The Legend of Futian
187 Barren City, Mirror Mountain
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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187 Barren City, Mirror Mountain

Chapter 187: Barren City, Mirror Mountain
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The Barren City was the heart of the Ancient Barren World. It was also the most majestic ancient city with a very long history. All the top talents from all over the Eastern Barren Territory were grouped in the Barren City. No matter how talented a foreigner was, they didn't dare go wild here. The slightest mistake could insult a disciple of a top force and then they wouldn't even know how they died. Thus, the disciples of the top forces were the absolute stars in this glamorous city. The others were just the sidekicks. The disciples of top forces would often fight each other in the city.

At this time, a group walked down the cobblestone road. They stood out from the crowd. The one in the center was around 17 or 18-years-old. He was extremely handsome with a perpetual smile on his face. The smile was extremely effective on girls.

On his left was a muscular man. He looked intimidating and was very burly. He seemed to be filled with endless power. On his right was a one-armed youth. He had a sword slung across his back. His eyes were sharp; he was definitely a powerful swordsman-in-training.

Behind the three were two girls. They were both extremely beautiful, especially the girl on the right. Her silver hair was like snow, and she was as beautiful as a fairy. Her aura was cold. Behind them followed a group of men, seemingly guards.

Passersby would definitely take a second glance at a group like these, wondering if they were disciples of some top force in the Eastern Barren Territory. The only thing that stood out was the Black Wind Eagle. How could such a powerful group ride such a common demon? It wasn't good enough. Naturally, this group was Ye Futian and the others.

Loulan Xue had followed them, as per the Empress' orders. She didn't even have her people with her. Ye Futian found it strange but he couldn't say anything.

"Did you find out?" Ye Futian asked Lin Yueyao now.

"Yes." Lin Yueyao nodded while glaring at Ye Futian. After arriving in the Barren City, he'd told her to find out information whenever something happened. It seemed that she'd taken Yun Qianmo's role as the maid after Yun Qianmo left. It was annoying.

"Lead the way," Ye Futian said nonchalantly, seeming to not see Lin Yueyao's resentful eyes. The group climbed onto the Black Wind Eagle. It rode with the wind and traveled through the air.

There were many demons above the Barren City. They all went to different places and didn't disturb each other. Lin Yueyao and Loulan Xue's beauty occasionally attracted some gazes but no one bothered them.

After some time, they arrived at the heart of the city. The buildings here were even more magnificent. There were more demons too, as well as strong cultivators. Lin Yueyao held a map and pointed towards somewhere. Gradually, an extremely tall mountain appeared in their vision. This mountain stood in the heart of the city but it didn't seem awkward at all. Instead, there was a sacred aura about it. Many people were heading towards it.

As the Black Wind Eagle continued, they approached the mountain. They could see a huge stone monument before the mountain. It was very eye-catching with three giant words carved on it: Ancient Barren World. These words were carved in the stone monument. This was where the name of this place came from.

"We're here," Ye Futian mumbled to himself.

The Black Wind Eagle continued to the top of the mountain and landed before the stone monument. There were countless people before the monument more than 100 meters tall. The three words, Ancient Barren World, seemed to have some attractive force, making one stare at it involuntarily. Not far from the monument, there were steps leading up the mountain. Many people were climbing like a pilgrimage.

"Let's go," Ye Futian said. Then he followed the many others and climbed the stone steps. He followed the steps to the end where he was even with the stone monument. The mountaintop was very flat as if the peak had been sliced off. It was a hugely vast area filled with activity and people. When Ye Futian and the others stepped onto it, a gust of fate hit their faces.

Ye Futian gazed around and his heart jumped. Just as he'd found out, Mirror Mountain had everything a cultivator would want. There were many different regions in this vast space. Each region seemed to contain a relic.

Some people were playing chess. The game was extremely deep as if it contained sophisticated matrices.

Some people were painting. Their paintings could communicate with the skies and earth.

Some people were playing instruments, others were transcribing.

Everyone in each region was cultivating and communicating with the noble intent to build a fate.

Thud. At that time, there was a huge sound. Ye Futian felt a terrible force. He looked over towards the source and saw a line of drums. Someone was hitting the battle drums powerfully. As the booms sounded without stop, more drums sounded as well. It created an even more terrifying force.

There was another thunderous boom. Ye Futian looked elsewhere. There was a region of thunder. Other than that, there were some Noble statues on the mountain. They contained terrible intent power. Many people were cultivating before them. People were cultivating and studying in each region of this vast space. They all came from the various top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory.

The mountaintop was a flourishing scene.

"As expected of the Barren City's heart," Ye Futian muttered. Cultivators of any type could accomplish something here. He slowly turned his gaze and looked forward. In the distance, there was a side of the mountain that was smooth like a mirror. This was the famous Mirror Mountain Stone Wall of the Barren City. Its mysteries were endless and could even test a cultivator's talent.

In addition, the various top forces had all left powerful spells on the wall. When a strong cultivator went there and awakened the wall with their noble intent, the forces would be able to see what happened here.

Ye Futian didn't know if Luo Junlin had come but here, he could get rid of the threat Luo Junlin posed.

"Not only does that stone wall let people of the Eastern Barren Territory see noble fate, it also contains many mysteries," Lin Yueyao said. "It can test talent. Other than noble fate, strange phenomena appear when a cultivator senses the power within. Phantom noble images appear on the wall. The more talented someone is, the more images will appear."

Lin Yueyao had been the one to get the information after arriving in the Barren City so she was the most knowledgeable about it. She'd been upset about this for a long while. How could Ye Futian order her around like a servant? But when she said those words, she was slightly anticipatory inside. When Luo Junlin had received noble fate, he'd been accepted by the Royal Xuan Temple.

Now, Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen were at least equal to Luo Junlin. Ye Wuchen had already been at the mid-level noble fate during the battle in the Loulan Palace months ago.

If the trio went to display their talent at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall and was seen by the top forces, she couldn't even imagine what the Cangye Kingdom would be like then. The three would all be accepted by top forces. That much was indisputable.

Thinking of how all emperors went to congratulate Luo Junlin when he was accepted by the Royal Xuan Temple, she started anticipating what may happen at the Cangye Kingdom. What would Emperor Luo's expression be like at that time?

Emperor Ye of the Cangye Kingdom had done much for Ye Futian. He was even willing to go to war with Emperor Luo. He must be very proud of his foresight.

Thinking of this, Lin Yueyao's eyes fell upon Ye Futian. Grinning, she urged, "Won't you go show off?"

"You have to be low-key, you know?" Ye Futian replied nonchalantly.

Lin Yueyao pouted. Since when was this guy low-key?

"There is so much noble fate on this mountain. We can't waste it." Ye Futian looked around and smiled brightly. To him, all these relics were giving away noble fate for free.

Lin Yueyao's eyes flashed. She was speechless. She didn't know what level Ye Futian's noble fate was now but if Ye Wuchen was at mid-level, Ye Futian shouldn't be any lower. He had received two precious books in the Loulan Relic. He'd also taken the most treasured book in the entire Ancient Loulan. He probably received very powerful fate.

"Alright, everyone choose the place most suitable for you." Ye Futian smiled, and everyone nodded.

Ye Wuchen walked towards somewhere. A moment later, he arrived before a sword matrix. The sword matrix was extremely frightening and contained endless sword intent. No one dared to enter brashly. However, there was someone sitting inside quietly. He let the endless sword intent pass through him. He guided the sword into him and cultivated. Shocking sword intent flowed across his body.

"Apparently," someone beside him said, "All disciples of the Fuyun Sword Clan that enter the Ancient Barren World to train would come here to make the sword test their bodies. No one has ever failed. Li Daoqing is one of the prides of the clan. He obviously won't fail. Apparently, his brother Li Daoyun is just as accomplished."

Ye Wuchen's eyes glinted instantly and looked at the youth inside the sword matrix.
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    《The Legend of Futian》