here."

"Oh." Yu Sheng nodded and didn't say anything else. They would come to the Loulan Relic sooner or later.

In the following days, Loulan palace was filled with activity but Ye Futian's group just stayed inside to cultivate. They didn't even know what Qian Yang's group was doing. Finally, Yue Linglong came to Ye Futian's pavilion and found him.

"Get ready, Ancient Loulan prepared a feast for everyone. The Virgin of the country will be there too," Yue Linglong said with a smile.

"The Virgin of Ancient Loulan?" Ye Futian glanced at her. "Why not the princess?"

"Didn't your servant tell you? Ancient Loulan doesn't have a princess, only a Virgin. Young Master Qian is waiting outside. Hurry up." Yue Linglong left, smiling.

Ye Futian didn't think too much. He called his group and left the pavilion to see Qian Yang's group there already.

"Let's go," Qian Yang said, smiling. They started towards somewhere. They arrived at the steps before a palace. The feast was already prepared and many people were there. The atmosphere was extraordinary. They'd all come from different places.

Qian Yang found a seat and sat down. Ye Futian's group all sat down in the area. Here, it seemed that the people of each force sat in one area. There were many groups. When they sat down, many people looked over, sizing them up. At that time, a group strode over from the palace and came to the top of the steps. Everyone's eyes were instantly attracted.

Loulan Xue, the Virgin of Ancient Loulan, was as rumored. Her long hair was like snow, shining with silver light, and spilled down her shoulders. She was ethereal and holy and her aura was like frost. She seemed like a fairy. Her eyes shimmered with silver light. They were unordinary and were breathtakingly beautiful.

"What, you can't move your eyes away?" Lin Yueyao smiled as she looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked away and smiled at her. "Someone beat you again. Are you unhappy?"

"Is she as pretty as your girlfriend?" Lin Yueyao asked, chuckling.

"Nope," Ye Futian replied. "She's too cold and nowhere near Jieyu."

"Is a cold beauty with a different temperament bad?" Lin Yueyao smiled subtly. They spoke very quietly and the steps were far away. Their subject couldn't hear.

"I'm not like that," Ye Futian said seriously.

Lin Yueyao gave him a look. She didn't know if he was telling the truth or not.

Many people present were attracted by Loulan Xue. Actually, Lin Yueyao was extremely pretty too. Her features were equal to Loulan Xue but the latter's temperament was too extraordinary.

A young man stood beside Loulan Xue. His eyes were extremely sharp as he scanned everyone and said, "You all have traveled far, thus the Virgin personally prepared this welcoming banquet. In addition, there are some words that must be said about the Loulan Relic."

Everyone listened quietly. The young man continued, "You are not from Ancient Loulan but we invited you. Naturally, we wish to use the abilities of talents from all over. Everyone present has an extraordinary identity so there will not be another test. You all can enter the relic with the talents of Ancient Loulan.

"However, the Loulan Relic belongs to our country. Many of the rare items belong to our country. Therefore, if you receive anything in the relic, you may take the ritual implements. As for anything special, if Ancient Loulan requires it, we will exchange it with an item of equal value. If you agree, you may enter. If not, please leave at your own discretion. We will not force you."

When Ye Futian heard this, his eyes flashed. Ancient Loulan seemed to really want the items in the Loulan Relic and even invited foreigners to enter the relic. What exactly was in it?

He was excited now. According to Qian Yang, the ritual implements of the Loulan Relic contained noble fate. It would be difficult for any country in the Hundred Lands to produce ritual implements of this level.

The people were still quiet. They knew about this already.

"If you do not speak, I'll take it as acquiescence. As for the dangers in the relic, I'm sure you all have thought about it. I will not waste any more time," the youth said. "Let us begin the banquet."

Everyone's expressions flickered. They all had different thoughts but still looked at Loulan Xue. Just then, she stood up and faced them all. "Please eat your fill. I have other matters to attend and must excuse myself."

"Virgin, are you going to test the people of Ancient Loulan?" someone asked her.

Loulan Xue paused. She looked over and nodded.

"The banquet is unnecessary. Can I go along with you to see the talents of Loulan?" the person asked with a smile.

Loulan Xue gazed at the youth. She muttered something and left. The youth turned to everyone and asked, "Are you all interested in going?"

"It's boring eating here. Why don't we go observe?" someone else said.

"Alright. Those who wish to go may follow me. The others may dine or leave as you wish," the youth said calmly. Many stood up instantly and walked over to him.

"Let's go too," Qian Yang said. He stood up and walked towards the youth.

However, one group left quietly. They didn't follow the others and seemed to be disinterested.

Qian Yang knitted his brows at them. They seemed to come from there. If people from there were also interested in the Loulan Relic, the consequences would be unimaginable!
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    《The Legend of Futian》