The Legend of Futian
173 You Actually Think You’re Worthy?
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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173 You Actually Think You’re Worthy?

Chapter 173: You Actually Think You’re Worthy?
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Ye Futian continued to play. He could feel the remaining bit of will within the guqin and wanted to awaken it. Yu Sheng threw a cold glance at the fiery figure before it disappeared. Then, he made his way toward a ritual implement.

It was a giant ax. The golden ax was filled with a sharp intent and a thick feeling. The implement seemed like it would destroy just about anything. Previously, Shi Tong from the Qianmeng area wanted this giant ax but failed.

Yu Sheng reached out, grabbing the handle of the ax. In an instant, a fearsome force of sharp intent rushed into his mind. He could faintly see the gleaming of the ax's blade as it cut down on his will. He growled. Yu Sheng released his will in a frenzy. However, all he got in return was a voice in his mind that told him, "You're too weak." His level of cultivation was the same as Ye Futian's, at the first level Dharma Plane. He was far from Shi Tong's level.

In his mind, his will formed into what seemed like a demon god with a fierce aura. The demon god stood opposite of the will of the ax. Coldly, Yu Sheng asked, "Are you going to come with me?"

Everyone around froze and stared at Yu Sheng. Was there something wrong with this guy? The ritual implements picked their owners and needed to go through the test of will. But here he was, asking the will directly, "Are you going to come with me?" Who did he think he was?

Yu Sheng did not care about all that. Naturally, his will was nowhere near as strong as the will of the ax. Its will was at the noble level. How could he compare? But Yu Sheng didn't care. So what if its will was at the noble level. If this noble will wouldn't acknowledge him, then he would move on to the next implement. The words that the will of the flame scepter said to Ye Futian had ignited a flame of rage in Yu Sheng. How dare it look down on Ye Futian when he was willing to choose that instrument?

The will of this ritual implement was the same. If this was how it would act, then Yu Sheng would simply ask if it would go with him. If the answer was no, then he would simply switch over to another instrument. He was not going to waste his time seeking acknowledgment from the other party. Yu Sheng was the one picking a ritual implement, not the other way around.

The will of the giant ax felt the willpower of the apparition in Yu Sheng's mind. Then, the glow on the instrument slowly dimmed, lying peacefully in the palm of Yu Sheng's hand.

Yu Sheng retracted his extended arm, taking the ax with him as he turned around.

Spectators were completely dumbfounded by the scene that unfolded. Was that even possible?

Shi Tong's expression did not look too good. He had his sights on the giant ax but was rejected by its will. Now, the will of the ax had no objections after one simple question from Yu Sheng. Shi Tong felt so humiliated.

Zhao Han had a fairly similar expression on his face. He stepped out once more to walk toward the sharp golden sword. Clasping his hand around the hilt of the sword, he released a powerful force of will before asking fiercely, "Are you coming with me?"

Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch Zhao Han. It seemed that even the sword faltered momentarily as the glow from the instrument froze. In the next moment, an even more terrifying force of will exploded along with a voice that spoke coldly, "Do you have a death wish?" Following this question, Zhao Han let out a petrifying scream. He was propelled backward. The pain on his face made it obvious that he was deeply injured by the sword intent.

Yu Sheng threw a cold glance at Zhao Han while others gave the injured young man strange looks. Lin Yueyao could not help but laugh. Even the Black Wind Eagle let out an odd laughter, slapping its wings. Did that idiot think he was Yu Sheng?

Zhao Han recovered slowly. His expression was even sourer than before. How did Yu Sheng do it? Could it be that Yu Sheng had a more forceful aura? But his level was higher than Yu Sheng and his willpower was more powerful.

Standing beside Zhao Han, Qian Yang was not smiling. He had invited Ye Futian's trio to join them into the relic because he could see just how tough their will was. Now, the three of them had actually received recognition from the ritual implements and gotten their own noble level instruments. All the while, as the young master of the Qianmeng area, Qian Yang had yet to be acknowledged by any of the ritual implements.

Ye Futian, who was in the midst of acquainting himself with the guqin, also stared slack-jawed at Yu Sheng. He sighed inwardly, realizing that he was one-upped by Yu Sheng. Within the guqin, that bit of will seemed to have been awakened but did not make a sound. Ye Futian did not have anything to say to it either.

Both Lin Yueyao and Yun Qianmo made attempts but also failed to be acknowledged by any ritual implement.

Ye Futian thought to himself, what would happen if I tried to take another ritual implement? Would it reject me? However, he did not make any attempts to do so. Otherwise, if he actually succeeded, he would be public enemy number one. These people could not even get one ritual implement. If he took two, did that mean that he could take even more? Ye Futian would probably be cornered by people asking him for implements.

"Let's go," said Ye Futian. He mounted the Black Wind Eagle and others followed right after him.

Everyone turned their attention to the group. "Follow them," said Qian Yang. The five cultivators from the Qianmeng area got on the wind roc and trailed after Ye Futian and his friends. Everything that happened was the perfect proof that Qian Yang made the right choice inviting Ye Futian and the others into the relic. He wanted to see what further advantages Ye Futian would get following this.

"Let's go," said the Yan Clan member who had obtained the flame scepter. He was the head of Yan City, a prodigy of the Yan Clan—Xiao Mu. He was extremely gifted in the element of fire. Everyone in Yan City listened to his orders. His position was equal to that of Qian Yang in the Qianmeng area.

The others also tried to communicate with the ritual implements but quickly realized that they would not be acknowledged. Accepting their failure, they joined their leader in the skies to chase after the two groups that had previously departed.

Only the Virgin Loulan Xue's people were left at the site. Something flashed through Loulan Xue's silver eyes. This situation was different from before. This time, everyone chose to follow closely after Ye Futian. It was probably because they witnessed three low-level cultivators obtain ritual implements. This might have sparked something in their minds.

Those from the Barren City were also very outstanding. All four of them had acquired implements, but no one chase after them. Most likely because the four were much too terrifying. They were a group of their own and did not acquaint themselves with others.

In a flash, Loulan Xue was also following after Ye Futian. There were more people who had acquired implements today than there ever was in the history of the site. No one knew how this would affect the site of the Loulan Relic.

Atop the Black Wind Eagle, Ye Futian and the others could clearly see the trail of people chasing behind them, but they did not care. Ye Futian was still getting acquainted with the guqin. How would he be able to release its power if he was not well-acquainted with the instrument?

"This is the imperial palace of the old Loulan Kingdom," Ye Wuchen suddenly said.

Ye Futian gave him a strange look before asking, "Another palace?" He looked at Ye Wuchen's sword. The sword contained will, just like the flame scepter. It might know some things about the ancient past.

"Ancient Loulan is called 'ancient' because the Loulan Kingdom had once fallen. The imperial palace was taken over and all the powerful cultivators in the palace were brutally murdered. The Loulan Kingdom was utterly destroyed and the nation collapsed. Later, a woman unlike any other arrived out of the blue with half a treasurable book in her possession. She revived the kingdom and was dubbed 'celestial empress'. After that, the Loulan Kingdom became Ancient Loulan and only virgin saints were chosen. There are no princes or princesses. The virgin saints would be the ones inherited the place of the celestial empress," said Ye Wuchen.

"Then why is the old imperial palace in the Ancient Barren World and what is that below?" Ye Futian looked down. There, armor-clad soldiers were everywhere.

"The old Loulan Kingdom had two treasurable books. The emperor used one of the books to kill invaders and prepared to go down with his enemies. Knowing that the end was near, he used the power of the book to seal the imperial palace in a matrix, allowing the will within the matrix to be preserved forever. At the same time, he hid all the treasures of the royal Loulan family in the palace. He then created the Soldiers' Mound, allowing the soldiers who had passed to pick the successors of their will. The matrix sealed in the book was then sent into the Ancient Barren World and managed to slip through the cracks of the well-regulated world, allowing Loulan descendants to enter for trials," Ye Wuchen explained.

"So that would mean that the celestial empress who revived the old Loulan Kingdom got her hands on half of the book here." Ye Futian thought back to the treasurable book that Loulan Xue had mentioned before and could not help but to be filled with curiosity. Furthermore, the treasures of the old Loulan Palace were all sealed in the relic. No wonder why the people of Ancient Loulan all rushed to the relic. They had total control of the Loulan Relic.

"Ask the will in the sword who my guqin belonged to," Ye Futian said to Ye Wuchen. He wanted to know why the will of the flame scepter cared so much about it.

Ye Wuchen looked at him and replied, "The prince of the old Loulan Kingdom."

Ye Futian's eyes widened. His will traveled into the guqin and asked, "You're the prince?"

"Yes," replied a voice that seemed very far away.

"Will you disappear after leaving this historical site?" asked Ye Futian.

There was a slight pause before the voice answered, "Yes. After I disappear, it is up to you to activate the willpower contained in this guqin."

"That's a such a shame," sighed Ye Futian.

"I will do my best to aid you while we're still in the relic," said the prince. He thought Ye Futian's comment meant it was a shame that he could not help with increasing his powers.

"Your guqin is more well-known than you," said Ye Futian. What he meant was that it was a shame the prince could not watch his kingdom flourish.

"Since you're the prince, you must be very familiar with this place. Take me to find the treasures," said Ye Futian. The Black Wind Eagle continued moving forward.

Up ahead, a thundering noise came from below. Ye Futian looked down to see a battle platform. Many soldiers stood in a straight line in front of war drums. They were suited in armors of flame. Heat radiated off their bodies, permeating the entirety of the ancient platform. In the center of the line of drums was a long, narrow table. On top of the table was a furnace and on top of the furnace, floated a majestic-looking Book of Flames.

BOOM! A thundering noise spread through the air. The Black Wind Eagle screeched loudly as it began its descent after losing stability. Ye Futian and the others felt vibrations in their minds. The sounds of the drums were too terrifying.

They descended in front of the platform and looked straight ahead. Was the treasure really going to be placed out in the open like this? It wasn't hidden at all. Was this how the emperor of the old Loulan Kingdom hid all his treasures?

"Let's go." Ye Futian and his friends stepped forward. He had the guqin in his hands, and was prepared to head over and grab the Book of Flames.

"Get out of here! You actually think you're worthy?" a voice rang out coldly through the air. The people who followed Ye Futian saw what was going on below and descended immediately. Still in the air, it was the will of the flame scepter in Xiao Mu's hand that had spoken. The fiery apparition appeared once again and looked to the book. It was a treasure he could not even lay hands on while living. Now, it was simply placed out in the open.

"Go get it. It'll help you greatly in cultivation. I'll be at your aid," the apparition said to Xiao Mu.
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    《The Legend of Futian》