The Legend of Futian
192 The Body of the Sword
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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192 The Body of the Sword

Chapter 192: The Body of the Sword
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Li Daoqing's group arrived. The eyes of the people at the top of the mountain were all fixed on them. The two beside Li Daoqing were all from the Fuyun Sword Clan.

"Mu Yunhe, Xiao Teng." Ji Zimo smiled when he saw the two. Mu Yunhe and Xiao Teng were all extraordinary cultivators of the Fuyun Sword Clan. Mu Yunhe especially was at the Eighth Level Dharma Plane. He had the noble fate in swordsmanship.

The three took a look around and then noticed Liu Chenyu. They walked to her. Mu Yunhe called, "Princess Chenyu!"

Li Daoyun was pursuing Liu Chenyu. They didn't want the relationship to become too awkward since Liu Chenyu wasn't the one that hurt Li Daoqing. It was one of her subordinates. In this case, Liu Chenyu had nothing to do with Li Daoqing's being defeated.

Liu Chenyu looked at Mu Yunhe's trio without emotions. "What's the matter?"

"Don't you know?" the witch Gu Biyue said with a smile. It seemed that Liu Chenyu wanted to protect her subordinates.

"I've heard that Daoqing made rude remarks about the princess and caused some misunderstandings. I'm here to apologize," Mu Yunhe said. Liu Chenyu looked at the man before her. Mu Yunhe was indeed Mu Yunhe—very considerate.

"No need to apologize. He has been taught a lesson," Liu Chenyu said indifferently. The spectators were amazed. Liu Chenyu took Yu Sheng's cruel beating Li Daoqing as a lesson for his rudeness to her. This meant that she would take responsibility for it. In this case, people were quite curious about how Mu Yunhe would react. Would he turn against Liu Chenyu? If so, that would be very interesting.

"He deserved it." Mu Yunhe nodded. The people were shocked but Mu Yunhe continued, "However, Daoqing is quite reluctant to accept being defeated with a ritual implement. This time, he comes for a fair fight. It has nothing to do with Your Highness. He just wants to save the dignity of the Fuyun Sword Clan. I hope you won't take any offense."

Liu Chenyu gazed deeply at Mu Yunhe and responded coldly, "Li Daoqing is at the Fifth Level Dharma Plane while the one that defeated him is at the Second Level Dharma Plane. Where is the fairness?"

"Level is a part of one's strength. Since you think so highly of that man, there must be something special about him. If you think it's unfair, Daoqing will suppress his ability while fighting," Mu Yunhe said calmly.

Liu Chenyu stared at Mu Yunhe while he continued, "The men of the Fuyun Sword Clan could be defeated, but not in this way. If Daoqing is defeated again but in a fairer way, we'll let it go."

Mu Yunhe spoke calmly but he still sounded aggressive, despite speaking to the princess of the Liu Kingdom. It was not only about Li Daoqing who was humiliated in public, but also about the reputation of the Fuyun Sword Clan. If Liu Chenu stuck to what she had said before, Mu Yunhe couldn't blame her. However, the clan would not just let it go this way.

Liu Chenyu could tell Mu Yunhe's resolution from his words. She walked toward Ye Futian's group. Everyone followed her. Gu Biyue grew curious. Did Liu Chenyu really plan to have her people fight with Li Daoqing again?

Many eyes followed Liu Chenyu. People came up to the top of the hill constantly from the stairs. They were all not nearby and hearing that Li Daoqing was beaten up by Liu Chenyu's subordinate, they all gathered to watch the show.

At this time, Ye Futian's group was cultivating quietly. Appearing to notice something, they opened their eyes to see everyone looking over. Then they saw Li Daoqing and Liu Chenyu's group and immediately figured out what was happening.

Ye Futian's group gathered together. Liu Chenyu told them what had just happened and said, "If you don't want to fight, just ignore them."

Hearing this, Ye Futian grew interested. Did they want to fight without using any ritual implements? Someone was beaten up but wanted to talk about fairness?

Li Daoyun intended to kill them with his peak achievement in Dharma and he chopped off one of Ye Wuchen's arms. Was this fair too? If the one who was defeated was not Li Daoqing but Yu Sheng, the clan would say nothing about it. But the fact was contrary and now they wanted a fair fight?

"So you really went back to complain." Yu Sheng glanced at Li Daoqing.

"Do you want to die?" Li Daoqing's face was livid. He had been beaten violently by Yu Sheng. At this moment, he just felt pain all over his body. If not for the special recovery methods, he would not be able to fight at this moment.

"What a ridiculous fairness!" Yu Sheng stepped forward.

"Since he wants fairness, I'll fight again." Ye Wuchen said calmly. He was at the same level as Li Daoqing—the Fifth Level Dharma Plane. If Li Daoqing wanted to talk about fairness, Ye Wuchen would like to fight with him.

Yu Sheng looked at Ye Wuchen and said, "Okay."

Ye Wuchen's arm had been damaged by Li Daoqing's senior brother, Li Daoyun. He was more suitable for this fight.

Ye Wuchen stood out but didn't pull out his sword. Since Li Daoqing wanted a fair fight, he would fulfill that wish.

Li Daoqing stepped out. In a second, great murderous sword intent could be sensed. A terrible storm of sword aura rolled over. Great sword intent swept towards Ye Wuchen's body.

Li Daoqing was considered to be just as talented as his senior brother Li Daoyun. He had great achievement in swordsmanship with a mid-level noble fate. His sword intent was extremely strong too. However, Ye Wuchen was just like him.

When the two's sword intents appeared, people including Gu Biyue were all stunned. No wonder Liu Chenyun wished to protect this group. They were all great talents. It appeared that Liu Chenyu wanted them to join Liu Kingdom. But even with great talent, it would still be hard for Ye Wuchen to win against Li Daoqing.

Ye Wuchen stood there quietly, emanating horrible sword intent as if he was a statue cast by swords

The moment Li Daoqing moved, countless beams of light filled this space. They were the reflections of the swords. He moved very quickly like lightning. People could only see his blurred figure. Then they saw Li Daoqing descend from above Ye Wuchen. Countless swords appeared and swept over the air. At this moment, people saw horrible sword streaks cut the void. If Ye Wuchen was hit by those lights, his body would be cut into countless pieces.

"It's the Split Light Sword Technique." People all saw the brilliant sword which was like a godly technique. They could practically see Ye Wuchen be engulfed by the endless sword light.

As an extraordinary cultivator of the Fuyun Sword Clan, Li Daoqing showed his absolute advantage with only one move.

Ye Wuchen still stood there. Everyone was watching, wondering whether he just couldn't figure out how to resist this. If he couldn't, he would most likely die.

Ye Futian looked coldly at the sword. The opponent had started with a fatal move.

Liu Chenyu only stared at Ye Wuchen. Surprisingly, he didn't even move. Shocking sword intent flowed through him at this time but it was still hard to block Li Daoqing's attack.

Mu Yunhe and Xiao Teng looked satisfied. There were no flaws in Li Daoqing's attack.

Endless swords tearing through the air were about to hit Ye Wuchen. Everyone mourned for him. Would he lose with just one move? Sure enough, there was still a big gap between him and the Fuyun Sword Clan.

Just as the sword came down, Ye Wuchen's body, bathed in the light of sword, turned transparent. It was as if he was a sword rather than a man. When cutting down, Li Daoqing's sword was influenced. It spun around as if it was to be integrated with his body and become a part of that sword.

"It is the sword body!" The people of the Fuyun Sword clan were surprised. Ye Wuchen was not Ye Wuchen anymore; he was the incarnation of the sword.

The sword body was the ultimate pursuit of all swordsmen. It could not be attained merely relying on talent. One also needed an incomparable faith and a sincere heart in swordsmanship. The sword and the self must be one. People who could form the sword body were all top talents of swordsmanship.

"It's not the sword body yet but just an immature form." Mu Yunhe was shocked by this sight. Even now, it was still very destructive. It was very possible for Ye Wuchen to succeed.

Seeing this scene, Li Daoqing felt embarrassed. His fatal kill was integrated into Ye Wuchen's body. His body like a sword, he streaked past. Another sword struck out as if all blades were one. A horrible light sliced through the air.

At this moment, Ye Wuchen's body moved. He looked like the king of swordsmanship. As he moved, all swords followed him. His body seemed to be turned into a real sword and descended on Li Daoqing. Li Daoqing felt great murderous sword intent approaching. He stepped back but a bunch of cold light swept past his neck. Li Daoqing stopped, his eyes fixed on the figure.

Ye Wuchen had caught up to him with the sword and sliced the throat. Blood flowed down Li Daoqing's neck. He would die if Ye Wuchen made the slightest move.

Everything was silent. Many people shuddered inwardly at the sight of that sword. The Fuyun Sword Clan was famous for its swordsmanship. The clan was known as the strongest sword clan in the Eastern Barren Territory. However, Li Daoqing, one of the top talents from the Fuyun Sword Clan, was defeated by just one move.

Though Ye Wuchen only made one move, everyone could tell how strong he was. It was enough for him to be compared with those top talents of the Fuyun Sword Clan.

Liu Chenyu was shocked too. She had heard Ye Wuchen had lost one arm when fighting with Li Daoyun but still wounded Li Daoyun. However, she didn't realize how excellent Ye Wuchen was until now. He was stronger than she had imagined before. However, Ye Wuchen once said that he was the least competent of the three. Was it really so?

Liu Chenyu doubted that. She didn't train in swordsmanship but she knew that what Ye Wuchen had performed was an indication of the sword body. A swordsman that learned the sword body was so terrifying.

She looked at Mu Yunhe and Xiao Teng and said, "This is the fairness you asked for before. Satisfied?"

Mu Yunhe looked at Ye Wuchen deeply and said, "We are indeed defeated. We will let this go."

The eyes of the Witch Clan and Ji Family grew sharp. Other spectators were a little disappointed. The Fuyun Sword Clan would not take further action?

"That's it?" At this time, an untimely voice sounded.

People turned around and saw Ye Futian stepping forward. He was gazing coolly at the Fuyun Sword Clan!
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    《The Legend of Futian》