The Legend of Futian
185 Qian Yang’s Death
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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185 Qian Yang’s Death

Chapter 185: Qian Yang’s Death
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Wuchen stood there looking sharp as a sword. He eyed the five people in front of him. "Leave or die." These past days, Qian Yang had made his attitude very clear. They were waiting for Ye Futian's group to leave the palace so they could steal the treasures they acquired from the relic. They had even come out and admitted to it. Qian Yang had nothing to hide. In the time that Ye Futian left for the outside world, Qian Yang kept a close eye on them. They were his prey.

If so, then there was no need for discussion. If Qian Yang and his people left, then it would be a happy ending for both parties. If they didn't, then they were the enemy and one party had to die.

As always, Ye Wuchen was not much of a talker. In a few simple words, he had already made his point clear.

Qian Yang and the others were surprised by Ye Wuchen's words. They were all top-level Dharma Plane cultivators. Even if Ye Wuchen had a ritual implement, how was he going to close the gap between himself and Qian Yang's group?

Ye Wuchen probably wouldn't even be able to take down just Zhao Han. Furthermore, Qian Yang's powers were boosted by the noble fate he possessed. It was enough for him to kill any ordinary top-level Dharma Plane cultivator instantly.

"Is your brain failing after losing your arm?" Shi Tong asked coldly.

"Young Master Qian, he's the one picking a fight, so if he dies here the Virgin can't blame us, right?" chuckled Yue Linglong.

"Zhao Han, kill him and the sword is yours," said Qian Yang.

"Thank you, Young Master Qian," nodded Zhao Han. He was thinking the same thing. He and Ye Wuchen were both swordsmen. Ye Wuchen's sword was going to be his. Stepping forward, Zhao Han released a dominating force of sword intent. Behind him, swords appeared. All of them unsheathed loudly and floated in the air behind Zhao Han.

"Since you're asking for death, I'll give it to you." Zhao Han's eyes were cold. Everyone could feel his murderous intent. Zhao Han was the son of the clan master of the Fuyun Sword Clan. Although he was gifted, he was completely defeated by Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen at the grotto. That event made him feel utterly humiliated.

Ye Wuchen was a swordsman just like him but was more gifted. However, it was a shame because no matter how gifted he was, he still had to die.

The sword dharmas behind Zhao Han shot out like flashes of lightning. The blades reflected in the daylight. The gleams of light from the swords were blinding. A deafening noise erupted, and in the blink of an eye, all the swords whistled through the wind headed straight for Ye Wuchen.

Almost at the exact same time, sword intent exploded from Ye Wuchen's body. A formless flow of air wrapped around his body. With him at the center, a terrifying sword storm brewed. It was frightening to hear the sound the swords made as they cut through the air. When Zhao Han's swords approached, they were all destroyed by the air created by Ye Wuchen's swords.

Zhao Han walked forward and with every step he took, his sword intent grew stronger. The swords came endlessly from behind him. It was as if they wanted to drown Ye Wuchen in an ocean of swords.

The sword in Ye Wuchen's hand twirled slightly before charging forward. Any swords that came his way was destroyed.

Zhao Han was still on the move. A sword also appeared in his hand. His body was guided by the sword, moving quickly.

Suddenly, there was a gleam of light. The gleaming of a sword. The bright light caused Ye Wuchen to close his eyes. In the next moment, the light grew brighter. Not only was it bright, it was also cold. It cut through the air and towards Ye Wuchen.

"That's a quick sword," Yue Linglong exclaimed. Zhao Han was indeed the clan master's son. His abilities were not to be doubted. With the appearance of this sword, Ye Wuchen was bound to get hurt. It was a dead end for him.

He released a force of sword intent which rushed into the sword in his hand. He waved the sword into the air. Swords fell like the rain. The light reflected off the blades resembled stars in the night sky. It was as if a meteor shower had struck the area.

The chillingly bright light from Zhao Han's sword was drowned out by the meteor shower of swords. Ye Wuchen's sword cut through the light of Zhao Han's sword, destroying it.

When the two swords met, everything stopped. Zhao Han stopped moving as well. He stood not far from Ye Wuchen. He lifted his head to look at Ye Wuchen with wide eyes. In his eyes were looks of shock, despair, and regret. In the following moment, he was bleeding from every orifice. His entire body was quickly covered in blood.

When Qian Yang and the others saw Zhao Han hit the ground, they finally lost the relaxed expressions on their faces. Their carefree smiles had disappeared long ago. Dumbfounded and scared, all they could do was stare at Zhao Han's body on the ground. And then, there was the one-armed figure who stood silently, releasing noble fate.

Noble fate. Shi Tong stared at Ye Wuchen. When had he accomplished this? Furthermore, it was mid-level noble fate along with the pure sword will. Bathed in this force of will, Ye Wuchen was lethal like the sharpest sword in the world. Ye Wuchen's level of cultivation had increased, he was now a fifth level Dharma Plane cultivator.

Before, this level of cultivation was nothing in their eyes, but having a pure noble level sword will on top of that was something to be afraid of. It was enough to allow Ye Wuchen to fight those in higher planes. The noble level will would boost his powers greatly. What's more, Ye Wuchen also possessed a ritual implement. An implement that once contained a noble will.

Ye Wuchen's own noble will had been activated. He was going to be able to unleash the full power of the ritual implement. With two forces of noble will, his sword was going to be the most powerful sword in all of the Dharma Plane. If he wasn't powerful, then he never would have made it out alive from the fight with Li Daoyun, though he did lose an arm. But with Li Daoyun's abilities, losing an arm was a light price to pay for his life.

Now, Ye Wuchen was much stronger than he was when he fought Li Daoyun. He had made it into the next level with a pure will. Both of these things greatly improved his abilities.

WHOOSH! Ye Wuchen was on the move. As he moved, the entire area seemed to have been covered by a force of will. Qian Yang and the three others released their dharmas.

Seeing that Ye Wuchen was getting close, Shi Tong of the True Martial Clan stepped out. A giant ax appeared in his hand followed by a loud noise. A fearsome energy pushed down on the surrounding area. An enormous figure appeared behind Shi Tong. In his hand was also a big ax. The figure swung the weapon down at Ye Wuchen wanting to kill him with a single swing.

The glimmer of a blade shot past and along with it, was a cold breeze. Following that, a crack had actually formed on Shi Tong's ax. A low sound was heard before blood spilled from the cut on his neck. There was no stop to the blood flow.

Ye Wuchen's body turned into an afterimage and headed straight for Yue Linglong right after killing Shi Tong.

Yue Linglong's facial expression changed immediately after she realized that Shi Tong could not even withstand one attack from Ye Wuchen. Her eyes became seductive. She looked at Ye Wuchen and an illusory figure appeared in his mind instantly.

There, Yue Linglong walked toward him. The clothes on her body fell to the ground one by one. She was bewitching and flirtatious. In a seductive tone, she asked, "Can you really bear to kill me?" She specialized in illusions and was a spirit elemental illusionary sorcerer. The mirages she created were strong. Her specialty was in male and female relations. It was difficult for those under her spell to pull themselves out.

In Ye Wuchen's mind, all that was left on her body was a see-through piece of clothing. He could very faintly see what was underneath. She was so captivating, enough to make anyone lose focus. However, the Ye Wuchen now, had a strong will, a noble level will. Countless swords appear in his mind and raced towards the sexy body. The illusionary figure had been destroyed.

Some noise sounded and Yue Linglong's beautiful eyes were frozen in place. all the color drained from her face. She was an illusionary sorcerer but her defense skills couldn't even catch up to that of Shi Tong's. So, if Shi Tong was killed, then she was not going to end up any better.

Ye Wuchen had killed two people in one go. Presently, only two people remained from the group of five: Qian Yang and Dugu Leng.

Qian Yang did not look too good. His noble fate built up inside as he stared directly at Ye Wuchen, whose noble level sword will had released. Ye Wuchen did not seem like a fifth level Dharma Plane cultivator at all. He was most definitely not any weaker than Qian Yang. Qian Yang's noble fate was of the lower level and was mixed. It had yet to form any type of pure will.

Ye Wuchen moved closer to the two with his sword in hand. A powerful force of noble will was released making Ye Wuchen looked even scarier. A terrifying force of energy also released from Qian Yang. Lightning, fire, sword, and powers of other elements were released. In addition to the noble fate, Qian Yang was definitely not someone Zhao Han and Shi Tong could be compared to.

Behind Qian Yang, Dugu Leng had a chilling energy revolving around him. He held a scimitar in his hand and was bursting with an incredible energy.

Ye Wuchen flew into the air and lifted his sword. An endless amount of will erupted. Right now, Ye Wuchen seemed to have transformed into a true Noble and even had the majestic feel of an emperor. This was because his will was inherited from a powerful emperor.

Just then, all the air flow seemed to have gathered by his sword. Everything seemed to be at his mercy. Ye Wuchen's aura was getting stronger and stronger. The sword in his hand turned into the emperor's sword.

Qian Yang also had noble fate, though it was of the lower level. But with his own abilities, he was going to be just as strong. Ye Wuchen was going to have to give it his all.

Finally, Ye Wuchen's sword swung down. The emperor's sword controlled everything around. Air gathered around the sword, moving along to its every movement and swung down on Qian Yang below.

From Qian Yang, swords of both thunder and fire elements shot into the sky and instantly, a thunder dragon and a fire dragon roared loudly. Sorcery and swordsman skills were combined together.

Two forces clashed together and Qian Yang shouted, "Dugu Leng!"

At his call, Dugu Leng bound into action. A force of energy erupted was followed by cracking noises.

Qian Yang shook violently and his complexion paled. His aura was withdrawn. His swords fell straight out of the skies.

Dugu Leng retreated right away. A shocking gash appeared on Qian Yang's back.

He shivered in pain and turned around. Looking at Dugu Leng, he asked, "Why?"

Dugu Leng did not look at him. Instead, he lifted his head to speak to Ye Wuchen. "His father is my teacher. When I get back to Qianmeng, I will report to him that Qian Yang and Zhao Han were killed by those from the Barren City."

Ye Wuchen looked at him but did not say anything.

"If you kill me as well, Ancient Loulan will help keep all this a secret but my teacher will still investigate. He's bound to find clues to lead him to the truth." Dugu Leng continued, "That injury on his back is evidence that I also had a hand in his death. Naturally, I will keep this secret for the rest of my life."

Qian Yang glared at Dugu Leng and fell to the ground with despair and anger in his eyes. He was definitely not going to be resting in peace.
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    《The Legend of Futian》