The Legend of Futian
197 Fanatic
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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197 Fanatic

Chapter 197: Fanatic
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These days, other than cultivating, Ye Futian also learned a lot about the top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory. There were three most powerful forces in the center of the region: the Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, and the Eastern Barren College. The Qin Dynasty was also called the Eastern Qin. It had once ruled over the Eastern Barren Territory but then dissolved. The other forces rose up, creating the current situation.

Even so, the other kingdoms still made obeisance to the Qin Dynasty. It ruled over various kings and was extremely powerful. It was above the other kingdom in the Eastern Barren Territory—the Liu Kingdom—and resided in the best location.

The Donghua Clan showed signs of becoming the number one clan in the Eastern Barren Territory. The signs were getting stronger in the recent years too.

The Eastern Barren College was the number one college in the area. It had nurtured countless monstrously talented people. In the aspect of training disciples, the College was unsurpassed.

These three had the longest heritage. The Qin Dynasty was a nation. Though the Donghua Clan was powerful, it wasn't as good as the Eastern Barren College in training disciples. That was why Liu Chenyu recommended Ye Futian to join the College. It was undoubtedly the best choice. There had always been many rumors that many of the Noble figures in the top forces had all cultivated in the Eastern Barren College.

Other than these top three heritage forces, the Fuyun Sword Clan was the best for swordsmanship. It was known as the orthodox. The Sword Saint Mountain was the best for the broadsword.

The Fuyun Sword Clan and Sword Saint Mountain had been rivals for many years. When their disciples met, they would battle it out.

Of course, the Liu Kingdom, Witch Clan, Royal Xuan Temple, Qianqiu Temple and others were powerful as well.

Ye Futian had a general impression of these forces now.

As the number of people on the Mirror Mountain increased, more people began discussing Ye Futian. Of course, many of them were just here for the show, some wanted drama, and a few were angry at Ye Futian for treating someone like Gu Biyue as a servant. Of course, there were still a tiny number who admired the Witch. People from some top forces also came but Ye Futian didn't know them.

"How can someone from a low plane take Gu Biyue as a servant? Where does he get the courage?" someone not far from Ye Futian said coldly. He was from a noble clan.

"Apparently, it was because of a bet. Gu Biyue kept her word but he didn't know his place and actually took her. He was so arrogant. He probably forgot his place," someone else said, mocking Ye Futian. In reality, they all knew that Ye Futian naturally better than the others if he could defeat Gu Biyue with music. However, they mocked him because they were jealous but also to stir up drama.

"He has a noble ritual implement and earlier stole the fate of three powerful cultivators of the Fuyun Sword Clan, including Eighth-level Mu Yunhe," someone said.

"Ritual implements are just outside strength. People of the top forces do not need it. Plus, even if with a ritual implement, would he be able to defeat the true strong cultivators of the Witch Clan and Fuyun Sword Clan?"

Hearing this, many people nodded. Ye Futian was talented, especially in music and spiritual will, but he was still too shameless. He had robbed Fuyun cultivators of their fates and made Gu Biyue his servant. Just as Gu Biyue had said, could he handle it?

As more and more people started talking, Ye Futian grew annoyed. Couldn't they let him cultivate in peace?

"Gu Biyue," he called. The girl looked at him and he said, "Get rid of all those people discussing me. I don't want to see them."

Gu Biyue blinked in shock. These people were mostly feeling angry for her but Ye Futian told her to chase them away… She stood up sadly. Her white dress swaying, she walked over to the crowd. Everyone was surprised and glanced at Ye Futian. How could he be so shameless?

"Please leave," Gu Biyue muttered. Being a servant was so sad.

Everyone looked at the fairy-like figure before them and was speechless. They wouldn't get angry at her, of course. Someone said, "Fairy Gu, why are you like this? He doesn't qualify to treat you like this."

"Since I agreed, I must fulfill my duties," Gu Biyue said pitifully.

Seeing her like this, many people were dazed. They felt even more furious and glared at Ye Futian. Someone said coldly, "Do you dare fight me?"

"Hurry up," Ye Futian chastised Gu Biyue, ignoring them. This servant was out of line and even tried tempting men. He should teach her a lesson.

"Okay." Gu Biyue nodded while feeling wronged. She released her powerful aura and the people before her became even more furious. They couldn't resent Gu Biyue; they just hated Ye Futian more and left angrily. They didn't forget to insult Ye Futian for being so shameless and hide behind a woman while still making her his servant.

Liu Chenyu watched him from afar. She didn't know what Ye Futian was thinking. The Witch was doing her job but still setting traps for him. Many people were already angry and now it was building up. It would explode someday.

He really didn't worry about getting into a mess.

What made Liu Chenyu speechless was that he could still cultivate peacefully. He didn't care at all.

The people of the top forces arrived gradually. The Fuyun Sword Clan was the most eye-catching. As soon as she saw them, Liu Chenyu got closer to Ye Futian's group. However, the Fuyun Sword Clan seemed very nonchalant. They waited quietly and didn't hurry to deal with Ye Futian. They clearly knew Ye Wuchen was difficult; Mu Yunhe was the example. Liu Chenyu was present too.

The Royal Xuan Temple and Sword Saint Mountain arrived too. Some of them knew Ye Futian's group and Loulan Xue. Earlier, they were there when the prides of the four top forces had gone to the Loulan Relic for the trial. They'd used the relic as a battleground to test their skills.

It was in that relic where Li Daoyun took Ye Wuchen's arm and started the rivalry. No one expected that they would come to Mirror Mountain and challenge the Fuyun Sword Clan so daringly.

They were surprised to see the Virgin Loulan Xue of Ancient Loulan here too.

At that moment, a few monks walked to the peak of the mountain, attracting much attention. They were from the Qianqiu Temple. There was another group beside them. They had extraordinary auras and were extremely confident.

The Donghua Clan. Many people were surprised. They didn't think the Mirror Mountain would be so lively that even the Donghua Clan was attracted.

They were close to the number one clan in the Eastern Barren Territory. They were very powerful and all their disciples were talented. The leader scanned the crowd as if trying to size them up. Then his gaze fell upon Gu Biyue. They had met several times before. This attractive and powerful woman was now someone's servant. Then he looked beside her to Ye Futian. He walked straight over there. The monks of the Qianqiu Temple also walked towards the crowd.

"Hua Qingchi of the Donghua Clan." Everyone looked at him. He was well-known amongst the younger generation of the Eastern Barren Territory. Plus, he was from the Donghua Clan. A few moments later, he walked over to the battle drums. Gazing at Ye Futian, he asked, "I heard that some fanatics arrived at the Mirror Mountain. Is it you all?"

Ye Futian looked up at Hua Qingchi and then to Gu Biyue.

"I can't handle the Donghua Clan," Gu Biyue replied with a smile. It wasn't that she didn't want to fulfill her duties.

Ye Futian had heard that the Donghua Clan seemed to be the number one clan. He glanced at Hua Qingchi and asked, "Yes?"

"I don't mind if people are arrogant but you must be skilled," Hua Qingchi said. "You defeated Gu Biyue in the relic and made her your servant. Now, there are people from more forces present. Your plane is too low, and you clearly lack true ability. Why don't we challenge each other here? If you are talented enough, the Donghua Clan can consider accepting you." He had a high status in the Donghua Clan and could say something like that. Many people were shocked. If Ye Futian joined them, even the Fuyun Sword Clan would be powerless.

Of course, there were people from many top forces here. It wouldn't be easy to win in this fight.

"Do you really think that you are number one in the Eastern Barren Territory?" a mocking voice said at this time. Everyone looked to see another person walk over.

He was alone and was very handsome. He wore all white and his long hair was swept up under a crown. He walked with his hands behind his back and stood out from the crowd.

The College has come too. Everyone was shocked.

He had come.

Hua Qingchi had proposed for everyone to challenge Ye Futian and test his talent so he could consider accepting Ye Futian as a disciple. He was proud as if the Donghua Clan really was number one.

"What, the College is interested too?" Hua Qingchi smiled at the newcomer. He obviously knew who it was; he was very famous.

The man from the College glanced at Ye Futian. "I heard that he's quite talented but is too overconfident. He doesn't have high cultivation but is so shameless. I don't like people who act above their level. The College doesn't lack fanatics and also doesn't accept idiots."

The man spoke straightforwardly. The College didn't lack fanatics because he was one!
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    《The Legend of Futian》