The Legend of Futian
186 Very Likeable
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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186 Very Likeable

Chapter 186: Very Likeable
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Ye Wuchen stood in the air. Sword intent flowed across his body; his eyes stared at Du Guleng.

Qian Yang possessed noble fate and was at the pinnacle of the Dharma Plane. Even without a ritual implement, he could still fight Ye Wuchen. However, because of Du Guleng, Qian Yang died before he could even release his true abilities. He'd died unjustly and unwillingly. Of course, Ye Wuchen didn't pity him. He only felt that Du Guleng was extremely cold-blooded. He'd stabbed Qian Yang while he was fighting Ye Wuchen without any hesitation.

And Ye Wuchen must admit that his words had been logical. After the relic, everyone else left. No one knew that Ye Futian and Qian Yang's groups remained in the palace. As long as the people of Ancient Loulan helped keep it a secret, no one outside would know. Ye Futian had the Virgin keep news in as well. News wouldn't spread, which was why he did it.

But if Qian Yang's group vanished, the Qianmeng area would definitely investigate and find some things out. If Du Guleng could cooperate and blame it on the Barren City, it would be even more perfect. As to how to keep it a secret, Du Guleng definitely had his own tactics if he'd decided to do this.

"Yun Qianmo is a flaw," Ye Wuchen said. She knew about the rivalry.

Actually, if he killed Qian Yang, he didn't fear the Ancient Barren World's revenge. The Qianmeng area wasn't capable of it. He only feared that they would take out their anger on the Cangye Kingdom.

"Since Yun Qianmo agreed to be your servant, it's clear she's ambitious. My master only has one son. After Qian Yang's death, it's most possible that I'll inherit the position of lord. With Zhao Han's death, if she's willing to ally with me, she may inherit the top position of the Sword Clan," Du Guleng said. "She's smart, and I'm more convincing of the two."

Du Guleng was able to complete the Thirteen Steps of Death in the Noble Grotto. His talent was undeniable.

Ye Wuchen fell silent, and the sword intent disappeared. "You better do what you said."

"I naturally know what to do," Du Guleng said. "With the talent of you three, I don't wish to become your enemy even if I become the lord of the Qianmeng area."

He'd witnessed their talent in the Noble Grotto. He couldn't kill them; he'd be the one to die. Qian Yang and the others' deaths today were the best proof.

Qian Yang had wanted to use Ye Futian but look at his demise.

As an orphan, Du Guleng had had it much harder than Qian Yang. He knew to observe and was more cold-blooded. Otherwise, he wouldn't survive until now.

"Go," Ye Wuchen said. He must admit that he'd been persuaded and Yun Qianmo truly was a flaw. It would be most suitable for Du Guleng to take care of her.

"Goodbye." Du Guleng turned and left. No one stopped him.

After he left, Loulan Xue appeared. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng also came. Ye Futian hadn't come out because he believed that Ye Wuchen would perform well.

"He didn't say anything before," Yu Sheng said. Of the five, Du Guleng had the least sense of existence. Even though his talent was equal to Qian Yang, it was easy to overlook him.

"That kind is the most dangerous," Ye Futian said. "Virgin, can you help me?" he asked Loulan Xue.

"With what?" Loulan Xue looked at him.

"Help me send men to Qianmeng City and keep an eye on them," Ye Futian said. He was involved with Du Guleng now, but he still must be careful. He had to see if Du Guleng could successfully keep things a secret. Qian Yang's death would spread to Qianmeng City sooner or later. Then they'd know the situation.

"Okay." Loulan Xue understood Ye Futian's motive. She nodded.

"We'll cultivate for a while and wait for their news. Then we'll head towards the Barren City," Ye Futian said to the others. Naturally, no one opposed.

The Barren City was the center of the Eastern Barren Territory. The surrounding area was the entrance to the various forces of the Eastern Barren Territory. They all ruled over one part and fought inside the Barren City. There would be many strong cultivators there, such as those equal to Ancient Loulan.

This may be there last stop in the Ancient Barren World. After traveling to the Barren City, they would leave. There, Ye Futian would try to get rid of the threat of Luo Junlin joining the Royal Xuan Temple.

Months later, Ye Xiao returned to the Cangye palace with strong cultivators protecting him.

When Emperor Ye had brought them to the Ancient Barren World, we'd sent strong cultivators to wait for them. Everyone knew about Emperor Luo's desire to kill Ye Futian. He'd expressed his determination at the Tingfeng Banquet. If Emperor Luo didn't want to go all out, he wouldn't act personally. However, Emperor Ye still had to be careful. Thus, he posted strong cultivators at the gate to the Ancient Barren World.

In addition, the war between Cangye and Nandou had intensified to the extreme. Emperor Ye always had his eyes on Emperor Luo.

Since Ye Xiao was back, Emperor Ye obviously went to meet him. Now, the talents of the Cangye College also entered the palace with Ye Xiao.

"How was the trip?" Emperor Ye asked, looking at the group.

"The Ancient Barren World is filled with talents and prides. Now I know how big the world is. The Cangye Kingdom has many talents as well, but they're nothing there." Ye Xiao sighed. "Father, I must work harder."

"It's good that you know it." Emperor Ye nodded. It seemed that he had not received noble fate. Luo Junlin truly was talented to receive it. "What about Futian and Wuchen? Did they not come back?" he asked.

Hearing the question, Ye Xiao furrowed his brows. He started to speak but then stopped. Seeing his expression, Emperor Ye asked, "Speak straightforwardly."

"Father, Ye Futian is an outsider, after all. No matter how talented he is, aren't you leading trouble in?" Ye Xiao asked Emperor Ye. "In the Ancient Barren World, he disrespected me just because of his talent and wouldn't travel with me. Ye Wuchen is also a pride of the Fenghua Banquet, and they became closer while I became the outsider."

Emperor Ye's eyes flashed. He glanced at the others. They all kept quiet as if silently agreeing with Ye Xiao's words.

"I see. Go rest now," Emperor Ye said indifferently.

"Yes." Ye Xiao nodded and retreated.

"Summon Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi," Emperor Ye said to his guard after Ye Xiao left. After a while, they arrived.

Emperor Ye saw them and repeated what Ye Xiao had said. Then he asked, "What do you think?"

"Ye Futian is proud, but he's not like that. Regardless of whether Brother is a prince, he owes you and wouldn't do that," Ye Danchen said.

"I agree. At the Fenghua Banquet, Ye Futian requested to heal his master while Yu Sheng requested to find his master. Later, they all worked hard for this at the Nandou Nation's Tingfeng Banquet," Ye Lingxi said. "Father, you wouldn't treat him so well if not for his disposition, right?"

Emperor Ye's treatment towards Ye Futian was practically perfect. He'd accepted Hua Jieyu as goddaughter and practically declared war with Emperor Luo because of Ye Futian, leading to a true war, despite Luo Junlin being accepted by a force from the Eastern Barren Territory.

If Emperor Ye only valued Ye Futian for his talent and he turned out to be heartless, what could he do if the Cangye Kingdom was at risk?

"So you two think Ye Xiao is lying?" Emperor Ye asked.

Ye Danchen lowered his head. Ye Lingxi fell silent too. This was a sensitive matter, after all.

"If that is the case, Ye Xiao must have done something extremely antagonizing to Ye Futian," Emperor Ye said quietly. If not, Ye Xiao had no need to report and offend Ye Futian. Ye Xiao wouldn't act as the tattletale unless something happened between them.

In addition, Ye Xiao cultivated at the Cangye College. It was normal for them to be close but if they lied to the crown together…

At that time, someone outside called, "Your Majesty, Princess Jieyu requests admittance."

"Let Jieyu in," Emperor Ye said. He looked outside and saw Hua Jieyu walk in.

Hua Jieyu was as beautiful and elegant as before. Her demeanor had become more extraordinary as well. Emperor Ye knew that Hua Jieyu had been cultivating with the imperial advisor and she'd had many physical changes. She also improved quite a lot.

"Godfather," Hua Jieyu greeted, bowing.

"Jieyu, I've said that you don't need to bow like an outsider. Futian isn't even as polite as you," Emperor Ye said with a smile.

"Godfather, I heard that the eldest prince has returned," Hua Jieyu said.

Emperor chuckled. "Are you here for news about Futian?"

"Yes." Hua Jieyu nodded.

"Ye Futian didn't return with Ye Xiao. He must still be in the Ancient Barren World. Ye Xiao isn't good at cultivation, so he returned early," Emperor Ye said.

"Godfather, I wish to go to the Ancient Barren World." Hua Jieyu gazed at Emperor Ye with her pretty eyes.

"No. Even though you've improved greatly, you're still only in the Second-level Dharma Plane."

"He went before even entering the Dharma Plane," Hua Jieyu said. "Plus, I just can't enter the Third-level. I wish to test myself in the Ancient Barren World too."

Emperor Ye looked at Hua Jieyu's eyes and nodded. "Alright. Danchen and Lingxi will go with you. In addition, I'll have men protect you. Don't cause trouble in the Ancient Barren World."

"Thanks, godfather." Hua Jieyu smiled and nodded. She left soon.

After knowing that she would enter the Ancient Barren World, Hua Fengliu immediately refused. "Jieyu, Futian is really smart. You shouldn't be worried."

"I really am worried," Hua Jieyu said. "It's been so long, but he won't come back to see me."

Seeing Hua Jieyu's expression, Hua Fengliu suddenly understood. He said, "Jieyu, Futian looks like a playboy, but he won't do anything. Don't be worried."

"I trust him but not other girls," Hua Jieyu muttered. "That boy is so bad. He's really likable."

Hua Fengliu couldn't reply.
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    《The Legend of Futian》