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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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172 Nosy

Chapter 172: Nosy
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian looked at that figure, a bit depressed. He was looked down on by the remnants of an intent.

"If that's the case, I won't bother you," Ye Futian said with a smile and walked away.

"I'll do it," a voice said then. Someone walked forward. It was a strong cultivator from the Yan Clan who specialized in fire. He was currently bathed in flames, and the mark of a flame lit up between his eyes. He grabbed at the flame scepter up ahead. The flame figure was embedded inside the scepter. At that moment, a terrifying gust of fire intent exploded.

The mark between the Yan Clan cultivator's brows seemed to light up and transform into powerful fire intent. It was at the Noble level. The surrounding Spiritual Qi surged into the mark. It glowed brighter and brighter like a fire zone.

The two came to a stalemate. After a long while, a lazy voice drawled, "I'll just settle with you. I'm not willing to wait anymore. I hope you won't bring disgrace to my ritual implement. I will accompany your last few days in the relic. How much fire intent you can inherit is entirely up to you. Once out of the relic, you can only use your own abilities to activate the power inside the instrument."

"Thank you, senior." The Yan Clan cultivator looked excited. He was the first to receive a ritual implement that contained noble intent. With this, he would have the chance to turn the noble intent into the purest and strongest fire intent, creating a mid-level noble intent. With its help, he would also have extremely explosive abilities, especially inside the relic because the other could aid him.

Many people glanced at Ye Futian. How could a First level Dharma Plane cultivator think so highly of himself and enter the relic? At the same time, many people made attempts after seeing the Yan Clan member succeed but they all failed.

But just then, there was a shocked cry. In one area, a few people received recognition from the ritual implement at almost the same time.

It's them. Everyone else's eyes flashed. It was the four mysterious people. Now, three of them had received ritual implements with the noble intent. Even the Virgin Loulan Xue was a bit stunned.

When the last person received his ritual implement, the four of them flew into the air and left without glancing at anyone else.

"Virgin," the sharp youth beside Loulan Xue said, "these people come from the Barren City. They're interested in the relic as well and there might be a variable."

Loulan Xue's eyes flashed. She could obviously tell that the four from the Barren City were frightening. They were probably at the top level. If they really were interested in the Loulan Relic and received something, they most likely wouldn't exchange with Ancient Loulan.

At this time, Ye Wuchen walked to somewhere in the air. There was a sword before him. It was silver, gleaming with sharpness within the silver light. Ye Wuchen's gaze was like a sword and he was instantly surrounded by sword intent. It radiated from him, enveloping towards the silver sword.

In an instant, the silver sword burst with dazzling light. Shocking sword intent pierced into Ye Wuchen's mind as if trying to kill him. Ye Wuchen's eyes were extremely sharp. Sword intent went flying from between his eyes, fighting against the other sword intent and trying to rush into the sword.

Crackle… A burst of terrifying sword intent instantly swept through the air, wrapping Ye Wuchen within. It was out for the kill and wanted to shatter Ye Wuchen's will.

He seemed to not feel anything. His body appeared to transform into a sword. Endless sword intent flew past him. He seemed not to be of flesh anymore; rather, he had the body of a sword. Instead of retreating, he forged onwards.

Crack! There was a sharp sound, and blood appeared at the corner of Ye Wuchen's lips. It was like the final warning to him.

Ye Wuchen closed his eyes. He could feel the sword pointed at him as if it could end his life at any time. At that moment, in his senses, Ye Wuchen also transformed into a sword. He went towards the sword in front, trying to resonate with it.

The two swords clashed and the one that Ye Wuchen transformed into cracked. It broke apart bit by bit but the broken sword melded into the other one. It couldn't be killed.

The sword clanged and shone brightly. Then it was grasped in Ye Wuchen's hand; the sword intent fused with Ye Wuchen's will.

"He succeeded." Everyone's eyes flashed, trained on Ye Wuchen.

Qian Yang's eyes were also odd. He invited Ye Futian's group because he saw the trio's performance at the Noble Grotto. They could triumph over the Noble Grotto; could they triumph over the noble ritual implements?

Reality proved that they could. Ye Wuchen had received one while he and Zhao Han had failed. It was a different sword but it showed that Ye Wuchen's will was strong and was recognized by the sword.

Ye Futian saw Ye Wuchen with the sword in the air. A smile appeared in his eyes. He couldn't be left behind. Picking up his feet, Ye Futian arrived at a place further back. There was a dragon-shaped guqin before him. He stood before it and strummed the strings. In that instant, terrifying musical sorcery rushed into Ye Futian's mind. It shook in everyone else's eardrums at the same time but the attack on Ye Futian was stronger.

The music created when the strings were played was like a dragon's cry.

The guqin contains dragon charm. Ye Futian's eyes flashed. He played the strings again and the dragon cry once again shook the sky and earth. This time, the intent shaking inside Ye Futian's mind was even stronger, like a type of backlash.

"Stop," an ice-cold voice said. Ye Futian looked up and saw that flame scepter in the hands of the Yan Clan cultivator. The illusory intent appeared again. The flame figure stared at Ye Futian and said coldly, "You are not allowed to touch that instrument."

"Why?" Ye Futian glanced over. It was one thing for the figure to not let Ye Futian touch it since it was the physical incarnate of the scepter's intent. But why did it care if Ye Futian wanted to choose another ritual implement?

"No reason. If I tell you to stop, then stop," the flame figure replied indifferently. It appeared extremely overbearing.

Ye Futian glanced at it and then lowered his head. He played the instrument again. True dragon roar sounded, shaking the world. His mind suffered from the backlash again. He realized that the guqin only had pure intent and no consciousness. The intent was completely melded into the guqin.

"I want this," Ye Futian said coolly to the flame figure, looking up.

"You can't withstand it," the flame figure said coldly. It seemed to care for the guqin and didn't want Ye Futian to disgrace it.

"Oh?" Ye Futian sneered. He strummed the instrument strings and music streamed out continuously. Like a dragon roaring from a mountain, a burst of extremely powerful intent charged endlessly into Ye Futian's mind.

The flame figure glared at him. A First level Dharma Plane dares to touch this guqin? He's looking for death.

Ye Futian didn't know what it was thinking. He continued playing while his mind continued to suffer the melody's backlash. It transformed into a shocking intent attack, the dragon's roar shattered everything.

This instrument seemed to not allow anyone to play it. But Ye Futian wouldn't give up. He continued. The dragon's roar intensified, almost tearing apart his will. The emperor's intent descended, protecting his will. Playing the instrument, he overlooked everything. Ignoring everything, he plucked the strings and an extraordinary aura radiated from him.

The dragon cried and the music continued without break. The surrounding people stared at Ye Futian, listening to his melody.

The flame figure furrowed its brows. The music grew higher and more domineering but Ye Futian was still unmoved. A strange look flashed past its eyes. Could Ye Futian really stimulate the guqin? But how could he withstand the backlash with his plane?

The old and simple guqin slowly started glowing as Ye Futian played. The music grew more and more terrifying while the light became brighter and brighter. Following an extremely loud dragon roar that shook the sky, the music became bright. It cut across the sky and many ritual implements rattled, seemingly affected by the music.

At that moment, Ye Futian felt something break in the guqin. It was dazzling bright and his intent finally melded directly into the guqin, no longer feeling any backlash. In fact, he felt the extremely powerful intent contained within the guqin. It seemed to lie on the instrument just as how the flame figure had been on the scepter.

Seeing this, the flame figure's expression grew uncomfortable. Ye Futian had actually awakened the guqin. Terrifying flame intent burst from its eyes, going to brand Ye Futian. It was so frightening.

Ye Futian's emperor's intent seeped into the guqin. He plucked the strings and a shockingly resonant music seemed to explode. It was like a true dragon coming to life. It collided with the incoming fire intent, shattering it. The surrounding ritual implements shook even more violently, seemingly guided by the music.

The flame figure's eyes were extremely cold. It attacked once again but Ye Futian, immersed in the guqin, didn't even look. He played the strings again and an even more powerful note tore through everything, wiping towards the flame figure's intent.

Seeing this, everyone's eyes were on Ye Futian. He had received the ritual implement and it seemed to be really powerful. Ye Futian used its strength to fight directly against the flame scepter's intent.

What they didn't understand was why this flame figure wanted to stop Ye Futian. What was the story behind this guqin?

Finally, the flame figure stopped. It looked at Ye Futian and said coldly, "You are able to receive this instrument by serendipity. If I see you disgrace this guqin in the relic, I will kill you."

Ye Futian glanced coldly at it. He'd tried to communicate with it but was rejected directly because of his low plane. Now that he'd received the guqin, it was still being nosy.
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    《The Legend of Futian》