The Legend of Futian
176 Encircle and Annihilate
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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176 Encircle and Annihilate

Chapter 176: Encircle and Annihilate
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Futian focused his gaze on that figure like a true Noble figure. It was most likely that the will of a Noble cultivator who entered the Ancient Loulan Palace wouldn't extinguish. This noble's abilities would appear in the figure created by the flame's intent.

"Die," the noble uttered coldly. As soon as he spoke, the military stepped forward at once. A burst of destructive intent agglomerated and hurled towards Ye Futian's group in the sky, wanting to destroy them all.

Ye Wuchen took a step forward. He waved his sword and sword rain instantly poured from the sky, falling towards the incoming attack. Everything in its path was pulverized. However, the intimidating figures continued. The army didn't fear death.

Yu Sheng also stepped forward. He brought his ax down. Its shadow cut through the air, shattering all the armored soldiers in its path.

Ye Futian sat cross-legged on the Black Wind Eagle. He placed the guqin on his knees and stared forward at the Noble. He now knew what level his combat ability was in the relic but he was unclear how powerful the Noble was.

The people following Ye Futian also saw this scene but no one went forward to fight. Ye Futian's trio had all received ritual implements of the Noble level. Of the others, only those with noble fate would have any combat ability. The others would die a certain death if they were hit by Noble-level cultivators. This wasn't a true Noble but it was created by noble intent.

The Virgin Loulan Xue's group stood in the back and watched quietly. Ye Futian was going straight to the relic's core where the emperor had once been.

Other than Ye Futian, there was also chaos up ahead. Loulan Xue knew that a battle must have erupted. The strong cultivators of the Barren City must have arrived and fought into it. It was highly possible that the geniuses from the Barren City were at the peak of the Eastern Barren Territory. They used the Loulan Relic as a trial ground and were terrifyingly strong.

Seeing that the army continued to be destroyed, the Noble stepped forward. A terrifying aura instantly spread from him. His body seemed to transform into an illusory shadow. He walked in the air, directly going towards Ye Futian's group. His intent was horribly strong—he was the physical incarnate of a complete noble intent.

Ye Wuchen's figure flashed. He walked forward and an indestructible intent radiated from him. It was about to upend every existence; the surrounding air shook horrifyingly. Yu Sheng also walked up and brought his ax down. They could all feel how powerful the other party was.

The Noble's figure walked towards the combat range of Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng. Extremely wild intent burst from his body. At that moment, it was as if a huge hand came slapping down for the kill. It swept past and the sword intent extinguished under the palm. The light of Yu Sheng's ax went out as well. After all, Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng were in a lower plane and didn't even have noble fate. They couldn't activate true Noble-level intent attack from the ritual implement.

Music sounded. Ye Futian sat on the Black Wind Eagle and played his guqin. In an instant, strings of music intent rushed into the Noble's body. Musical sorcery was best at attacks to the spiritual intent. It would definitely have a countering effect. However, the figure's body was like an illusory light. Terrifying earthy light wrapped around it while extreme pressure enveloped the Black Wind Eagle and the people. In an instant, the Black Wind Eagle couldn't withstand the power and dropped down.

Ye Futian's eyes flashed. Even just the intent of a Noble cultivator was frightening. He continued to play the guqin, urging it on with the emperor's intent. The melody, a Chaotic Nation, ripped through everything with the resounding notes. It tore apart the palm coming down on him.

The Noble huffed. He transformed into an afterimage and was fast to the extreme. Endless palms overlapped towards Ye Futian, Ye Wuchen, and Yu Sheng. He stood with his hands behind his back, displaying his noble aura. A sword storm swept up around Ye Wuchen, and Yu Sheng's ax continued hacking downward. However, they could barely manage to stop the opponent's attacks.

Ye Futian lowered his head and continued to play. The music continued rising stronger and stronger. It continuously ripped apart the palm. Around him, a shocking music storm appeared, destroying all intent.

The Noble overlooked everything. He walked straight towards the music storm. Did a First level Dharma Plane cultivator want to fight against him with a Noble-level ritual implement? He was only an intent rather than a true Noble but he was more than enough to squash Ye Futian.

The Noble stepped directly into Ye Futian's sword storm. In an instant, Ye Futian felt the horrible intent press down on him. He couldn't counter the mightiness at all. Though he could use the emperor's intent to urge the ritual implement, it was still far from true noble intent.

At that moment, he activated the Imperial Tactics. An unusual glow seemed to appear around him, as insufferable as an emperor. Even stronger imperial intent rushed into the guqin. At that moment, the prince seemed to be stunned. The intent's power was pushed to the max, playing the guqin with the emperor's intent. Once again, the rising music caused the storm around Ye Futian to glow brilliantly and hit the Noble.

The Noble seemed to feel threatened. He dared to kill Ye Futian directly because he had felt that Ye Futian couldn't defeat him with the musical sorcery. But at that moment, the music storm had become so terrifying. His body shook and became more illusory. However, he still didn't retreat. At this point, there was no way back. As a Noble, he was still proud even though only his intent remained.

Boom. Even stronger intent charged at Ye Futian to crush him. The Black Wind Eagle and the others had fallen down long ago. Only Ye Futian remained, fighting him in the air. Ye Futian used the emperor's intent to protect himself while his fingers didn't pause at all. A more terrifying gust of music burst forth, going directly through the other's body.

The Noble looked down with an ugly expression but his feet didn't falter. He continued pressing towards Ye Futian.

"Die!" Ye Futian uttered coldly. His song was still rising. He finally understood the terrifying pressure that his grandmaster had withstood when playing the Chaotic Nation. Fighting with this, he was destined to die.

The music storm destroyed everything. It pierced through the Noble figure, tearing it apart bit by bit. The illusory figure was unwilling but finally transformed into nothing. When the wild current dissipated, the people behind looked forward in shock. Ye Futian had actually killed that Noble. Noble intent couldn't be compared to a true Noble but this was still shocking.

Loulan Xue was surprised. Ye Futian's accomplishments were beyond her expectations.

The army below was still charging forward but they weren't a threat anymore. Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng worked together and killed them one by one.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. The Emperor's Pavilion was up ahead and seemed to be in unrest. The prides from the Barren City had entered it and he wanted to see what it was like.

The Black Wind Eagle landed by Ye Futian's feet and flew forward. The group moved on while the others followed close behind.

"They're so annoying," Yu Sheng said coldly. They followed without fighting at all. Were they really the prides of their cities? Were they all planning on stealing the treasures after they found them?

Finally, Ye Futian came to the site of chaos. Screams shook the sky from all directions. "Be careful," Ye Futian said. The Black Wind Eagle slowed down. They were at some steps now. The majestic Emperor's Pavilion was right in front but there was unrest left and right.

At that time, a horrible aura came from behind. Ye Futian looked back and saw countless terrifying armies rush in from all direction. They seemed to know they'd broken in and were encircling them. The people behind Ye Futian were aghast. These armies all had generals in the Noble Plane and they couldn't fight at all. With a flash, they moved aside, escaping quickly.

"We're entering the pavilion," Ye Futian said. At this point, there was no reason to retreat. But here, two figures flashed quickly from both left and right. Behind them, countless Noble figures chased after like lightning. These four were the strong cultivators from the Barren City. They'd arrived here first and had been surrounded.

"He's leading them here." Ye Wuchen frowned, his eyes sharp.

The four cultivators saw Ye Futian's group arrive and came running here. The Nobles and armies from either side, as well as the people behind them, vaguely surrounded them.

"Go forward," Ye Futian said instantly. The Black Wind Eagle shot forward like a streak of lightning.

Wild wind swept left and right. The four figures came to Ye Futian's side, sandwiching his group. They ran towards the pavilion, side by side. Ye Futian placed the guqin in his lap. He sat on the Black Wind Eagle and music streamed out. He was ready to fight at any time.

"Go back." A Barren City cultivator rushed before Ye Futian's group and withdrew his sword. It burst and sword light submerged everything, enveloping everyone on the Black Wind Eagle. Not only that, but the other three acted at the same time. Using the power of the ritual implements, the four worked together, forcing the Black Wind Eagle back. After forcing them back, their spells disappeared. They didn't really want to kill Ye Futian's group; instead, they just wanted them to block the pursuers. Streaks of Noble figures descended and rushed to Ye Futian, coldly glancing at the four who had entered the pavilion. Cold murderous intent flashed past the eyes of these Nobles. In their eyes, Ye Futian's group was already dead!
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    《The Legend of Futian》