The Legend of Futian
177 The Ultimate Battle
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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177 The Ultimate Battle

Chapter 177: The Ultimate Battle
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Those beside Ye Futian did not have pleasant expressions on their faces. The pursuit of the four cultivators had actually pushed their group back to block the army chasing after the four while they escaped scot-free into the pavilion.

Just then, multiple figures formed by noble will appeared in front of them. It was terrifying enough to that one figure at the beginning. Now, it was basically mission impossible. They were not going to stop until Ye Futian's whole group was dead.

"Respectable seniors, please carry on. I'm simply passing by," smiled Ye Futian. The Black Wind Eagle retreated into the sky above the pavilion, clearing the entrance to the building. But the noble beings just stood there, disregarding Ye Futian's words. An enormous army rushed towards them from behind. It seemed like all the cultivators in this area of the palace were gathering here. Looking out at the ocean of soldiers, there seemed to be no end. A truly terrifying sight to witness.

At the wave of a noble being's hand, the armored soldiers began to advance from all directions in the sky. They had the whole area on lockdown and had no intentions of letting any "intruders" leave unscathed.

Away from where Ye Futian was, the people who were chasing him were now trying to get away from where he was. They were being chased as well. Had they turned around just a bit later, they might have been caught in the same situation as Ye Futian and his friends. Luckily, it did not seem like the noble beings noticed them. But even so, the army chasing after them had their hearts pounding.

After getting far away, they looked back at the pavilion. The entire area had been completely filled by the army. A shiver ran up their spines every time they laid eyes on the enormous army.

The pavilion was at the very center of the relic and also where the most powerful cultivators were gathered. It was difficult for anyone who set foot in the area to make it out alive.

From the corners of their eyes, they were faintly able to see the blurred figures of Ye Futian and his friends. They were still hovering above the pavilion, completely surrounded by the army. There was no escape. This was probably going to be the end of Ye Futian and the others.

The group watching from a distance had witnessed the fight between Ye Futian and the Noble from before. The opponent was just too powerful. Ye Futian used all he had to kill the Noble. But in this situation now, it did not seem like he had a chance.

"Can they escape?" asked the sharp youth beside the Virgin Loulan. It was said that Ancient Loulan had sent numerous cultivators into this area over the year but none had succeeded. Those who entered, never exit.

However, some extraordinary beings have been discovered during this expedition into the relic. Monster cultivator, Ye Futian, as well as the four prodigies from the Barren City. That group had already made their way into the pavilion. Perhaps they would be able to find half of a treasurable book.

"Keep moving." Loulan Xue did not answer his question because she did not know the answer either, but things were not looking good.

Seeing that the army was still chasing after them, they could only continue to run. It would be easy enough for them to kill these ordinary soldiers, but they could not risk attracting attention from the Nobles. Things would be tough if that happened. Although the royals of Ancient Loulan were prepared for all types of situations, they did not have to get involved just yet. It was better to just observe for the time being.

Above the pavilion, Ye Futian and the others were surrounded. Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were on either side of Ye Futian, prepared for combat.

"We already cleared the way for you. Seniors, can't you guys go after them first?" Ye Futian asked, feeling slightly defeated.

"You're all going to die anyway, the order doesn't matter," said one of the Nobles.

"Why do you guys have to be this way? I don't want things to end badly for both sides.

"How preposterous," said another Noble. End badly for both sides? Did Ye Futian really have what it took to say something like that?

Just then, one of the Nobles waved his hand, signaling for the army to move in closer. The armored soldiers all charged toward Ye Futian's group.

"You guys take care of this," said Ye Futian. Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng nodded. They might not be able to go against the Nobles, but the soldiers were not a problem at all.

The two of them attacked from either side. When the enemy approached, Ye Wuchen's sword and Yu Sheng's battle axe swung out at the same time. Blood was shed immediately.

Ye Futian sat down in the air above the pavilion and began to play his guqin. The crisp sound of the instrument filled the air, disturbing the atmosphere.

The Imperial Tactics were activated and, in an instant, Ye Futian's body was surrounded by an invisible force field. He sat there with a majestic vibe around him.

As he played, the notes elevated, vibrating through the air. The sound created a force that was able to disturb all consciousness.

The soldiers charged forward one by one but were stopped when the sounds of the guqin reached their airs. Crackling noises filled the area, and the soldiers were destroyed with nothing left of their bodies. After all, they weren't really living beings.

At this time, another battle had started inside the pavilion. Shocking forces of energy were given off of five figures. The four Barren City cultivators had one person surrounded.

This person was another Noble but had a majestic vibe. His noble will was extremely powerful and domineering. He was like an emperor and exuded superiority in a single glance.

This person was the one who led his army in the invasion of the Loulan Kingdom. He was the emperor of another powerful kingdom. He stood guard in the imperial palace and no one could make it past him.

The Barren City cultivators did not come from the same group. They were sent by four different powerful groups in the Eastern Barren Territory. Groups from there treated the Loulan Relic as a training ground and a test. The test was to see who could acquire the most treasures from the Loulan Relic.

The all had noble fate and mid-level noble fate at that. In addition to their powers as top-level Dharma Plane cultivators and their ritual implements, they were extremely capable. However, they were still no match for one Noble even after joining forces. The Noble's abilities were incredible. He wielded his sword, also formed from noble will, ready to kill.

The Barren City cultivators kept retreating. They only managed to defend themselves against the opponent's attacks when working together.

"Let's go," said one of the cultivators. It seemed that it would be impossible to get any treasures from this building. Under the watch of such a fearsome being as well as the ones outside, they were overpowered and had no chance of finding anything remotely valuable.

The four fought back as they retreat. Even though the Noble was very powerful, there was no way he could kill all four of them. The group of cultivators continued to escape from one side. Finally, the four ritual implements released a significant force at the same time, giving them a chance to turn and make a quick escape. The soldiers outside could not even stop them.

The Noble wanted to chase after them, but even if he managed to catch up, he wouldn't be able to stop all four of them. He turned his attention to what was going on outside of the pavilion. A terrifying musical storm had erupted. He could faintly see a gleam of light glowing in the distance. He thought to himself, Had the younger generation of the Loulan Kingdom already gotten so powerful?

The Noble headed outside. Ye Futian activated his ritual implement using the Imperial Tactics. The air exploded as he played his piece, "A Chaotic Nation." Even the Nobles stepping toward Ye Futian could feel the fearsome power of his music. The sound from his guqin could be threatening to them.

It was then that the Noble arrived, wielding his sword. Ye Wuchen noticed him approach from behind and formed a sword filled with intent to shot towards the Noble.

The Noble huffed. Did he want a competition of sword intent?

The Emperor's sword swung out and the area immediately filled with sword intent. The gleam of a blade shot through the air toward Ye Wuchen.

Ye Wuchen gathered all his power and released it at the incoming sword. His attack was destroyed. His silver sword vibrated, threatening to escape his grip as his body flew backward.

The Noble made his way to Ye Futian. All the soldiers bowed at the sight of their emperor.

"Are you a Loulan royal?" the emperor asked Ye Futian.

Ye Futian continued to play as he looked up at the person speaking to him. "No, I'm not from the Loulan Kingdom. I'm just a person who came for a trial. How about we call it a day?"

"Call it a day?" The emperor's expression was ice cold. Four people had already escaped. There was no way they could let these people get away as well.

"Since you're already here, then stay," said the emperor.

"Don't force my hand." Ye Futian stared at the emperor, his eyes just as cold.

"Oh, really?" sneered the emperor. "Kill them."

Ye Futian continued to stare as he spoke, "Yu Sheng, take the others into the pavilion to search for the treasures. Wuchen, you watch my back. I'll take care of these people."

Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and the others widened their eyes. Ye Futian spoke so nonchalantly, but how was he going to "take care of" such powerful beings?

"Go. Trust me," said Ye Futian. As if he could feel the self-confidence exuding from Ye Futian, Yu Sheng nodded and guided the others into the pavilion.

The emperor and the other Nobles looked at Ye Futian as if he were insane. Was he going to take care of them?

Where did this arrogant bastard come from?

Ye Wuchen took a step back to stand behind Ye Futian. He was also curious where Ye Futian got all that confidence from. What made him so sure he could take care of the Nobles?

After Yu Sheng and the others were out of sight, Ye Futian looked to the emperor and said, "Senior, you're a swordsman and is formed by will. If I am victorious today, then you shouldn't let your sword will go to waste. My friend is an extremely talented swordsman and definitely will not disgrace you. Will you consider allowing him to be the successor of your will?"

The emperor had on a look of disbelief. Not only was Ye Futian super confident, but he also wanted his will? Preposterous indeed.

Ye Wuchen had a similar look on his face. So, this was why Ye Futian wanted him to say? He was being too gutsy. If it was really able to obtain the will of a single Noble, he might be able to get noble-level will.

The emperor took one look at Ye Futian but did not give him an answer. At the wave of his hand, the Nobles made their way toward Ye Futian. A terrifying force of will was released into the area, ready for destruction.

"Please reconsider what I said, Senior. Isn't having a successor to your sword techniques a form of living on?" said Ye Futian.

He then lowered his head, activating the Imperial Tactics from within. His blood flowed wildly through his veins, and the emperor's mark appeared within.

Right now, Ye Futian's body was ignited. All the Spiritual Qi around rushed into his body. The glow around him grew brighter and brighter. The Spiritual Qi mixed with noble fate. It was unbelievable.

At this moment, Ye Futian, who sat crossed-legged, looked like a majestic emperor!
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    《The Legend of Futian》