The Legend of Futian
179 Danger
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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179 Danger

Chapter 179: Danger
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The will of ice seal spread to cover the whole relic. The immeasurable armored soldiers had all become sculptures of ice. Crackling and crumbling into nothing, destroyed. Not only this, but some of the architecture had begun to collapse as well, vanishing from view. It was as if the entire site of the imperial palace was just a figment of the imagination. However, there were still some parts that were real. Like the ritual implements containing noble will and the treasures within the relic. The noble wills in the implements could feel that they were about to disappear.

The matrix was disintegrating. Buildings collapsed all around Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen, disappearing right in front of their very eyes. Half of the treasurable book floated in the air above and its strong will rushed into Ye Futian, causing the air around him to grow cold.

"I'm about to disappear," said the voice from the guqin. "What's left of my will shall be left to you." After that, the will escaped the guqin and headed for Ye Futian. The will was just as shocked as everyone else at the power of the piece that he had previously played, A Chaotic Nation. Perhaps it was just as Ye Futian had said, he had the emperor's will.

Two types of will entered Ye Futian's body. Suddenly, Ye Futian's eyes snapped open, sweeping the environment he was in. The Emperor's Pavilion was collapsing and vanishing from his sight. He said to Ye Wuchen, "Get out of here quickly."

A gust of wind brought the half of the treasurable book to Ye Futian. He received it and used his will to order the Black Wind Eagle to come to him immediately.

"Wuchen, give me a hand," said Ye Futian.

Ye Wuchen looked curiously at Ye Futian before helping him onto the Black Wind Eagle. "Have you overexerted yourself?" asked Ye Wuchen. He had witnessed every second of Ye Futian's battle. The power of his will was so scary. It seemed like the pure force of the power would burn Ye Futian up from the inside out. Whether it was will or Spiritual Qi and Energy, all his powers were ignited and used to fight the Nobles.

"There's no such thing as a free lunch. Let's go," said Ye Futian. Yu Sheng, Yun Qianmo, and the others were in shock when they joined the two. Ye Futian had really succeeded. He killed all the Nobles and even destroyed the area. Now, everything the entire Loulan Relic was going to collapse.

Yu Sheng and the others felt the drop in temperature even while they were inside the pavilion. They knew that the object Ye Futian acquired was special and was also what led to these results.

The Black Wind Eagle lifted off and traveled with great speed.

They could no longer stay here. Especially when Ye Futian's combat abilities were diminished. The battle took up all the power he had. If he hadn't even it his all, it would not have been possible to defeat the Nobles. However, they did not get too far before getting stopped. Four figures approached them and cut off the Black Wind Eagle's path from all different directions. They were the Barren City cultivators who had previously escaped the relic.

After they were forced by the Noble to retreat, they had given up on this area, knowing they had no chance there. However, they were able to feel the chilling temperatures of the ice will come from the Loulan Relic and made some predictions about what was going on. And so, they decided to head back to the site immediately.

Presently, the gazes of the four cultivators fell on Ye Futian. They were immensely shocked. When they had pushed Ye Futian and his friends to block the Nobles and the army, they did not think it would be possible for them to destroy the Nobles and the relic site. Although they were not clear as to how they accomplished such a task, they knew it must not have been easy.

"How did you guys do it?" one of the Barren City cultivators asked. How did these low leveled cultivators make the Nobles disappear?

The cultivators had experienced the power of the Noble emperor first-hand. He was extremely powerful. There was no way Ye Futian and the others could beat them. Unless, they had some others methods to destroy the relic, which then led to the demise of the Nobles.

Nobody answered their question.

The Barren City cultivators were not bothered by the lack of a reply. "It doesn't really matter how you did it. Hand over all the treasures you acquired." Since Ye Futian's group had taken care of the group of Nobles for them, the Barren City cultivators were now the strongest beings in the relic.

From the other direction, Virgin Loulan and the others rushed over. The Barren City cultivators were surprised to see them but chose not to care. It's only the Virgin Loulan. She might have been an all-powerful being to the people of the cities around Loulan City but to them, she was simply a pretty girl with an okay gift. They were more interested in her beauty than in her abilities. With her silver hair and bright eyes, she was graceful beyond words.

Behind Loulan Xue, powerful cultivators from other groups joined. They had a feeling that the collapse of the relic was due to the appearance of the most important treasure.

What's more, the wills in the Noble ritual instruments all disappeared following the collapse of the relic. Without the help of the wills in the implements, it would be difficult for anyone to activate the power of the implements with their own spiritual will. The implements definitely were not as powerful as before. If so, they now had a chance against Ye Futian, though those chances were not too high.

There were also those who were smart and decided not to chase after Ye Futian. Instead, they immediately rushed in the opposite direction. Qian Yang was one of those people. He knew the cultivators from the Barren City were there and there was more to Loulan Xue than she let on. Even if he tried to go fight for the treasures, his chances of victory were slim. And so, he decided it was best to first go and get his hands on the ritual implements at the Soldiers' Mound.

Ye Futian was now the passive party. He saw all the powerful cultivators around him. He had no power for another fight while Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng's level of cultivation were still too low. They would not be able to withstand an attack from all these people.

"Hand it over," a voice rang out coldly. It was the sharp young man beside Loulan Xue. His eyes glowed gold as he stared at Ye Futian and his friends.

If the treasurable book had indeed appeared, the royals of the old Loulan Kingdom must get their hands on it. It was a treasure the celestial empress wanted.

In the past, the empress borrowed the power of half a treasurable book to rebuild Loulan. She had always wanted to have a completed book. Many people predicted that once the two books were joined, it would give the empress a chance to reach a level higher than the Noble Plane. If that was true, then Ancient Loulan would be able to take control of the entire Eastern Barren Territory.

Ye Futian frowned and looked over at the sharp youth coldly. He then turned to Loulan Xue and said, "I will fulfill my promise to you, but what about what you promised me?"

He had agreed to make the exchange with Loulan Xue. The treasurable book appeared and from that, he was able to gain a Life Spirit using the Freedom Meditation. He was also able to obtain willpower. The exchange would be worth it to him. Especially in a situation like this, he had no choice.

But there was no way he would hand over the book first. As soon as he did so, he would lose his leverage against her.

Loulan Xue took one look at Ye Futian before giving her orders. "Protect their safety."

"Understood." Her people came out from behind. The Virgin Loulan, as well as the young man beside her, moved to stand between Ye Futian's group and the group from the Barren City. She said, "Ancient Loulan has no need for the things you guys acquired from the relic. We will allow you all to keep them. You guys may leave now."

"You think you can stop us?" one of the four cultivators asked. They all held their ritual implements in their hands, noble level fate rushed up causing their auras to grow terrifyingly.

"You guys are stepping out of line here," said the sharp youth. "This is the imperial palace of Loulan."

"So what?" asked the cultivator holding the thunderwood. He took a step forward bathed in the glow of lightning. The thunderwood in his hand began to absorb Thunder Spiritual Qi from all around. His figure looked like that of a thunder god.

"Get in formation!" shouted the sharp youth. Immediately, a group of Dharma Plane cultivators stepped out from behind. All with ritual implements in hand, though not all of them were noble level implements. Still, the group gave off an impressive aura. It seemed they were all metal elemental cultivators.

They got into formation, perhaps setting up a matrix. A great light of the metal element shined towards the same direction. The light gathered there and a golden pattern appeared spitting out an immense energy.

The cultivator holding the thunderwood huffed before moving closer. His Dharma appeared behind him. It was a large, thunderous apparition, comparable to a majestic thunder god.

A ferocious wave of thunder sorcery was released, coloring the world in a hue of purple, like the sky of a stormy night. He charged forward.

The cultivators in formation let out a loud roar, releasing more energy which caused the matrix they had formed to glow even brighter. The curtain of golden light blocked of a thunderous attack from their opponent. It was easy to imagine just how powerful a matrix formed by a group of top-level Dharma Plane cultivators would be. They were the very cultivators groomed by the Ancient Loulan for the specific purpose of protecting the relic. It had been the same, generation after generation.

The other three from the Barren City finally made their moves as well. The energy they exuded was terrifying. The sharp youth beside Loulan Xue stepped up followed by two other people. The trio held ritual implements they had obtained from the relic some time ago and went against one person.

Loulan Xue had an ice scepter in hand, another ritual implement from the relic site. Her silver hair blew in the wind. The world frosted over as she stared at her opponents. A storm of frost blew toward them, ready to seal it all in ice.

At this time, however, there was still the other Barren City cultivator. He was a swordsman. A smile spread across his face even though his eyes were ice cold. In a flash, his body shot forward like a sword, headed straight for Ye Futian and the others shielded behind the line up from the Ancient Loulan.

Loulan Xue frowned. The four cultivators from the Barren City were too strong. Any one of them could fight against the top-level Dharma Plane cultivators alone, while the lot of them could only stop three of the four.

"More people are coming from the palace. Just hold on a little longer," said Loulan Xue. Her voice was completely overpowered by the noises of every attack. She wanted to comfort Ye Futian and his friends.

"Let's go," said Ye Futian. Spell scrolls appeared in his hand and he threw them in the direction ahead. The scrolls released powerful attack spells at the cultivator headed for them. The Barren City cultivator simply smiled. Did they really think spell scrolls could stop him?

Sword intent flowed from his body, slicing through the attacks. But he could see that Ye Futian continued to activate spell scrolls. However, he did not use them to attack, he covered the Black Wind Eagle with them. They were wind elemental spell scrolls.

A gust of wind blew past and the Black Wind Eagle flew away quickly. A light flashed past the swordsman's eyes. The spell scrolls were probably top-level Dharma Plane spells. They were indeed well-prepared for escape, but when he was the opponent, they amounted to nothing.

The sword he acquired from the relic floated in front of him. He stepped onto the blade of the sword and was carried away at the speed of light to chase after the demon beast.

The figures mounted on the Black Wind Eagle did not look too good. Just then, Ye Wuchen stepped off the Black Wind Eagle to head for the cultivator chasing them. He screamed out, "You guys leave first!"
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    《The Legend of Futian》