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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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194 A Be

Chapter 194: A Bet
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At the top of the hill, people all looked at Ye Futian when they heard what he had said. Ye Futian wanted Gu Biyue to be his maid?

What an arrogant guy!

The witch Gu Biyue from the Witch Clan exceeded others both in talent and appearance. Gu Biyue's status in the Witch Clan could be compared with Princess Liu's in the Lui Kingdom.

Ye Futian chose to follow Liu Chenyu but wanted Gu Biyue to be his maid? Was this Ye Futian's response to Gu Biyue's offer of letting them be her subordinates? Most of the people behind Gu Biyue were confused while some of them were looking at Ye Futian indignantly. Was Ye Futian serious? Ji Zimo was also surprised. Where did this guy's courage and confidence come from?

Liu Chenyu smiled at this scene. She was curious about how Gu Biyue would react. However, Gu Biyue was just a bit stunned. Then her smile grew more brilliant, full of charm. She stared at Ye Futian and said, "You want me to serve you?" Her tone sounded quite flirtatious and evocative of people's imagination. Witches always did whatever they wanted. However, anyone who wanted to take advantage of them would suffer a lot.

"It is a wonderful thing to be served by a beauty." Ye Futian smiled at Gu Biyue. Seeing his smile, people were wordless. This guy was too bold. As the weaker one, how did he dare to ask Gu Biyue to be his maid? Wasn't he too naïve? In the Eastern Barren Territory, even the top talents from top powers dared not to let Gu Biyue serve them.

"But I would rather you to be my subordinate." Gu Biyue laughed. "So, are you to be my subordinate or I, your maid?"

"Well, a problem." Ye Futian looked at her. "What do you think?"

"How about a bet?" Gu Biyue smiled and said, "If you lose the bet, not only you but he will all be my subordinates." She looked at Ye Wuchen and smiled at Liu Chenyu. It was very fun to take people from Liu Chenyu's hand.

"What if you lose?" Ye Futian smirked.

"Serve you, as you said before." Gu Biyue giggled. Her eyes were overwhelmingly beautiful and mesmerizing. In Loulan City, Yue Linglong, who followed Qian Yang, was fascinating too. But Gu Biyue was different from her. Yue Linglong's appearance and temperament couldn't be compared with Gu Biyue. She was fascinating from the inside out. Her every move and smile exuded exotic charm. Her elegant temperament made her a strong attraction to those top talents. Actually, she had more pursuers than Liu Chenyu did, including many top talents from Eastern Barren Territory.

"What kind of bet?" Ye Futian smiled. She had dug the pit, waiting for him to jump in.

"The peaks of Mirror Mountain are all relics. Since we are here, let's take the relics as the bet and make them our battlefields. We'll send three people per side and choose three relics. The outcome will be known after three rounds. What do you think?" Gu Biyue said with a smile. Many people's eyes fixated on people behind Gu Biyue. Those people were all extraordinary cultivators.

Hearing Gu Biyue's words, Ye Futian looked strange. Take the relics here as the bet? It was not challenging for him at all.

"Good idea," Ye Futian responded with a big smile. Will Gu Biyue be a better maid than Yun Qianmo? Hope that she won't run away too.

Seeing Ye Futian agree so readily, Gu Biyue also smiled. This group of people were definitely going to be her subordinates.

"Can I participate too? If you lose, be my maid?" Ji Zimo smiled at Gu Biyue.

"But I'm not interested in you." Gu Biyue looked at Ji Zimo and then glanced at Ye Futian. "You're not as good-looking."

Ji Zimo's face turned livid. People were speechless too.

Gu Biyue smiled at Ye Futian and said, "You pick the relics first."

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian called. Yu Sheng knew what he meant and walked towards the war-drum zone. Those who had heard Yu Sheng beating the drums had a strange expression.

Gu Biyue deliberately set the trap for Ye Futian but she might lose the first round.

Accompanied by a boom, the drum's sound vibrated the space. Yu Sheng's aura burst from him and began to go wild. After a while, the nine drums were beaten at the same time. A violent storm rolled over the top of the mountain. People's hearts were stirred by the sounds. Gu Biyue's beautiful eyes flashed slightly. The nine drums rang simultaneously without stopping. It was incomparably destructive. No one among the people behind Gu Biyue could do this. That was to say, Gu Biyue lost the first round.

"I concede." Gu Biyue recovered and showed a bigger smile. She didn't expect that Yu Sheng had a great talent too as Ye Wuchen did. In this case, if this group of people could be her subordinates, they would help her a lot. Her status would be further stabled and might even ascend.

The competition within the Witch Clan was very intense. Being able to be assisted by the strong was naturally wonderful. She had confidence in controlling people of any personalities. Since Ye Futian's group were willing to follow Liu Chenyu, she was confident that she could handle them too.

"Second round, which of you will fight?" Gu Biyue smiled and asked.

Ye Futian looked at Lou Lanxue. She could have a try.

Lou Lanxue stepped forward quietly. Many eyes fell on her. All were slightly surprised at her appearance and temperament. A figure behind Gu Biyue walked out. This man in a black robe was slender and quiet. He had been standing behind Gu Biyue quietly but emanated a dangerous aura.

"Leng Feng." People shuddered at the sight of him, the great talent of the Witch Clan. He had great talent but was obsessed with Gu Biyue. He was willing to do anything for her, even subordinating himself. However, his talent wasn't any lower.

"Since they chose the drum area, you just choose the same." Gu Biyue smiled at him. Leng Feng nodded. He walked toward that area and started beating the drums.

The reason why Gu Biyue conceded when Yu Sheng beat the drums was that Yu Sheng had done the extreme. No one could surpass him. But actually, Leng Feng was strong too. His every beat was stable as if there was a fantastic rhythm in his beating. He beat the drum again and again. The drums gradually turned into a horrible storm, but Leng Feng stood there still and continued his beating until the nine drums rang at the same time,

Ye Futian took a glance at Leng Feng. As expected, Gu Biyue did prepare for this.

Lou Lanxue walked forward and beat the drum too. This was her first time doing so but she had a strong talent too. She managed to make eight drums ring but failed at the last drum.

"Now, it's back to the beginning." Gu Biyue smiled at Ye Futian and said, "Which of you will fight in the last round? Him?" Gu Biyue looked at Ye Wuchen.

"You set the rule first. Which relics will you pick?" Ye Futian asked.

"Are you sure?" Gu Biyue smiled at Ye Futian. At the previous two rounds, they all had selected the battlefield once. Unexpectedly, Ye Futian let her decide the final round which was supposed be discussed by two sides.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

Gu Biyue smiled at him. He was pretty cute, letting her choose.

"Then I choose there." Gu Biyue pointed to an elegant place. There was chess, paintings, guqins, and flutes.

"She may take the final round into her own hands. You can't promise her like this," Liu Chenyu walked to Ye Futian and whispered. Ye Futian was overconfident about himself. How could he let Gu Biyue select the final battlefield?

"Her own hands?" Ye Futian looked at Gu Biyue. The witch seemed to attach great importance to this match.

"It's alright." Ye Futian smiled at Liu Chenyu.

"Gu Biyue is good at playing the flute. She is proficient in music, especially the Witch Requiem of Witch Clan. Even Ye Wuchen won't be able to resist it. Even without the spiritual attack, the music transferred from spirit is destructive enough." Liu Chenyu couldn't help to say after seeing Ye Futian was so confident.

"Witch Requiem?" Ye Futian grew more interested in this. He said with a smile, "Then I would like to have a try." Saying this, he walked toward that area with Gu Biyue. His group followed behind.

Liu Chenyu was stunned. She looked at Ye Futian meaningfully. He said he would like to have a try?

Rather than Ye Wuchen, Ye Futian would participate in the final battle? Didn't this guy say that he was just a servant before? A servant wanted to have the witch of the Witch Clan to be his maid?

Liu Chenyu was speechless but followed them. The witch did have some means. If Ye Futian failed in this battle, then this group of people would really have to join her.

The group of people came to the relic that was a great place for musical competition. There were guqins, drums, and flutes there. However, everything seemed to be shapeless as if they were illusions transferred from spirits. Those instruments floated in the air, diffusing the power of fate. It seemed that many great masters had fought here once.

"Decided who will fight?" Gu Biyue asked.

"I will fight," Ye Futian smiled and responded. Gu Biyue looked at him deeply and smiled gently.

"Since I want you to follow me, I hope you will be truly convinced. I am pretty good at the xiao so I will play a song for you. This song contains no spiritual attacks but only spiritual interference. If you can resist it, I will concede." Gu Biyue smiled at Ye Futian.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded lightly. Then Gu Biyue moved toward that musical aura where there seemed to be countless invisible notes pulsing. Those miraculous notes were all transformed from intent.

Gu Biyue murmured in her mind. The notes fluctuated and formed a shape of xiao. Many people were surprised that Gu Biyue would attend the final round personally.
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    《The Legend of Futian》