The Legend of Futian
188 Liu Chenyu
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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188 Liu Chenyu

Chapter 188: Liu Chenyu
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Daoyun's brother?

Ye Wuchen's arm had been chopped off by Li Daoyun. He didn't expect such a coincidence, but he quickly composed himself. He walked quietly into the sword matrix as if he didn't know the other. In an instant, many sword marks lit up inside the matrix and surged towards him.

He sat cross-legged. Sword intent wrapped around him. When endless sword intent from the matrix came at him, he didn't fight back. Instead, he guided it into him. There was faint emperor's intent about him. The sword intent within him was like the king of swords. It guided the murderous intent into itself and flowed throughout his body.

The weak would be destroyed by sword intent; the strong could use it. This was the difference.

Yu Sheng walked before the battle drums. There were nine sides and booms came endlessly. Someone stood before the drums and beat them. The first hit, one side sounded. The second hit, the power could extend from the back and make two sides sound. The third could make three sides sound.

Each time, a horrible power would reverberate back and become stronger, multiplying. After the third time, it was already very frightening. Yu Sheng watched and saw that most people could only make five sides sound.

He walked up before the battle drum and pounded with his fist. There was a boom, and the drum shook. However, it didn't stop. Yu Sheng punched it again, and the booms sounded. A burst of power and reverberations rushed at Yu Sheng, but he seemed not to feel it. He punched a third time.

The booms were endless. The drums seemed to go wild in an instant. A horrible power exploded with the strength. Hearing the densely packed sounds, many looked over. Ye Futian, who had walked elsewhere, looked over too and rolled his eyes. Couldn't he be more low-key?

Who beat drums like this?

The fourth side sounded. It practically created shockwaves, and many were speechless. Compared to Yu Sheng, the others had been too gentle.

A burst of aggressive power and strength converged into a horrible storm. It beat crazily on Yu Sheng's body, but he just roared and punched again. His burly body stood upright like the god of war. The moment of his fifth punch, there seemed to be a storm surrounding him. All the intent power rushed into his body, putting it through a trial.

There were continuous cracking sounds. A dark golden armor appeared. Endless strength surged inside Yu Sheng's body. He punched again. It was like thunder, and everyone looked over. Very few people could make such a commotion with the battle drums.

Lin Yueyao was speechless too. Did he have to do this so soon?

Boom. Noble fate rose up in Yu Sheng. Now, he seemed to be covered in a demon's armor. He punched a seventh time. Power rolled in the air domineeringly. Even Yu Sheng's powerful body was forced back. He grunted, blood coming out of his mouth.

But he didn't give up. He stepped forward again like a wild demon. He punched again. This time, the people cultivating in the area were all shocked awake. Their eardrums vibrated. As for Yu Sheng, his body cracked. The power seemed to want to destroy him. He opened his mouth and roared. Veins bulged all over him. A terrible power poured into him.

Yu Sheng was forced back, and he spat out fresh blood. However, his fate was changing as if there was a storm of fate. Gradually, it became purer and more terrifying.

The drum was still going, unable to stop reverberating. There was another boom. Yu Sheng actually continued forward. Before the drum stopped, he beat it for the ninth time.

With this boom, the drum shook nine times, and the nine sides resonated at once. Many people shook inwardly. Then, a burst of destructive power rushed into Yu Sheng's body. There was no suspense. Yu Sheng flew out, and his dark gold armor cracked. Blood flowed from his lips, and he crashed onto the ground.

He didn't seem to feel anything. He quickly climbed up and sat there, cultivating.

"This idiot," Ye Futian muttered. He understood Yu Sheng's intent, of course. Yu Sheng had seen the immense power in the battle drums. To quickly create mid-level noble fate, he forced himself forward. He used the drum's intent to challenge his body, even willing to destroy it.

How crazy, many people thought. Ye Futian didn't cultivate. He walked to Yu Sheng to help him.

Many people looked over. Some even walked over and studied Yu Sheng curiously.

After a long while, Yu Sheng finished cultivating. Opening his eyes, he saw Ye Futian and grinned. Ye Futian glared at him.

At this time, Ye Wuchen also walked over. He asked Yu Sheng, "How are you?"

"Same as you now," Yu Sheng said, laughing. The intent within the drum was very pure. He used this power to challenge his body and fate. Now, he'd comprehended pure noble intent and power. It was mid-level noble fate.

With his natural talent in strength, he'd used the drum's strength and was successful within a short period.

Now, Lin Yueyao walked over. She gazed at Ye Wuchen with a strange look as if she was stopping herself from speaking.

"What's wrong?" Ye Futian asked, seeing Lin Yueyao's expression.

"I heard people discuss that Li Daoyun's brother is here," Lin Yueyao said quietly. Ye Futian's eyes flashed and stared at her.

"I know." Ye Wuchen nodded calmly.

"You know?" Ye Futian looked at him.

"Yes, I cultivated with him in the sword matrix," Ye Wuchen said calmly. "I'm not in a hurry for some things. Plus, the one who took my arm is Li Daoyun."

"You are a man of principle." Ye Futian looked at him and then looked around. He found where Li Daoqing was. He'd naturally saw who Ye Wuchen had cultivated with earlier.

"I'm going to see what's in the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall," Ye Wuchen said. He started walking towards the Stone Wall. Ye Futian and the others followed. He was curious how the Stone Wall would test talent.

Arriving at the Stone Wall, Ye Wuchen sat down cross-legged. His noble intent rushed directly onto the wall. Instantly, the wall flashed brilliantly. A powerful aura enveloped him. The Stone Wall seemed to turn illusory. It was like a mirror that emanated with a strange aura.

Ye Wuchen closed his eyes. Ye Futian could see sword intent bloom crazily from him. His noble fate was released to the extreme too as if he was fighting. Soon, a noble figure appeared on the Stone Wall, like a picture printed on it.

After this appeared, Ye Wuchen's aura grew even more terrifying. He was sitting there but sword aura went crazy around him. After a while, a huge battle seemed to have ended. A second noble figure appeared on the Stone Wall.

"So powerful," many people had to say. It was very difficult to make two figures appear. The requirements for that to happen were very strict.

Many people walked over and looked at Ye Wuchen. Who was this group? Earlier, Yu Sheng had pounded the drums. Now, Ye Wuchen was testing his talent at the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall. He had mid-level noble fate and could make two figures appear.

Ye Wuchen was still persevering. Sword intent rose up around him terrifyingly. After a while, he grunted. The sword intent flowing through him disappeared, and he opened his eyes. The Mirror Mountain Stone Wall returned to normal.

No one mocked him. Instead, they were impressed. His talent was definitely powerful if he could receive mid-level noble fate and make two figures appear on the Stone Wall at only the Fifth-level Dharma Plane.

"Are you from the Fuyun Sword Clan?" someone came up and asked. The speaker was a girl with average features. She looked at Ye Wuchen curiously.

"No," he replied nonchalantly.

"Someone with such powerful sword intent isn't from the Fuyun Sword Clan? Then what clan are you from?" the girl asked.

"Why?" Ye Wuchen looked at her.

"If you haven't joined a powerful clan, our princess would like to invite you to join the Liu Kingdom," the girl said. Then she looked back at someone.

A beautiful figure in a long green dress stood there. Her temperament was extraordinary, and she was beautiful. There was something elegant about her.

Liu Chenyu, princess of the Liu Kingdom. Everyone's hearts shuddered. It was also their first time seeing Liu Chenyu in person. They didn't know this beautiful person was the princess of the Liu Kingdom.

She nodded lightly at Ye Wuchen. Other than being a place for top talents to cultivate, the Mirror Mountain Stone Wall was also a place for those without clans to display their talent. Many of the Eastern Barren Territory would come here after receiving noble fate.

That was why Liu Chenyu invited him. Ye Wuchen's talent was uncommon, and he already had mid-level noble fate.

Ye Futian's eyes brightened. He didn't expect that they would get an invitation without even leaving the Ancient Barren World.

Ye Wuchen seemed to be considering whether he should make the decision beforehand.

"We'll consider it," Ye Futian said. They weren't in a hurry. They could decide after becoming familiar with the entire Eastern Barren Territory.

Liu Chenyu nodded lightly and didn't say anything. At that time, Li Daoqing walked over to Liu Chenyu. He said, "I am Li Daoqing of the Fuyun Sword Clan. Let me greet the princess in place of my brother."

Many saw this and were shocked. It was rumored that Li Daoyun of the Fuyun Sword Clan was pursuing Liu Chenyu. Now it seemed to be true. Becoming the princess's groom would be hard!
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    《The Legend of Futian》