The Legend of Futian
182 Sage Inten
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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182 Sage Inten

Chapter 182: Sage Intent
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Stealing of fate was a cruel thing. Using one's intent to tear the other's intent away, the latter would decrease in plane.

But Ye Futian still made Yu Sheng do it, ignoring Yun Qianmo's hateful eyes.

People had to pay for their choices. If Yun Qianmo hadn't agreed to be his servant, he couldn't have forced her to do so. This was a voluntary matter. Later, Yun Qianmo had fulfilled her duties, and so he helped her when possible. Yun Qianmo had gained much at the Cang Mountain Relic and Noble Grotto.

Now, Qian Yang and Zhao Han had made it obvious they were enemies. Yun Qianmo was prepared to leave with just one sentence. How could it be so easy? When she went back, she would be part of the Sword Clan again—Zhao Han's junior sister. What would she do to them?

If Yun Qianmo chose to leave after things settled, Ye Futian wouldn't snatch her fate. But she had to leave in this dangerous time after Ye Wuchen lost his arm. Ye Futian's mood went without saying.

Yun Qianmo left after her fate was taken. She didn't fight.

Ye Wuchen's ability to escape from Li Daoyun proved his abilities. Even though he lost his arm, she still wasn't his match. Only Qian Yang with his noble fate could restrict Ye Wuchen.

Yun Qianmo didn't know that not only had Ye Wuchen escaped, but he'd also injured Li Daoyun.

She also didn't know that Ye Futian hadn't used the intent contained in the ritual implement to receive the book, Punish the King. He didn't use fate either and instead had an even stronger intent. Only Ye Wuchen saw this secret. Ye Futian had had Yu Sheng take them to the pavilion because he didn't them to see the secret. Yu Sheng had understood this.

After Yun Qianmo left, Ye Futian cultivated peacefully while waiting for Loulan Xue's news.

Ancient Loulan, palace.

The true Loulan palace was not in the Ancient Barren World. The majestic palace was simple and clean, not opulent at all.

A middle-aged woman clad in a white robe sat quietly in the Ice Matrix. She stared forward. There, a gust of terrifying coldness seeped out. It was the two scrolls; right now, they were being combined gradually.

She focused entirely on the books. She felt coldness bite into her bones from the books. It was like the intent of a sage and was extremely frightening.

"Sage?" At that moment, her expression suddenly changed. As the empress of Ancient Loulan, she'd never been so serious before.

"Yes." A voice rang out in her mind. It was from the book.

The empress's heart quivered. The rumors were true. The scrolls of Loulan's ancestors contained and preserved sage intent. The one who had the scroll would win the world.

"Are you the empress of Loulan?" the intent's voice said.

"Sage, I am the descendant of Loulan's first empress," the empress said. Very few people knew this. They only knew that the talented girl had recovered Loulan's glory with a precious book and was given the title of "empress." But in reality, she was the descendant of Ancient Loulan. Every Virgin after that was actually all the Empress' daughter. They inherited the position and continued Ancient Loulan's bloodline.

The book was silent for a while. Then a voice sounded, and the Empress listened quietly. After a long while, she closed the book and looked outside. "Loulan Xue," she called.

Outside, a beautiful figure walked over. She had silver hair and white eyes. Bowing, she called, "Empress."

The person before her was not only Ancient Loulan's empress; she was her mother.

"Bring him here," the empress said. "I will lend the book to him to read."

"Yes." Loulan Xue left.

The palace of Loulan Xue was connected to the Ancient Barren World. The entrance was right in the palace, so Loulan Xue quickly entered the palace in the Ancient Barren World and found Ye Futian.

"The empress wants to see you in the Loulan palace. She agreed to your request," she said.

Ye Futian's eyes brightened. The Empress wanted to see him? "Okay." Ye Futian nodded and said to Yu Sheng beside him, "I'm going. Wait for me here."

With that, he left with Loulan Xue. The sharp man and a group of guards were beside them too. They were curious why the empress wanted to see Ye Futian.

He stepped into the passageway with Loulan Xue and found that he'd arrived before an immensely majestic palace. This was the true Loulan palace. The strong force was truly confident in itself. It controlled the passageway alone. Anyone from the Ancient World who wished to enter the Ancient Barren World needed Loulan's permission.

The true Loulan palace was obviously more imposing than the one in the Ancient Barren World. It was bold and simple. Ye Futian and the others arrived before a large pavilion. He looked left and right and saw guards everywhere. A beautiful figure stood on the steps. She was extremely elegant and felt like a king despite being a woman.

"Empress," everyone greeted and bowed. Her eyes instantly fell on Ye Futian. She turned and walked towards the pavilion while saying, "Loulan Xue, bring him in."

"Yes." Loulan Xue nodded. She brought Ye Futian up the steps and into the pavilion.

The pavilion was open and clean. There was an Ice Matrix in the front; coldness seeped from it. The book hovered above the Ice Matrix, releasing powerful coldness.

"I heard that you received the book with only the First-level Dharma Plane. You killed many noble intents too. How did you accomplish this?" the Empress asked. She stood before the matrix, back to Ye Futian.

"It was luck. I almost lost my life," Ye Futian said.

The empress obviously knew he didn't say everything. She didn't continue asking and just said, "This is where I cultivate. The book is here. You can cultivate here for a period of time."

"Thank you, Empress," Ye Futian said.

"You deserve it," she replied coolly and turned around. Her eyes were silvery as well. They seemed to see through Ye Futian. Then she started walking out. "Let us go."

Loulan Xue obviously knew the empress was talking to her. She glanced at Ye Futian and followed the empress away.

"If I cultivate for too long, please notify my friends," Ye Futian spoke out.

"Okay," Loulan Xue replied.

The empress and Loulan Xue left. Ye Futian said amongst the Ice Matrix that the empress was cultivating from. The powerful frozen water elements surrounded him. With a thought, the freezing power surged into his body.

Behind him, the ice dharma appeared. It began absorbing the coldness. The matrix spun, and his body was buried in the foggy coldness.

The Freedom Meditation was activated. Ye Futian gazed at the hovering book. The artistic conception of the moon, snowy peaks, and frozen world remained on it. Above the snowy peaks, he could faintly see a snowy figure sitting quietly at the top.

This… Ye Futian's heart shuddered. This wasn't there before. Now, the book was complete and more objects appeared in the picture.

The Freedom Meditation was pushed to the max. Ye Futian felt another attractive force. His mind was pulled into the book and arrived at the top of the snowy mountain.

It's so cold. Ye Futian shivered. The cold moon hung high while the figure at the mountaintop sat quietly. Ye Futian's mind walked over.

The figure turned slowly. Seeing Ye Futian, he smiled. "I didn't think you really could enter."

"Senior, is this the space created by your intent?" Ye Futian asked curiously.

"You can say that. Unfortunately, you are not a descendant of Loulan. This book must remain in Loulan. Since you can come here, I won't let you go empty-handed." The figure rose slowly. His eyes had turned white, terrifyingly so. At that moment, Ye Futian felt various ancient words float into his mind. He absorbed them wildly, but every word contained extreme coldness, sealing his mind in ice.

"It's like the Book of Flames. Is that book of a similar level?" Ye Futian asked, heart trembling.

"It was long ago, but the flame technique lost its spirit and sage intent," the figure replied. Endless icy words entered Ye Futian's mind. After a long while, his mind was transformed into an ice sculpture and shattered.

In the outer world, Ye Futian remained sitting quietly in the matrix. There was a layer of ice over him. He didn't move.

The days passed by but nothing happened inside the Ice Matrix. Loulan Xue came many times, but it was always the same.

Today, she came again with the Empress. The Empress sat quietly outside the matrix. Seeing Ye Futian, she was shocked inwardly.

The sage was correct. Ye Futian could dig up more of the book's potential than the Loulan royalty. Unfortunately, he wasn't from Loulan.

"Let us go." The empress left after a short while.

After a few more days, something terrifying came from within the matrix. Scalding hot currents flowed out. The ice on Ye Futian melted bit by bit. Then a terrible aura burst out.

Behind Ye Futian, a strange sight appeared. The sun and moon hung high. Coldness and heat overlapped, transforming into a horrible whirlpool. All the surrounding Spiritual Qi sizzled.

There was a sea of fire below the sun. Below the moon, icy glaciers appeared. This was dharma.

Now, Ye Futian created yet another dharma. This was the artistic conception of the Ice Matrix. It was even stronger than the sun dharma from before.

"Sun, moon, water, fire," Ye Futian murmured.

Not only did the Loulan sage have the ability to cultivate ice, but he also cultivated fire. However, the sage intent in the Book of Flames disappeared later. The flame talent disappeared gradually, and only the ice ability was passed down.
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    《The Legend of Futian》